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  • Khunjerab pass signpost!
    Khunjerab pass signpost!
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  • Things to Do
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  • Things to Do
    by illumina

Taxkorgan Things to Do

  • Karakul Lake

    Karakul, meaning Black Lake in Kirghiz, is situated just north of Taxkorgan, and 200km south of Kashgar, in the Xinjiang Province of China. At 3600m, it is the highest lake on the Pamir Plateau, and is ringed by some of the giants of that range of mountains, Muztagh Ata (7546m) to the south and 7719m Mt Kongur to the northeast. It's a gorgeous...

  • Karakorum Highway

    The Karakorum Highway cuts through the Kunlun Shan, the Pamirs and Karakorum and skims close to the Hindu Kush and Tian Shan within China, passing from Kashgar, past Lake Karakul, Mount Mustag Ata, Taxkorgan (Tashkurgan - Chinese customs), over teh Khujerab Pass into Pakistan and then past Sust (Pakistani immigration), Hunza and Gilgit before you...

  • Lake Karakul (Karakuli)

    Lake Karakul is about 200 km or 4 hours drive south of Kashgar along the Karakorum Highway. It is also slightly north (~20 km) of Tashkurgan, the last settlement in China on the Karakorum Highway which cuts through the Kunlun Shan, the Pamirs and Karakorum and skims close to the Hindu Kush and Tian Shan within China. That's a lot of mountain ranges...

  • Smiling

    Apparently we saw two kids in red and smiling. The boy holding a hand over on the fence while the girl put her face towards him.

  • Intersection watching

    They, the peoples of Tashkorgan like to stand here, in the middle of street to chit chat, as if no cars will hit them. Indeed yes, the street has not many cars, yet.

  • Let's watch them

    They are not for us to watch but who cares, you mean you don't want to watch peoples when you travel?

  • Sheltering tip

    This tip has to be under at least a big tree to be able to be considered as a sheltering tip. Though it looks easy but one must visit Tashkorgan, otherwise the sheltering is not the sheltering of Tashkorgan.

  • Young Tajik women pedestrianize

    Another activity to watch is pedestrians in action. Here in Tashkorgan has no religious rigidity to force women to not do so and so, so to watch Tajik women pedestrianizing is a must.

  • Tajiks watching perception 1

    Tajiks watching perception 1 is not that easy to understand by just mere superficial knowledge. A person able to understand the bare truth of this watching has to be the person of hyper-superficial knowledge only.

  • Washing clothes

    One of the best must see activities of Tashkorgan has to be this, washing clothes by mostly housewives and young girls. This is not an easy photo as I must search inside those alleys each by each for scene of this, not easy. This is one of the best Tashkorgan photos, very sure.

  • Doing nothing

    Watching these Tashkorganese doing nothing is also another important activity for our eyes. Don't do anything but just watch.

  • Kids crying

    Another as important activity of Tashkorgan is to watch how kids crying. Tashkorgan kids crying is not just any kids crying but it was the one and only Tashkorgan kids crying.


Taxkorgan Restaurants

  • Wonderful Laghman

    After a very long drive (from Sost in Pakistan, over the Khunjerab Pass), and lots of red tape and bag searches, when we finally got into Taxkorgan and could relax, the first thing we wanted was a decent meal. The restaurant at our hotel was closed for renovations, so we walked a little way down the road, and stumbled across this place.We couldn't...

  • Authetic Xinjiang food

    I had came into this place while wandering in the small town on my arrival day. Noticing a lot of people coming in and out from this shabby looking restaurant. I went inside for a peep, to my surprise, it's interior was beautiful with lavishly decorated walls and ceilings.There are two sections in the restaurant. Near entrance ,there is medium size...

  • Mutton rice

    Mutton rice by the Tajik is our delicious last lunch before we leave Tashkorgan. It cost just 5 yuan per bowl. The bowl is big enough, enough.

  • Too many restaurants

    Never worry about restaurants in China, I still haven't yet found any Chinese towns or villages without restaurants.

  • The Islamic restaurant that sells beer

    The most memorable of Tashkorgan was the restaurant we dined. That dinner was an internatonal party where we have 2 Malaysians, 2 Swiss, Portuguese, Brazilian and Japanese (2 German were missing). In that occassion, myself and Andy became the host because we speak Chinese. We asked for a Big-Plate-Chicken 40 yuan for all and 5 other delicious...

  • Xinjiang Beer

    Xinjiang Beer is here for you.....hey sounds like a commercial slogan. This photo was taken the moment we were enjoying our first Chinese foods after almost a month of Pakistanis foods. In here, everybody just mad, mad about the tea, the foods and the beer. All these were served in the Muslim restaurant, by a Muslim owner and Muslim waiter. Later...


Taxkorgan Nightlife

  • Adult Pakistani

    According to an adult Pakistani I met back in Sost (border of Pakistan-China). He told me he is a trader specialize in importing and exporting between China and Pakistan. He said he dislike smoking, dislike liquor but he likes prostitution so much. He told me whenever he come to Tashkorgan or some other towns in Xinjiang province, he will look for...

  • So many girls

    Yes so many girls on the street looking at you, if you look back means they will approach you to talk price. I am not a tourist to seek Ta Pao but I just build tips for VT for fun. I saw many men in typical Chinese dress up of black leather shoes and belt plus a polo shirt, come to this small town just for one mission, Ta Pao. They come by car from...

  • One of the NLS

    Wen Sha Bao is just another nightlife spot here among ermm at least 10 I saw. At night 8pm onwards, the atmosphere on street changed into another mood of somewhat red light district where we encountered some your girls asking " Xian Sheng, yao da pao ma? " The meaning is so obvious to ask for that, yes that. They charge 30 yuan per Ta Pao. Our...


Taxkorgan Transportation

  • Our bus

    This is our bus that crossed the border of Khunjerab Pass. 1220Rs is the bus fare in Pakistanis rupee plus another $4 Dollars for entering the territory of Khunjerab National Park. Time consumed 10 hours +-. For tourists who want to visit Pakistan, this is the last point, come here to buy bus ticket and arrange visa, etc.

  • Getting there and away

    To get to Karakul Lake or Kashgar or some other places, best to take the bus from the bus station, the budget way. To hitchhike is only when no other options. Anyway, we hitchhiked to Karakul. The photo has nothing to do with transportation, I just want to have a photo I like.

  • Taxkorgan Hotels

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Taxkorgan Shopping

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    A Tashkorganistic shopping: A Tashkorganistic shopping

    by l_joo Written Aug 11, 2004

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    Shopping is a must, a Tashkorganistic shopping is a desperate must, although you don't want to buy anything.

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Taxkorgan Local Customs

  • Public Bath shop

    Tashkorgan and other Chinese cities in Xinjiang Province have a this culture of public bath. Not those in Japan type but probably Turkish style, as the region was once belong to the Turks, if not mistaken. No women naked in bathroom, no men as well. Pay 3 yuan will do.

  • Reading culture

    Reading culture is seen here in Tashkorgan's bookshop. I saw there was a 50/50 of books in local Tajik language and Chinese language, they have an invisible 'line' seperating the two, I think is good for the Uyghur peoples. This is probably a sensitive issue here, so let's don't talk too much.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Taxkorgan Off The Beaten Path

  • Closer look

    Closer look at the Stone City, are actually this in photo. It was not easy to walk, all small rocks about 2-5 inches sizes all over on the ground, dry, but nice without pollution, yet hopefully.

  • Visit The Stone City

    Just make sure you visit the Stone City, I read it was once the empre of the peoples, but I can't see anything except ruins, in near vanished ruins. I don't care actually, I enjoy looking at the landscape, so happy.

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Taxkorgan Favorites

  • Right to Left

    Our bus driver was a Pakistani. He drove at right when we were at the territory of Pakistan, then when entered China, I saw him having difficulties switching to the right lane, probably he was a newbie. I was sitting beside him and still remember quite well what happened that day.

  • Our bus with friends

    Our bus of Natco took 7 of us from Pakistan's Sost all the way to Tashkorgan, here is the picture taken on the bus. That moment when custom check at the border, everyone was very worry whether our journey can go smoothly, that's why you can see them waiting a little impatiently.

  • The Khunjerap border custom office

    Picture is the steel room built for luggage checking, meaning whatever you have must be shown to the custom officers of Chinese, nothing escapes. Be careful with your sensitive items such as knifes and maybe your own naked pictures, hahaha.


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