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Qingdao Things to Do

  • German places in Qingdao

    Ther are streets names in german, shops where they advertise German beers and products, many phrases written in German language... sometimes you feel in Hamburg!

  • St. Michael´s Cathedral.

    On our tour we were taken to St. Michael´s Cathedral. We were surprised that there was a Catholic Cathedral there in China. This cathedral is the seat of the bishop of the bishopric in Quingdao and was built by German missionaries in 1934. The reason for a Catholic Cathedral being raised in this area dates back to the 19th and early 20th century,...

  • Try authentic Chinese food.

    On one of our sight-seeing tours we were taken to an outdoor restaurant by the bay. They brought us such a selection of beautifully made food that we were amazed. There were so many different sorts of food to choose from and they kept bringing us more and more food and stacked it on top of the other food. This was lunch-time and my group had had...

  • Wusi square.

    Wusi square is also called May 4th square and is named after the May 4th Movement. This square was really close to our hotel, so we went there a couple of times. There was so much life there, right by the FuShan bay, a lot of people playing with large kites, the sky was filled with them, an amazing sight really. Although I don´t like modern...

  • Street view of the older part of...

    One day we went to a whole different area of Quingdao where there was an indoor market selling fake brand-names of all sorts. It was amazing really, many floors filled with only fake brand-name bags and stuff, the same stuff probably they sell on the beach in Spain f.ex. We went there with a guide and decided on staying behind to have a look at...

  • Bridal photos on the beach.

    On one of our walks by the ocean/beach we saw a lot of couples taking bridal photos. It surprised me to see so many of them together so I asked our tour-guide. He said that it is a tradition here to take the bridal photos before the wedding. That is very different from the western world where the groom is not supposed to see the bride in her...


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Qingdao Restaurants

  • - Fake Beef and Bad Service

    I was given a hamburger that was terrible. It was not real beef, but instead some kind of meat mix that tasted terrible. I could not eat a second bit and spit out the first bit. When we ask the restaurant staff if we could change to a different plate or sent it back to the kitchen, they refused and were real hateful about it. They said over and...

  • The best italian food and a great place.

    This new small restaurant is situated in downtown right next to the famous Cafe Cona in The Coffe and Tea Art Street (Min Jiang Er Lu). I actually tried this place just because there was no free tables in Café Cona that is considered to have the best coffee in Qingdao. The coffee I had in Café Italia Restaurant turned out to be much better and the...

  • The hotpot is heaven-sent

    The feeling is always warm in this busy restaurant. The hotpot. Ask for a Yuan-yang, and you'll have hot soup on one side and herbal soup on another.The waitress rants when she/he serves the hotpot. Basically it's about how the soup is made. Most people love the soup until they hear it's got snake and tortoise meat in it.


Qingdao Nightlife

  • Night time in the "Huang Dao" Qingdao

    If you are not in the old city of Qingdao on the north side of the bay, but rather in the "Industrial and Economic Zone" on the south, the best place to meet other foreigners and expats is Catch 22.Formerly it was called "Daisy's Place", named after one of the part owners. However, it has been bought by another party and remodelled a bit. I will...

  • a great place to go

    When you are in Quingdao and fed up of local drinks, why not tasting some beer here in the "Beer Bar" of the Tsingtao-brewery, even the furniture there looks very "german" and the beer taste great.In that same street, next to the brewery there are a lot of other nightspots as well ! Nobody cares about a dresscode and tourists are always welcome !

  • Want t find all the foreigners in...

    Every Friday from 11-12 is Happy hour at Le Bang, 50rmb for unlimited drinks. Packed full of foreigners. None


Qingdao Transportation

  • avoid taxi to downtown

    If you're arriving without a ride to Qingdao's airport and your destination is downtown, consider taking the shuttle (only RMB 20) to downtown, then taking a cab to wherever you're going. You'll save yourself 100-150 RMB, and the time cost will be minimal. The bus is parked right outside the main arrivals doors - you can buy a ticket at the desk...

  • Flying into Qingdao

    There are at least 4 daily flights from Beijing to Qingdao.Airfare RMB 710. But usually you are able to get discounts. Just call or visit any ticket agent and ask. I once got a RMB280 ticket (plus air port tax and fuel levy)The flight takes about 50 minutes.Since the airline industry is not really open up to market competition, you cant really...

  • Travelling from A to B

    Get yourself a Chinese-/ English tourist map of Qingdao.They are sold on the street - usually the sales people will fine you!When travelling from point A to point B, go to a bus stop.Approach a young men or women - they might speak a little English.Point in your map where you want to go - they can help you to pick the right bus number which goes...


Qingdao Shopping

  • A very good wine

    This is not about a shop, but about the only really good wine that I came across in China. It is a red Cabernet Sauvignon by Qingdao Huadong Winery Co. The label said Huadong, Tsingtao 2001, founders' reserve. This wine matches the best of European wines in the same price level. About 180 RMB/bottle (750 ml)

  • Model ships

    If you're into model ships, both naval or commercial, then this is the place for you. All kinds of ships can be bought from Chinese vessels to more well known western vessels. I saw a group of Chinese guys by one each so it's definitely a popular place.

  • I loved the beer so much, I bought the...

    There's a Tsingtao beer shop right at the end of the tour around the brewery where you can buy anything and everything on Tsingtao beer. As I liked the beer so much, I literally came, drank and bought the T-Shirt! There's a whole host of souvenirs on display and I also bought a small souvenir glass which I had to carry around with me for a couple...


Qingdao Local Customs

  • Newlyweds Taking Wedding Photos

    Chinese weddings are made of three stages: signature of the paperwork with the civil authority, the photographs, and the banquet with much importance being given to the wedding photos, which are usually taken in a scenic place (or places) of choice of the couple. Over the weekends, literally hundreds of newlyweds flock into Qingdao for their...

  • a really bad tour-organisation

    It is very hard to discuss with chinese people, they will always make sure not to "loose their face". We had been in Qingdao in wintertime and so it became totally dark already at 05.30pm. Our ship arrived at 3.30,then we had some customs-formalities and our organized bustour of Tsingdao started at 4.00 with the brewery, ALTHOUGH it was stated in...

  • german/english inscriptions

    Quingdao will be a good place to learn chinese for german people,because you will find a lot of people here speaking some german and even some of the inscriptions in the city are in latin letters, so you will be not totally lost in the beginning like in other chinese cities. There are several schools for german, as our tourguide told us


Qingdao Warnings and Dangers

  • PickPockets and Taxis

    Pick Pocketing---i have lived in QingDao for 3 years. Just be careful of your belongings on the streets.Pick Pocket's don't work alone, usually have partners.. etc.I watched a pickpocket steal a woman's cellphone, andwhen i went over to tell her, the pickpocket's partners, came up to meand threatened me. It was not a good experience.Oh, and be...

  • Water Warning!

    When staying in Qingdao, it is wise not to drink tap water in any form, unless if was been sterilised by boiling or by using purification tablets. Tap water in China is known to contain bacteria that can cause varying degrees of sickness and diarrhoea. Also avoid ice cubs, any drinks that may have been watered down, and uncooked fruit and vegetable...

  • Taking a taxi can be an adventure !

    Taking a taxi in Quingdao and other places in China might be an adventure by itself. Drivers will mostly not speak anything than their mothertongue and they will also not always be able to read an ordinary town-map. Even when you have a sheet of paper showing the port-adress of your ship in chinese letters it could be that the drivers dont know...


Qingdao Tourist Traps

  • Not a bad trap

    Like this place but if you have seen water worlds elsewhere, maybe no better, must remember the educational value for the local kids. really enjoyed the girl feeding the sharks ( inside the tank with them) Take a walk along the beach afterwards.

  • beware the Chinese tour...

    beware the Chinese tour package - read above for more information. Just be prepared for a bit of frustration and bewilderment, bring some extra cash and try to just grin and bear it when they take you to 15 little shops along the way from which the tour guides get kickbacks.

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Qingdao Off The Beaten Path

  • the observatory

    The observatory of Quingdao / Tsingdao will be lighted at night and it will look like an UFO that had landed on top of the hill. You will not be able to get any closer, but you will see its lights from many places in the city each night. I made my pics from the pagoda on the hill.

  • the innercourt of the brewery

    There are various exhibits of the past of the "Germania Brauerei" that was founded in 1875 in Quingdao/Tsingtao.In my Photographs :1) early transportation of the ingredients for the beer2) an old Siemens engine3) art nouveau windows in the brewery4) works of art in front of the museum5) a giant bottle of Tsingao beer

  • the port of Quingdao / Tsingtao

    I arrived in Quingdao / Tsingtao by cruiseship at 03.30pm in wintertime, so it was becoming dark early and we also had some fog. Nevertheless you can see in my photos that Quingdao is a large metropole and not just a small town. The port has some buildings that look very "german" , the customs-officers are friendly, but mostly not able to speak...


Qingdao Sports & Outdoors

  • meteorologist1's Profile Photo

    Beaches in Qingdao

    by meteorologist1 Written Aug 3, 2006

    Qingdao has a lot of beaches open to the public for recreation (free of charge), both in town and out of the town along the Yellow Sea coast. You can do any type of beach sport you like here.

    Beach in Qingdao
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Qingdao Favorites

  • Beach opportunities

    Qingdao and its vicinity by the Yellow Sea offers a lot of great beach opportunities. There are lots of beaches open to the public for recreation. There are some in town and some on the road to the Laoshan scenic area. The sands here are not very white though. Beach volleyball, swimming, surfing, etc. can be done here.

  • Beautiful Laoshan

    Laoshan is unique because it is adjacent to the coast, providing a beautiful sight of mountains and sea. It was fun climbing Laoshan mountain -- the stairs never ended. There were souvenir and refreshment stands all along the way, so it was like shopping while mountain climbing. Most people would get tired when they got to the top. There was a...

  • Furniture shopping

    Qingdao has got several furniture stores and they are all superb. Inexpensive. Great variety. Reasonable quality.


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