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  • Dwarka
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  • Dwarka
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  • Dwarka
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Dwarka Things to Do

  • Rukmini Devi Temple

    From Beyt Dwarka you return to the mainland of Dwarka and proceed to the exquisite Rukmini Devi Temple located on the banks of the Bhagirathi River. This is barely 1.5 kms from the Dwarka temple. The temple is an architectural masterpiece with the walls decorated with paintings depicting Rukmini’s life with Lord Krishna. There is supposed to be an...

  • Beyt Dwarka

    From Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Beyt Dwarka island is 20 kms away. You get on to a steamer and 15 minutes later, you are led through a labyrinth of lanes into the residential portion of Lord Krishna’s life in Dwarka. Plenty of small shops entice you with their trinkets. You are led from one room to another as the priest intones what each idol or...

  • Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

    About 10 kms away from the Dwarka temple is the Nageshwar Mahadev Temple. This is the site of one of the 12 Jyotirlingas (columns of light) which are manifestations of Lord Shiva, as mentioned in the Puranas. It is another temple, richly carved with a ‘linga’ in the sanctum sanctorum. By its side is a huge statue of Lord Shiva, built recently....

  • Panchanada Tirtha

    You then return to the 56 steps, go down past the small stalls to the river bank. You make your way to the Panchanada Tirtha, i.e., 5 sweet water wells. The ‘pujari’ (priest) there takes you to the main temple (Lakshmi Narayan Temple), tells you the tale of the ‘Ramayana’, how after losing everything, their land, property, kingdom and wife, to the...

  • Chakra-tirtha Ghat

    Even after the sun has set, there is still some light. So you turn back and take the slippery steps gingerly and reach the meeting point of the two water levels (Chakra-tirtha ghat). You wash your feet, hands and pour some water over your head to symbolise a ritualistic bath to attain liberation from this mortal coil. Then you buy some ‘atta’...

  • Samudra Narayan Temple

    You head west towards the setting sun till you come to the Samudra Narayan temple, a short distance away. This temple is perched on the Arabian Sea. The sky turns dull red as the fiery orb sinks into the Arabian Sea. A lighthouse can be seen in the distance.

  • The temple of Lord Krishna

    The Krishna temple of Dwarka is a holy pilgrimage point for Hindus. Most western travelers are unaware of its existence.Cost to visit the temple is free. Photos are not allowed to be taken inside, you will likely be forced to enter through a metal detector and leave your camera outside in the check-booth.Foreigners will also likely be requested to...

  • Temples/places to see and why

    I have visited all the notable places in the town and here is what you shouldn’t leave without checking.The first place to obviously admire is the titular Dwarkadheesh Temple. The sanctum is about 2,500 years old. Stands on 60 pillars which take it 5 storey high. What's very admirable is the loving and human way they tend to all the deity statues...

  • Shree Nageshwar Temple

    Again, it is free to visit this temple. And unlike Dwarka's main temple, photos are allowed.The Shree Nageshwar Temple itself is nothing special. It is fairly modern, rather banal and only takes a few minutes to see.The large draw here is the large seated statue. I'm not sure the height, but it is quite large, maybe 20m in height from the top of...


Dwarka Restaurants

  • Fast and Tasty

    Two pretty good dining places. My first choice is:1. Purushottam Paratha House, opposite Hotel Guruprerna. Quick, hot food with different gravies in each dish (unlike some places where all things taste about the same because of the same base gravy). Tastes pretty darn good and modest prices. They don't do breakfast but it's worth the wait. Sign of...

  • The best restaurant in town

    Working with many Indians from Dwarka and Jamnagar, they all said that this restaurant is the best in town. It offers a fairly large selection of vegetarian dishes. We had several types of curries, dal and masala. They were all good.

  • Dwarka Hotels

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Dwarka Warnings and Dangers

  • Dwarka Temple Timings!

    No cameras, no videos, no cell phones are permitted within the temple complex. These are all precautionary measures as the threat to this ancient temple is very real.The ominous reason is the constant threat of terrorist attacks from Islamic fundamentalists, triggered by the terrorist attacks on the Akshardham Temple in 2002. This explains the...

  • Don't wear footwear!

    In Dwarka and in Somnath, there are so many temples and holy places that you are constantly wearing and removing your footwear. It may be better to use slip ons for such visits. Sure beats tying and untying laces!

  • Don't dress immodestly!

    At almost all the temples one visited in Dwarka and in Somnath, one sign sure caught my eye. The sign said something to the effect that people wearing immodest clothes would be denied entry. So it may be better to be covered appropriately - whatever that means!


Dwarka Favorites

  • DSwede's Profile Photo

    The "Troy" of India

    by DSwede Updated Oct 17, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Dwarka is a famous pilgrimage site for Hindus. I've read that it is rated in the top seven of the most ancient cities in India. Its ancient name is Dvaraka in Sanskrit.

    I've also read that Dwarka has suffered fates much like the legendary city of Troy (Troy), having been devastated, buried and rebuilt multiple times.

    Local texts say that Dwarka was submerged six times by the water of the ocean, and that modern Dwarka is the 7th generation of the city to be built on the spot.

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