Asia Favorites

  • Favorites
    by blueskyjohn
  • The only Iyeyasu Statue in Tokyo
    The only Iyeyasu Statue in Tokyo
    by taigaa001
  • Three basic rules in Meiji Shrine
    Three basic rules in Meiji Shrine
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Asia Favorites

  • Currency Exchange

    Bangkok Favorites

    Beyond doubt.....The best currency deals can be found at 'Siam Exchange' - It is conveniently located by the BTS National Stadium station. (Opposite MBK) They have a live web site that is up dated a couple of times a day...So you can see what the rate is before you visit. Google - They also have a map on the site to...

  • Singapore Dollar - Currency Exchange

    Singapore Favorites

    The Singapore dollar is roughly 80US cents. If you're British it's an easy calculation 1 pound is two Singapore dollars. Singapore is not a cheap destination certainly compared to the rest of South East Asia so budget accordingly before you arrive.

  • Petronas Twin Towers

    Kuala Lumpur Favorites

    Hi Kuala Lumpur City Centre is condsidered as the main downtown of Kuala Lumpur today. Kuala Lumpur city centre consists of Petronas Twin Towers, Maxis Towers, Suria KLCC Shopping Centre, The Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Traders Hotel, Recreational park and a mosque.So within the KLCC vicinity there are two...

  • Foods and Products

    Tokyo Favorites

    1. I would like to drink something new, but many of Japan drink written in japanese only ,I don't know much of the ingredients detail.To solve the problem ..I just tried everything.This one looks nice,it's not really japan drink but it's Schweppes' ,but I saw this taste only in Japan so far.It's blood orange taste and with bubble.One good thing in...

  • Other Stuff

    Seoul Favorites

    For those traveling in Seoul with backpack or suitcase, there is a solution for it. If you want to explore the city without carrying your backpack, or dragging suitcases, simply go down to one of any metro station nearby and look for lockers. The lockers are in all size and in different price, of course how bigger the locker how more you pay for...

  • Useful tips

    Ho Chi Minh City Favorites

    Dont go during TET, many places are closed and everyone goes home to their home town to be with family. Its a great happy time if you are vietnamese and are back home with your family but for tourist, not so much. Services are more expensive during that time Oct - Nov will usually have rain everyday or evening District 6 will experience flooding...

  • Forbidden City

    Beijing Favorites

    There are two essentials to see - the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven Park. At the Forbidden City keep to the edges. The main central buildings are crowded and it is difficult to get through the croiwdsto see inside (in general one can't enter the buildings). It can also be hot and shadeless. In contrast keep to the edges in the shade,...


    Mumbai Favorites

    Strange things have been reported to happen within The Taj Mahal Hotel. Taj hotel is said to be haunted by its creator/architect W. A. Chambers. Taj Mahal Hotel was among the four locations targeted in 2008 26/11 Mumbai Terror attacks. CNN report for more info. about that fateful day:...


    Goa Favorites

    A large, rusty and abandoned russian ship is anchored at the beach of Candolim. The rope has a foothold right on the beach. I don't know how long time this ship have been anchored here, but it doesn't look nice. GPS coodinates: 15° 30' 44.3500" N 73° 45' 49.5200" E

  • People/Local Culture

    Manila Favorites

    When travelling to the Philippines you need to understand that a large percentage of the population live in extreme poverty and for every person that has a job they get paid very little compared to developed countries and they are usually supporting other family members.There are many worth while charities you can support or remembering to tip for...

  • Visiting Lahore

    Lahore Favorites

    3 in one city. There is a rich history in Central Lahore, There is a 'British built Lahore' around Mall road with splendid architecture of the 19th century and a modern day Lahore with all the advanced infrastructure and facilities of life. Plus a beautiful canal passing through the city and River Ravi flowing along the eastern part of Lahore. The...

  • Where to find cheap tasty food ?

    Penang Favorites

    am a food lover and really love local penang delight like asam laksa, nasi lemak, kuih talam and of course desserts such as burbur cha cha and many many more. ... and recently i have tried the food in yummy tummy delight located at gelugor. They serve homemade food and i believe they are healthy and without MSG. I am a health profession student and...

  • Arround the City

    Hanoi Favorites

    Last month, me and my friend headed in Hanoi to attend a wedding of my friend. She married a vietnamese man so we went to hanoi to joined with her. But Hanoi is so beutiful so we decided to stay more few days to discovery Hanoi. And this are some highlights of the trip or spleeping: Essence hotel The essence hotel is conveniently located in the...

  • Island beaches

    Phuket Favorites

    Phuket is one big party and resort island and since the main attraction here is the beaches in and around phuket and the islands of the Andaman Sea and Phang Nga Bay, there are many water and beach related activities that you can to like para sailing, snorkelling, jet ski rentals, banana boat rentals, Long Tail Boat Rentals, having a henna tattoo,...

  • Cherry Blossoms

    Kyoto Favorites

    Cherry blossom viewing has been an important part of Japanese culture for hundreds of years, so naturally, many visitors to Japan want to experience this part of Japan and Kyoto is arguably the most popular place for foreigners to go! When the blossoms bloom always depends on the weather, but generally they begin to bloom around late March/early...

  • Money Exchangers

    Karachi Favorites

    The Pakistani currency is Rupee. It is advisable to get local currency before you buy stuff in the city's store especially if you are buying small items that you need to pay cash. Stop by and exchanged some dollars to rupees in banks. A number of licensed Currency Exchange Companies that operate their offices located in various part of the cities...

  • Excursions

    Chiang Mai Favorites

    STOP 2 on DOI INTHANON NATIONAL PARK TOUR The Siriphum Waterfall is tall, pretty waterfall. The waterfalls are actually twins, two parallel streams of water, named for His Majesty King Bhumibol and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The name of these falls comes from a combination of Queen Sirikit and King Bhumibol, so you might sometimes see this...

  • Red fort

    Delhi Favorites

    After the `First war of independence' in 1857, or as the British called it: `the sepoy mutiny', where there were several armed uprisings against the occupation of India by the British thru the `East India Company', much of the Red fort was occupied and destroyed by the British army. Many of the structures within were razed and Barracks were built...

  • Bottled Water

    Islamabad Favorites

    Simly and Rawal dams are the main drinking water source in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Water is often polluted thus not safe to drink. You should either boil this water before use or otherwise use bottled mineral water. Nestle is the best brand for mineral water. Check for expiry date and plastic seal on cover before buying. There are...

  • Obtaining Money & Currency Exchange

    Hat Yai Favorites

    It is always very important you are healthy and wealthy during a visit to some other places. Carry cash, credit cards and now debit cards together with you. I think traveller cheque is a little bit out dated compare to 10 years ago. Some banker would need your activation acknowledment prior your departure, so you have to arrange for it before your...

  • Cambodian People

    Phnom Penh Favorites

    Cambodian people and culture are great. There is a big push for people to learn English, and for Cambodians knowing English is the difference between a crappy job and a good one. So they will love speaking English to you and chatting. A lot of Cambodian adults spend their days at work and nights in school being taught English, for which they pay a...

  • Beaches

    Ko Samui Favorites

    Chaweng is a busy and fun beach if you are interested in meeting people. Choeng Mon is a quieter beach that is relaxing and not far from the night-life. So many to choose from, one of the real highlights was the ready and sincere smile of the local people.

  • Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

    Jakarta Favorites

    During sunny day under the bright and hot sun, wearing a hat and apply sunblock cream is needed. While we are happy posting for a good picture, strong wind might blow at that time. The hat is on the little girl, suddenly, it was on the water, we can not get it back. We always need to pay attention, as we travellers, we go to new places, do new...

  • Umeda Skybuilding

    Osaka Favorites

    After a walk up at the observatory, we came down and found this little resting place just beside the building. The little "park" was bloom with some flowers and thought they were nice & pretty so took some photos of it. After seeing lots of cherry blossoms of white & pink flowers, this mix of yellow & purple flowers were definately a welcome treat...

  • Lujiazui / Pudong

    Shanghai Favorites

    the view of the ultramodern district of shanghai! Shanghai is home to more than 4,000 buildings, but it is the Huangpu's east-bank development, Pudong, that is the star of the Show in Shanghai. In 1990, this area was still marshy farmland but now in 2009 or 19 years later, Pudong has become a New Open Economic Development Zone, and has emerged as...

  • The people and their food

    Hyderabad Favorites

    When I first came to Hyderabad I was very said seeing that so many people doesn't even have decent place to sleep and I was surprised how poor they are. The only thing they have is today and they live it like it will be their last day on earth. They are friendly and have always smile to give and I admire them for that.

  • Shamian Island

    Guangzhou Favorites

    I visited Sha mian island. It is a nice place. It will be much nicer in one year I think because they are rebuilding everything. All the houses, and the gardens, the streets, everywhere it is "construction". It is funny to see all the young couples to still come there to take photos of their future wedding. They are walking in the dust, mud... You...

  • Terracotta Army

    Xi'an Favorites

    One of the farmers who discovered the Terracotta Warriors and Horses back in the 1970's is present at the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor on a regular basis to provide autographs. You can buy a colorful souvenir book and have it autographed by him. Something worth buying and taking home while you are there!

  • Shrines & Temples

    Nagoya Favorites

    The shops at Ossu-Kannon have some really great deals and some really unique stores. I found a complete kimono set for only about 10,000 yen (about $75 US). Just get off at the Kamemaezu or Ossu-Kannon stops on the tsurumai line. Hidaka matsuri (the naked festival) is the most insane celebration I have ever seen. It is a practice almost 1000 years...

  • Khyber Pass

    Peshawar Favorites

    While travelling Khyber Pass, you are moving through more then 30 tunnels and crossing 90's bridges. All this done by great builder's British during colonial day supported by great effort by local workers. According to the Notice there, all construction completed in 1920's. The railway work is great, a lot of effort in materials and geneious work...

  • Temple Entry Pass

    Angkor Wat Favorites

    We visited Angkor Wat , Banteay Srei and Roluos Complex in Siem Reap, on 25 Dec 2013 until 1 Jan 2014.We booked a tour from Happy Angkor Tour and as soon we reached Siem Reap , we were brought to the Official ticket sales booths located at a checkpoint between the Siem Reap airport to the Angkor Complex. Told that there are other sales booths...

  • Markets

    Chengdu Favorites

    Here I want to show readers how they sell electric bicycles, its just a simple shop like selling bicycles, the price is cheap, take a closer look. You can simply throw away your petroleum or gasoline powered bikes, simple and nice, why still insist? Obviously, the reason is some greedy peoples had no other ways to survive without oils. I am...

  • Yokohama Park

    Yokohama Favorites

    When you're around Yokohama in the first week of the Spring, try to see the lovely tulips along the National Stadium in Kanai Station, they have such adorable different kinds of colors of tulips which I had a nice time taking pix in it! I used to walk through the Park along the Stadium near the Kanai Station, bringing my headphone and walking...

  • Fairy Meadows.

    Hunza Favorites

    Fairy Meadows lie below the Killer Mountain, Nanga Parbat, which is the largest mountain in the world and the last bastion of the Great Himalayas in the West. Below it lie the calm and serene Fairy Meadows, one of the most beautiful places in this world and a definite must-see on everybody's list. The Fairy Meadows are the base-camp of Nanga Parbat...

  • Give Money for Pictures

    Chitral Favorites

    Was considering of adding this in the Warning & Dangers but it was more of a cultural option for visitors so i thought not. The locals have discovered how lucrative posing for photographs can get... When you take pictures of the Kalashas, they'd generally expect a small price (between PRP5-10) per shot, which isn't that bad. If you consider it a...

  • Feed Monkeys

    Nathia Gali Favorites

    Due to thick forest there are many monkeys in the area. You would find groups of monekys every where on trees doing some times really funny acts. Watching them would be fun and if you offer them some thing to eat then they would quickly come towards you and take what you offered. Monkeys some time do really funny acts. You would enjoy watching them...

  • Himeji Castle

    Himeji Favorites

    Some sights are impossible to see well without paying an entry fee. Himeji Castle is not one of these. You can wander its grounds, photograph it and even venture onto some of its walls free of charge.

  • Tourist Information Desks

    Shinjuku Favorites

    You can find the information about lesser-known areas of Japan by visiting Japanese Prefectural Tourism Promotion Center at the first floor of Tokyo Metropotalian Government Building #1. Tourist bureaus from all over Japan provide a leaflet of brochure introducing each areas usually divided by Prefectures.Then where to find Takayama info? Try Gifu...

  • Northern Areas

    Pakistan Favorites

    Bonjour from Peshawar, Isb-Chitral, Idea bura nahin hai. There is a coaster service leaves at 9:30 PM daily for Chitral from Pirwadhai bus terminal, arrives in the morning in Chitral, over Lowari pass, road is fine. Chitral, Stay at Hotel Terichmir view (Mumtaz Hussain, manager) you could use my reference. It is a mid-range one. For budgeted...

  • Shopping

    Hong Kong Favorites

    In 2011, my family and I went to Hong Kong for a quick 4 day stay. I brought with me our eyeglasses prescription (me and my son). A friend, who lives in HK and works at an eye clinic, recommended I see her friend Mr. Paul at Idol Vision. We went there Monday morning, picked out our glasses and picked them up on Thursday evening. The glasses were...

  • Kathmandu

    Nepal Favorites

    I just read a review that nepali people are cheap and that they are cheaters. I am nepali and I have gone on many treks such as ghandruk, jomsom, khumbu etc. Those regions as well as my hometown Kathmandu are filled with different kinds of people just like any other place in the world. Maybe that person had a bad experience with a certain person...

  • Weather

    Bangkok Favorites

    Bangkok can be hot and humid throughout the year, with temperatures often reaching 35°C (95°F). The best time to visit is between November and February as April is generally the hottest month and October the wettest. The Thais often say: We have only two seasons, hot and hotter. This is true as far as it's never cold in Thailand. Officially...

  • Drinking water

    Singapore Favorites

    I can't say I know the exact build up of whats in the water supply but as someone above has jst said singapore needs to import most of its water where is the demestic water supply coming from...unlike paris for instance which has underground springs and some of the best i've ever tasted without the fluoride it is not the case with singapore...sure...

  • Street Vendors

    Kuala Lumpur Favorites

    Every day while driving out in the morning we'd pass this guy on the street making Roti. At first I thought he was making tortillas. Then told that it was roti. It looks and tastes similar to tortillas but the size was much bigger. Also, my friends seem to use the word roti, for most types of bread. If you pass by this type of shop, stop and watch...

  • Shrines and Temples

    Tokyo Favorites

    The lucky charms in Japan can usually only be obtained at the shrines. They are usually categorized by the area of your wish such as “prosperous business”, “successful study”, “well-being of family”, "ward of evil" “fulfillment of love or wish for finding a partner”, etc. The small shrine in Ueno park charges 700 yen per charm whereas the bigger...


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