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  • Shopfront and me
    Shopfront and me
    by ellyse
  • Fish and more fish
    Fish and more fish
    by ellyse
  • Spicy prawns
    Spicy prawns
    by ellyse

Most Recent Restaurants in Shenyang

  • Le Lys: The best french restaurant in Shenyang

    by tonyshenyang Updated Apr 21, 2012

    I ever eat that amazing french food in a foreign country, they have very good filet steak, if you like duch you should chose the duck breast, its serve with orange sauce and the chocolate cake good as hell. The atmosphere is romantic and you can be serve in european way. If you go there take your time and apreciate the moment.
    This weekend from the 27th april 2012 to the 29th april 2012, the restaurant promote the place with 20% discount on the restaurant menu and the bar menu. Let's try it

    Favorite Dish: My favorite dish is the terrine and the duck breast its hard to say because the beef filet is gorgeous too. For dessert for sure the chocolate cake.

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  • yangshu's Profile Photo

    Baofa Yuan Resturant: Four Wonderful Dishes, Si Jue Cai

    by yangshu Updated Mar 24, 2010

    Baofa Yuan Resturant was found in 1909, but the most famous things here is not this ancient name. There are four famous dishes had been praised highly by Zhang Xueliang, the post ruler of Manchuria.

    Favorite Dish: the photos of Four dishes

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  • ellyse's Profile Photo

    Lao Bian Dumplings: Historical Dumplings

    by ellyse Updated Jan 19, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    With a history going strong for almost 2 centuries now, Lao3 Bian1 Jiao3 Zi Guan3 has some of the BEST dumplings in Shenyang. The most convenient outlet should be the one at Zhong Jie.

    Favorite Dish: The ultimate must-try is bing1 hua1 jian1 jiao3 which's a plate of pan-fried dumplings linked together by sugar strands that look like snowflakes, the reason for the name of the dish. (Bing1 hua1 = snow flower; jian1 jiao3 = pan-fried dumplings.) A plate was quite enough for 2 of us to share.
    The most traditional dumplings are the bian3 xian4 jiao3 zi.

    Sugary strands
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  • ellyse's Profile Photo

    Xin1 Luo2 Cheng2: Korean Food

    by ellyse Updated Sep 11, 2007

    Xita Jie is, as stated in the Lonely Planet China, a haven for Korean food. Take a stroll on that street and you could dream that you've been teleported to Korea.
    This's a good one, though rather expensive.
    There's a wide variety of appetisers and side dishes provided for free.
    If you're looking for cheaper, there's a Korean BBQ joint at the mouth of Xita Jie. Don't remember the name of the shop already but it's pretty big (2 floors), bright and clean. Be sure to try the fatty pork (wu3 hua1 rou4)!

    Favorite Dish: The seafood hotpot is good, and so is the BBQ fatty pork (wu3 hua1 rou4). The servers will BBQ the meat for you on request.

    Plenty of appetisers and side dishes for free! Yummy pork, my favourite!
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  • ellyse's Profile Photo

    Zhao4 Ji4 Lao3 Pu4: Best Manchu Food in Shenyang

    by ellyse Written Sep 11, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This's an EXCELLENT place to go for Manchu food. It's a little difficult to find but well worth the effort.
    The decor is quite interesting, with traditional benches and tables, and pictures of Qing dynasty royalty on the walls.
    The menu's unfortunately all in English but there're some photos to aid you. Average expenditure per person is probably around 50-80 RMB depending on how many people you have and what dishes you order -- it's better to have a bigger group eating.

    Favorite Dish: Here're some of my recommendations.
    - zu3 chuan2 mi4 jue2 bian2 kou3 yu2 (48 RMB): A traditional fish dish made with some secret recipe, served in a fish-shaped dish.
    - zu3 chuan2 men1 nong2 jia1 ji1 (25 RMB/half chicken): A traditional farmer's chicken cold dish.
    - qi2 ren2 wan3 xia1 (28 RMB): An inventive Manchu-style bowl of prawns in spicy chilli oil.
    - dou4 lao4 fan4 (3 RMB/bowl): Purple-coloured rice mixed with beans, really tasty!

    Shopfront and me Art and history on the walls Fish and more fish Spicy prawns Tasty purple-coloured rice
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  • Lombardi Fine Pizza & Grill: Lombardi Fine Pizza & Grill

    by mke1963 Written Jul 5, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Yes, it just has to be Italian with a curious name like that! Rarely have I seen the words "fine" and "pizza" in such close proximity, but there you have it.
    This quaint, tiny restaurant is on the 3rd floor of the Intercontinental Hotel, and has a good reputation with locals and expatriates alike.
    It is very dark, lit by candles and the enthusiasm of the waiting staff; the cosiness of the place is as rare in China as the name.
    The meal was very expensive, with a two course meal with drinks coming to over 200 kuai - a first for me outside Beijing or Shanghai!

    Favorite Dish: Good, slightly rustic Italian fare, and plenty to choose from other than pizzas, thank goodness!
    The wine list contains some very mediocre French wines at very high prices, as is common throughout China where there are sufficient clueless snobs who have no idea about wine, to keep shifting poor quality wine from Europe here.

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  • Everywhere: Eat on the Street!

    by Kim&Lily Written Nov 18, 2004

    You know, my husband is Chinese and he is always chastising me for eating from street vendors...he says they are dirty, food is questionable, etc. BUT...The night we ate at the EXPENSIVE Pauliner Brewhouse in the hotel was a total let down compared to the delicious food on the street!

    Favorite Dish: Roasted hazelnuts were delicious, as was the barbeque. Roasted peppers and potatoes in brown sauce were so good on chilly nights. I lived in Guangzhou for years, but still love Dongbei (northeastern) food the most! .

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  • urban4est's Profile Photo

    Yuanweizhai: WOW ! Shenyang Duck

    by urban4est Updated Aug 1, 2004

    The restaurant has a main dinning room and private party rooms. It is nicely decorated and displays early 20th century Shenyang pictures.

    Favorite Dish: Everything we ordered was great. The Duck sliced and served with rice skins to wrap it was better than Peking Duck because the wrap didn't hide the duck flavor like the steamed bread served with Peking Duck.

    Try the stuffed jujube it satisfies the child in you. A special sweet you wont forget.

    Yangshu surrounded with lovely ladies & good food

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  • yangshu's Profile Photo

    bian jia jiao zi: the best jiao zi in china

    by yangshu Written Mar 10, 2004

    it is the oldest jiaozi restuarant in china about 170 years history. it is absolutely the oldest and best jiaozi resturant.

    the stuffing is very tasteful and shape is beautiful.

    havn't ate bian jia jiao zi, means you never eat jiao zi.

    Favorite Dish: 100 years stuffing jiaozi.

    whole jiao zi dinner
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  • yangshu's Profile Photo

    yuan wei zhai: orignal shenyang taste

    by yangshu Written Mar 10, 2004

    the oldest shenyang resturant with about 100 years history.

    old style building and decoration. it's like a museum inside.

    very special northeast dish

    Favorite Dish: shenyang duck, beijing duck's chef had student move to shenyang, then created shenyang duck. less fat than beijing duck.

    duck bone soup

    fried duck bone

    su yu, very good taste salty fish

    pi dong, nice pig skin gels

    jian jiao tu dou si, hot pepper and potato

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  • ShenyangPeter's Profile Photo

    Chinese-English Menu for any restaurant: Chinese-English Menu for Restaurants in China

    by ShenyangPeter Updated Feb 6, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    These dishes are taken from menus in Shenyang, China. Not all Chinese restaurants throughout China have all of these dishes, of course, but in the Northeast these are very typical. Useful Chinese-English menus can be tough to find, so enjoy.

    ** = One of my favorites!
    * = Everyone likes this
    yu xiang rou si
    Spicy meat dish

    **gong bao ji ding
    Kung Pao chicken

    *xi hong shi ji dan
    Tomato and egg

    *gou ba rou
    Sweet and sour pork

    sha guo pai gu
    Spare ribs

    shui zhu rou pian
    Pork and hot peppers in a soup

    jing jiang rou si
    Spicy meat over onions

    yao guo ji ding
    Chicken and cashews ($)

    tie ban ji pian
    Chicken and onions sizzling

    la zi ji ding
    Chicken and hot peppers

    tu dou rou si
    Potatoes and pork

    mo gu rou pian Mushrooms and pork
    tu dou si Stir-fried potatoes

    **di san xian
    Potato, eggplant, and green peppers

    yu xiang qiezi
    Spicy eggplant dish -- This one is very hit-and-miss; here spectacular, there dreadful.

    zha qiezi
    Fried eggplant

    **gan bian tu dou
    Spicy, fried potatos; almost French fries

    yu mi
    yang bai cai

    **shao yun dou
    Green beans in a brown sauce with some pork

    **xi hong shi dun niu rou
    Stewed tomatoes and beef

    tu dou dun niu rou
    Stewed potatoes and beef

    ma la tang
    Spicy soup

    Tofu dishes:
    guo ta dou fu
    Tofu layered with meat

    *ma la dou fu
    spicy tofu
    hui guo dou fu "Back to the pot" dofu

    ba si ping guo Caramel apples (eat it quickly!)

    Rice, etc.:
    mi fan
    Steamed white rice

    dan chao fan
    Egg fried rice

    Dumplings (delicious)

    hun dun
    Wontons (often fish meat)

    kele Coke
    baishikele Pepsi
    funda Fanta
    cha, cha shui Tea
    kuang quan shui Bottled water
    pi jiu Beer
    bai jiu White Chinese alcohol, NOT wine
    pu tao jiu Grape wine

    Useful expressions:
    "Lai yi ge ____" I'll take ___
    "yi wanr mi fan" One bowl of rice
    "da" big
    "xiao" small
    "mai dan" the bill
    "cai dan" the menu
    "bu yao la de" I don't want it spicy
    "yao la de" I want it spicy
    "suan" garlic
    "cu" vinegar
    "xi shou jian" bathroom
    "kuai zi" chopsticks
    "can jin zhi" napkins

    Favorite Dish: I have had these dishes in Shenyang restaurants. Not all of these dishes are available in other parts of China, and some dishes found elsewhere are not available here.

    Chinese food is absolutely fantastic in flavors, ingredients, and variety. Restaurants prepare all the wonderful dishes at a very reasonable price.

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  • ShenyangPeter's Profile Photo

    Korean Barbeque: Time for some shaokao

    by ShenyangPeter Written Dec 14, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I don't know how "Korean" they are, but the Korean barbeques in Shenyang are fantastic! The idea is you sit around a table and grill all sorts of meat, veggies and seafood while drinking the local brew. You can also order regular Chinese and Korean dishes to accompany the meat. (These places are perfect for people on the Atkins diet...)

    They are best for groups of 4-8, though groups of 2-3 can also work. They are a little more expensive than the average restaurant, but not terribly pricy (less than 40 kuai per person unless you buy expensive drinks).

    Korean barbeques are ubiquitous, so you won't have to look hard to find them. Just keep your eye out for Korean writing on signs above restaurants. One note of caution: I have yet to see an English menu at a barbeque.

    yang rou = mutton
    zhu rou = pork
    niu rou = beef
    ji rou = chicken
    shou rou = lean meat
    fei rou = fatty meat
    shu cai = vegetables
    gou rou tang = dog soup (!)
    xian pi = the cheapest local beer
    xue hua = the famous Snow Beer!

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  • yangshu's Profile Photo

    jinshifu hundun(boiling jiaozi): fat guy and his cheap food

    by yangshu Written Apr 27, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    hundun is a kind of dumpling food. jinshifu hundun (shenyang branch) is located in taiyuan street, just behind zhongxing complex.

    Favorite Dish: fat guy is the manager of the cafe, who is a DIY travelor, you will be friends when you first touch.

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  • yangshu's Profile Photo

    xiao bei lou: expensive but healthy mushroom dinner

    by yangshu Written Mar 17, 2003

    my favorite restaurant of shenyang is kfc, but for you, i think you will enjoy the special mushroom food. that's a chained restaurant and serve the customers with all kinds of mushroom. it's wonderful restaurant and you cerntainly can love it. one of xiao bei lou locates in the qingnian dajie, where is near marriotte hotel

    Favorite Dish: mushroom soup whice a boiling pot you can add many kinds of mushrooms.

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  • weeklygo's Profile Photo

    A crowd of visitors gather...

    by weeklygo Written Sep 8, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    crowd of visitors gather around to have their photos taken with the seven-ton Maitreya (Laughing) Buddha emerald statue in Shenyang, China. Shenyang can soon boast of having the world's largest emerald Buddha statue, which took one year and 12 million yuan (US $1.4 million) for the country's 11 leading jade carvers to make the 2 m high (six foot-six-inch) figure, which has received a certificate from the Shanghai office of the Guinness Book of Records testifying that it is the biggest of its kind in the world. (AFP)

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