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  • suggestions not to buy electronic goods in nathan

    by prabhat05 Written Apr 20, 2012

    dear friends,

    This is my first post over the visit at Hongkong at Nathan Road. I have reached from China Canton fair to Hongkong for Tour. i have a plan to buy a Camera . I visited the Shop which was displaying ,the brands cannon , Nikon etc. After the Visit i started to check different models of the camera . The models what i supposed to chose had a great facilities but the sales person says why you are taking the lower version , and he offered me NIKOn cool Pix L310 model, which seems to be good. I agreed to take the camera. The shop keeper started to me to pay the amount as i sayed i will buy and he forced me with this trick ,that i got confused. At the night when i am back to hotel i checked in net that the price what i have paid him was 30% hike what is available in India . So dear friend my suggestion to you all who is going 2 come to Hongkong for visit , to never buy Electronics Goods in any shop of Nathan Road . The best option to buy the Electronis goods is to by in Fortees .

    Go for shopping in Mongkok , the peoples there are good and They dont usually cheat the tourist.

    Second thing should be good in bargain in Hongkong . Then should buy the good items in best Rates.

    Unique Suggestions: Never sign any Tax Invoice or documents when you have bought any things from Nathan Road shops . In this form they get you agreed that you have read all the terms and conditions and the goods once sold wont be exchanged or return.

    Fun Alternatives: better check website about the particular product what you want to buy in Hong Kong in Net
    or in the country you are coming from . In the Hong Kong market before buying check atleast 10 shops , compare the rates . take alteast one day to compare the prices what u have got from different shop , then next day decided any buy the goods.

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  • electronic store at nathan road shop

    by dumbo888 Updated Aug 23, 2011

    i went to hongkong for a few days, on my last day, i went for a walk and saw the store, got interested in a product they were selling. I didn't see the store nam, only large signages of brands. the displays did not have prices on them and the price i inquired was cheaper than all others i went to. but still i missed the "hints" that this was one of those traps i've read about. when i said i was going to buy the product the guy ordered one of his guys to get a stock. then went on to start writing a receipt, and asked for the money, i gave him the money and he started making small talks, then he offered me a newer product similar to what i was buying offering it cheap, i noticed that the box has no brand. when i noticed that he had put away the receipt he was writing, and that it was taking too long to get the stock, i realized that i'm being ripped off. I tried to squirm my way out and get my money back, when they realized that i've caught on to their scam, the guy i was talking to and another guy started to shout at me saying things like I'm a cheat, why I gave my money but not gonna buy, that was my money was fake etc.. I noticed that they were doing everything to anger me maybe hoping i'd walk out or give them a reason to toss me out of their store, i stayed seated and we were shouting at each other until a Japanese tourist walks in, saw us then walked out again, I then started shouting that they are cheating me just because I'm a tourist. this kinda stopped them both and the guy i was talking to just threw me back my money and told me to get out quick, probably afraid i'd scare off more tourists. i took my time to pick up and count my money before leaving the store, by then the two guys were nowhere to be found in the store. it was a really close call, and a reminder to pay more attention to warning signs.

    Fun Alternatives: try Mongkok instead, bought a camera at wing shing, the service was good, the salesman showed me everything about the camera, whats included in the package, and took my money only after giving me the item and the receipt. Fortress seems like a good store too.

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  • TravellingGugu's Profile Photo

    Mongkok has better and honest deals

    by TravellingGugu Written Oct 17, 2010

    Read enough for sad stories of innocent tourists got ripped off when shopping for electrnice goods in Tsim Sha Tsui. I feel compelled, as a local person, to reveal our local wisdom on this one. We simply shop for these things in Mongkok, period! When in Mongkok, you will surely be visiting Sai Yueng Choi street area, where it's blocked off from traffic as a walking street every night. A few big chain stores, such as Broadway, Fortress, Chung Yuen and Citicall are very easily found. These are places where we shop, prices are clearly marked, same for everyone, they are honest, give good service and do care about their reputation. Absolutely no dirty tricks there. It's you can shop with confidence like we locals do.

    Fun Alternatives: For the camera fanatics, you cannot go past Man Shing in Mongkok, this camera megastore has been in the camera and accesories business for more than 40 years. It's where you get the bargain of a life time, something to brag about when taking it home.

    And for the computer enthusists, Sim City in Shang Dong street, and Mong Kong computer center at Nelson street are their dreamlands. Locals go there to buy the latest gadgets, and everything to do with computers and laptops.

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    by willum2 Written Dec 4, 2007

    Please take heed of these warnings about the shop called WELLTIME AV CENTRE. I wish I had known before I bought from them. I was guaranteed the Nintendo Wii I bought (at an inflated price) was compatible with Uk, it would play copy games and never have to buy a game again as they could be downloaded. It is a USA model and does not play copies. The receipt states "No Returns" so you have been stung. The salesmen are aware you are a tourist and will not be able to return and complain so they are nothing more than con men. Don't be one of their mugs - shop elsewhere and preferably not in Nathan Street.

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  • Small electronics shops are the biggest rip offs!

    by toddytapper Written Dec 30, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dear VT member, you can read the other members' unpleasant experiences that suggest what you are up to face when you consider buying an electronic product in a small shop. When shopping in Hong Kong, it is very tempting to stop and look at these stores which are all over the place, like dog ***, especially on and around Nathan Rd. But think of them as big traps that use unscrupulus business practices. Just STAY AWAY from them, because you are likely to be taken if you buy anything. The question is not whether you will be ripped off, but rather how badly.

    Unique Suggestions: I have been buying electronic products in Hong Kong for more than 20 years, and I suggest the following:

    1. Before going to HK, check the various products/models in your country's stores, examine their manuals (even use them and return them, if posiible) and decide on at least a couple of models you like. Also, check their prices on the Internet for these products/models that you like, and keep in mind that prices for the SAME model/product vary depending on the country in which the product was manufactured.

    2. In HK, before shopping at small street shops, first check the prices of models you examined in your country at much larger stores; they are generally fixed and lower than the prices of small street shops. Never buy products if you do not know their prices in your country, unless you are willing to risk paying more.

    3. If you consider buying a product/model you had not shopped for back home, keep in mind that the best source of information about a product is the product's manual (make sure it is the correct manual), not what you hear from the salesperson, so it is important that you spend time at the shop reading the manuals and examining the product's functions BEFORE buying and signing off any papers (agreement).

    4. Make sure you buy the EXACT product you have examined or shopped with ALL its parts/accessories described in the manual, and it is compatible with your country's system (PAL, NTSC). (Friends have bought products such as cell phones that did not work in their country).

    Fun Alternatives: If you happen to find a product at a lower price anywhere, ask yourself if the lower price (vs. the one at home for the same product) is worth the following : (a) not being able to return or exchange it, (b) the possibility that the product will not operate properly in your country, (c) warranty might not be valid in your country, (d) repair facilities or parts might not be available, if model is not popular or old, and (e) your inability to purchase extended service warranty. I have had my camcorder that I purchased in HK repaired in Bangkok several times, where they can get parts and repair costs are lower..

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  • WELLTIME AV CENTRE is a Tourist Trap

    by atami63cleo Written Dec 30, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Avoid this electronics shop on Nathan Rd. BE CAREFUL. Avoid buying electronic products in small street stores, where you are very likely to be "ripped-off". If you decide to shop at any of them, be aware of selling tricks salespeople use at these shops, like Welltime EV Centre, on Nathan Rd., where I recently had a very unpleasant experience. After buying acamcorder and signed the "no excange, no return" forms, the salesman asked me to wait a few minutes to charge the battery. While waiting, I was approched by a different salesman, who started telling me all kinds of negative things about he camcorder that I had purchased. The second salesman suggested that I buy a more expensive model because of all the model's "wonderful" features that he told me and my friend who as with me at the store. After haggling and getting him to lower the price by about 30%, I decided to pay the difference to buy the "better" model. Needless to say that this model not only did not have or could do what the salesman had indicated, but I also saw the same model upon my return in the USA priced at 30% less than I had paid! Make sure you know you examine the product and its price in your country before shopping in HK, especially in small shops.

    Unique Suggestions: DO NOT BELEIVE anything the salesman tells you about the product. Ask to read the manual for the same product you are examining, and make sure that you get the exact model that you read in the manual with all the parts/accessories as stated in the manual. DO NOT sign "no exchange, no return" forms where they ask you to agree that you have examined the product before you actually get the product in a sealed box and check it thoroughly, making sure that all features are in working order. Remember that once you sign walk out of the store, it is too late to do anything about any problem you might have with the product.

    Read the "tips" of other TV members to educate yourself about the sellling tricks salesmen might try to use on you.you.

    Fun Alternatives: Shop your country's stores first, decide which models you like, and learn about their prices. In Hong Kong, compare the prices for the same models (the prices also vary depending on where they are made). Shop ONLY large stores that have fixed prices.

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  • Phildagr8's Profile Photo

    Everything is negotiable

    by Phildagr8 Written Oct 2, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Electronic store owners tell you that "that's their best price", which is never the case. They're like car salesmen and say "look at all these options". You have to say "I don't want them", and just get the bare bones minimum. Don't leave a deposit, or the guy you spoke with may suddenly not work there anymore.

    Unique Suggestions: You can always walk out, but say that if that's the best price, then you'll be back, but only on that condition.

    Fun Alternatives: Know your prices. Be prepared to walk out, but have cash in hand to negotiate. Know the price you're willing to pay.

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  • Do not buy from "TAX FREE" store

    by jayjaycool Updated Aug 20, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are quite a few electronic retailers out on Nathan Road , Tsim Sha Tsui with big neon signs that say "Tax Free" or "Duty Free". First of all, there is no tax on any electronic goods (actually almost any goods) being imposed by the HK government. Those stores usually have huge signs reading SONY or Canon but you can never find the name of the store. These are the kind of stores that especially targeting tourists. Another warning sign is none of their items has any clear price tag on them. And on the receipt the name of the store is missing as well so you have nothing to prove the item actually purchased from them. One common way for these store to scam tourists is they'll always say the item that you wanted is out of stock and they'll try to persuade you to buy another older model, but they'd lie to you it's a higher grade product. Or they'll ask you to put down a deposit first and return in 20 minutes so they can get it from their warehouse. By the time you get back they'll suddenly inflate the price or you're not getting your money back. Sometimes they withhold the battery or hide the accessories and lie to you saying those are the "add-on" items. Most of these stores are located in Tsim Sha Tsui only so you're pretty much safe from these traps as long as you buy your electronic goods from any other area.

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  • chankahon's Profile Photo

    Chain Stores are always honest

    by chankahon Written Aug 1, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Always heard of poor tourists buying overpriced electronic products. Well, as a smart consumer, one should at least check out the price at your home country if he plans for buying a DC or DigitalCam. But what if the shopping spirit suddendly glows? Don't worry. Remember, chain stores don't lie. Fortress, Boardway, Thai Lin, Chung Yuen and Gome are all reliable chain stores, where prices are listed clearly but there are often complimentary cartoon towel or memory cards. And more importantly, they are absolutely honest. Honest on stock availability, actual quality and prices. Moreover, staff speak good English.

    And if you are buying cell phones, there is one more reason to go shop in chain stores. Second-hand cell phone trading is very active in Hong Kong and cell phones come in variants in the market--not only imported with or without license, but some might be "recombined"--with parts from different cell phones of the same model. You may expect mysterious accident that can draw from such cell phones...

    Unique Suggestions: If you can read Chinese, buy an electronics goods magazine in any convienience stores to check the market prices of the latest products; Avoid any electronics store with no name of the shop; Follow the locals; Never give your credit card to the shopkeeper unless you see the actual operational product to be sold to you.

    Fun Alternatives: Chain store and chain store. Smaller stores in major computer malls in Sham Shui Po and Wan Chai are often honest and cheaper than chain stores, though you might need more local knowledge to visit them.

    Don't challenge the trap. And the language barrier.

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  • Leah1231's Profile Photo

    It's not cheaper than back home!

    by Leah1231 Written Dec 19, 2002

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Personally... We always go home and buy all of or Camera, video gear etc. So many people come thinking that they are getting great deals in Hong Kong, but to be honest we have priced cameras, and they are cheaper back home in Australia than Hong Kong, duty free or not!

    Visitors always ask us what to buy in Hong Kong, we always say, nothing! Sorry but there are just better deals back home these days, I am not sure about in comparison to other countries, but I think the DEALS are over!

    Also another thing to consider is service on the item that you buy should something go wrong. I'd rather tackle that out of Hong Kong!

    Unique Suggestions: Spend your time looking rather than buying in Hong Kong!

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  • chankahon's Profile Photo

    Beware of them...

    by chankahon Written Sep 19, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Reports that complaining electronic products in Hong Kong were overpriced are rising these years. Many said the model they bought was out-of -date or the camera had some parts missing. Some shopkeepers persuade tourists to buy overpriced models after that the buyer wanted was 'out of stock'. In some serous cases, tourists were really trapped inside the shop to be threatened! Tourists were also being cheated when they were taken to some outlets selling jewellery or watches. Although Hong Kong is lovely, some people here do also make money in disgusting ways.

    Unique Suggestions: Groups may be taken to secret outlets to buy 'value' products. If you believe the shop do not open its doors to local residents and you are not sure about the market prices, simply save your money. Staff were trained to be skillful in persuading you to purchase unreasonably priced goods.
    Check prices of electronic goods in chain stores (Fortress, Broadway) before you buy one from independent shops. Avoid shops without prices clearly marked, without a title on its neon light nameboard and those situated in Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Fun Alternatives: Many Hong Kong people buy their electronic products in Mongkok. The shops are independent but very professional. Prices are labelled and reasonable. There aren't a lot of shops, but comparing their prices is still necessary. Some of them are imported directly from origin, which are having lower prices.
    Only shopping without your group leaders can get the best prices. Bargaining is not common here, but you may try it in small stores.

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  • It is very hard to buy...

    by hoopie1979 Written Sep 12, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is very hard to buy electronic items in some parts if you are a tourist, they use your confusion of currency and how hot the temperature makes you and how jet lagged you are to confuse you into buying, even if you're adamant on buying a particular model. Visit a few shops to gain a good price and bargain!

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  • D._Pepper's Profile Photo

    Never buy electronic items...

    by D._Pepper Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Never buy electronic items from the small shops dotting Hong Kong. Most would try to rip you off in a variety of ways. One way is to quote you a truly cheap price for an item, and sell it to you minus the usual accessories that go with it. Or, you'll get an older model in your bag with the explanation (if you notice the switch) that the model you were looking at is more expensive. If you feel brave enought to risk the rip off and try a purchase, NEVER hand over your money or credit card before you have the item you chose in your hands.

    Go instead to the large department stores or malls for your electronics. Less chances of getting fleeced.

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  • dr_in_asia's Profile Photo

    Do NOT buy electronics from...

    by dr_in_asia Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Do NOT buy electronics from any vendor on the street - many of the electronic stores in Tsim Sha Tsoi are dodgy too. I only go to the big places like Fortress or Star City. Sometimes you can get good deals in Mongkok for electronics but beware that some of them do not have valid warranties or are scammed from Japan...take your chances!

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  • Nostagia's Profile Photo

    Avoid the electronic shops in...

    by Nostagia Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Avoid the electronic shops in Tsim Sha Tsui area. The merchants there can really burn. I don't know how much cheaper the electronic goods are in HK comparing to other places. But if you really want to buy electronic goods in HK, try some chain stores. I forgot the names though. May add later

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