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  • Metroplaza Shopping Mall.
    Metroplaza Shopping Mall.
    by IreneMcKay
  • Ladies Market
    by Gypsystravels
  • Ladies Market
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Most Viewed Shopping in Hong Kong

  • HebaM's Profile Photo

    Hong Kong brands and product expo fair: Interesting fair

    by HebaM Updated Jan 23, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo is the largest outdoor expo in the city, it held every year from 13 December to 5 January at Victoria Park, Causeway Bay. It's a huge fair with over 880 outdoor booths selling local products, food and much more, it's very popular among the local in fact I was the only foreigner there that day!! It was extremely crowded and I found difficulty getting around, but at the end of the day I managed to buy a few stuff like hair products, skin care, stationary, coffee and a necklace.The admission fee is HK$10/person.

    What to buy: Hong Kong Brands Square; Food & Beverages Zone; Grocery & Noodles Zone; Ginseng, Dried Seafood & Soup Packs Zone; Beauty & Health care Zone; Fashion & Stylish Products Zone; Living & Household Zone; Food Plaza; Social Enterprises Zone; Promotion Zone and Trade Zone

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    Shopping malls: Shop till you drop

    by shavy Written Oct 31, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Shoppers in Hong Kong you are in the right place because the offer is huge and especially very diverse. An abundance of exclusive brand boutiques, malls, department stores.

    On the one hand you have plenty of modern shopping centers where you can go for luxury products, electronic appliances, clothing, shoes and jewelry.

    In many shopping centers you will find many trendy designer boutiques where you can discover the hottest items of the fashion world.

    The main shopping centers are housed in huge skyscrapers, many of which are near Causeway Bay. Are The biggest names are Galleria, Landmark, Alexandra House, Prince's Building, and Pacific Place.

    What to buy: The are so many things to buy, electronics are very cheap

    What to pay: It all depends on the budget

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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    7-11 stores: budget food and things

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 29, 2014

    Hong Kong is a convenience store mecca of which you can find them on almost every street, specially in the high traffic areas of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories and the biggest chain of them all is the Iconic 7-11 brand of which they have more than 900 branches all around Hong Kong! everyone knows a 7-11 convenience store so do I need a thorough introduction?

    most branches are open 24/7

    What to buy: what else but typical convenience store items like food stuffs, bottled water and juices and iced teas, magazines, post cards, refreshments, personal care products, umbrellas, octopus card reloads, local 7-11 food stufs like slurpee ice slush and assorted fast food microwaveable items, soap, razor blades and a lot more.

    What to pay: not a dent on your wallet

    numerous me buying water coffee
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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    T & K Convenience Stores: One of the Local Convenience Stores

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 29, 2014

    T & K is another of the numerous convenience stores around Hong Kong and it is a local Convenience Store Chain as Convenience stores are really popular aroung Hong Kong where locals and tourists who don''t have time to buy needed items like soap, toileteries and foodstuffs at the large supermarkets, flock to the various convenience stores around the territory. They have a branch beside the Avenue of Stars Area in Kowloon and they sell various items, ranging from food stuffs, magazines, some books, bottled water, bottled teas and juices, snacks, toiletries, personal care items and more.

    Opens: 24/7

    What to buy: all the items you can find in a typical convenience store, you can find it here. They’re found on almost every street in the city and have all sorts of things for purchase inside.

    What to pay: not a dent on your wallet

    the store buy stuffs
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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Relay: a popular store in Chep Lap Kok Airport

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 29, 2014

    Relay is a chain of Airport Convenience stores cum Bookstore and a variety of Gift Items rolled into one that started in france and is now found in lots of airports around the world and they have become popular at Hong Kong, having 10 branches around various departure gates, arrival halls and around Chep Lap Kok International airport. With its wide selection of newspapers, magazines, books, confectionery, snacking foods and convenient service in airports and stations all over the world, RELAY will entice you to do some last minute shopping.

    most Relay Shops in the Airport are open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm everyday

    What to buy: typical convenience store items and a lot more like food stuffs, magazines, DVD's, souvenir Items, Post Cards, Books, Stationaries, Chocolates, Snacks, Bottled water and then some.

    What to pay: typical airport prices

    one of th many outlets me buying another relay store
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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Louis Vuitton Canton Road: 2nd largest LV Store in the World

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 19, 2014

    nuff said.

    everyone Knows Louis Vuitton and this Brand is the most copied and imitated Brand Around the World. the second largest LV shop in the world is located here in Ritzy Hongkong, along Canton Road and along Ocean Galleries Mall, their branch here is slightly smaller from their Paris main branch. Many people take pictures here since it is well known as the second largest LV store in the world. Modesty Aside, i don't only take pictures in louis vuitton shops but I actually buy from them (see my other pages).

    What to buy: I bought an LV Damier Graphite Inventeur Reversible belt for 4,800 HKG Dollar here and they have lots of items that will tickle your fancy.

    you can other other LV stuffs like my favorite Damier Graphite Men's Bag called jorn or the sports tote and camera bag LV Geant Canvass Belier! off course there are more women's items than man's items here.

    LV store opens at 10:00 am to 9:00 pm everyday

    What to pay: maxx out your credit card

    the store inside me inside buying I only buy original stuff pose with my lv belt purchase
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  • MAY ART PICTURE FRAMING: Art Framing - One Shop to Avoid

    by VirtualSA Updated May 10, 2014

    It's so hard to find the write service provider in Hong Kong because there are few sites for reviews. If you're looking to frame something, here are specific reasons not to use this provider.

    What to buy: We had four pieces of art matted and framed, and the result was terrible. We were in such a rush that we paid without protest and very much regret the decision. The framer left bizarre styrofoam bits on the front of the artwork -- between the art and the glass -- that we only noticed when hanging the pieces. Really! Is it that she literally can't maintain a clean workspace, or does she not care enough to inspect what she's done?

    She also left visible overlap between pieces of matting because she didn't have long enough strips of paper. And the colours are a terrible match anyway. At least the frame hasn't fallen apart... yet. Very frustrating. Avoid this shop.

    We're going to have this work re-done elsewhere.

    This is the kind of poor service that gives Hong Kong's businesses a less-than-stellar reputation internationally. ...when nearby cities are renowned for exceptional quality.

    What to pay: We spent more than $100 framing art of different sizes because this shop purports to offer a premium service.

    What is this styrofoam doing here?
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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    Local Market: Fa Yuen Street - Mongkok

    by swissfondue Updated Mar 10, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fa Yuen Street market is located towards the junction with Prince Edward Road West and can be accessed via Prince Edward MTR station (Exit B2) or from the southern end via a pedestrian overhead walkway.

    Fa Yuen Street Market is a day market which attracts mainly locals shopping for fresh food and other consumables prior to dinner time. It is a nicely set out market on a wide street, and for me the main appeal is that it is not as crowded as the Ladies Market and has a more local feel to it. Keep in mind though that stall owners may not be as interested in giving you a rock bottom price, and might suggest you go to "tourist market" which is the Ladies Market. Choices are somewhat limited.

    There are however some very reasonably priced ladies fashion boutiques on both sides of the street stocking loads of young fashion and cheap shoes (cheaper than the same styles in Shenzhen). I did more shopping from these stores than from the actual stalls as the fixed prices were excellent.

    What to buy: Not as much variety as can be found in either Ladies Market or Temple Street Market but great local area.

    What to pay: As little as possible but haggling is somewhat frowned upon so good luck!

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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    Lung Cheung Plaza

    by swissfondue Updated Nov 18, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lung Cheung Plaza is a small local shopping mall (by Hong Kong standards) located close to the Wong Tai Sin Temple.

    While probably not worth making a special trip to shop here it is worth checking out the stores if you are in the area to visit Wong Tai Sin Temple, as in my personal experience "local" malls quite often have a few of the same stores as the bigger malls but offer more sale items and occasionally better prices. I only spend a short time there but found shoes and clothes (I'd already looked at in other locations) at slightly cheaper prices, but I'm a bargain shopper.

    What to buy: Stores include Babila, Crocodile, Gitti, Jeanswest, Maple, Veeko and Wanko.

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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    Causeway Bay - Hong Kong Island

    by swissfondue Updated Sep 24, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I read an article recently that said Causeway Bay on Hong Kong Island had become the most expensive place in the world to rent retail space, pushing New York's famed Fifth Avenue into second place. This may deter shoppers who think that bargains will disappear along with the store owners money, but I still feel that Causeway Bay is a worthwhile stop on the dedicated shoppers itinerary.

    Times Square (reviewed separately) is a massive mega mall, which I always look through but rarely buy anything from. I would rather poke about in the side streets which surround it as this is where the shopping becomes decidedly more affordable.

    One of my favourite places to browse in the Causeway Bay shopping district was Goods of Desire (pronounced gee-o-dee) a homeware store and contemporary knick-knack store in Leighton Road. In June 2013 I found that this store had closed. I have put a list of store locations (to the best of my knowledge of course) in a separate G.O.D. review.

    Cath Kidston in Hysan Avenue and Island Beverley (also separately reviewed) are good places to browse.

    There is a brand new mall called Hysan Place which only opened a few months ago. I have looked through this but the layout didnt really appeal to me so I wont add this to my list of favourites.

    Young fashion retailer Forever 21 opened a six storey flagship store in 2012. This is quite an amazing shop, very very busy and packed tight with hundreds of young fashion styles, shoes, jewellery and handbags. If you leave Causeway Bay MTR station via Exit F, you will come out at street level directly opposite the Forever 21 store.

    What to buy: Anything your heart desires.....

    What to pay: Probably a bit more because of the high rent charged.

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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    Pacific Place Shopping Mall - Admiralty

    by swissfondue Updated Sep 22, 2013

    I've only been to Pacific Place shopping mall two or three times. Its way too shiny for me. Its not the place to find a bargain but it is an example of how opulent shopping centres in Hong Kong can be. If you love looking at or purchasing designer brands then you will have fun here.

    Location wise Pacific Place sits between Central and Wan Chai on Queensway. This is predominantly a business and 5 star hotel district. You can access the centre via an elevated walkway from Admiralty station (Exit C1) and there are bus stops and any Hong Kong Island trams stop right outside.

    The back of the shopping mall backs onto Hong Kong Park and there is access via escalators from the top floors to the parks entrance in Supreme Court Road.

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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    K11 - Vertical Mall - Tsim Sha Tsui

    by swissfondue Updated Sep 2, 2013

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    K11 shopping mall is a reasonably new arrival to the frantic lower Nathan Road shopping precinct. K11 is a vertical shopping mall which is a concept used when space is at a premium. The six storeys of shopping combine high and mid range stores. I like the Miss Sixty store.

    K11 is unusual in that it combines art exhibits with shops making a visit to this mall an interesting shopping experience. Make sure you check out the "toast art". Its Mona Lisa like you've never seen her before! Apparently the artist has made over 1000 toast artworks. WOW!

    Though I personally prefer getting out amongst the crowds, K11 would be a pleasant shopping experience for those looking for somewhere much quieter as this mall doesnt seem to attract the enormous crowds that you see elsewhere. At least not on both occasions I was there! It has a relaxed "art gallery" feel to it.

    Like many Hong Kong shopping malls, K11 is attached to a hotel complex, in this case the Hyatt Regency. There are a lot of dining options inside the complex which would be convenient for hotel guests.

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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    G.O.D: Goods of Desire

    by swissfondue Updated Aug 12, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Goods of Desire is a homewares, furniture and clothing retailer stocking modern designs that compliment the vibrant culture of Hong Kong. Traditional items are given a 21st century makeover making them more cutting edge and funky. Think stainless steel chopsticks for example.

    G.O.D (pronounced gee-oh-dee) does stock clothing but it is the homewares and furniture that draws your attention. The store reminds me of an Asian IKEA in some ways. It's a good place to look for a more unusual gift or a contempory version of a traditional item.

    There are currently six retail stores located throughout Hong Kong as some have opened and closed between my visits. I have been to one in the Leighton Centre, Causeway Bay but this is now closed along with the store in Silvercord Shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.

    At the time of writing this information there are stores at The Galleria at the Peak, Hollywood Road in Central, Stanley Plaza in Stanley, Sai Kung and Ap Lei Chau.

    There is also an outlet store at Cyberport on the Southern side of Hong Kong Island and a street culture museum in Shek Kip Mei. The museum can be visited between 2 and 6pm on weekdays (probably best to check times though) and is interesting to anyone, especially designers interested in HK culture.

    What to buy: Stylish home accessories and trinkets.

    You can view an online catalogue at

    What to pay: Prices are equivalent to IKEA for example.

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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    Silvercord Shopping Centre - Canton Road TST

    by swissfondue Updated Jul 8, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This smallish 6 storey shopping centre located among the designer stores in Canton Road has an excellent food court called Food Republic on one of the lower levels and a reasonable variety of mainly fashion stores.

    There was a G.O.D. lifestyle store on the food court level but I noted that this branch had closed on my most recent visit in June 2013. Go to for store locations.

    If you are in Harbour City you can walk through the Gateway Arcade and across Canton Road (overhead walkway) to Silvercord.

    What to buy: H&M Kowloon Flagship store is located here.

    What to pay: There are a couple of designer labels such as Burberry.

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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    Harbour City - One stop shopping

    by swissfondue Updated Feb 17, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Personally, I like to shop in lesser known shopping centres but its impossible not to include the mega Harbour City Shopping Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui in any Hong Kong Shopping tips simply because its MEGA! I mean HUGE. Absolutely ENORMOUS!

    Harbour City is the king of shopping and entertainment complexes and probably the one shopping mall most tourists visit on a quick stop over in Hong Kong, as its located right on Victoria Harbour. As well as over 700 stores Harbour City also houses a hotel ( the Marco Polo) and the Ocean Cruise terminal, where Star cruises depart most nights for an overnight trip out into the South China Sea.

    All the usual designer brands are available, many of which also have flagship stores along Canton Road as well as inside the complex. I personally find the amount of floorspace inside Harbour City daunting and although I have been there several times I dont think I have ever been in every store as you kind of give up half way through. I dont find it a relaxing shopping experience but there is certainly something for all tastes and those with money to spend.

    What to buy: No special items really just all the well known and popular brands, including a large selection of designer stores. If you are looking for more reasonably priced items walk through the Gateway Arcade to Silvercord Shopping Centre on the other side of Canton Road (reviewed separately)

    What to pay: Probably lots of $$$ if you spend any length of time there !!!

    Harbour City (to the left of Star Ferry Terminal)

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