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Yunnan Sheng Restaurants

  • Over The Bridge Noodle

    Over-the-bridge Noodle is the most famous noodle dish in Yunnan. It comes with a big bowl of hot broth, a plate of ingredients such as meat, chicken, veggetables, noodle and etc. You are supposed to put all the ingredients into the hot broth and let them warm up a bit. It is yummy. You can find this dish throughout Kunming, Dali and Lijiang.

  • Great Place To Hang Out

    Nice ambience, good music but NOT loud. If you've been in China for a while, you'll notice that pubs have extremely loud music which make you impossible to have a decent conversation without shouting or bursting your ear out. Lots of tourists, extremely good spot to take an extra member for sharing that travel group expenses to Tibet. Good...

  • Goat Cheese Cakes

    You should try the ru bing in Y unnan. They are made of goat cheese and are served with a mixture of hot peppers and salt (for dipping). Most Yunnanese restauratns have ru bing . They have a mild taste and are fun to try the ru bing!

  • Good Resautrant between Kunming and...

    We stoped at this restaurant while on a bicycle ride from Kunming to Shilin (the stone forest). The restaurant is set in a traditional building and has a lot of character. Outside there are pagodas and other traditional architecture. There is no English menu and the staff do not speak English. However, they have many standard dishes and you might...

  • Accross the bridge noodles, specialty of...

    The famous dish of Kunming is delicious. You are being brought a big bowl of near-boiling water with a film of oil on top and a big lump of rice noodles at the bottom(with some type of bouillon-like smell to it). On stacks of little side dishes you are given raw fish of various types, vegetables and spices that you dump in the bowl readily. Stir a...

  • Rice of course!

    Rice is the stapple food of Yunnan. Every meal will have it in huge quantities. It is generally white and sticky and therefore easy to handle with chopsticks when you are a clumpsy foreigner! The only exception is breakfast where noodles are served.

  • A typical lunch or diner

    I only had meals with our big group and it always happened the same way. We got split on several tables of 6 or 8 with a lazy susan in the middle (a rotating platform).At least 10 different dishes were promtly served from fish, meat, vegetables to tofu. You help yourself with your chopsticks from the different dishes and bring pieces on your bowl...

  • Best "Accross the Bridge Noodles" in...

    We were told this restaurant is famous for its noodles and especially the "accross the bridge" ones. It was delicious! The restaurant has several rooms around a courtyard which is also full of tables. It is a very pleasant environment but was very crowded at lunch time.

  • Korean/Japanese cuisine

    Sakura is one of my favourite places in the LIjiang. It's owned by a Japanese/Korean couple. The staff are awesome! the food is amazing. Try the kimchee pizza! or one of there Naxi sandwiches. The breakfast is huge as well! it's also located right on the main canal with outdoor seating...

  • Breakfast in Yunnan: rice noodles!

    The typical breakfast in Yunnan is a big bowl of rice noodles (top right or top left in picture) in which you add spices and sauces to your taste. There are also generally boiled eggs and little white tasteless breads (top left on picture). There are sometimes very nice pastries, some with coconut taste. No beverage (not even tea) is served with...

  • Cordyceps

    Cordyceps is a very famous and expensive Chinese medicine which is good for boosting vitality (perhaps natural Viagra). It is actually formed during the winter when a type of fungus invade the worms on the ground and causing it to die and dry up. Cordyceps is rare and can only be found in high altitude, which explains why they are expensive. In...

  • Hams, potatos, carrots, corns etc

    Yunnan is famous for its ham so you should try it, and perhaps bring some home. You will also have chance to try some of Yunnan's tasty but simple food such as potatos, carrots, corns etc.

  • You must try the tasty & interesting...

    When you are in Yunnan, you must try the tasty and interesting food. They include the famous roast duck (Lan Lao Ya Restaurant) at the town of Yiliang near to Kunming. Other local dishes which are worth trying are the fried bamboo worms, fried bees, fermented beancurd, mushroom & fungus dishes, dog's meat, spicy chicken on a wok, the famous Yunnan...

  • Yunnan MiXian (Rice Noodle)

    Yunnan MiXian is my everyday essential while travelling in Yunnan. One thing because it's famous, besides, it's cheap, easily accessible, and easy to order as a single traveller.They usually use chicken stock for the soup, then adding a lot of different spicies, onion, tofu, beans, pepper, etc. The taste really rich!Depending on where you eat and...

  • Don't miss the Fungus

    Don't miss the Fungus! Yunnan grows many different kind of wild fungus, and many of them can be safely eaten. They are with high nutrition value and believed good to your body. They usually fry it with chilli. Can be easily ordered in any local Chinese restaurant. Usually a dish cost about 15Yuan


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