Yunnan Sheng Transportation

  • SOUTH BUS STATION - for getting out of Kunming
    SOUTH BUS STATION - for getting out of...
    by angiebabe
  • left of South Coach station is South Bus Station
    left of South Coach station is South Bus...
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  • South Coach Station
    South Coach Station
    by angiebabe

Yunnan Sheng Transportation

  • Shenzhen Airway

    We were arranged to take the Shenzhen Airway to and fro, from Guangzhou to Yunnan. The flight was 2.5 hr from GZ to Yunnan but only 1 hr 45 mins from Yunnan back to GZ on our return flight. (I'm not sure why)Surprisingly! The Shenzhen Airway flight was comfortable, the air stewardess were very friendly and they even performed a song performance...

  • From Lijiang to Qiatou (the Gorge)

    It's about 40 miles bus ride from Lijiang to Qiatou (near Tiger Leaping Gorge), at time of this posting cost RMB 30. Flights to Lijiang are usually via Kunming. From Hong Kong, the flight cost about HKD $3000 - 4000.

  • Cruise on Erhai Lake

    When you are at Dali, try not to miss the cruise on the beautiful Erhai Lake where you have a very good view of the lake and its beautiful surroundings and mountains. These cruises are usually very crowded, so do be careful.

  • Going up Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

    If you want to go up to the famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain near Lijiang but do not want to do hiking, you can take the cable car. However, be careful of altitude sickness as you will be ascending up very quickly. Most of the tourists will take this route up the mountain.

  • Boat along the Nan Pan River

    In the unlikely event that you travel to the beautiful Shizong County and Nan Pan River in Yunnan Province, you might want to try a boat ride along the Nan Pan. The reason I say it is unlikely you will get here is because this is a very remote part of the province. Right now, the river is still undeveloped, but the town of A Nai Hei on the river...

  • Horse riding

    Horse back riding is sometimes available in Yunnan. These were at the Tiger Leaping Gorge. I read in my guidebook that you can also go horse back riding on the Snow Jade Mountain.

  • Arm power carrying at Tiger Leaping...

    Two men carry tourists in these wood little cabins along the steep slopes of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. I did not try one, but I bet there are cheap! Even if you do not want to tent one, be sure to be harrassed the whole way down and up the trail by the guys begging to give you a lift.

  • Common local transportation vehicle

    Ah! I think this type of transportation has been my favorite in Yunnan! I did not ride in any, but I found these "cars" very funny looking and sounding!! The engine is completely exposed with the most prominent features being the belt and the popping lid of the cooling fluid reservoir letting boiling water spitting out. Quite a sight, and quite a...

  • Bicycles, bicycles, bicycles...

    What would China be without its millions of bicycles users!!??For any traveller in Asia, this is a common site, crowds of cyclists weaving their way through traffic in cities.

  • Bicycle Repair Shop

    Given the huge number of bicycles in China, and the fact that these bicycles are generally old and beat-up, you see a lot of these small tire repair shops in towns and cities.The picture is not great, sorry, but I took it from a moving bus, so...

  • Sleeping on the train

    Taking a night train might spare you a day ride of bus in the red dust of Yunnan. I took the one from Kunming to Dali. It left at 9:30 pm and arrived at 4:00 am. In other words the night was too short! The people liked to play cards and talk but I could start sleeping around 11 with ear plugs. It was really quiet after midnight.There are 3...

  • Gas Stations

    Gas stations seems dominated by one brand, Sinopec. I have seen 2 other brands. The most impressive gas stations, such as that one on the picture, were found along the newly built freeways. The price of the gas is not much cheaper than in the US (3.5 yuan per liter, i.e. $ 0.44 per liter or $1.75 per gallon).

  • Three-cycle mini taxis

    These mini taxis are everywhere and are the poor man's taxi. I have seem some so full of people and baskets of vegetables, it was a miracle the thing could move! I bet they are cheap...

  • Small vans

    We used such small vans when our big bus could not go to narrow and twisty roads such as near the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

  • Taxi

    Taxis are really cheap in Yunnan. We paid 7 to 10 yuan for inner-city trips in Kunming or Lijiang. There are not always comfortable (I guess the bad roads bear on the suspension!) and clean, but they are very practical. Renting a taxi for half or a full day is a good way for short excursions from your hotel.The taxi in this picture is very typical:...

  • Train

    Taking the train is a nice alternative to roads in construction! It will be quicker than bus or car. The trains seems modern, on time and cheap. I took the night train from Kunming to Dali once (see below). There is also an express train from Kunming to the Stone Forest.

  • I travelled by bus with a group

    We were a big group of 50 or so participating to a workshop in Kunming and then touring Yunnan for a week. The organisers rent 2 big buses such as this one from a company in Kunming. The buses were nice and comfortable.The downside of travelling by bus in Yunnan is that many roads are under construction. For example only half the freeway between...

  • Kunming Airport

    Kunming airport is very nice and modern, and not very crowded. I flew in from Guanzhou (a horrible airport that one!). You can fly from and to any airport in China from Kunming (in particular to Lijiang or Dali which are other cities in Yunnan). From Houston, with changes in Los Angeles and Guanzhou, I paid a total of $1400 round-trip with...

  • School bus

    Getting to school from remote parts of Yunnan must not be always easy. A long walk from your village might be followed by an uncomfortable ride on a bus like this one!

  • More bicycles!!

    Well, you know that actually, China is the hottest market for cars in the world? You never know, the common sight of all these cyclists might dissappear within a few decades!

  • Expressways

    Nowadays, there are modern expressways connecting the major cities, towns and tourist attractions in central Yunnan, so it is convenient to move around. However in the northern and rural areas, especially those with high mountains, transportation is still a challenge.

  • Travelling in Yunnan

    The best way to get around Yunnan is by car or buses, but be warned of the long distances and mountainous terrain. If you want to get to the major tourist destinations such as Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and Zhongdian (Shangrila), you can take a short flight.

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