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  • I can't overemphasize the importance of sunglasses
    I can't overemphasize the importance of...
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China What to Pack

  • Chinese Visa Application in KL

    You need Chinese Visa to travel to mainland China except Hong Kong and Macau. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you can apply the visa at the address below:2nd Floor, Plaza OSK, 25 Jalan Ampang50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For Malaysian:Single Entry : (RM58 - 4 working-day collection) Double Entry : (RM78 - 4 working-day collection)Multiple Entry:...

  • Umbrella all the time

    An umbrella.I haven't regret taking umbrella to China. It is usefull during sunny days (sun protection) and the rainy ones. There are plenty of shops where you can buy it, if you forget. I suggest not to buy the cheapest ones - they rust after a week ;)

  • Packing for China

    Don't bring huge amounts of luggage. Chinese taxis are Volkswagen Jettas, and are therefore limited in how much luggage that they can hold (they will put overflow bags in the front seat if necessary). Also keep in mind that domestic flights in China make you pay for extra weight if your luggage is too heavy. Pack comfortable clothing. Chinese...

  • Keeping in touch

    Along with all the other usefull tips here with regards to traveling in China. I would also recomend taking along a phone card/calling card to keep in touch with the people back home. I found hotels to be expensive and if your in a hotel where the people don't speak good english it can be a hassle. Found one online at that was...

  • Beijing Guide Book

    This is an excellent large Beijing guide book measuring 25cm by 26cm with lots of beautiful photographs of Beijing major tourist attractions. The book is illustrated in several languages including English and contains 96 pages. It was printed in 2002 and reprinted in 2008. It costs just 20.00 rmb from many souvenir shops. Make it a point to get a...

  • A good phrasebook is a must!

    Deodorant is not available in most parts of China, so be sure to bring a good supply. Most other toiletries and medical supplies are available across China, however some of the prices can be high. Razors in particular can be quite pricey. A good phrasebook is a must! A great little phrasebook is available from China...

  • Electric plug adapters

    Most newer PRC outlets support 3 types of 220v 50hz plugsThe plug types are:1. The two round pin like in the EU. 2. The 3 prong flat angle blades like in Australasia.3. The two parallel un-polarized flat blades. This is like the US but will not support the third ground pin and will not accept polarized flat blades. Polarized is when one blade is...

  • Early spring is still cold!

    You should have a suitcase that is big and easily can handle 50 lbs. worth of clothing if you're on a trip for over 7 days. Bring a backpack when you're out on excursions with groups but careful with the pickpockets. If you don't plan on shopping a lot when you're around in the cities or towns, don't bother lugging around a backpack. I was so...

  • Severe Cold in Heilongjiang

    I wore thermal leggins and thermal long-sleeved t-shirt. Over that, I wore two further long-sleeved t-shirts, a sweater and a goretex coat I bought in Eastern Europe. I wore regular jeans over my thermal leggins, but my legs did start to slow down after half an hour or so. I would consider wearing another pair of trousers over your jeans for the...

  • Wonderful souvenir bronze plate

    This is a superb souvenir bronze plate "I have climbed the Great Wall" from the Great Wall of China outside Beijing. You may purchase this wonderful souvenir bronze plate from several souvenir shops or stalls at the Great Wall of China after climbing the Great Wall. The plate is carved with the following inscriptions in Chinese and English: "This...

  • Travelex Cash Passport Card

    I had never used this card before, but all my research seemed to say that it was the way to go. I had decided to take half AUD cash and half my money on the card, which is a Visa Debit Card.What I discovered that it was much much easier to access Chinese currency via my Card than trying to exchange my Aussie cash. Only 2 of our Hotels accepted...

  • Conversion chart from Oanda

    I always take a calculator with me on overseas trips, but lately Ive found my little wallet-size conversion chart to be even better. It is simply a small chart with exchange rates and conversions from CNY to AUD and on the other side from AUD to CNY. Simply log onto and locate your currency of choice, go to cheat sheets and print it...

  • Recycle and Re-use

    When Tracy and I travel, we tend to pack a bit differently to most people. For the months before we leave, we start putting aside old clothes that we will take away, wear and then throw or give to the people that clean our room usually. We feel we are doing our bit by recycling our stuff. About 3/4 of the clothes we take to a country stays there,...

  • A great souvenir from the Great Wall,...

    The Memory of the Great Wall is simply a great souvenir to cherish forever. You can have your photograph taken at the magnificent Great Wall of China on the outskirts of the city of Beijing for just RMB 50.00 per copy. The momento is in A4 size quality paper with your personal photograph, date of visit and your personal signature on it. Consider...

  • Crystal balls from Beijing

    An excellent souvenir to bring back to your country from Beijing is crystal ball with your name written in English or Chinese inside the crystal ball by master craftsman at showrooms in Beijing. However these are expensive souvenirs. A large crystal ball can cost up to US$200.00 each. Crystal balls are excellent items for display in your cupboard...

  • July Can Be Hot

    I always like packing light it is really simple when you need to move about for some reason or another !!!! Wear some Cole Haan Paseo's and let your feet smile with comfort !!!!!!! "Wet Ones" are super great in hot weather such as in July. -That way when you do find a toilet with no tissue,. the wipes are ready !! Also they come in handy...

  • Storing digital photos while traveling

    I use an external hard drive for unloading my camera's memory card while traveling. I use a drive from worverinedata but there are many other brandsThe drive takes many different types of memory cards that plug into it. You only need the charger and the drive. Has a battery but battery will not last a world trip. I picked wolverinedata drive...

  • Layers: Keeping Warm in Wintertime

    Many places in China are not well heated in the wintertime; travelers should bring layers. Polypro layers are very good although they can hold body odor; but it is also true that polypro is very good insulating wear. It will also dry quickly (the threads do not absorb water) so it can be done in the hotel and ready to wear the next day. Consider...

  • General Stuff

    Bring a small day pack that has zippers that can lock or accommodate a small pad lock. The lock is not to totally secure the bag but stop the opportunist pick-pocket who will not only be prevented access to you but will not bother to even consider you as a target once they see locks. Lots of backpacks have removable day packs on them with is...

  • How NOT to be a tourist

    BACKPACKS, no rolling bags... you'll have to carry this stuff all over... Only what you need! Only what you need! Everything you can jam in there! Only what you need! Only what you need!

  • Compass

    Having a compass was extremely helpful. Just walking in the right direction is the first step to getting to where you want to be. Things in China aren't always easy to find and street names change constantly. Find a nice small compass to clip to your day pack it was a great time saver.

  • Packing List

    Bring luggage on wheels- not too much, i brought one for 10 weeks, and it worked out ok- and a back pack. China is broad, I studied in Nanjing one of the 4 hottest cities in china- along with Guang Zho and Wu Han, and someplace else- so for Nanjing's climate, T-shirts and a couple tank tops. Also, be sure to bring Long pants and Long sleeve...

  • Visa

    There are different types of visas, but for most tourists type "L" will do. Most embassies can issue a standard 30-days, single entry visa within 5 working days. Go to the website of the Chinese embassy in your country and print out the application form. List standard tourist destinations on your form, but never Tibet, because this can be a...

  • Unlocked GSM Mobile Phone.

    SIM cards are very inexpensive. They cost between 50 and 100 RMB, include 50 RBM of minutes.Calls are 0.20 RBM minutes. Text messages are also very cheap. Roaming fee is 0.60 rmb when you leave the area. For example, you got the SIM card in Shanghai and you are now in Beijing. Still very cheap for calling hotels and your VT friends. :)Unlocked...

  • Buy Paper Underwear in China

    Don't laugh.Both women's and men's paper underwear are easy to buy in China in many supermarkets. It may seem strange for a man to wear but they were comfortable, take little luggage space and are also a time saver. No need to wash/dry or find a laundry, just through them out after one use. The ones that say cotton are better.They come is all...

  • A compass will prove very useful

    If you like to wander the streets and alleyways a compass on a small chain or string you can attach to a button hole or belt loop can prove quite valuable. The haze of the day or darkness at night can make orientation by the position of the sun impossible and the naming of streets is often confusing even when you have an English-Chinese city map....

  • Things to pack when going to China

    Bring empty bags, as you most likely will want to do a lot of shopping! (But do check out the overweight rates if you are lugging back lots. Between Finland and China it's about 30-40 euros/kilo so its costly!!!) Prepare for the season you are going and note that different areas have different climates. For the North, remember the winter is very...

  • The Sounds of China

    If you are slightly prone to motion sickness then bring medication. You will likely travel in taxis that feel more like "bumper cars", and you may also ride in jostling trains, and ricketing planes. I brought ten tablets and I used them all. Throat losenges. The air is very polluted and your throat will be sore. Digital Voice RecorderI regret...

  • You should have this:

    - Toilet paper (cause public bathrooms in towns don`t have it),- ''Purell'' or any other hand sanitazer,- Meds for upset stomach (like 'Cipro' (ask your doctor for this one) and 'Pepto-Bismol') in case you have problems. We sure found it handy when it happened to us.

  • Always carry tissues

    Always carry tissues in China. Many local washrooms do not have paper towers for drying your hands or even toilet paper. Many smaller restaurants do not give you napkins unless you ask. The rolls of toilet paper provided by many hotels are often very small. They will give you more when you ask.You do not need to bring tons of tissues when you...

  • Student ID

    If you are a student or have access to a valid student ID, bring it with you. Everywhere you go the entrance fees are very high, and almost always you get half price with a student ID. ISIC is best, but most places will accept any valid-looking student ID, and they DO check IDs.

  • Toilet Paper

    Fortunately nowadays it is not as difficult as it used to be to find a shop selling toilet-paper.Toilet-paper is very useful as toilets in China normally don't provide it. Beside this toilet-paper can be used for many purposes. For example as handkerchief.

  • climbing Great Wall

    Remember to carry a your own bottle of water, sunscreen and cap etc if visiting great wall in summer. The trek is long, arduous and exhausting. If you were to buy any of these items at the entrance, be prepared to shell a handsome amount.

  • Pack Light

    Pack light - you will buy so many souvineers in China. Bring an extra bag to bring back all the things you will end up buying (whether you were planning on going shopping nuts or not). China is casual - jeans are fine almost everywhere. Bring a guide book with the names of the major sites in Chinese characters (I used Lonely Planet). Don't even...

  • Pack tissues!!!

    At many of the public toilets, you will find that toilet tissue is not supplied, so make sure you've always got some on you. The toilet systems can't seem to cope with tissue paper, so make sure you discard the tissue into the bin located next to the toilet. Also, soap is a rare find too, so may be an idea to carry some hand sanitizer with you.

  • Don't pack so many clothes

    Pack one suitcase inside the other, and pack the inside suitcase with clothes. Clothes are cheaper, so bring comfortable sneakers /shoes, and buy your outer clothes there. The nice hotels include these toiletries in the bathroom. Just bring your good razor, band-aids, sleep-ease, cough drops, gum, cough liquid w/alcohol in it. Disposable cameras...

  • Travel light - Laundry service at every...

    One carry on bag plus a camera bag(This was sufficient for our 1 month of travel) 2 Jeans (1 you wear on)5 T shirts (pullovers)2 short sleeved shirts (dual purpose - semi nice casual)1 Long sleeved shirt5 pairs of socks and undergarmentComfortable shoes for walking1 pair sandals (though most hotels in china provide disposable sandals) Basic...

  • Things you should know.

    Travel light Toilet paper & throat candies. Sinus capsules and flu medications. 35mm film easy to find , digital cards very hard to find and expensive. Only find 128 or 256 cards until we hit Shanghia.

  • Cup and Chopsticks

    For travelling in China you need a metal-cup and your own chopsticks. You can buy these things everywhere in China and they cost next to nothing. The cup is important for making tea and instant-noodle-soups, whenever you like. And take a spoon with you, if you don't want to eat your noodlesoup with chopsticks!

  • Take a phrasebook

    Most of Chinese speaks only chinese, of course, even the employees in hotels, train stations..It's very useful bring a phrasebook with you, not only to planning your travel around China, but also if you want to "talk" with Chinese people you are meeting along the way. During my train transfers, they appreciate very much the possibility to talk...

  • Tripod at the Great Wall...highly...

    I would recommend a tripod, small and lightweight one to toss into your backpack. For obvious reasons, it makes taking couple shots easier when your camera has a timer but also, if you're really into photography, the still/calm shot of the wall will be incredible. Our best shots came from the use of a tripod.Also, a zoom lens, preferably 28-200,...

  • The Bare Essentials

    Pack an extra bag for all the souvenir goodies you'll be tempted to buy - and you will be tempted. Good walking shoes and either light raingear or an umbrella. Some people had problems with the water so maybe some antibiotics A good camera, another good camera, extra batteries, LOTS of film and another good camera so you can take pics like this...

  • Bring Your Own Paper

    Never forget to take toiletpaper along!!! Chinese toilets often don't provide toiletpaper, sometimes they do sell some paper napkins.Also take a small piece of soap all the time to wash your hands with after using the toilets.

  • Packing List

    Bags and clothes are cheap, so if you like shopping, take very little stuff from home in a huge bag, so that you've got space left. Hair conditioner! Asian hair must be different than Western, they probably don't need conditioner, so it's practically unknown in many areas.

  • Get your international adaptors ready

    International adaptors, especialy for your mobile phones and vidoe cams. Winter can be very cold here in Beijing. Bring your winter clothing if you are going in winter. Good walking/tracking shoes, gloves and hats. These are easily obtained in Beijing at reasonable cost. Easily obtained only if you are using video cam or digital camera, get your...


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