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  • A street in Wuzhen Water Village
    A street in Wuzhen Water Village
    by volarevolare
  • Water Canals...
    Water Canals...
    by volarevolare
  • East part of town
    East part of town
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Wuzhen Things to Do

  • Gongsheng Grains Workshop

    Gongsheng Grains Workshop is one of the attractions in Wuzhen East Town. Basically, they are selling rice wine, at the same time show you how an actual distillery churning out a pungent rice wine. This was the traditional way to make rice wine in Wuzhen. I was more interested to see the traditional workshop than testing their wine.In Chinese:...

  • Eat an ice-cream and drink chrysanthemum...

    If it's a hot day like it was in April 2012, do look out for the ice-cream man!He's the guy with a big wooden box -- yup, it's his ice-cream box! ;) Amazing but true, he will pick out ice-cream sticks (more of a sorbet rather than ice-cream with cream sort of ice lollies) and it'd be divine on a hot day!Then walk into a tea shop and order some...

  • Eat the local delights

    There are houses along the walkways and you can figure out if they offer home-cooked food just by smelling the aromas emitting from their kitchens or asking them if they have a table available -- each household is only allowed 2 tables to do business.Best to book with them early, like let them know what time you'd come in for lunch or dinner so...

  • Take a Boat Ride

    If you're in a water village, don't miss a boat ride...It's just idyllic to float through the canals and take in the sights... very calming and relaxing way to spend some time.Boatmen are certified to paddle the boats using the single oar and the boats are usually comfortable cabins with small windows that open to views outside -- feels cosy inside...

  • Wuzhen East Town

    When I first saw Wuzhen East Town, I was in shock and excited the beauty of this town. It Is not only old, but those narrow rivers with boats around the town is so classic in the Chinese way. Other than enjoying the views every where in town, I visited some of the important attractions reflecting the history and culture of Wuzhen. 1) Gongsheng...

  • Jiangnan Ancient Bed Hall

    Jiangnan Furniture Hall is located in one of those small street in Wuzhan East town. The hall exhibits the traditional Jiangnan's furnitures specially the traditional beds. During my visit, I thought I went shopping at IKEA in ancient China. It is quite a big areas with different display of traditional Chinese furnitures. In Chinese:...

  • Martial Arts Performance

    Martial art performance is performed by locals at the end of a canal in Wuzhan east town. The act is on the 'boxing boat' at the end of the canal. It is Free...

  • Flower Drum Opera - Village Square

    During our visit, we passed by the Village Square. This is an example of how villagers were entertained by Chinese opera in their town center. The Village Square is surrounded by shops, restaurants, rest areas, and a small theater beside the square. In Chinese: 花鼓戏

  • Mao Dun Museum

    Before 1994, it was called Mao Dun's Former Residence. It is a museum to show the residence, the childhood, life, and achievement of this great revolutionary writer. This 7000sf house was bought by his father in 1885, and it was a good example of houses in late Qing dynasty. I like this museum cause it is located in this typical old Wuzhan town...

  • Huiyuan Pawn House

    This was once a famous pawnshop in Wuzhen. The old furniture like old cabinets, drawers, Chairs, and tables are the remnants in this attraction. You can see the old architecture of this old shop house as well. In Chinese: 汇源当铺

  • Blue Print Workshop

    Blue Print Workshop displays some beautiful painted blue cloths of Jiangnan region. They are using blue glass and dyeing material makes their fabric in patterns. It is very nice to see those fabrics hanging together while drying under the sun. In Chinese: 蓝印花布作坊

  • More pictures of Wuzhen

    The canals and waterways are flanked by trees on one side, and houses on the other. Arc bridges erected across the canals connect the two sides. Visiting this village is like taking a walk down memory lane, transporting us back to hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately, most of the young people of this village have chosen to uproot themselves and...

  • See the Carvings on bridges and homes

    The wood and stone carvings on bridges, windows etc have been well preserved in Wuzhen. These date back hundreds of years. In this photo, you can still see the carvings on the lion (which is on a stone bridge) very clearly. In the background, you can also see the wood carvings on the windows and walls of houses.

  • Cruising down the canals in Wuzhen

    The best way to see Wuzhen is to take a trip down the canals on boat. Each of these boats can seat a maximum of eight persons. Along the way, we passed through ancient bridges and waterways, and could see the residential houses up close. These houses are still occupied, and one of the houses had a dog that kept barking at every passing boat he saw....

  • Delicate Wood carvings

    Can see that the people in the past are very skilful. Many delicate wood carvings, even on bed, are being displayed here.

  • Dyeing workshop (Blue Dyed Cloth)

    There is also a museum here for you to see how the blue dyed cloth is used by the people as costumes, scarves, handkerchiefs. You can also read about how to print the patterns on the cloth.

  • Visit the Weaving Workshops

    Here you can see some old women leisurely operating the spinning wheels or looms. Carrying on this tradition has become a part of the lives of the old women.

  • Watch a Street Opera?

    This photo shows a stage for the opera. A pity that there is no show going on when I was there. I was told that the flower-drum opera and shadow-puppet shows are quite popular here.


Wuzhen Transportation

  • Bus To/From Wuzhen

    There is a small bus station near the Beihua Bridge. It takes 20-minutes walk to the Wuzhen East Town. From Shanghai:The easiest way is to take a day tour from Shanghai Gymnasium Stadium. Two tours per day: 7:50am and 8:50am, return to Shanghai at 16:30. Y145 includes transportation, entrance fees, and Chinese tour guide only. Or Shanghai South Bus...

  • Car/taxi from Shanghai

    General notesAlthough there are cheap public buses (these leave from the long-distance bus station), in my view they are not frequent enough to make it a viable option, especially if you are short on time. The most efficient solution for me was to hire a car with the driver, and combine the visit to Wuzhen with another of the nearby water towns. In...

  • Transport from Wuzhen to Shanghai

    If you walk from the ticket offices to the main road and turn left on the corner on the opposite side of the road is an unmarked bus stop. You can catch a bus to Tongxian (about 30mins CYN6). There is a huge bus station there and you can travel on to anywhere else you need to go even late at night.


Wuzhen Shopping

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  • Buy Mai Ya Tang (Sweets)

    Mai Ya Tang is the specialty product of Wuzhen. It is sweet and sticky. We used to be able to buy these in Singapore decades ago (during my Grandma's time), but it is getting more difficult to find them in Singapore now. Some shops show you how the sweets are made. Our tour guide took us to this shop, which supposedly sells the best Mai Ya Tang...

  • Malt Candy

    Malt Candy. You can see the people making the malt candy, very interesting. They will knead it, pull it and cut the dough into small pieces and package it. We bought 1 box of malt candies and they tasted real sweet. 10RMB for 1 box of around 10 candies.

  • Wuzhen Hotels

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Wuzhen Local Customs

  • Blue Cotton Dyeing Workshop

    Blue print cotton made in Wuzhen has its own flavors. You could see all of the processes at there. It's not very complicated. You may try it by yourself if you like... The scenic is unique, many directors chose this scene to shoot their film.The raw material for dye printing is Eupatorium fortunei, a herb that turns into indigo after being...

  • Shadow-puppet show

    You should not miss the shadow-puppet show. It's performed every 2 hours. All of the puppet masters are around 70 years old. They played the traditional instruments while singing by themselves.

  • Simple Life With Traditional Recreations

    Tradition is still very much alive in Wuzhen. In addition to flower-drum opera, shadow-puppet shows, and temple fairs, Wuzhen also attracts visitors with its time-honored art of making indigo-dyed printed calico. In ancient times, indigo-dyed printed calico was used for curtains, scarves, and tablecloths in every household in the countryside of...


Wuzhen Tourist Traps

  • by OliverD Written Sep 26, 2007

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    Though our lonely planet told us the entry fee was CNY45, we checked the internet sites and discovered it was CNY60. However, when we arrived it was CNY100 per ticket, per day. Despite the information on the internet they DO NOT take credit cards, ONLY Chinese money.

    Unique Suggestions: As the fee keeps changing, if you want to go, I highly recommend taking at least 50% more money than you think you'll need and make sure it's in Chinese money. There are no banks or ATM's in the main town.

    Very little of this money goes back into the local community.

    Fun Alternatives: Try Hangzhou, It's also quite expensive but maybe more rewarding. Seriously consider renting a car and driving around the countryside. Some of the small towns in this Provence are beautiful.

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Wuzhen Off The Beaten Path

  • sylina's Profile Photo

    by sylina Written Jul 7, 2003

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    Wuzhen is at its best on rainy days. Strolling with an umbrella along an old lane past the centuries-old wooden houses and seeing the rain flow off the engraved eaves that cover the doorways is an amazing experience. The falling raindrops bring ripples on the river surfaces, while boats travel to and fro. The waterside pavilions and corridors and the arched bridges, all shrouded in drizzle, make up a charming scene.

    Wuzhen in rainy day

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