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  • Ladies Market
    by Gypsystravels
  • Ladies Market
    by Gypsystravels
  • Ladies Market
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  • Nemoa's Profile Photo

    Night markets: Fakes as good as genuines.. (Well, almost)

    by Nemoa Written Feb 6, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When walking in the Mong Kok markets you will see lots of stalls selling fake Gucci, Burberry's, LV, etc.

    Not all of them are good but some of them are absolutely very well faked and it is worth to give it a try.

    You can bargain as much as you want and you are bound to walk out with a LV for 10 GBP :-)

    My experience is specially good, and I have got very good memories of these little markets. My husband encouraged me to have a look at the LV's in one of the stalls (God bless him !!) and the owner showed me the LV catalogue and asked me what model exactly I wanted. As I could not decide myself the guy started to walk and asked us to follow him. We did, and he took us to a very dark alley with ended in another one even darker and smaller :-{ scary, eh....

    Well, he took us to a flat and (now, have a look at my pic) what would you say of a flat without walls or doors, only shelves stacked up with all the LV, Gucci's, Burberry's in the word. You name it !! every brand and model.

    YOu could choose whatever you fancied and later you had to bargain with the guy for the price you wanted to pay.

    Lots of fun!! I got a Burberry's for a friend for the very reasonable price of 12 GBP and back in the UK no one could spot that it was a fake. NO ONE.
    Well, my friend knew because I told her but the rest of her friends never knew the truth.

    Only a word of advice.
    The trade of fakes is illegal and it breaks the laws of the copyright. Get yourself a pair of items for personal use or pressies but don't get carried away unless you want the guys at customs to confiscate all your consignment :-)

    Good luck

    What to buy: Designer fakes. All brands and models.
    Come on... treat yourself....

    What to pay: You can bargain as much as you want. Really. some 10 or 15 pounds will get you a Burberry's or a small LV.
    The big ones will be a bit more. Like 20 GBP or so. Still a good price.

    This is what Heaven must look like !!
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  • Nemoa's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: Not only for ladies, despite its name!

    by Nemoa Written Jan 5, 2005

    You cannot miss the Ladies' market. You just will see it !
    It is a long street lined with all sort of stalls selling all you can imagine, clothes, shoes, souvenirs, bric-a-brac, even fruit four hungry shoppers !

    All things looked a bit tacky for me, clothes and so on, except children's which I found very charming. But the atmosphere is quite Chinese. All people bumping into each other, and pushing and elbow-battling and... Uff, absolutely tiring... I was looking forward to get out of here, really.

    Come to see it but pass it quite quickly before someone runs you over!

    What to buy: Here, you can shop ladies' clothes (tacky)
    Gents clothes (tacky too)
    Babies/ children : you know, they look good in anything. I liked the chinese motif little clothes and the Hello Kitty pijamas and little T-shirts. V. cheap.
    Little knick-knacks. V.v. cheap.

    What to pay: Little. Everything is very reasonably priced.

    Shop till you drop (or someone knocks you down!!) Shop till you drop (or someone knocks you down!!) Shop till you drop (or someone knocks you down!!)
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  • jlee008's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: Almost Anything You Can Imagine

    by jlee008 Written Nov 7, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Although the street is called "Ladies Market," there is so much to buy here that isn't just for the ladies. There is a huge assortment of everything you can imagine.

    The ladies clothing and accessories are definately abundant. You can find all kinds of things like shoes, cardigan sets, cashmere scarves, pashmina scarves, hair accessories, designer knock-off handbags, designer knock-off watches, etc. There is so much that you can buy.

    In addition to the ladies' items, there is a wide variety of men's clothing, other shoes, stationary, Sanrio items, children's toys, souveniers, etc. You name it and you might just find it here.

    There is, however, repetition of the goods take your time and evaluate carefully. You can bargain with the vendors and get them to lower the price. This is especially true if you are looking to buy in large quantities. They definately will bargain with you then!!

    What to buy: I love to buy the sparkling hair accessories. Even if you have short hair, there are some really cute ones for you. They are a bargain considering you can pay up to 7-10 times more than the price in Hong Kong here in the United States. Also, the scarves are nice. Beware that some are not cashmere or pashmina and are being passed off as such. I would generally stay away from the ones that have the label glued on as opposed to being sewn on, that is a good sign that its not authentic. However, they do have some nice ones made of rayon if you aren't picky about the fabric.

    What to pay: HK$9 - HK$15 for hair accessories
    HK$40 for rayon scarves
    HK$100 for cashmere or pashmina...but caveat emptor

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  • alegriasu's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: How to Buy a Perfect Knock-Off

    by alegriasu Written Nov 2, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want to buy a knock-off purse that looks 99% like the original, Ladies Market is the right place to be. However, the trick is that these bags cannot be sold by the vendors on the street. The ones that you see on the stands are the ones that say "Cucci" or "Prado" and they are obvious knock-offs. Since they can't have these in the stores, you have to look through a catalog on table and tell them what you want. If you are lucky, they will invite you "upstairs" and you will be in a huge apartment with walls of luxury purses, wallets, and belts. It might feel a little shady going upstairs with a stranger, so make sure you bring friends with you. What you can also do is request they bring things down, but that takes awhile and you don't get to see the entire selection of goods. (and it's definitely worth it to see everything together)

    What to buy: What you need to buy are 99% authentic handbags that comes with the bag protector and are lined and zipped just like the original. The prada bag that I bought had actual Prada lining and the word Prada on fine details. I bought my friend a LV mini handbag in the classic print and we took the bag into an LV store later on... I couldn't tell the difference!

    What to pay: Bargaining and paying with US dollars is the key. I bought about 8 items for $100 US Cash and that includes purses from Gucci, Burberry, and LV.

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  • coolpanda87's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: Tourist Designated Market @ Kowloon

    by coolpanda87 Updated Feb 24, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mongkok is the busiest neighbourhood in Hong Kong, where there is street life 24 -7. At the heart of Mongkok is the popular Ladies' Market.

    Ladies Market is where street vendors sell women's clothing and accessories, including handbags, sunglasses, and shoes, as well as some men's and children's clothing at low prices. Other novelties sold include electronic toys, flashlights, costumes, souvenirs, gizmos, lighters, Bruce Lee figurines, Winnie the Pooh alarm clocks, Hello Kitty towels, hair clips, wigs, leather goods, jewelry galore & almost anything you can think of........

    Ladies Market operates from about noon to 10:30pm daily, with the vendors sending up shop at around 10 to 11am.

    Although most products are geared to local tastes, you can easily spend a couple of hours here. You may even pick up some unbelievable bargains!

    Ladies Market streches over 6-8 blocks, & since there are alot of vendors, prepared to be squished. Besides the walkway in the middle, you could also walk along the two walkways on the side. Though you cannot shop from there, it is a good place to avoid crowds, or to zip through to another place.

    Click here for map of Mongkok Area.

    What to buy: Since it is set up for tourists, prices have gone up & is generally more expensive than other Hong Kong markets.

    What to pay: depends on your haggling power...

    Ladies Market
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  • DirtyRudy's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: They Don't Sell Ladies

    by DirtyRudy Updated Jan 5, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I first heard of this place, I thought it sounded pretty shady. But, Ladies Market is simply a market in Mong Kok, Kowloon, where they sell just about anything/everything... well almost.

    I hear in the early morning, they sell fruits and in the afternoon and evening, clothes and other miscellaneous items are sold.

    Try not to get their in the late morning, because I think that's when the transition from fruit to clothes market takes place.

    What to pay: From cheap to expensive... just remember to haggle.

    All the Ladies were sold out!!
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  • tangymp's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: Better Deals

    by tangymp Written Dec 12, 2003

    Ladies Market referred to a local shopping area along Tung Choi Street in Mongkok. Besides cheap clothing, fake handbags and watches, there are also numerous shopping selling computer sofeware, electronic products etc. The price over Ladies Market is much reasonable compared with Stanley Market.

    Take some time also to have a look on some weired "Hong Kong Version" products like LV / Gucci toilet roll box!

    What to pay: Bargain before you pay!

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  • backpackerbaby's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: Hunting for souvenirs?

    by backpackerbaby Written Nov 21, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Even if you don't have any intention to buy anything from Hong Kong, you'll end up with some bags of gifts/T-shirts etc after 'walking' along this famous street market.

    It's a good place for buying souvnirs, many choices.

    More importantly, the prices of goods are very reasonable~

    What to buy: 'Chinese' souvnirs, T-shirts (including that one with "I LOVE HONG KONG"), mobile phone accessories, faked brand-named handbags/watches/sports shoes, sexy underwear, toys... whatever~

    There are also some restaurants on both sides of the street market.

    What to pay: No matter how much your gifts cost, don't forget to BARGAIN! Although not all stall-keepers speak good English, they are nice and friendly to tourists. Most of the time you can get some discounts.

    $1000 dollar-note hanging out there!

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  • Angel_Dust's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: Check out the "deals"!

    by Angel_Dust Written Jul 10, 2003

    Oh my....this is shopper's heaven (if you're into the fake stuff ... like Gucci, LV, get my point!). There are also a lot of video games, cds....stuff that are pirated and not copy writed.... they don't have much of a copywrite law there.... you can find almost anything from little lights, toys, clothes, watches, luggage etc....ANYTHING! You have to check this place out! Shopping HK style!

    What to buy: Whatever your heart's desire (or close to it!)


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  • outdoor market: Ladies Market

    by rkt Written May 28, 2003

    serious shopping

    What to buy: Brand stores and type of clothing:
    G2000: casual to business attire for Men & Women - Dark color tendency for ladies, Lighter color for guys
    U2, Bossini: casual attire for Men & Women - bright/pastel colors (p.s. great place to get tank tops for women)
    Gordiano: very casual attire for Men & Women
    Bess, Apple: Trendy, expensive clothing for Women (expensive trendy for women)

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  • yatingchen's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: Ladies Market

    by yatingchen Written Jan 5, 2008

    Ladies market like temple street both sell cheap interesting stuffs.
    The products are almost the same. You may find treasure there.

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  • Linda_T's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: Shop till you drop

    by Linda_T Written Jun 11, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Don't be misled by the name, there is something for everyone at the Ladies Market. Stalls set up n the street from noon until late.

    What to buy: Clothes, gadgets, shoes, watches, jewellry,

    Ladies Market
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  • FOotFetish's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: More info on Ladies Market

    by FOotFetish Written Apr 8, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best time to go Ladies Market is when it rains! Coz there is less business for the owners and you would be probably getting a better price for the stuffs that u buy.

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  • vigi's Profile Photo

    Ladies Market: Fa Yuen Street Market

    by vigi Updated Mar 14, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Mongkok - The place where you will find all funky fashions, factory outlets and flea markets with bottom prices items.

    Fa Yuen Gai @ Mongkok (HONG KONG)

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