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    The Peak, at night.
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Hong Kong Highlights

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     Beautiful, excellent transportation, exciting nightlife, fun, more than a shopping heaven, British roots 

  • Con
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    Vita500 says…

     Except for the summer humidity, pollution and declining English skills... none! 

  • In a nutshell
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     if travel china, should go to hong kong too 

Map of Hong Kong




Lamma Island



Tai O



Hong Kong Island



Sha Tin



Sai Kung



Cheung Chau



Tai Po



Peng Chau Island



Tsuen Wan



Ngong Ping



Tin Shui Wai



Chek Lap Kok



Tung Lo Wan



Sheung Shui



Yuen Long



Kat O Chau



Tai Tau Chau



Chek Chue



Tong Hang


Lau Shui Heung




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Lamma Island

See all 44 Lamma Island Tips
  • Heads up for food poisoning

    Lamma Island Warnings and Dangers

    I've just come back from Lamma island (18/09/2011) and I have had some symptoms of food poisoning. Although it's too early to be sure which kind of food poisoning I have, I suspect it happened in Tai Yuen Seafood Restaurant, where I had only a small crab, the only sea food I had in many days. The restaurant was full of locals and the fish was...

  • Cheung Chau Island

    Lamma Island Things to Do

    If you enjoyed Lamma Island you may also be interested in checking out Cheung Chau, a small island with a traditional fishing village turned into a popular daytrip holiday destination. Compared to Lamma, Cheung Chau has a more local atmosphere and a stronger Chinese identity, with the western-style coffee shops and wine bars found in Lamma replaced...

  • Lamma Fun Day

    Lamma Island Things to Do

    Lamma Fun Day is a family-oriented festival that is held each fall. It is a great way to spend a day away from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong.Activities include face painting, games for children, a volleyball tournament, live music and a market area where locals sell handmade crafts and secondhand goods. There are also food and drink vendors in...


Tai O

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  • Possibly the smallest draw bridge

    Tai O Things to Do

    Quite possibly the worlds smallest draw bridge is in Tai O. Sun Kei street and Sun Kei Bridge are pedestrian-only streets, at most only ~2m wide.If you find this bridge, just continue across and wonder the small little alleys and foot paths into the labyrinth of the stilt village.Depending on the tide's cycle and the size of the boats, this little...

  • Tai O

    Tai O Transportation

    Avoid those dolphin trips anyway, they go speeding around with no regard for the dolphins' safety. Highly suspect. And Ocean Park is only if captive animals are your thing. If you want to see the pink dolphins, go with hk.dolphinwatch.com - the morning tour still gives you the rest of the day in Tai O.

  • Local Fishermen

    Tai O Local Customs

    When you come to visit Tai O, you will no doubt notice the large fishing fleet out in the harbor, near the bus station.However, those large boats are only a piece of the puzzle. Most of the residents fish by themselves, working hard nearly every day to put food on their plates and maintain the village that you are now taking for granted.Please be...


Hong Kong Island

See all 254 Hong Kong Island Tips
  • From Kai Tak cruise terminal to places...

    Hong Kong Island Transportation

    Look out for free shuttles taking you to a shopping mall and the nearest MTR station and from there you can launch into shopping at the mall or shoot to the places of attraction in Hong Kong and Kowloon. less than 10 min by free shuttle to the shopping mall and about half hour to get to Tsim Sha Shui station

  • Goose, pigeons, sea cucumber

    Hong Kong Island Restaurants

    Quite pricey. We came unannounced without reservation. 8 of us and they said we could have a table but would have to eat and run by a certain time. We agreed to it and had a great dining experience although i thought the pigeon was not up to standard. Fortunately, there were only 2 pigeons left.

  • Have a typical dim sum experience

    Hong Kong Island Things to Do

    Visit a restaurant where dim sum is served. There are cheap ones around. You needn't order a lot, just a plate of dumplings will do and tea. It is better of course if you have a big group and you can order a variety to taste and share. We were a group of 8 and actually in our greed and excitement over-ordered. As it was our last morning in Hong...


Sha Tin

See all 16 Sha Tin Tips
  • Night Ride

    Sha Tin Nightlife

    Ride along the Shing Mun River and around Tolo Harbour at midnight. There are a couple hundred cylists on a midnight ride. Of course this cycle path is popular in daytime too. I love the contrast of riders with Tour de France jerseys and adults riding with training wheels.

  • Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Sha Tin

    Sha Tin Hotels

    No.18 Chak Cheung Street, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Region, China

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Tolo Harbour

    Sha Tin Things to Do

    There is a cool bike trail around the harbour and the views here are great looking down on Tolo Harour.


Sai Kung

See all 12 Sai Kung Tips
  • Sai Kung - Seafood Heaven

    Sai Kung Restaurants

    If seafood is your thing, then Sai Kung is the place for you!! The entire "main" part of town is located on the ocean, and is lined with many seafood restaurants... These ocean-front eateries are served in a more traditional Chinese style, with lots of sharing dishes and strange creatures with eyes still intact.If you're looking for something a...

  • Take a unique piece of Hong Kong home...

    Sai Kung Local Customs

    Whilst visiting Hong Kong I went to Sai Kung a nice little town, most things here you would expect of Hong Kong, but there was one thing that caught my eye, a little shop which was tucked away, on the first floor so you will need to keep your eyes peeled, it host a range of semi precious jewellery such as necklaces, lariots and earings, aswell as a...

  • Snakes!

    Sai Kung Warnings and Dangers

    I have resently had a very close encounter with a King Cobra on the peninsula leading to Trio beach and quite a few people have now told me that they have been chased by cobras as well. The one I met did strike at me and then my husband so be aware and stamp the ground if you walk the trails in that area.


Cheung Chau

See all 28 Cheung Chau Tips
  • Cheung Chau Bun Festival

    Cheung Chau Favorites

    Fresh air, friendly people, nice 1 hour trip to there by ship, spawn paste Cheung Chau Bun Festival is wonderful!:http://www.lawrencemok.com/photo/cheung-chau-bun-festival/en/

  • Chi Ma look out

    Cheung Chau Things to Do

    Travelling via the Tung Wan Beach, passing the ancient carved rock and passing the helicopter-landing path, we lead our bikes up a steep hill towards a small temple.From here we went on foot towards the Chi Ma viewing point and the "Human Head Rock". From here you have great views over the Tung Wan Beach and the island.There is a small pavilion...

  • The small city streets

    Cheung Chau Things to Do

    Cheung Chau city streets are narrow and bring you into the backyards of the peoples houses. When you are on a bike or walking just take the time to explore these fascination small streets and look around to the city life and the houses.I didn't take a photo when I was riding my bike here, and now I think I should have done that.


Tai Po

See all 13 Tai Po Tips
  • Knowing History of Kowloon-Canton...

    Tai Po Things to Do

    Hong Kong Railway Museum is converted from the old Tai Po Railway Station. Erected in 1913, this historical station building features a pitched roof of traditional Chinese architecture. It explores the history of local railway transportation. Exhibits include a steam locomotive, historical coaches and tickets, mock-ups. It also shows models of...

  • Biking in Hong Kong Suburbs

    Tai Po Sports & Outdoors

    Cycling has been a distinctive feature in Sha Tin and is very popular among people living in or outside Sha Tin. The first cycling track in Sha Tin was opened to public in 1981, running along Tolo Highway to Tai Po. To tie in with the development of Ma On Shan, the cycle track is extended to Ma On Shan.I like the part between Hong Kong Science Park...

  • Concessionary Interchange Fare

    Tai Po Transportation

    The easiest way to get to Tai Po is by KCR (Kowloon-Canton Railyway) to Tai Po Market Station or Tai Wo Station.Or you would like to take a bus, but there is no direct route at your place, you can take bus-bus interchange. You may wonder if the fare is "doubled" if you interchange.If you go via Shing Mun Tunnel, you can interchange free, or with...


Peng Chau Island

  • Don't Miss Peng Chau one Pizzas

    Peng Chau Island Restaurants

    Great Pizzas, very tasy : my favorite is so Far the country PizzaNice ambiance, run by people Living on Peng Chau and favored by Discovery Bay residents on week ends. French Onion SoupPizzaLasagnasteakslamongreek SaladPastaAbsinthe

  • good pizza, bad view

    Peng Chau Island Restaurants

    The pizza is good. Can sit outside, but the view is ugly just looking at a big wall. shouldl be a good view on an island, but not at this place. Slow service. Better get the pizza for takeaway and eat in a nicer place. Staff mistake some order. good pizza. same style like Wildfire and same price.

  • Cheap and delicious!!!

    Peng Chau Island Restaurants

    They cook Cantonese food, and have menu in english and cantonese. Dinner or lunch for 2 will cost about HKD 120. Very delicious food, very fresh, but very small restaurant. I was not expecting anything speical, so a great surprise to find this place. Quality and price is better than average on peng chau. I recommend getting the food for take away...


Tsuen Wan

See all 10 Tsuen Wan Tips
  • lost in space ;)

    Tsuen Wan Transportation

    can not help but smile everytime remember heidi's advice, "please read this note carefully. do not make yourself 'lost in space' and 'lost in translation' here in the new territories."but that's correct, since in tsuen wan the information about address and direction are not so many as i found in kowloon or tsim sha tsui. but for main roads and...

  • Panda Hotel

    Tsuen Wan Hotels

    to be honest i wasn't stay here. just passing through at the night. seems nice place to stay with...

  • tai mo shan country park and maclehose...

    Tsuen Wan Things to Do

    tai mo shan is the home of big mist mountain [tai mo shan, 957 m above sea level]. and tai mo shan became one of the maclehose trail's stage. speaking about maclehose trail itself, it's a hundred-kilometre-long hiking route. it's links 7 different country parks and divided into 10 different signposted stages -- each connected with public transport....


Ngong Ping

See all 18 Ngong Ping Tips
  • Trek instead of Cable Car ride

    Ngong Ping Things to Do

    -Trek from Tung Chung to Ngong Ping instead of Cable Car ride, take the ride going back -Takes hours, start early, wood path as guide

  • Ngong Ping Sitting Buddha

    Ngong Ping Things to Do

    This Tallest outside sitting Buddha in the World stands at 85 feet (called Giant or "Tian Tian" Buddha) and sits on the Ngong Ping Plateau in Lantau Island (that is why this is the end part of the Ngong Ping 360! a 6 km cable car ride that starts from tung chung area to Ngong Ping that is 30 minutes in duration). The Ngong Ping Plateau also houses...

  • Ngong Ping: Queueing For The Cable Car...

    Ngong Ping Transportation

    The town of Ngong Ping starts to shut down by about 5.15pm and when that happens, the crowd heads to the only place that's still open - the car car station. I arrived at 5.30pm as the signs states that the last cable car would be leaving at 6pm and for certain, neither I nor my family had wanted to stay a night in this village.The queue was...


Tin Shui Wai

See all 8 Tin Shui Wai Tips

Chek Lap Kok

See all 15 Chek Lap Kok Tips

Tung Lo Wan

See all 4 Tung Lo Wan Tips
  • real fresh

    Tung Lo Wan Restaurants

    a real Japanese style restaurant, Japanese music, decors...they have partitions to make some rooms if you don't want to stay with crowd, but you still can see what's in the crowd through the partition. food is great (but rather expensive) Sushi and Sashimi

  • every March

    Tung Lo Wan Sports & Outdoors

    Every March,we have so so so... many visitors come over for the Rugby 7. it usually lasts for 3 days.every year, we got some crazy people running across the field, some are even in naked...(what a funny scene to me :P) nothing much just bring your hyper high mood and get ready to shout for your favourite team

  • Chain Japanese food

    Tung Lo Wan Restaurants

    clean and reasonable price, sometimes you can try new stuff as they have regular introduction of new food and promotion. all raw stuff


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