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  • Mass Transit Railway MTR
    by Gypsystravels
  • Mass Transit Railway MTR
    by Gypsystravels
  • Mass Transit Railway MTR
    by Gypsystravels
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    MTR (how to ride)

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 27, 2014

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is the tip to ride the MTR, which is the cheapest and very efficient mass transport system of Hong Kong.

    You Can EIther Buy A Single Journey Ticket or a Multiple Journey Ticket at the Automated Ticket Counters in MTR Stations and you use either cash or credit card to pay for it or via the goold old Ticket Counters with a Ticket Seller or via the most popular way which is by Buying and OCTOPUS CARD (a rechargeable contactless smart card used in an electronic payment system in Hong Kong for use on both the MTR and the KCR and is the most widely used electronic cash system for transactions in Hong Kong. which you can add monetary credits for not only paying in the MTR but also at selected stores, pubs, bars in hongkong. MTR fares are slightly lower when using an Octopus card compared to using single journey tickets. For example, the cost of the 3-minute journey from Admiralty to Tsim Sha Tsui across the Victoria Harbour is (as of 2005) HK$7.9 using the Octopus card, compared with HK$9.0 for a single-journey ticketthere are two different fare classes on the MTR: Adult and concessionary.

    Two types of tourist passes are available: one allows unlimited rides for a single day (at HKD $55), while the other allows three days of unlimited rides on the MTR, with a stored value of HK$25, refundable deposit of HK$50 and choice of either a single (HK$240) or return (HK$320) trip on the Airport Express.

    Similar to some other metro systems in the world, the fare payable by a passenger depends on the approximate distance travelled. The fare to all stations in a "zone" is the same and increases with distance, especially if the journey involves a harbour crossing. Adult fares range from HK$3.80 to $27.00. Concessionary fares are usually half the adult fare, and range from HK$2.40 to $13.00. Fares for the Airport Express Line are significantly higher.

    MTR Stations are Open From 5:30 am to 1:00 am the next day 7 days a week!

    entrance route maps ticket card ride
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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    MTR Ride

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 27, 2014

    very efficient and is the best way to Go Around Hong Kong and Kowloon and Parts of the New Territories as this is a subway and there is no traffic. MTR is a good way around hong kong especially forn us tourist since most public bus drivers in hong kong don't speak english of which I find Ironic since hong kong WAS A BRITISH COLONY for 150 YEARS! and the Taxi's charge high rates of HKD $ 18.50 for the first two kilometers and HKD $ 1 for each 1 minute in traffic or every 200 meter increments.

    The MTR started it's service in the 1970 and since then it now has 218.2 km of rail with 152 stations, including 84 railway stations and 68 light rail stops and several lines like the Island Lin, Shenzen Line and Disney Line to name a few.

    Rates for MTR are cheap and you can get an OCTOPUS CARD (a rechargeable contactless smart card used in an electronic payment system in Hong Kong for use on both the MTR and the KCR and is the most widely used electronic cash system for transactions in Hong Kong.MTR fares are slightly lower when using an Octopus card compared to using single journey tickets. For example, the cost of the 3-minute journey from Central in Hong Kong to Tsim Sha Tsui across the Victoria Harbour is (as of 2014) is HKD $ 9.00 using the Octopus card, compared with HK$9.50 for a single-journey ticket there are two different fare classes on the MTR: Adult and concessionary.

    The MTR trains run about 19 hours a day, 7 days a week, from early morning (5:30 am - 6:00 am) to 1:00 am the next morning.

    me the ride buying tickets paltform inside
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  • Gypsystravels's Profile Photo

    Get on the MTR

    by Gypsystravels Updated Sep 23, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This has to be the cleanest, safest and easiest way of traveling around Hong Kong. Trains run every 2-4 minutes from 6am to 1am daily and the stop announcements are made both in Cantonese and in English.

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  • cal6060's Profile Photo

    MTR- Hong Kong Metro Train System

    by cal6060 Updated Oct 26, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I think Hong Kong has one of the most efficient and nicest metro system in Asia, compatible with the Singapore metro system, MRT. It links to most of the attractions and suburban towns of HK. You will not miss the MTR if you travel independently, it gets you the freedom to explore the city with convenient. I would highlight some of the important stations here for most tourists:

    East Rail Line: From New Territories to Kowloon
    Lo Wu Station- Gateway to Mainland China, Shenzhen
    Lo Ma Chau Station - Gateway to Mainland China, Shenzhen
    Fanling Station - Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail
    Racecourse Station - Sha Tin Horse Racing Track
    Hung Hom Station- HK Museum of History, HK Science Museum, Train Station to Mainland.

    Kwun Tong Line: From Nathan Rd to Kowloon East
    Wong Tai Sin Station: Wong Tai Sin Temple
    Mong Kok Station: Famous for budget hotels and shopping in Nathan Road.
    Yau Ma Tei: Shopping in Nathan Road and Kowloon Park.

    Tsuen Wan Line: Link between HK Island to Tsim Sha Tsui, then to West Kowloon
    Central Station: Many modern shopping malls, Star Ferry Terminal, Link with Electric Trams.
    Tsim Sha Tsui Station: Star Ferry Terminal, Victoria Harbour, Avenue of Stars, HK Cultural Centre, and HK Museum of Art, YMCA, The Peninsula, 1881 Heritage, and etc.
    ordan Station: Kowloon Park, more shopping on Nathan Rd
    Mong Kok Station: Budget hotels, after midnight shopping, Lady Market
    Sham Shui Po Station: Great way to see the life of old Kowloon.

    Tung Chung Line: Link between HK Island to Disneyland & Cable Car to Lantau Island
    Sunny Bay Station: Gateway to Disneyland
    Tung Chung Station: Cable car to Lantau Island to see Giant Buddha, Brand Outlet Shopping Mall.

    Island Line: Link between East and West of Hong Kong Island.
    Central Station: Walk to the Peak Cable Car Station, Shopping, Dinning, and Heritage walk around old streets.
    Admiralty Station: Walk to the Peak Cable Car Station, Hong Kong Park, Museum of Tea Ware, Lippo Centre Towers, Bank Of China Tower, etc.
    Wan Chai Station: Walk to HK Convention and Exhibition Centre, Centre Promenade, Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui.

    Check out its website for more destination.

    I would recommend using the Octopus Card. It allows you to use the MTR, Buses, and Ferry in HK. You can also use it to buy things in convenience store. Easy and Great Discount!

    The Tourist Passes give you a great value for unlimited use as a Day Pass. It can be used from HK International Airport, Lo Wu, or travel within HK. It will get you some saving if you travel a lot within a day to many places, otherwise it is not worth buying the pass.

    Good To Know: If you read Chinese, check out this websiteto get you more saving on Tourist Pass.

    Inside a MTR with bikes Tsim Sha Tsui Subway on Nathan Road MTR Ticket Counter at Lo Wu Station. Tung Chung Station Underpass links between TST Station and East TST S
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  • amlapura's Profile Photo

    For baby push chairs, big luggage etc

    by amlapura Written May 21, 2012

    At MTR stations, I think they try to prevent usage of baby push chairs or big luggage through ordinary gate. So, if you use any of those, keep your eyes on special gates which will lead you to lifts only. Of course, unless you fold the push chairs.

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  • Miaherce's Profile Photo

    MTR and Octopus Card

    by Miaherce Written May 16, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Getting around Hong Kong is easy and convenient if you use the MTR. Buy the Octopus card at the airport so you won't be buying ticket every time you ride the MTR. The octopus card can also be use at the bus. And when you leave Hong Kong, the octopus card can be refunded at the airport.

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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    MTR is a great way to get around Hong Kong

    by swissfondue Updated Apr 28, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Hong Kong Mass Transportation System or MTR is without question one of the most efficient people carriers in the world and for the tourist makes seeing a lot in a short time very doable.

    The MTR consists of ten lines with the Island and Tsuen Wan lines being probably the most utilised. They is also an Express line running from the airport to Kowloon and Hong Kong Stations and a Light Rail system which runs to the New Territories.

    For short term visitors to Hong Kong there are Airport Express three day Travel Passes and a Day Tourist Pass available but if you intend to be in Hong Kong for a few days or more purchasing an Octopus Card is a good idea.

    A Standard Octopus Card is a travel smart card which is perfect for visitors and tourists. The cards can be purchased at the Airport or the customer service counter of any MTR station. They come with an initial stored value of HK$100 which is made up of a HK$50 refundable deposit and HK$50 travel credit. To use the card just swipe it at the turnstiles at entrance and exit of each station you arrive and depart from. The smart card automatically deducts your fare depending on the distance travelled. Cards can be reloaded at Add Value Machines along the MTR station concourses. Using an Octopus card allows for slightly discounted travel.

    Depending on the line, trains run from around 05.30 to 01.00 365 days of the year. MTR stations are incredibly well signposted (in English) and concourses are air conditioned and offer a variety of shops, takeaway food and 7/11 style kiosks, banks and newsagents.

    Train platforms are accessed by escalators but there is quite often only stair access from the concourse to street level. In widely spread out stations such as Tsim Sha Tsui and Central there are several exits so be prepared to walk some distance underground before reaching your exit to street level. Moving walkways are also used at these stations as a quick way to transit to other stations.

    Many MTR stations are connected directly to shopping malls which is very convenient.

    Transfering from one line to another is easy involving either a few steps to the opposite site of the platform or an escalator to a platform above or below. The trains themselves and platforms are spotlessly clean and tidy (no graffitti to be seen anywhere) and although they can get very crowded at times, in my experience travellers seem to treat each other with respect. Trains, with only the odd exception run exactly on time and commuters queue and exit crowded platforms in an organised fashion.

    It really is an exceptionally efficient way to get around Hong Kong in a speedy, comfortable and affordable fashion.

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  • cjg1's Profile Photo

    Great Subway

    by cjg1 Updated Mar 14, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The MTR is Hong Kong’s subway system. Of course not all trains are below ground. Since the merger with the KCR, the MTR covers just about anywhere you’d want to go. They use modern lightweight articulated trainsets that are open between cars and permanently connected. This allows for the wide long flow of train and makes available more room than individual cars would.

    The MTR is very clean compared to most surface transport or subways in America and it is almost always on time. They have count down clocks so you always know when the next train in your direction is coming. Part of what keeps it so clean is that the platforms are enclosed in glass walls with doors that match up to the train doors. This prevents people and items from getting onto the tracks and also allows climate controls to be used in the station.

    Yes the MTR is more expensive than most other methods of transit like the bus and mini bus or the ferry across the harbor, but it is so easy I still find myself using it most often.

    Of course the best way to use the MTR is with the Oyster Card. This allows you to just touch and go through the gates.

    As much as I believe in surface transport in new to you places, when it is bad weather or you just want to get where you’re going, the MTR is the way to go.

    Me in 2006 Me in 2012 Liz in 2012 Me in 2012

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  • theguardianangel's Profile Photo

    Subways: easiest way to go around HK

    by theguardianangel Written Feb 21, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Trains are no doubt the fastest to roam around in every destination. No hassle. No traffic. More Convenient.

    There are a number of subway rails that connects a city. You just have to make transfers in order to get there but with the use of Octopus card, I guarantee you that everything will run smoothly. Fares are posted on walls that will serve as your guidance to track the balance of your octopus card.

    The only thing I didn’t enjoy was when I made transfers within the Tsim Sha Tsui station. It’s very crowded!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s almost as if I can’t breathe due to a lot of people getting here and there. Some walked very fast, some walked like he’s in a park, some seemed like they’re missing an important business meeting.... good thing though, I was able to bear with it.

    Heading to Tsim Sha Tsui i'm here
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  • lindyz's Profile Photo

    Best way by far to get around Hong Kong

    by lindyz Updated Jan 7, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is just so easy to use and its quick, efficient, clean, air conditioned and sooooooo very cheap!!! At all Stations, all signs are posted in english and very easy to read and follow, and all stations have signs that tell you which platform to go to, which line to take, which stations are on the line and also .... most importantly .... which exit to take! All MTR stations have MANY exit and you need to know the right one to get to your destination!!! Otherwise you will get very very lost!

    The Octopus card is used at all MTR stations and its the easiest way to ride the MTR, just swipe it as you enter a station and then again as you leave, and it will deduct the fare from your card. Prices are so cheap also, less than $1AUD for most trips we took, and we used the MTR each and every day we were in Hong Kong, and some days many times!

    The MTR will get you to pretty much any destination you want to get to in Hong Kong, and if it will not get you there directly, it will definitely get you close enough to it, and then get a taxi or a bus.

    Most times the MTR is not too crowded, apart from peak hours in the morning and the afternoon, then you will most likely not get a seat and have to stand, but at all other times, you will find a seat on the MTR.

    Only 2 warnings about travel on the MTR -

    1. Know which exit you need to take, as all stations have many exits and some can come out at road level about 1km away from each other, so you will not get lost if you check the signs at all stations and find out which exit is the best one for your destination.

    2. At some stations, there can be a longggggg walk between different platforms or even more so .... to get to a connecting line. I think the walk between Kowloon on the blue line and the orange line was like so long! Also the walk between TST on the red line and East TST on the purple line I think is about 2km long!

    Before I left for Hong Kong, I downloaded a MTR Map and wrote on it the different stations for various destinations and the best way to get to places and laminated it - this came in very very handy.

    Inside a not so crowded MTR train Signs showing different exits and destinations Red MTR symbol top left on building funny MTR sign! Disneyland Express Train with Mickey Ears!

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  • jlanza29's Profile Photo

    Easy, fast, safe and cheap

    by jlanza29 Written Jun 15, 2011

    Hong Kong is one of these cities that when they build things they build things right and the MTR the metro is a perfect example of this. The metro is fast, clean, safe, easy and cheap to use. As a visitor I would recommend buying a Octopus card on arrival at the airport or buying a travel card for the amount of days your gonna be there. The metro takes you to just about every site or at least within a couple of blocks of all the sites you need to see in Kowloon or Hong Kong Island. Only down part it does not run 24 hrs, It stops running at 2 AM .... we found out the hard way coming back from partying in SOHO at 4 AM ... had to cab it back to Kowloon and that wasn't cheap !!!!!!

    easiest and cheapest  way around Hong Kong !!!!
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  • Alikatt's Profile Photo

    fast, convenient way to get around

    by Alikatt Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nohting beats MTR in terms of its efficiency, all-aound convenience and scope when you want to go from place to place in Hong Kong and Kowloon. It also connects to Lantau and is a good alternative to going to the airport if you don't have that much luggage and aren't short on time. You can save about HK$70 VS the HK$100 Airport Express train to the terminals, so I was told. That's equivalent to about US$12.50 which isn't too bad, actually when you want a direct link to the airport and have the option of checking in your bags at the train station.

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  • Vita500's Profile Photo

    MTR - Subway

    by Vita500 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Updated: May 22, 2006

    Fast, efficient, easy to use, inexpensive and extremely clean are the words that first come to mind when thinking about Hong Kong's MTR (Mass Transit Railway) subway network.

    Since the MTR first opened in 1979, the network has expanded to a current 7 subway lines, which include the Airport Express as well as the newly opened Disneyland Resort line:

    1. Kwun Tong line (green): 15 stations
    2. Tsuen Wan line (red): 16 stations
    3. Island line (blue): 14 stations
    4. Yung Chung line (orange): 8 stations
    5. Airport Express line (turquoise): 5 stations
    6. Tseung Kwan O line (violet): 7 stations
    7. Disneyland Resort line (pink): 2 stations

    The efficiency of Hong Kong's MTR system is the main reason that traveling around HK is fast and easy. While buses can be trapt in traffic jams, passengers on the MTR can travel from east HK Island the the west within a mere 30 minutes.

    The Octopus Card makes traveling easy as well as cheaper: Octopus card users enjoy a discounted fare!

    The MTR also issues so-called Tourist Passes, which usually include one or two Airport Express rides from/to the airport as well as one to three days of unlimited rides on the MTR.
    From experience I can say that these tickets are NOT recommended unless you really plan to make extensive use of the MTR during your stay.
    Most people will not be able (and don't want) to spend too much time on the subway and it's usually cheaper as well as more convenient to buy and use the Octopus Card.

    The picture shows you a map of the subway's network. Check out the MTR's below homepage for more information:

    MTR network

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  • peemapat's Profile Photo

    MTR the effective way to travel in Hong Kong

    by peemapat Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Subway train in Hong Kong is comfortable and easy to use. The instruction sign is in English. Staff can comunicate in English, too. Except that it's too crowded. It's travel to many major places in the city.

    Inside the MTR
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  • jlee008's Profile Photo


    by jlee008 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Hong Kong MTR is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to get around Hong Kong. It is easy to understand and clearly labeled in English and Chinese. You have the option of purchasing point-to-point tickets or passes. There is a single day pass for HK$50 that allows you a day of unlimited rides on the MTR (except the Airport Express Line). You can purchase the tickets at the Customer Service Center of all MTR or Airport Express stations.

    There is also the Octopus Card. You can use this card on the MTR and most of the buses in Hong Kong. It offers unlimited rides on the MTR and other major transportation routes for 3 days. There are two cards available. The biggest difference I could tell between the two is that one card has a single journey on the Airport Express Line and the other has 2 single journies on the Airport Express Line. The cost for the single journey or the 2 single journies is HK$300 or HK$220 respectively. You can purchase these passes at the Customer Service Center of all MTR or Airport Express stations.

    You can also purchase these cards ahead of time using their website. Just goto the website listed below and click on "Transport Tourist Pass" to view each of the different passes and then proceed to on-line purchase OR click on "On-line Shopping" to purchase only Airport Express cards.

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