Lamma Island Travel Guide

  • Tin Hau Temple
    Tin Hau Temple
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    SKW pavilion
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Lamma Island Highlights

  • Pro
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    outforlunch says…

     Nice place to visit when you want to get away from the big town life of HKG. 

  • Con
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    sswagner says…

     There would not be much to do if the weather was bad 

  • In a nutshell
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    SWFC_Fan says…

     Escape Hong Kong city life and come for a hike or a swim! 

Lamma Island Things to Do

  • Cheung Chau Island

    If you enjoyed Lamma Island you may also be interested in checking out Cheung Chau, a small island with a traditional fishing village turned into a popular daytrip holiday destination. Compared to Lamma, Cheung Chau has a more local atmosphere and a stronger Chinese identity, with the western-style coffee shops and wine bars found in Lamma replaced...

  • Lamma Fun Day

    Lamma Fun Day is a family-oriented festival that is held each fall. It is a great way to spend a day away from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong.Activities include face painting, games for children, a volleyball tournament, live music and a market area where locals sell handmade crafts and secondhand goods. There are also food and drink vendors in...

  • Tin Hau temple at Sok Kwu Wan village

    You will see Tin Hau tepmle near pier in Sok Kwu Wan village, right after the restaurants (or before if you come from opposite direction). Its history dates back to 1826 when it was built and laters, in 2004 has been restored after fire. It is small building and it keeps rather modest facade with distingushed Chinese architecture and details.Temple...

  • relax at the beach... with interesting...

    It looks idyllic here (at Hung Shing Yeh beach) - as long as your view is oriented toward Mount Tei Tong. And it does invite you to sit on the rock or lay on the sand... even if it's not too hot like it was those days in end of February. Then it was not too cool to get shoes off and soak feet in water. But then you have this huge power plant on...

  • Sok Kwu Wan village at Lamma island

    You enter or depart Lamma from this village in secluded bay, surrounded by rather steep slopes covered by forest. Its name in English means 'Picnic bay' and it is on the eastern side of the island. You can have very good view from the 'sightseeing' trail towards the village from the hill opposite to Sok Kwu Wan.Here there are plenty of excellent...

  • Life of a local lobster

    Plenty of excellent fresh seafood here to find near both ferry stations on Lamma island - of course if you like that food, this will be heaven to you. Must try!But other than that... fauna in aquaruim looks quite wild and colorful. Lobsters grow large here and there are plenty of different shells in variety of size and shape. There are both local...

  • eat and go hiking from yung shue wan to...

    From Yung Shue Wan Pier, we ate breakfast at sampan seafood restaurant and it was really good food. After breakfast me and my family went to Sok Kwu Wan Pier by walking/hiking (1 1/2 hrs walk), it was our first experience for my family and you will never get bored because of the better views of the island and good trails, you will never get lost....

  • Lamma Winds

    I was quite surprised to have seen this windmill, the only one in Hong Kong I think. It reminds me of my VT Ilocos trip back in the Philippines. The view of Lamma winds from the Pavilion is great, including the sorrounding seas and the neigboring islands.

  • Walk Lamma Island

    From Central Pier 4, we took the ferry to Yung Shue Wan, 11Am schedule. I suggest you start early for this trip....--->upon arrival, we had luch in a good inexpensive chinese restaurant (name written in chinese, sorry) in YSW...--->continue walking by following trail, passing by Tai Yuen Village then turn left to reach Lamma Winds - the only...

  • Revisiting History on Lamma Island

    What : Kamikaze Caves, Lamma IslandNo guidebook writer would ever recommend that you visit the kamikaze caves on Lamma Island. Afterall, they are dark, dank and a little spooky. But these caves houses an enormity of sad secrets and history that even the locals have forgotten. A quick check on the various websites showed superficial descriptions on...

  • O Tsai Fishing Village near YSW Ferry...

    When you get off the ferry at Yung Shue Wan look to the left and you'll see O Tsai Fishing Village. Turn left towards the library and follow the signs to the Pavilion. You walk past the library and go up some steps and actually walk through a narrow passage way which cuts right through the fishing village. The locals don't seem to mind too much and...

  • Weekday trip to Lamma Island

    If you would like to see a different Hong Kong, Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island is well worth visiting for the day but not at the weekends - the island seems to be overrun by locals who come over for a day's "hiking"! There are many restaurants as you walk along the Main Street - just a few minutes walk from the Ferry Pier. If you're coming over in...


Lamma Island Restaurants

  • Don't Miss the Pizza

    This restaurant is owned by a friendly Turkish national. We met him on our way to the island aboard the ferry. He invited and informed us that the restaurant is cheaper than seafoods restos, and he was right. I love pizza! I tried the Four Seasons Pizza, great! For my drinks, I ordered the Turkish fruit tea.

  • The Best Thing to Eat on Lamma Island

    If you're a foodie, you would know that the best thing to eat on this island would be a roasted feral bird and not the seafood. Many locals would recommend you the famous Han Lok Yuen ‘Pigeon’ Restaurant which can be a real pain in the butt to find. Here's the reasons why:First, you need to hike into the mosquito-infested trail to find the eatery....

  • The Most Delicious Beancurd in HK

    Other than the pigeon, the other dish is worth a mention here is the famous beancurd (Dou-fa in Cantonese, say Tow-Far) made by an old woman known respectfully as Ah-Por. Ah-Por's beancurd stall is about 10 min away from Yung Shue Wan pier and it's so popular that it's marked by a queue that snakes along the path near the shade of banana trees....

  • How to Eat Prawns in Hong Kong

    What:Freshly steamed prawns with silvers of ginger.Where:In a typical seafood restaurant in Lamma Island.Over here on Lamma Island, they serve freshly steamed prawns, with feathery whiskers, shells and all. To eat the juicy little suckers the true Chinese way, yank the head off and proceed to suck in the succulent brain juices before de-shelling...

  • The Most Delicious Noodle on the Island

    What: Scallop Steamed with Garlic and Vermicelli ( thin rice noodles)Where: Seafood Restaurant, Lamma IslandOK, I know that I mentioned that seafood is only passable on Lamma Island but there is one dish with seafood, alas, over here that is worth trying - fresh scallop steamed with garlic and vermicelli and chives. Ironicaly, the noodle is more...

  • Good seafood restaurant in Sok Ku Wan

    The restaurant is one of many on the quayside but it's worth stopping at this particular one for the friendly service and the good food.They don't charge the usual 10% service charge (but the service was so good we added it anyway...)One nice touch is that there are cards with the ferry times on all the tables so you can see when the next ferry is...


Lamma Island Transportation

  • Ferries from Hong Kong Island

    Ferries to Lamma Island leave from pier number 4 in Central on Hong Kong Island frequently throughout the day from early morning to late in the evening.Ferries from Central go to two ports on Lamma Island: the main village of Yung Shue Wan in the north-west of the island and the second biggest village of Sok Kwu Wan in the east of the island....

  • Getting to the island

    At the main ferry terminal in Hong Kong are 7 piers. Pier 6 had ferries departing to Lamma Island. You can use your Octopus card for this trip if you do not feel like paying cash. The ride did not take that long (well under an hour). You can take the ferry to Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. Either of these two towns have restaurants if you feel like...

  • Lamma Island Hotels

    0 Hotels in Lamma Island

Lamma Island Shopping

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    typical shop

    by WesHK Written May 23, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lamma is a peaceful island without roads or tall buildings. The laid back atmosphere has attracted lots of "hippy" expatriates seeking a more peaceful existence. Some of these residents have opened craft stores. Most of them are concentrated in the village of Yung Shue Wan, although there are also a handful of shops elsewhere on the island.

    These shops are a good place to buy handmade goods such as soaps, clothing, jewelry, art and home decor. Many of the shops feature crafts from other regions in Asia, including India and Thailand. Walk around the streets of Yung Shue Wan and you will find several great shops to browse.

    What to buy: Clothing, jewelry, art, handicrafts, soaps, home decor.

    What to pay: Most items are relatively inexpensive. US$10-US$20 for a handmade cap, lots of small artsy items for under US$20.

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Lamma Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Heads up for food poisoning

    I've just come back from Lamma island (18/09/2011) and I have had some symptoms of food poisoning. Although it's too early to be sure which kind of food poisoning I have, I suspect it happened in Tai Yuen Seafood Restaurant, where I had only a small crab, the only sea food I had in many days. The restaurant was full of locals and the fish was...

  • power plant

    It is alomst all perfect in Lamma, except those soaring views of huge power plant near Yung Shue Wan from many angles. Therefore I'd say you preferably start your island trail in Yung Shue Wan into Sok Kwu Wan direction rather than vice versa - because if you walk this direction you'll have the view of plant mostly behind your back once you have...

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Lamma Island Tourist Traps

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    by simonneho Written Sep 25, 2005

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    When visiting the Giant BUddha, you will need to purchase the admission ticket. They will ask whether you want a vegetarian meal , if yes, you need to top up your ticket .

    So we did top up and hoping for a ice vegetarian meal. After all it was in a temple, the veg there should be nice. But to my surprice it was very very aweful. Just like a normal" mixed rice" vegetables.Very dissapointed.

    Even without top up. You will still get free "tau foo fa" and other deeseert eg : green tea pudding, red bean pudding, cord pudding. They are all very tasty.

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Lamma Island Off The Beaten Path

  • visit organic herbs garden at Lamma...

    There's organic garden called Herboland near Hung Shing Ye Beach which displays variety of local and otherwise herbs, vegetables, fruits and a few rabbits. All nicely organized and pleasant with decorative bottles with names of the plants by each bed so that you can learn on the varieties. Owners are friendly and will invite you for cup of organic...

  • Catching the Sunset

    A yellow setting sun spilled a neat golden streak on the calm waters of the South China sea... It was a moment that made my all-day hike well worth the effort...

  • Lo So Shing Village

    This is just to show you a typical village at Lamma, a quiet Lo So Shing looks like a good place for the oldies....


Lamma Island Favorites

  • map

    You don't really need a map because there's only limited number of roads and streets - and if you'll walk the trail between Yung Shue Wan ans Sok Kwu Wan there will be signs.You will come accross this large map at the piers when you come to Lamma. It's enough information for your short visit there, and... as you walk further you'll see along the...

  • Seafood restaurants

    Many people take the ferry to this island in order to sample one of the seafood restaurants. I ate at Sok Kwu Wan before taking the ferry back to Hong Kong. There was an entire row of restaurants available. The seafood is typically swimming alive in a row of tanks on display for you to see. You can choose which sea creature (s) you would like to...

  • Swimming and sunbathing

    When you take the ferry to this island, don't forget to bring your bathing suit. There are some nice beaches on the island. Hung Shing Ye beach can be found not far from Yung Shue Wan. It is an easy walk to this sandy beach. There are some facilities such as changing rooms and drinks/snacks available here. Most important, a shark net protects the...


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