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  • toonsarah's Profile Photo

    Some wildlife

    by toonsarah Written Feb 6, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: As well as our visits to the tiger refuge, the monkeys at Dudhsagar and our several encounters with elephants, we were always on the lookout for other interesting examples of local wildlife. A visit to a wildlife park proved unfruitful, apart from a couple of very distant deer. But if smaller animals interest you, you might like this cute little frog, spotted in a car park near Panjim. I’m guessing that the huge spiders (photo 2) are less likely to be on everyone’s must-see list however ;-) But as the sign in photo 3 says, even spiders should be left to live in peace!

    Frog in a Panjim car park Spider in our backwoods camp Sign in the wildlife park

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  • Palolem Beach

    by tonyhowk Written Jan 12, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Hi to you all and happy new year :)

    Just come back from Goa and wanted to tip you a bit . I have
    spend most of my time at Palolem beach so most of my tips
    will be for this area .

    I stayed in a great resort named " Alessandra " , a beautiful beach hut resort on Palolem Beach.
    Great huts with en suite bathrooms and hot water, amazing beach, lovely staff , great atmosphare
    and very good music .

    There are many good restaurants at Palolem .

    For the best Indian food at the beach , go to " Mamus " at the end of the main street , left side .
    I'm veg. so i ate only veg. food but i know from friends that the other dishes are very good .
    Try the okra masala and dal balti . Tasty !!!

    One of the best restaurant at Palolem it's Dropadi . It's at the gate of the beach , on the left side if
    you are facing the sea . They have great dishes and very fresh food cos of changeover . I know that
    they serve great fish and sea food .

    For a very good coffee ( real coffee !! ) and great food , go to "coffee inn " . take the left at the end of
    the main street and walk like 20 meters . it's on the left side . they have real coffee machine .
    At evening time there is Suvlaki ( street greek food ) at the place .Very good !!! there is also Suvlaki
    at Agonda beach by the same guy .

    For a romantic and quiet evening , go to " Green Park " restaurant . At the end south of Palolem , go up
    the hill and than go down to the small bay . The restaurant is there and they serve good food .
    It's a very nice place to eat and sit .

    The main thing to do at night is to go to " Cafe del mar " . Its a noizy place with a lot pf people .
    sometimes you feel there in a meat market :)

    Good food you can find also at " The Banyan Tree " rrestaurant . Located at the north end of the beach .

    Just after Palolem , at the south , there is a beach called Colomb beach . a beautiful beach but with no
    good acces to the water . There is a Tapas bar there . Great spanish food and good vibes .
    Another good restaurant there is "Boom Shankar ". Good food and great view for sunset !!

    Patnam beach is right after Colomb beach . A quiet beach with nice vibes .
    There is a really good restaurant there called " Home " . all veg. but very good stuff . Try the food there .
    You will feel the difference ...

    Agonda beach located 15 min. drive north of Palolem . A very long and beautifull beach .
    There is a place there called " Turtle Lounge " . Visit there just for the style of the place !!
    It's well designed and they serve good drinks and food .

    I guess that's enough .... If anyone has questions , you are more than welcome :))

    Have a great vacation !!

    Fondest memory: Miss The amazing sunsets at Palolem beach ....

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  • bkarjee's Profile Photo

    Postal Services in India

    by bkarjee Written Nov 24, 2008

    Favorite thing: If you have to send letters/parcesl to overseas, just go to the nearby post office (check the location at your hotel reception desk). You can send letters, packages from this post office (P.O.) to anywhere in the world. In the recent years, the courier service provided by leading service providers like DHL, First flight etc has become very popular and giving the post offices a run for their money. Nevertheless P.O. are still doing a commendable job and are quite reliable and cheap.

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  • chelsea1328's Profile Photo


    by chelsea1328 Written Jul 28, 2008

    Favorite thing: i am having the same problem. The Indian Embassy give out a phone number which is wrong. It has been outsourced to v.f.s a prvate company. you have to fill in the form online, print it out and submit it to vfs. YOU then have to book a appointment to collect them, in short you need to make 2 trips to either london Birmingham or Edinborough if you do not want to send your passport through the post(like me)The cost has gone up and as you expect extra charges for handling, posting back to you e.t.c. I have phoned the travel companie i have booked with, thomson, who still though you had to go to the indian embassy. They were shocked to find out and confirm to me that its true what i told them.I have asked at the post office,no joy and have rang the home office, they said thats the only way you can do it. I love India but will not go back after my next visit. Be sure to tell every one about this ,reps, tour companies e.t.c. the goan tourist board is also up in arms about this. It is going to hit them very hard,Goa had 700,000 visitors last year, that number will go down drastically if they continue this farce.

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  • amitgupta76's Profile Photo

    south goa vs north goa

    by amitgupta76 Written Jun 15, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you have to decide where to stay, simple . if you want activity, with playing and drinking with the crowds, eating fish at the shacks, and simply observing the crowds, go to North Goa. great places from 400 to 10000 Rs are available. the Govt Resorts are good, particularly the Calungute Residency is nice.
    On the other hand, if you just want to be on white sands with maybe 5- 10 people on the beach, with a sun umbrella, and a beer and nothing much on you, just go to South Goa.

    It is very far from the irport, but your hotel will arrange transport, it is a bit expensive, but hey, u are on a holiday right, not at home. take the beer from outside the hotel anywhere, it si cheap and cold.

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  • traceyspacey's Profile Photo

    Save youself money and use the nearest ATM

    by traceyspacey Updated Nov 30, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: We are in Palolem and many people don't know that there are 2 ATM's in Chaudi, which is the nearest town. Chaudi (4km from Palolem) can be reached by bus from Palolem and costs 4 Rupees. The bus drops close to the first one. Saves you money as you don't have to pay 3% commission everytime you need money.

    We only found out about the ATM's as a couple of people who come here a lot told us. So ask the expats.

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    by BluBluBlu Updated Feb 9, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you need to email, or update your VT page you'll find most major Hotels in the south have internet connections. If you are in a small resort just pop into Margao and ask wheres the nearest internet cafe.

    In the north most of the resorts will have internet cafes...although they may be in a supermarket or other shop! I use a Sify Internet Cafe by the roundabout in Calangute as it has good broadband!

    Best time NOT to use the internet is between 4pm & this is when the local power system is stretched...and you could be halfway through a long email...and there's a powercut!

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  • BluBluBlu's Profile Photo


    by BluBluBlu Updated Feb 9, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I always take a mixture of cash & plastic. Sterling is the easiest currency to exchange. Most large towns now have ATM's, Calangute has six, and there's a new one after arrivals at Dabolim Airport. Whatever you do don't change money at the airport...its a rip-off!

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  • BluBluBlu's Profile Photo


    by BluBluBlu Updated Nov 2, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Because of the local economy Goa is dead cheap for medical treatments. My own Dentist this year said that Goa is at least 75% cheaper than UK. So if you need dental treatment...glasses...or even a boob'll be much cheaper than Western Europe. I've met loads of people...including two women who were 'too' proud of their boob jobs!;) So consider local treatment...but do get reccomendations first.

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  • TracyLB's Profile Photo


    by TracyLB Written Apr 10, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: I have to say the most fun thing we did in Goa was to participate in Holi..Lucky for us, we came to Goa to visit a friend that we met in Kerala last year. So on the day of Holi, he and his family invited us to their village to partake in the festivities, of which we were not disappointed...infact it was probably the most fun thing we have ever done whilst travelling..Goan hospitality is some of the best we have ever encountered..They love eating and drinking and entertaining and having a great time..And on Holi, they went all out!!!

    Fondest memory: Holi will never leave my mind because it was a day full of fun...Everyone was drinking and dancing and acting totally crazy!! Color was everywhere.They were pounding away on a drum...My clothes were wrecked, but i didn't even care..We were drinking a local drink called Uraak..We met so many people that day and found that the Goan's were some of the nicest people we have ever met..And that is what i am going to miss most about Goa..the friendly warm people that we met...Not to mention the great food and the Kingfisher beer and beedis!!

    Me, Greg, Felix, Helen and Gavin People We Met... Greg and Gavin Felix..Too Funny, He Doesn't Even Look the Same Still Partying!!
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  • Candolim, end of season

    by AlBooth Written Jan 17, 2006

    Favorite thing: Okay, Goa ain't exactly the undiscovered hippy paradise that it once was. I haven't been at the height of the season, but I've seen pics, they weren't pretty and they didn't look anything like the place I visited. The season winds down at the end of March as the weather heats up in time for the rainy season, but if you want a fortnight's holiday for the price of the Med, you couldn't do any better.

    Fondest memory: My fondest, most striking memories are of the people. You're gonna get a few bad'uns wherever you go, but it's the quality of the good'uns that help me rate a place and I met so many lovely people there. From the urchins selling 'trinkets' on the beach, to the soldier who told us to stop taking photos on the runway (there were signs forbidding that practice everywhere, but he was pretty cool about our blatant stupidity), you'll be hard-pushed to find nicer people.

    It's also a really popular holiday destination with people from all over India. The guide books warn against getting your photos taken on the beach, and although there were a couple of odd punters, we met some lovely people who were simply curious about who we were and where we came from.

    Baga Beach, great place for a pat on the head... The hustle and bustle of Coco Beach in March People from all over India love Goa
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  • ssharonuk's Profile Photo

    about Goa

    by ssharonuk Updated Nov 20, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: the fondest memory i have about our first holiday to goa was our first day at morgim beach when my husband and myself were lying alone on the beach and he turned to me and said " sharon pinch me Just to make sure in not dreaming" that just sums up what we think of goa and why were returning

    sun setting at our own little beach  somewhere nea our own little beach shack all alone on the beach

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  • BluBluBlu's Profile Photo


    by BluBluBlu Written Aug 9, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: As in all India, if you 'tip' people up will get a better service. So if you go into a Goan restaurant...and need to be somewhere else at a certain time...give the waiter a tip and say 'we need to be out of here in an hours time...'. It works!

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  • BluBluBlu's Profile Photo

    Posting home...

    by BluBluBlu Written Aug 6, 2005

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: If you are sending letters or postcards...find the local postbox...if you give them to Receptionists in Hotels who offer to post them...quite often they never arrive. So ask where the postbox is...and do it yourself!

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  • BluBluBlu's Profile Photo

    The season

    by BluBluBlu Written Jul 27, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: The main season for Goa is normally October to April which is when you can expect the best weather. If you go outside of this time most of the beach shacks, the nightclubs, markets etc will be closed. Hotels and restaurants are still open...although a lot of these shut too

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