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  • Shenyang
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Shenyang Things to Do

  • Walk Shenyang - Emperor Nurhachi's Tomb

    Fuling tomb, where buried the first emperor of Qing dynasty, Nurhachi, is an good example of Chinese traditional architecture. Here, you can find many buildings and parts with different functions, such as pailou (gateway), brick steps, castle, hall, pavillian, drainage system...Children will like to join the tour because some small animals, such as...

  • Walk Shenyang - Emperor Huangtaiji's...

    Teacher Chen is a researcher of manchurian emperor's tombs. In holiday, he like to lead some chinldren and their parents to visit Zhaoling Tomb where buried the 2nd emperor of Qing dynasty, Huangtaiji. Chen listed 6 features of the tomb and told the visitors many interesting stories. For example, their are two dragons chained on the stone gate,...

  • Liaoning: Home of the Chinese Dragon

    Where is Chinese dragon come from? If you just have chance to stay in Shenyang, you are lucky to get the answer. It came from Liaoning Province and you can find evidence in Liaoning Provincial Museum. Join WALK SHENYANG to find the baby dragon.行走博物馆系列活动Shenyang Museum...


Shenyang Hotels

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Shenyang Restaurants

  • The best french restaurant in Shenyang

    I ever eat that amazing french food in a foreign country, they have very good filet steak, if you like duch you should chose the duck breast, its serve with orange sauce and the chocolate cake good as hell. The atmosphere is romantic and you can be serve in european way. If you go there take your time and apreciate the moment.This weekend from the...

  • Four Wonderful Dishes, Si Jue Cai

    Baofa Yuan Resturant was found in 1909, but the most famous things here is not this ancient name. There are four famous dishes had been praised highly by Zhang Xueliang, the post ruler of Manchuria. the photos of Four dishes

  • Historical Dumplings

    With a history going strong for almost 2 centuries now, Lao3 Bian1 Jiao3 Zi Guan3 has some of the BEST dumplings in Shenyang. The most convenient outlet should be the one at Zhong Jie. The ultimate must-try is bing1 hua1 jian1 jiao3 which's a plate of pan-fried dumplings linked together by sugar strands that look like snowflakes, the reason for...


Shenyang Nightlife

  • Night bar

    Nice and cosy bar recently open. Good and friendly service owned by chinese and french. English , french and chinese spoken.The place is open from 6pm untill 2 am everyday. Tuesday its "OPEN MIKE". Come and play music, sing, read poetry and join other musicians, singers, artists.The second floor is a very cosy little japanese restaurant. Chef...

  • Bar and Restaurant

    If you are looking for a European style Pub and Restaurant you should try this one. In a nice and relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy here delicious food, nice cocktails and a good selection of international wine and imported beer. They offer authentic western food like the house burger or Greek Souvlaki with Tzatziki. Everything is very freshly...

  • nightlife

    Oreillys bar in shenyang is an irish owned and run venue. Quality food and drinks served. Live music followed by the latest chart music seven days a week. The staff are friendly and smiling.Live sports on the flat screens. Guinness and cold beer on tap.A large selection of imported, local beers,spirits cocktail and wine list available. Come for the...


Shenyang Transportation

  • From Airport to downtown - TAXI

    TAXI is the most convenient way to get to the town from airport: It takes typically 30 mins to city center, e.g., Intercontinental hotel. cost about 90 RMB (~13 USD) incl. high-way toll. Ask the driver to turn on the meter, many drivers will tend to cheat visitors by proposing not to use meter. (They claim they will offer you a discount for that,...

  • To East Tomb (Fu2 Ling2)

    There's a bus 218 that goes from near Zhong Jie and the Imperial Palace to East Tomb that takes about 1 hour.On the way back we took another bus that only took half the time. IIRC it should be bus 168, it also runs to Shenyang North train station.

  • To Benxi Water Caves

    Take a Shenyang -- Benxi minibus (15 RMB) from the long-distance bus station.Then take one of the red buses going towards Xiao3 Shi4 (8 RMB) and tell the bus driver you want to get off at "shui3 dong4". There's a petrol station with a red roof at the turn-in to the caves, on your right.If you end up on a bus like mine, the driver will be playing...


Shenyang Shopping

  • flea market

    the flea market is out side the shengjing antique market and full of old books and other little stuff. old books, buttons, pendants, pictures, postcards, stamps... 10 to 1000 yuan

  • The Commercial Heart of Shenyang

    Shooting off from infront of the train station is Zhonghualu, a bustling street with hotels and department stores lining along it. The pedestrian-only Taiyuanjie intersects with Zhonghualu and form the main commercial area in Shenyang. It helds a night market, which should satisfy anyone's appettite on any given night.

  • zhongjie antique market

    beizhan antique market has moved here. all kinds of antiques, and paintings, jewelrys, 2nd hands things. 2nd hands cameras. 10 to 10000


Shenyang Local Customs

  • gate guards of imperial palace

    these are photos taken during chinese spring festival. only at the moment and in shenyang, you will see it.

  • nian, yard

    nian is chinese traditional new year. in an old area of shenyang, people who live in small yard decorating their old gate with chunlian (a pair of verse on red paper).

  • nian, apartment

    nian is chinese traditional new year. comman people will hang a pair of red lanterns on the balcony for decoration.


Shenyang Warnings and Dangers

  • Thieves abound!

    Got my camera stolen in the little gift shop at General Zhang Xue-Liang's old residence which is now restored as a museum. This happened exactly one week after his natural death in Hawaii and the house was still decorated with wreathes in mourning. I put my camera down on a table of books and turned around to speak with the shopkeeper about Zhang...

  • trash rain

    even i m shameful to say that cause...... there are many old building for comman people. they are very kind people but have a bad habbit, throwing the life trash from the mother alway warns me when i go through the building to bus stop, watch out the new community area, most rich people live in, it is not a problem. however,...

  • I like the image of a Chinese...

    I like the image of a Chinese Dragon, In my hometown there are a lot of them...


Shenyang Tourist Traps

  • I am an English interpretor

    Is there any1 wanna travel to Dalian cityPls contact with me My Email lee820505@163.comor my MP +86 013591343343Best wishes

  • Shenyang 'Guai Po' (strange slope)

    Shenyang 'guai po' (strange slope)An overrated, underwhelming absolute waste of time.This tourist trap on the northern outskirts of town has small tacky museums, bad animal shows, an empty love hotel and, worst of all, the stupid slope hardly slopes at all. The main theme is that this is one of those places on Earth where you can actually roll...

  • Snow Tower

    Last year some teachers went up to the top of the Snow Tower in Shenyang (after living there for a year, we felt almost obligated). The ticket for the elevator ride to the top was rediculously expensive, and for a little more money you can check out the view of Shenyang from outside. Your ticket also buys you a rather large (though very subpar)...


Shenyang What to Pack

  • weeklygo's Profile Photo

    by weeklygo Written Sep 8, 2002

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear:
    This is called The Middle Street, it is the shopping Center of Shenyang. If you speak fantastic Chinese it may not be the best place to go shopping, cause it is difficult to bargain here; but if you don't know Chinese at all, and you are new to here, just come here shopping, you won't be cheated.

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Shenyang Off The Beaten Path

  • Bei Shi Chang ( north market )

    If you have a hobby to find those old and shabby houses, you'd better go to Bei Shi Chang near Huang Si, a lama temple. The market has a history of 80 years, which was developed by that famous warlord of Manchuria, Zhang Zuolin. Now, only a small part of the old houses exist there. Take photo in hurry!

  • Gong Ren Cun (workers' village)

    nowadays, Gong Ren Cun (workers' village) has been a memorial place to show the socialist industry heritage. More than 50 years ago, Shenyang absolutely was called the first city of china heavy industy that has contribute all its power and money to the new built country. at that time, the workers had a high position in the social life, and...

  • The Hun River

    The Hunhe or Hun River looks like a little river on the maps of China, even on the maps of Liaoning, and I had seen the brown waters from the comfort of my speeding taxi on the way in from the airport. I have this thing about rivers, and whenever I visit cities with a river, I always end up on the bank for a walk. For most Chinese cities – as with...


Shenyang Sports & Outdoors

  • Want to Play tennis out door ?

    My answer seems a little late, but I wish it would be helpful to you. Wulihe Garden, did you hear of it? I mean you may play tennis in the Wulihe Garden where is a beautiful place. I used to practice tennis in it. The price is suitable. I hardly to say the exactly price, for I haven't been there for a long time. But it's available , I'm sure.

  • sports plaza

    a recreation place for city people in downtown, also a sports products market. basketball, tennis, badminton and other games field.

  • winter game

    in winter, shenyang is very cold. but a lots of old people still go out to play chess, cards and majiang. chess, cards, majiang


Shenyang Favorites

  • massage at 1am...

    Going to this wonder of places...BAI JIN HANa clean, wonderful shower/massage place...the workers are incredible.... and nothing better than to end ur day with a great massage...price with shower and foot massage - worth it because it is so clean....this was my third time... wish I could go more often....also offer place to...

  • Shenyang Station Architecture

    Shenyang Station building was built in 1910 by the Southern Manchurian Railway Company was formerly called Mukden Station, though I believe there was relatively recent restoration work. You can compare and see how the architecture is modelled upon Tokyo Station.There is a parallel of similarity at Dalian Station in which it is modelled upon Ueno...

  • Buildings

    Wandering the streets of Shenyang, you can come across some fascinating buildings and sights.The architecture, as with most Chinese cities, varies from the traditional to the bizarre.I could not find it again, but there is one building in the shape of an old chinese coin, complete with the sqare hole in the centre.This picture shows how some of the...


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