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  • Tonglu city scene
    Tonglu city scene
    by Lion_Beat
  • Map of the Yaolin Cave
    Map of the Yaolin Cave
    by Lion_Beat
  • Yaolin Cave
    Yaolin Cave
    by Lion_Beat

Tonglu Things to Do

  • Entrance and Map of the Yaolin Cave.

    Just for your refference, here are the pictures of the Entrance to the famous cave and the map of it. Click on see more pictures for the map.

  • Yaolin Wonderland Galleries

    After your underground trip to the world of stalamites you'll eventually end up at the surface and will make you way back to the exit. There is a series of galleries made out of building (see my "Yaolin Shopping" and "Hit the Drums" tips). Beside shopping and budist temple you'll find a collection of bonzai's, a hot-air baloon waiting for you to go...

  • Hit the Drums!

    When visiting Yaolin Cave, on your way back, after you get back to the surface and see the day-light. As I already mentioned in "Yaolin Shopping" tip you'll have to get through a series of buildings (some of them for shopping) and some like this specific one - a small buddist temple.At the entrance you'll be given a drum-stick. Take it and step...


Tonglu Hotels

See all 13 Hotels in Tonglu
  • Barbizon Vacation Resort

    No.1088 Daqishan Road, Tonglu County, Zhejiang, 310012, China

  • Honglou International Hotel

    No.158 Fuchun Rd, Tongju St, Tonglu County, Zhejiang, 311500, China

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Lanting Resort

    No.899 Daqishan Road, Tonglu County, Zhejiang, China

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

Tonglu Restaurants

  • The underground foodcourt

    One thing I was not expecting to see in the Yaolin Cave is a food-court! But it was more then welcomed! Really nice atmposphere there! I had a coffee and some snacks. Nothing special, but still - I can say I had a lunch in the cave!Oh, and also, what is a coffee without a cigarette? Although all over this small rest area you can see sign...

  • Brave enough to try the street vendors...

    Like everywhere else in China you'll find plenty of street vendors selling all sorts of strange stuff on streets. Here I've got some pictures of the lady who sells the oil-boiled stuff like tofu, some kind of pancakes, strange sausoges all in one things. I wasn't brave enough to try this "delicates", but you can! Well, at least you've got to see...

  • Tonglu Hotels

    13 Hotels in Tonglu

Tonglu Transportation

  • Around the city by bus

    The most common mean of transportation around Tonglu will be the bus. That is in case you know where you going and what bus to take, otherwise don't bother, unless you speak Chinese. A better option for short distance will be motor-pedicabs and for longer distance - taxi's.The bus fare will depend on the distance you're traveling and the type of...

  • Taxi's

    There are not that many taxi's around Tonglu, so you'll have to wait till you catch one. For long distances this is what you have to choose. Make sure you getting into a good/new taxi, cause there are some taxi's which are quite old and slow.A taxi to Yaolin Wonderland (the top attraction in Tonglu) from city center will cost you around 80 RMB. It...

  • Enjoy the fun of getting around on a...

    This is the way of getting around and having fun at the same time. I always enjoyed this type of transportation. It is good for short distances and you get to feel the rythm of the city.Enjoy it!


Tonglu Shopping

  • Lion_Beat's Profile Photo

    by Lion_Beat Updated Oct 12, 2006

    If you visiting Yaolin Caves, you will be forced to visit their shopping area in any way. That is the thing about Chinese sightseengs - you go to a place and eather you want or not the shop will be placed right in you way, so you have no chance of missing it!
    Consioder it part of the tour (it does not matter if you travel alone or in a group with a guide).So after you finish your underground tour and come up the surface the lane will lead to some traditional chinese-style architecture buildings through which you should pass in order to get out. And that will be the shop! They even have a guide for that which will stop you before entrance and explain you what things you'll find inside (so here is your 5 minutes gone just for listening advertising).

    What to buy: they sell same sort of stuff you find everywhere else in this kinds of shops, some craft works, jades, semi-precious stones, combs, swards, egg-stones... etc. Oh, and in this particulat one they have some special local "home-made" dishes. I could not understand what was it, and I wasn't interested in shopping in anyway. But you might be!

    What to pay: remember - bargain! even if you see a price tag. And they do have price tags in that shop, but expect to pay 3 times less for most of the things.

    Yaolin Shopping Yaolin Shopping
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Tonglu Favorites

  • The Yaolin Myth World Show Palace

    When visiting Yaolin Wonderland make sure you also don't miss a special gallery called "The Yaolin Myth World Show Palace". it is actually a part of the Yaolin Cave and is located inside the cave. It just requeres an additional fee of 35 RMB. In the 3rd hall (the biggest) after you pass the Buddist Temple you'll notice a small underground water...

  • the Best of China's Caves - Yaolin Cave

    Probably the top attraction site for Tonglu will be the Yaolin Cave located some 30km from the city in a park called Yaolin Wonderland. It is a group of limestone caves formed by corrosion through the ages. The cave is rated as one of top ten attraction sites in Zhejiang Province and also is ranked as 2nd on the list of newly developed natural...

  • People's Square

    The truth is there are not that many things to see in Tonglu. It is just another provincial city in China, still there are nice places around Tonglu. But since you are in the city, one of most "impressing" things to see will prbably be the People's Square. That is waht amazes me in China - every city, even small one will have a huge People's Square...


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