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Yining Things to Do

  • Buildings

    Yining is a modern city with mainly modern Chinese Architecture. But you can also still find buildings which remind of Communist times and Russian architecture.

  • Lake Sailim/ Sairam Lake

    As so many places in China, specially the ones located in Minority Areas, Lake Sailim has many ways of spelling the name. You can find it under Sairam Lake, Sayram Hu and Sailim Lake. I even found more ways of spelling and an explanation for the name:Sayram Lake, also called 'Santai Haizi' received its name because the Elezhuyitubomu military dais...

  • Local People

    Yining is the capital of Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture, whichhas jurisdiction over Tachen and Aletai two regions and ten counties. The total area of the prefecture is 350 thousand square kilometers with the population of 4.08 million of Kazak, Hanzu, Uygur, Huizu, Mongol, Xibe etc are all together forty-seven nationalities, among them Kazak...

  • Peoples Square

    In most Chinese cities the Peoples Square is the center of the city. This is the place were people meet, do their Tai Ji in the morning, where parades are held and where the big holidays are celebrated. In Yining it is the same. I recommend to go to the Peoples Square before breakfast to watch people doing their morning exersizes. You can also be...

  • Temple of Qing Dynasty

    In the city center of Yining is the Peoples Square. This wide square is dominated by an old building, which in my eyes looks like a rest of an old temple of Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately I did not find any informations about this. But it looks really nice and old. Today it is not used as a temple anymore.

  • Grape's Garden

    If you have been to Xinjiang, you should go to grapery. What special in grapery? I can't tell you because I can't describe. As well known, Xinjiang is an area which is farthest from sea. This area is dry and long time under the sun. Maybe reasoning the hot and passion, I like the grapery there most. You can feel a kind of special breath. Grape what...

  • Yili River

    Yili River was used to be called Yilie water that is the most important river in the north western of China. It originate from western of Tian Mountain in Xinjiang and its drainage area is around 570 thousand sq.km. The volume of water is the most among all the river in Xinjiang. Approximate 3/4 volume of water from China flow to other countries...

  • Cemetery of Emperor Tuheilutiemuer

    Tuheilutiemuer is the seventh generation of Emperor Chengjisihan. He was the first emperor who lead people to believe islam. This relate to the history of Tufan and Mongo dynasty in Chinese history.

  • HuiYuan old city

    This is an old city. Actually, I should call it old tower. The tower in an quiet town in an quiet area. For difficult traffic, quite a few people have visit this tower but many Chinese know it reasoning that is the place in which Lin Zexu banished to. Lin Zexu is a hero at the end of Qing dynasty. He led Chinese people to against opium and he made...


Yining Hotels

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  • Twin Star Airport Hotel

    No.23 Stalin Street, Yining, Xinjiang Uygur, 835000, China

  • Sohotel

    No.79 Jiefang Road, Yining, Xinjiang Uygur, 835000, China

  • Hongfu Yiyan Hotel

    No.116 Jiefang Road, Yining, Xinjiang Uygur, 835000, China

Yining Restaurants

  • Xinjiang Feature

    You can see many restaurant along Yili River. I think this one is the most built with Xinjiang feature. Just a restaurant looks like a palace. Wei and Hasa minority in China always make their building so gallant. You can seat in this so beautiful building , beside taste Xinjiang food and look out of window, there is Yili river flowing. Can you...

  • o00o's Restaurant Tip

    Muslim Ramen topping with mutton, little spicy but tasty. 'Zhua Fan', mutton mix with onion and it's a dish thicky flavored with garlic. Must try menu item.

  • Yining Hotels

    8 Hotels in Yining

Yining Nightlife

  • Shaw we dance at Ren Ming...

    Shaw we dance at Ren Ming Squre. free dinner show every Saturday night from May 17 untill End of September.

  • have a stroll along the Iri...

    have a stroll along the Iri River, the sky is turning dark but you will still see a lot of local people playing around. Night wind is alway cold. Do not forget to have your Wind breaker in hand. Shaw we dance at Ren Ming Squre. free dinner show every Saturday night from May 17 untill End of September.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Yining Transportation

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    45 minutes from Urumqi. I...

    by o00o Written Sep 17, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    45 minutes from Urumqi. I managed to get 10% discount ticket from a friend I knew who work in the Xian Jiang Hotel.

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Yining Local Customs

  • Taking Fotos

    Local people in Yining love to have their pic taken. When they see you with your camera, they pose and ask you to take a pic. They smile. And they love to see the pic in the small display of the digital camera. They don't mind, when they do not get the pic. They even do not ask for that.

  • Honey

    On the way to Lake Sailim you can see local beekeepers. And at some places it is possible to buy honey directly from their streetshops. The bottles with yellow fluids are their advertisements. There is no honey is this bottles! The friendly beekeepers like you to taste their honey and show you around. The honey tastes very nice and sweet.

  • Respect the locals

    Majority here are muslim, traveller are adviced to respect the local.Cover you hair if you are female.


Yining Off The Beaten Path

  • Apple farm suround the Yinig...

    Apple farm suround the Yinig city, if you are good in Bakery, you can spend an hour or two to teach the madams here how to bake at least Apple Pie..

  • Korgas Custom, the gate way to...

    Korgas Custom, the gate way to Euro-Asia Kazakstan. It is about 90kms west of Yining city. Road side hair salon Apple farm suround the Yinig city, if you are good in Bakery, you can spend an hour or two to teach the madams here how to bake at least Apple Pie..

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Yining Favorites

  • Time Zone Issues

    Remember: Yining (and all of Xinjiang Province) are on the same timezone as Beijing. Even though, Yining should be approximately 4 or 5 timezones behind Beijing they are the same. Thank the People's Republic for this divine wisdom! In practice, this means that when you wake up at 8:00 AM, it is still pitch dark in the streets (time schedules are...

  • Big Silkroad

    In ancient times Yili River Valley and Yisaike Lake lay in the hinterland of the Tianshan Mountains. It was the traffic fort to different directions of the Tianshan Moutains. Yili River Valley directly connected to the north road of the Tianshan Mountain and Tianshan road of the hinterland of the Tianshan Mountain. They formed a traffic route to...

  • Yining

    Yining is the capital of Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture. It is located in western Xinjiang Province near the border to Kazakhstan, about 390km west of Urumqi.Yili the only one prefecture which has jurisdictions over both counties and cities. The total area of the prefecture is 350 thousand square kilometers with the population of 4.08 million of...


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