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  • Sunset @ Cheung Chau (HONG KONG)
    Sunset @ Cheung Chau (HONG KONG)
    by vigi
  • my favourite fresh seafood @ Cheung Chau
    my favourite fresh seafood @ Cheung Chau
    by vigi
  • Me and Imelda at the Chi Ma view point
    Me and Imelda at the Chi Ma view point
    by Alain_Smeets

Cheung Chau Things to Do

  • Chi Ma look out

    Travelling via the Tung Wan Beach, passing the ancient carved rock and passing the helicopter-landing path, we lead our bikes up a steep hill towards a small temple.From here we went on foot towards the Chi Ma viewing point and the "Human Head Rock". From here you have great views over the Tung Wan Beach and the island.There is a small pavilion...

  • The small city streets

    Cheung Chau city streets are narrow and bring you into the backyards of the peoples houses. When you are on a bike or walking just take the time to explore these fascination small streets and look around to the city life and the houses.I didn't take a photo when I was riding my bike here, and now I think I should have done that.

  • The Cheung Po Tsai or Pirates cave

    There is a cave in the far western part of the island. This "cave" is named after the 19th-century pirate Cheung Po-Tsai, his fleet raided a lot of ships in the area.It's signed properly, first go uphill to reach the other end of the landmark and then try to find the cave. You can see it in the distance and can reach it on your own risk. But if you...

  • The Pak Tai Temple

    The Pak Tai Temple (is dedicated to the Taoist "Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven" or as you can say the lord of the underworld.) The villagers pray to him for protection to the evil spirits.This temple was built in 1783 and is known as the oldest temple on this island. The temple was repainted in 1989.The Pak Tai temple is also known as the...

  • Cheung Po Tsai Cave

    The Cheung Po Tsai Cave is the hiding place of a famous pirate in the 19th century, and this is also the place where the robbed treasures were kept. You can go on foot along the Coastline and be there in 45 mins. Or tae a boat ride for HK$20. Try your luck!

  • Pak Tai Temple

    Pak tai Temple was built in 1783 and is the oldest temple on the island. Pak Tai Temple is the religious centre of Cheung Chau and there are still some historical relics in the temple. The famous "Bun Festival" is held in front of the temple every year in May.


Cheung Chau Restaurants

  • Famous Fish Ball Noddle

    This is the most famous Fish Ball Noodle place in Cheung Chau, called "Cheung Kee". Always long queue outside the shops waiting for a seat. Besides fish ball, they also serve delicious Wan-Ton (Catonese Dumplings) and Squid Balls.

  • Street Vendors

    Street vendors are my all time favourite. Cheung Chau vendors carry all kinds of street food, from fish balls, din sum, BBQ, deserts, cake, buns.... etc. HK$5 each, eat till you drop!

  • Grass Jelly

    Walking in Cheung Chau in summer time is very hot & humid. A glass of ICED GRASS JELLY (pronounced as LEUNG FAN) desert if a very good choice to cool down your body heat! It cost only HK$6 a glass/bowl.


Cheung Chau Transportation

  • Take the first Ferry towards Cheung Chau

    You can take the first ferry to Cheung Chau from pier 5 in the Hong Kong Island ferry terminal. There is a fast ferry that brings you to Cheung Chau in 45 minutes or a normal ferry who is a bit slower.You will have some nice views on Hong Kong Island and you will also see the 3 chimneys that characterize Lamma Island in the distance.On the...

  • renting a bike

    On Cheung Chau you will not see one car riding over the roads, there is some motorised transport, but no cars. An ideal way to go around the island is renting a bike. Once you leave the ferry terminal, you have plenty of opportunity to rent a bike to explore the island, you will find many stores where you can rent a bike.Be aware, this island is...

  • FERRY to Cheung Chau

    Only 12km (7 1/2 miles) from Hong Kong Island, it's a 45 mins ferry ride from outlying-ferry pier in Central. First Ferry operate daily ferry services from Central to Cheung Chau, departure every 30-60 mins, check out their site for update fare and ferry timetable.


Cheung Chau Shopping

  • Salted Fish

    Salted fish is prepared by treating fish with dry salt or an aqueous salt solution and is often subsequently dried in the sun. The rich production of fish gives rise to an unique industry of Cheung Chau, which is the production of salted marine seafood like salted fish, salted shrimps, salted squids, shrimp cakes and shrimp paste. These products...

  • Souvenir

    There lotsa souvenir shops along the main street. Some popular souvenirs including seashell and coloured sands. You can choose and design your own bottle of sands.

  • Cheung Chau Hotels

    0 Hotels in Cheung Chau

Cheung Chau Local Customs

  • vigi's Profile Photo

    Lion Dance

    by vigi Updated May 11, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There're many Lion Dance & Martial Art groups in this small island. The lion is animated by two performers and the whole spectacle is accompanied by heavy drum music, which matches the tempo of the lion's movements. This boy (maybe I can call him baby as he's only 2 years old) was performing to the public outside a martial group office. He is the youngest Lion Dance Drummer I've ever see, he hit a good rhythm. Pre-natal education?

    Youngest Lion Dance Drummer I ever see.

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Cheung Chau Sports & Outdoors

  • vigi's Profile Photo

    Rent a Bike

    by vigi Updated May 11, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There's no car in the island. Although you can walk around the whole island in an hour, it's also a good idea for renting a bike for leirure ride. It only cost HK$10 per hour.

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Cheung Chau Favorites

  • Cheung Chau Bun Festival

    Fresh air, friendly people, nice 1 hour trip to there by ship, spawn paste Cheung Chau Bun Festival is wonderful!:

  • Toy Ambulance

    Have you ever see such a mini ambulance? It's just a little higher than a person, I guess the ambulance height is about 6'5". It looks like a toy more than a car! You probably cannot see such mini ambulance in other place in the world, except in Cheung Chau. If you can find the same, please let me know!

  • Fishing Community

    Although the island is more to a tourist spot nowadays, fishing remains the island's main industry. You will not be disappointed to see lotsa Chinese junks and sampans crowding the island's small-curving harbor.


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