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  • Mass Transit Railway MTR
    by Gypsystravels
  • Mass Transit Railway MTR
    by Gypsystravels
  • Mass Transit Railway MTR
    by Gypsystravels

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    Get on the MTR

    by Gypsystravels Updated Sep 23, 2014

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This has to be the cleanest, safest and easiest way of traveling around Hong Kong. Trains run every 2-4 minutes from 6am to 1am daily and the stop announcements are made both in Cantonese and in English.

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    by gloopgloop Updated Sep 5, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Since its first line operated in 1978, the MTR system is always a pride of Hong Kong -- fast, safe, reliable, clean and convenient. The MTR is one of the most utilized mass transit systems in the world providing a safe, reliable and efficient service to passengers.

    It comprises of 6 lines - the Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Island, Tung Chung, Tseung Kwan O and Disneyland Resort Lines.

    Operation Hours: 5:55a.m. - 1:18am depending on different routes
    The adult fares range from HK$4 - $26.

    Inside of a MTR train
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    Cool Journey

    by dejavu2gb Updated Mar 4, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When travelling around Hong Kong, the best way to get around is by MTR (Mass Transit Railway). The network is very safe and reliable and offers 5 different lines and serves 49 stations.
    Its not as an extensive network as other big cities such as London or New York, but it still gets you to your destination in no time at all.
    Stations are signed very well making it very easy to use, so even for someone like me that gets lost in no time at all, I used the underground quite confidently.
    Trains run quite frequently so you will never be stranded for too long.
    Be prepared for a bit of a squeeze when travelling during peak hours, as the MTR is one of the most utilized networks in the world, transporting around 2 million people on a daily basis.
    Please note that eating and drinking is forbidden on the MTR and you might be liable to a fine if caught.
    Travelling on the MTR Is made easy by using the Octopus card (see my Octopus Card tip).

    MTR Station MTR Logo
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  • swissfondue's Profile Photo

    MTR is a great way to get around Hong Kong

    by swissfondue Updated Apr 28, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Hong Kong Mass Transportation System or MTR is without question one of the most efficient people carriers in the world and for the tourist makes seeing a lot in a short time very doable.

    The MTR consists of ten lines with the Island and Tsuen Wan lines being probably the most utilised. They is also an Express line running from the airport to Kowloon and Hong Kong Stations and a Light Rail system which runs to the New Territories.

    For short term visitors to Hong Kong there are Airport Express three day Travel Passes and a Day Tourist Pass available but if you intend to be in Hong Kong for a few days or more purchasing an Octopus Card is a good idea.

    A Standard Octopus Card is a travel smart card which is perfect for visitors and tourists. The cards can be purchased at the Airport or the customer service counter of any MTR station. They come with an initial stored value of HK$100 which is made up of a HK$50 refundable deposit and HK$50 travel credit. To use the card just swipe it at the turnstiles at entrance and exit of each station you arrive and depart from. The smart card automatically deducts your fare depending on the distance travelled. Cards can be reloaded at Add Value Machines along the MTR station concourses. Using an Octopus card allows for slightly discounted travel.

    Depending on the line, trains run from around 05.30 to 01.00 365 days of the year. MTR stations are incredibly well signposted (in English) and concourses are air conditioned and offer a variety of shops, takeaway food and 7/11 style kiosks, banks and newsagents.

    Train platforms are accessed by escalators but there is quite often only stair access from the concourse to street level. In widely spread out stations such as Tsim Sha Tsui and Central there are several exits so be prepared to walk some distance underground before reaching your exit to street level. Moving walkways are also used at these stations as a quick way to transit to other stations.

    Many MTR stations are connected directly to shopping malls which is very convenient.

    Transfering from one line to another is easy involving either a few steps to the opposite site of the platform or an escalator to a platform above or below. The trains themselves and platforms are spotlessly clean and tidy (no graffitti to be seen anywhere) and although they can get very crowded at times, in my experience travellers seem to treat each other with respect. Trains, with only the odd exception run exactly on time and commuters queue and exit crowded platforms in an organised fashion.

    It really is an exceptionally efficient way to get around Hong Kong in a speedy, comfortable and affordable fashion.

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  • Vita500's Profile Photo

    MTR - Subway

    by Vita500 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Updated: May 22, 2006

    Fast, efficient, easy to use, inexpensive and extremely clean are the words that first come to mind when thinking about Hong Kong's MTR (Mass Transit Railway) subway network.

    Since the MTR first opened in 1979, the network has expanded to a current 7 subway lines, which include the Airport Express as well as the newly opened Disneyland Resort line:

    1. Kwun Tong line (green): 15 stations
    2. Tsuen Wan line (red): 16 stations
    3. Island line (blue): 14 stations
    4. Yung Chung line (orange): 8 stations
    5. Airport Express line (turquoise): 5 stations
    6. Tseung Kwan O line (violet): 7 stations
    7. Disneyland Resort line (pink): 2 stations

    The efficiency of Hong Kong's MTR system is the main reason that traveling around HK is fast and easy. While buses can be trapt in traffic jams, passengers on the MTR can travel from east HK Island the the west within a mere 30 minutes.

    The Octopus Card makes traveling easy as well as cheaper: Octopus card users enjoy a discounted fare!

    The MTR also issues so-called Tourist Passes, which usually include one or two Airport Express rides from/to the airport as well as one to three days of unlimited rides on the MTR.
    From experience I can say that these tickets are NOT recommended unless you really plan to make extensive use of the MTR during your stay.
    Most people will not be able (and don't want) to spend too much time on the subway and it's usually cheaper as well as more convenient to buy and use the Octopus Card.

    The picture shows you a map of the subway's network. Check out the MTR's below homepage for more information:

    MTR network

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    Mass Transport Railway (MTR)

    by jil_coleslaw Updated Apr 24, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Since the opening of the first line in 1979, the MTR has been providing a safe, reliable and efficient service to passengers. Apart from the Airport Express, the current system comprises five lines - the Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Island, Tung Chung and Tseung Kwan O Lines, running over 80.4 km through 49 stations. Today it keeps over 2.3 million people on the move every weekday, making it one of the most heavily utilized mass transit systems in the world.

    Octopus Card ~
    Octopus is the electronic ticketing system that makes travelling in Hong Kong simple and hassle-free. Each Octopus card contains a built-in microchip containing all your fare information. You can simply pass the ticket gates with a simple "touch & go" of your Octopus card.

    These cards can also be used on most public payphones, vending machines and photo booths in transport premises.

    Single Journey Ticket ~
    You can buy a Single Journey Ticket from the Ticket Issuing Machines in all MTR stations. These tickets are used once on the day of issue for a specific journey. Adult fares range from HK$4.00 to HK$26.00, depending on where your journey starts and ends. Concessionary fares for the elderly, children and Hong Kong students range from HK$3.00 to HK$13.00.

    0600 - 0100

    Virable to different destinations

    - Free Publication
    - Post Boxes
    - ATM Service
    - Public Payphones
    - MTR Travel Services Centre
    - Special Facilities for Disabled Passengers
    - Lost Property
    - Cake shops / 7-11

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  • cjg1's Profile Photo

    Great Subway

    by cjg1 Updated Mar 14, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The MTR is Hong Kong’s subway system. Of course not all trains are below ground. Since the merger with the KCR, the MTR covers just about anywhere you’d want to go. They use modern lightweight articulated trainsets that are open between cars and permanently connected. This allows for the wide long flow of train and makes available more room than individual cars would.

    The MTR is very clean compared to most surface transport or subways in America and it is almost always on time. They have count down clocks so you always know when the next train in your direction is coming. Part of what keeps it so clean is that the platforms are enclosed in glass walls with doors that match up to the train doors. This prevents people and items from getting onto the tracks and also allows climate controls to be used in the station.

    Yes the MTR is more expensive than most other methods of transit like the bus and mini bus or the ferry across the harbor, but it is so easy I still find myself using it most often.

    Of course the best way to use the MTR is with the Oyster Card. This allows you to just touch and go through the gates.

    As much as I believe in surface transport in new to you places, when it is bad weather or you just want to get where you’re going, the MTR is the way to go.

    Me in 2006 Me in 2012 Liz in 2012 Me in 2012

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  • coolpanda87's Profile Photo

    MTR - World Class Subway

    by coolpanda87 Updated Feb 14, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    MTR is a publicly traded company that runs Hong Kong's subway lines. Hong Kong by far has the world's most efficient & cleanest subway, serving as a transportation tool for more than 3 million commuters a day.

    The MTR is my favourite way travelling in Kowloon & Hong Kong Island, because its fast, clean & avoids the traffic jams above!

    MTR has electronic indicators & PA announcements on when the next train arrives, so you do not have to rush down to the platform once you enter the station. Busy areas (eg. Central) usually have trains coming every 2-3 minutes, so do not pout if you miss the last train. The MTR is 99% always on time, so it is a really reliable method of transportation.

    If you want the chance to be clamped like a human sandwich(like Japan), take the Island line(remember to pass by Central) during rush hour, especially during 7- 10 am or 5-8 pm. At those times, there is so little space that a little movement could annoy a lot of people.

    MTR is kept very clean, so please treat it kindly & do not leave garbage! : )

    MTR MAP: Click on the following link & you will be redirected to the MTR website. After, click on the icon on the right to open the Route Map: MTR Map

    MTR operates six subway routes, including:

    i) Tung Chung to Hong Kong
    ii) Tsuen Wan to Central
    iii) Sheung Wan to Chai Wan
    iv) North Point to Po Lam
    v) Yau Ma Tei to Tiu Keng Leng
    vi) Airport Express (to Central)

    MTR Hong Kong station
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  • ahoerner's Profile Photo

    Take MTRs...

    by ahoerner Written Dec 9, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    MTR is the most effective and cheap way of covering great distances in HK and the New Territories.

    Comfortable trains with handy connections to surface transportation.

    To save some money, get yourself on Octopus Card if you plan to stay for some days in HK.

    Inside a train.
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  • jlee008's Profile Photo


    by jlee008 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Hong Kong MTR is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to get around Hong Kong. It is easy to understand and clearly labeled in English and Chinese. You have the option of purchasing point-to-point tickets or passes. There is a single day pass for HK$50 that allows you a day of unlimited rides on the MTR (except the Airport Express Line). You can purchase the tickets at the Customer Service Center of all MTR or Airport Express stations.

    There is also the Octopus Card. You can use this card on the MTR and most of the buses in Hong Kong. It offers unlimited rides on the MTR and other major transportation routes for 3 days. There are two cards available. The biggest difference I could tell between the two is that one card has a single journey on the Airport Express Line and the other has 2 single journies on the Airport Express Line. The cost for the single journey or the 2 single journies is HK$300 or HK$220 respectively. You can purchase these passes at the Customer Service Center of all MTR or Airport Express stations.

    You can also purchase these cards ahead of time using their website. Just goto the website listed below and click on "Transport Tourist Pass" to view each of the different passes and then proceed to on-line purchase OR click on "On-line Shopping" to purchase only Airport Express cards.

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  • ZenLady34's Profile Photo

    Metro/Subway = MTR in Hongkong

    by ZenLady34 Updated Jun 27, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    MTR network in HK is very efficient. It is easy to use and directions are clearly marked.
    Before going to MTR take a look at a map of HK and check on which street you want to go as there are several Exits. Only MongKok station has eighteen Exits!

    Some metrostations has a free internet access stands as well. Time is limited to 15mins. It is quick and handy.

    The MTR operates also between Kowloon and Hongkong island. Central (HK island) to Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon) the fare is 9 HKD.

    MTR operates around 6am till midnight.

    MTR station in HongKong
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  • mim95's Profile Photo

    MTR - the best way to get around in Hong Kong

    by mim95 Updated Jan 12, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The MTR is the easiest way to get around in Hong Kong, as it pretty much takes you to most of the major tourist attractions. It is more expansive than the bus, but you can't get lost or miss a stop, as there is a map with flashing lights above each door in the train which shows you where you are at, which direction the train is going, and when to change train.

    You can buy a single trip ticket, or use the much convenient tap and go Octopus Card (see seperate entry for more details about this store-value card).

    Many stations have installed screen doors in recent years to prevent ppl from falling onto the track. It can happen as some stations can be very crowded during rush hour. The goal is to install them to all stations. No food or drink is allowed inside the paid area of the station.

    Note: MTR is now merged with KCR. Anything that was once KCR has seized to exist.

    inside an MTR train Clean & safe MTR station
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  • Bela_LUng's Profile Photo

    The best way to travel in the downtown area.

    by Bela_LUng Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The MTR (Mass Transit Railway) is a modern, 20 year old, subway system. It's clean, air conditionned, has massive stations, and offers the best and easiest way to get around the city.

    The MTR runs from 6am till around midnight every day. The cost of a ticket is based on how far you are going. However, as a tourist, I reccomend you purchase a tourist "Octopus" card (available at the airport, or any other station). This is like a transit debit card and allows you to simply swipe your pass and keep on walking. No fumbling for tiny tickets or gazing at a map with a bewildered look on your face. You can purchase various types of passes depending on your needs. I purchased a 3-day unlimited pass, with 2 Airport Express tickets, and 20 HKD on the card for use at various stores, all for roughly about 300 HKD.

    The MTR itself covers the city pretty well. You can usually get to where you need to be, by riding the MTR, including connection to and from the Airport on Lantau Island.

    The stations and subway themselves are well indicated in English so non chinesse speaking people can also get around easily.

    By far the easiest way to get around Hong Kong.

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  • Efficient MTR Travel on Hong Kong

    by Ask.Pranav Written Feb 13, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Metro Travel in Hong Kong is perhaps the most convenient Metro Travel anywhere in the world (at least from what I have seen, even better than the MRT in Singapore). There are 5 or 6 lines which cover the entire city of Hong Kong. While you can pay for every journey by cash, it is not economical at all and it is highly recommended that you buy an Octopus Card as soon as you arrive in Hong Kong.

    This Octopus Card works in all metros as well as in McDonalds and at some other merchants as well and if you use the Octopus Card you get decent discounts as well. At the time of taking the Octopus Card you need to pay a refundable deposit of HKD 50 and also load money onto the Card. For a stay in Hong Kong in excess of 4 days it is recommended that you load the card with at least HKD 500 per person. The loading machine is there at every MTR station and you can get the card refunded / unloaded at the MTR Station or at the airport as well.

    You need to tap the card before starting any journey and again at the time of getting out of the destination station. At the time of tapping at the time of exit you get the amount deducted for the trip as well as the balance available.

    On every line in the Hong Kong MTR you have trains in either direction every 4 minutes, and you will not find them crowded at all other than at peak hours (even at that time they are not very crowded if you go by Mumbai local standards). Above every door there is a map of that line which gives you how that line is connected to every other line and there are flickering lights which indicate which MTR station you are at. From this board above every door, you also get to know which side the next station is going to come on. There is continuous voice commentary in Chinese and English as well on the approaching station. This I found very convenient for disabled people and I could not help thinking how unfriendly India is for travelling for people at large and for disabled people in particular.

    Almost every MTR station has an elevator and escalators and convenience stores which accept the Octopus Card. The only problem you may face is that the MTR Service Desk executives are usually not fluent with English and I had to use sign language to get my point across. When you reach your destination MTR station there are different exists to the station such as Exit A,B, C …… and a suitable labeled board as to where this exits take you.
    The main MTR Stations where most of the tourist attractions are located are Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon Side and Central on the Hong Kong Island side. The Airport would be the main MTR station on Lantau island.

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  • geeyook's Profile Photo

    MTR Fast & Efficient

    by geeyook Updated Apr 15, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The MRT (Dei Tiep) is the best way to get around Hong Kong. Clean and efficient, it will get you to or near most attractions and shopping. To alleviate the need to fiddle for change, pick up a "Octopus" (prepaid fare card) at a local 7-11 Store. The card is available in various denominations and is also good for all your purchases at 7-11 Stores in Hong Kong and Kowloon.

    MTR Train Interior

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