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  • david dsouza titos baga
    david dsouza titos baga
    by grammetbauer_robert
  • kennedy kamaki baga
    kennedy kamaki baga
    by grammetbauer_robert
  • david dsouza titos baga goa
    david dsouza titos baga goa
    by grammetbauer_robert
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    CLUBS & DANCING: "The Nightclub in the Sky" - CLUB CUBANA

    by JessH Updated Apr 17, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    UPDATE YEAR 2007:
    Voted BEST Night Club in India!

    After hearing about the Club Cubana on VT, being approached by flyer-clutching youngsters on the beach, and being asked by every second taxi-driver "Party tonight, girls?" we semi-reluctantly decided to reserve our Wednesday evening for the Ladies Night at Club Cubana, the "Night Club in the Sky"...
    ...and seriously: we weren't disappointed!

    After bumping along the Goa-typical country roads for 15 minutes, with Trance music thumping throughout our little mini van and a hyperactive taxi driver, we arrived at the foot of Arpora Hill where a signboard with big golden lips declared a right turn. Up the dirt road we headed (I honestly thought the mini bus wasn't going to make it without stalling!); and we were amused about the flashing cat-eyes embedded in the dirt track, showing us the way.

    At the top, we arrived at an entrance fit to represent the Playboy Mansion, the bouncer marked our wrists with glow-in-the-dark ink, and up the stairs we climbed. Indeed, as we found out later through the manager Raat, it was once an inhabited family home that was later converted into this trendy night club, with great views at day and night.

    To your left, there's the pool area with BBQ & bar, straight up and ahead takes you into the club with the dark dance floor and yet another bar, and to your right you'll find another plateau with a large bar and a large seating area (chairs, bar stools and sofas).

    With bats flapping over our heads, confused by the laser show we quickly made friends with the German (gosh, we just get everywhere, don't we?! Haha!) bartender Oliver who gave us the low-down on the club's entrance & admission policies, special theme nights and his recent encounter with a tummy-bug.

    Dress Code: On a regular night (open 7 days a week) the cover charge is 400 Rupees, which includes free unlimited drinks all night long!
    Wednesdays is Ladies Night, with free entrance *and* free drinks all night.
    Fridays is Bikini Night: anyone (even guys) in a bikini gets free entrance & free drinks.

    We went to Club Cubana on Wednesday and again on Friday (one has to show off her new bikini, right?).
    You can enter the Bikini competition (yes, guys as well!) with weird games in & around the pool, with a prize of 10,000 Rupees for the winner; 7,000 Rs for the runner-up and 3,000 Rs for 3rd place... not bad!

    All in all: I have NO CLUE how this club makes money whilst giving away free drinks all night long - but it's definitely a great place that you shouldn't miss.

    Opening Hours: Every day, 09:30pm onwards.

    Flyers of the Club Cubana, Goa Oliver of the Club Cubana, Goa Getting started at Club Cubana, Goa Fire Dancers in background at Club Cobana, Goa Follow the golden lips... Club Cubana
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  • Paradiso, Shore Bar, 9-Bar: Best for Psychedelic Goa Trance Parties.

    by vinodcia Updated Nov 6, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Anjuna in Nothern Goa is the birthplace of GOA TRANCE MUSIC. It is an incarnation of trance music with a more complex texture of psychedelic sounds woven into a kaleidoscopic tapestry added with strange samples from movies and other sources, also add whooshes, bleeps and wobbling noises that stimulate the psychoactive mind.

    These three places are the best hangout zones for rave/Trance party. Paradiso is located at the starting point of Anjuna(while coming from vagator). On High season, party goes on for days. 9- bar, which is located at vagator, is also a good one for rave music but it closes down at 10.00 pm sharp. Shore bar is at Anjuna beach, here the parties go in full swing on wednesdays as many forgieners hang around at Anjuna beach after going to the Flea market.

    A WORD OF WARNING: There are some transexuals (Hijras-A local term) who look like any other normal girls or even more beautiful than Indian Film actresses and they speak in a girls voice and a person can get easily fooled and can be ripped off his money after coming to know that the person is not a girl. They usually hang around in these places to make a quick buck and Rip-off anyone who takes them for having SEX. SO make sure you choose the right person.

    Dress Code: Anything would do except a birthday suit!

    Shorebar Sunset

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    by vinodcia Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tito's is another popular hangout place situated at Calangute-Baga lane where one can chill out and also a place for all the expats & travellers to meet up. It has an indoor night club, a multi-cuisine restaurant called "Brass", an outdoor pub, the currently most popular beach pub - "Mambo's" a 24 hour coffee shop and boutique.

    Warning: Drugs are strictly prohibited inside the club and anybody found in possession of the same would be handed over to the Police.

    Dress Code: A Normal clubwear would do!

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  • Escadora7's Profile Photo

    CLUBS & DANCING: Mambo's exclusive

    by Escadora7 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A couple of footprints from Tito's, right on Baga beach, you come across Mambo's, an open aired pub/club and one of the most happening places in North Goa. Things have changed a bit from yesteryears when there would be bonfires in the huge ground that the bar overlooks; fifty pint-sized bottles of beer on each table, piled up high in a form of a pyramid and waiting for the first jostling character to tip them all over.

    Not like it would be a big disturbance; a lot of guffaws, clapping, cheering later, and everyone would go back to what they were doing before interruption stepped in. Don't get me wrong. The parties haven't dulled by far, people still getting wasted and high, dance, music and fun all around with more nationalities than you can count off your fingers. Very "multi-kultural" you might say! Sort of reminds me of an organized chaos.

    There's theme nights for retro music, trance night, etc and the place is always crowded. A couple years back the entire tiny street would be jam-packed with rented motorcyles, a few cabbies outside wait anxiously to transfer tourists back to their beds for exhorbitant sums in rupees (not too many $$s). The restrooms have definitely been cleaned up from the parties back then.

    If you're lucky you may see a dancer step up onto the tables 'sans' footwear, and gyrate to the music to some whistling and jeering from the crowd, women included, some of whom will jump right onto the bar tables and dance a bit themselves. There's a bit off food served too, but not many people I see go there for the food. Go on, have some fun!

    Dress Code: Casuals are fine. It's Goa, you're expected to be lazying around, sneakers are preferred over sandals. If you came in straight from the beach, shorts 'might' be a problem.

    It's approximately US$5-10 to get in (cover charge) but the price really varies per night. Christmas and New Years more expensive. Beers are about US$2-4. Order the local kingfishers and see what the fuss is all about. And no need to worry about getting tipsy. What happens in Goa, stays in Goa!

    Shake that booty More table gyrators Table Gyrations Yet more table gyrators You can jump onto the table dancing wagon too
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  • alycat's Profile Photo

    Primrose: Dance ur blues away

    by alycat Written Dec 25, 2003

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    THis old, haunted and dangly house turns into a vibrant and lively night spot at the stroke of 11 every nite, if it the season" The season BTW is from Oct-Feb. Located in the lanes and bylanes of little vagator, this place offers carefree dancing and guaranteed good time.

    Dress Code: Since they have psychedelic lites, it serves right to wear reflective clothing. If you dont have anything with that lineage, dont worry they have clothing specially for dancing sold just outside Primrose Club.

    Hey if you dont any clothing dont worry, u can paint your body blue, white, and all that....

    They have a free entry, so it was bliss for a ragpicker like me!!!

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  • Justin_goa's Profile Photo

    CLUBS & DANCING: New Garden Restaurant

    by Justin_goa Written Jul 25, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is a new Ganrden restaurant open in Sinquerim, north Goa.
    It's called 'SWEET CHILLI'
    Beautiful layout on a hillside by the road to gort Aguada ( opp. road to Taj Gort Aguada).
    They are open only on weekends now as it is off season. They have all the top of the line bands playing during weekends. May be during the season, the frequency of entertainments will increase.
    It's worth a try during your stay in Goa

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  • alycat's Profile Photo

    CLUBS & DANCING: Nine Bar

    by alycat Written Jun 5, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nine Bar. This place is great for a healthy dose of early evening parties and is located at Vagator Beach in north Goa. It is open between 5 pm and 10 pm and is packed to the tee during this time. Situated atop the hill overlooking the beach it is the ideal location to watch a sunset and dancing the night away underneath the open heavens.

    Dress Code: Chill its Goa!

    The mad raves at Nine Bar
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  • sandeep.bhadu's Profile Photo

    clubcubana: Party All Night

    by sandeep.bhadu Written Feb 19, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Goa, there are ample night clubs, place to drink and dine thruout night. After visiting many clubs, somebody told us about Club Cubana. we reached early about 10:30 PM. Slowly crowd starting to come and by 12:00, it was packed. Entry is not expensive about 100$ US per person. Booze is available with entry and can be purchased seperately. Party lasted upto 5:00 AM and light music upto 6:00 AM.

    We were conviced that why its called club in Sky.

    check this link before visiting

    Dress Code: No thongs

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  • s.e.a.n's Profile Photo

    CLUBS & DANCING: Nine Bar Vagator

    by s.e.a.n Updated Apr 3, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The nine Bar opens before sunset and is set up on the cliffside above Vagator beach. It is a great place to sit and chill out and watch the sunset through the palm trees. There is a seated area and a bar selling drinks and they do a nice stone baked pizza aswell. All to the back drop of Goan Trance music that plays in the open air dance arena.

    Dress Code: After the beach wear

    The open air dance arena with its stone DJ booth Seated chill out  & sunset view area

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  • 1Janakivasan's Profile Photo

    CLUBS & DANCING: NgithLife Goa

    by 1Janakivasan Written Dec 17, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    hi everybody there are lot of places were you can spend you Nights in Goa. if your staying in calangute beach their lot of beach side resturants were you can have candle light Dinner with your most loving one all these beach side resturants are open till midnight. if you want to enjoy with rock Music Eden is the place but Drinks served here are quit costly not worth of it. If your are couple then Tito's is the right place. tito's is located in Baga beach its about 10 mins travel by Auto from calagute Beach( by Auto 40 rs). If your alone Mamboos is the right place you will be charged around 300 rs/ person. mamboos opens only after 11 pm and goes till early mornig its nice place to enjoy your night. In club cubana only couples are allowed mostly you can find only outside country people here you will be charged 600rs /person as enrty fees and unlimited Drinks free. if you want to go to club cubana it better you hire a taxi.

    Dress Code: any thing will do

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  • vikasmta's Profile Photo

    CLUBS & DANCING: Paradiso -- Beautiful

    by vikasmta Written May 22, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Went to Paradiso club at Anjuna. Beautiful club interior was done by clay with one side overlooking the sea. Rs. 600 for a cluople with unlimited drinks . Stang entry alowed Rs. 1000 per stag. Good music. Opens from 10 PM till 4 Am in the morning . Please book you taxi To and Fro to visit this club as if you dont book for return Taxi drivers outside may charge you hell of money . I had paid Rs. 300 from Candolim to Paradiso and while returning I was asked to pay Rs. 1500 for a drop to Candolim . Since it was very early and lonley we paid Rs. 1000 for the taxi.

    Dress Code: Anything Cool

    Clay Art on wall Clay Art Bartenders
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  • LOUNGEFLY: Very Tropical

    by af9911 Written Dec 6, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    'Loungefly' is one of its kind in its category of dining, entertainment and lifestyle experiences. Built on a thirty-three thousand square feet sand dune, a stone throw away from the Arabian Sea in the Western Indian state of Goa, the lounge symbolises comfort, style, class, innovation and contemporary lifestyle, that is designed to provide wholesome entertainment and an evening-out experience to keep coming back to.

    The Look:

    The whole place is designed around two very long bars that extend out of the base of a large professional stage that is home to many professional performances and showcasing of talents. The bars are transcended lengthwise, by a ramp that can be used for fashion shows. The strategic positioning of the entire entertainment set-up ensures visibility from anywhere in the vast expanse of the lounge.
    The most imposing structure that lends character to the entire place is the stage back-drop. A 24 ft. high wall inspired by Portuguese architecture, with gothic windows and a 17 ft. high solid wooden door that betrays its looks of a Portuguese inheritance by taking on the colour of aqua Ash-Green, that is so unique to the Arabian Sea.
    To the left of the bar, is a set-up that is lavish, spacious and opulent. Primarily intended in design and effect, to make both dining and lounging an extremely relaxing and entertaining experience. Huge pristine white leather couches, combined with deep sink-in divans made from locally-produced bamboos, keep the essence of Old Goa intact, while flavouring the outcome, cutting-edge contemporary. With a tinge of bright blues and sea-greens thrown in, in the form of cushions, the feel of the Mediterranean is unmissable.
    To the right of the bar, is a more casual set-up, on a deep-blue wooden deck and slicker, yet comfortable furniture make it complete and friendly. This is aimed towards a more casual atmosphere, where one could chill-out with company with a drink and munch on finger-foods or have a light meal.
    Facing the stage at the other end of the bar, is what is aptly called, the barbeque garden. Here is, where one can laze around on bean-bags while sipping on cocktails and sampling out grills, barbeques and tandoors from the live console, from where the aroma of herbs and spices fill the air with the anticipation of a sumptuous bite and a great evening ahead.
    The sun-deck overlooking the whole lounge on one side, also overlooks the beach and the Arabian Sea at a small distance ahead, on the other side. The sunset, with all its beauty and the charming breeze from the sea, bring out the nostalgia and mood to indulge, as the chilled beers and frozen margaritas do their magic on guests, who try to divide reel space in their cameras, between the stunning sunset view on one side and the lounge on the other, which is by then, slowly transforming itself to its evening form, lined with hundreds of candles and glowing with festive lights, highlighting the fine details, which make 'Loungefly', the perfect recipe of a wonderful concoction that can take one away into its charming world, where time is of no relevance.

    The Cuisine:

    'Loungefly', in all its tropical flavour, look and style, invariably keeps the trend unchanged when it comes to the offerings from its rather large, well-stocked and well-equipped kitchen.
    Morocco, Jerusalem, Portugal, The Orient, South Asia, Mexico, Parts of the Mediterranean, all lend their flavours and recipes to the cuisine that make up the menu, with of course, a greater emphasis on seafood.
    Needless to say, the vegetables are the crunchiest, the meat choicest, the seafood freshest and the herbs and spices, the most aromatic.
    (Refer Kitchen menu)

    The Bar:

    With the many different moods and settings of the lounge, the bar menu has been designed to keep up with the inherent spirit of change, variety and indulgence. With an array of some of the best cocktails, and a range of different varieties of Martinis, Sangrias, Margaritas and more, the two hugely long bars meet their match in the form of an equally long menu that only testifies the fact, that they are well-stocked as well.
    (Refer Bar menu)

    The Nightclub:

    The most vibrant, exciting and energetic part of the entire space. Resident DJ, Vijay and his frequently invited guest DJs from India and around the world, make sure that this 2,600 sq.ft. of glass-walled beauty with all its cutting-edge sound and lighting system, creates a buzz that is only worth the rapture of a thousand hands and the tapping of thousand feet.

    'All about good Living':

    'All Living', is an integral part of the 'Loungefly’ concept. In-keeping with the common goal and ideology of both the brands, the lounge also houses a corner in the form of a store, which imposes itself rightfully on to the mainstream, as the exhibits of this 'corner store', not only enhance the general theme and decor, but also play an important part in its definition and commercial growth.

    The Future:

    The protagonists feel, that 'Loungefly', besides being a stand-alone lounge and the business entity that it is today, has the potential to transform itself and evolve into a brand that is all encompassing, in terms of lifestyle and entertainment. The list could be enduringly long and include food, beverages, music, fashion, arts, socially engaging disciplines and so on.
    In short, the next few financial years are intended for the project to be internationally known and acclaimed to be a commercial success story in the field, having scopes for further growth and providing opportunities to established talents and the ones, waiting-to-be.
    In conclusion, 'Loungefly' is a project, dreamt of, researched, conceived and executed with a view to be a pioneer in the hospitality, lifestyle and entertaiment industries, as the vision remains firmly committed towards a steady growth, with business ethics and principles in place, befitting of one of the only and largest entities in this field, on its way to achievements and personal and commercial growth-oriented realisation of it all.

    Dress Code: Semi Formal, Casual & Party Wear

    The Longest Bar in Goa The Sun Deck overlooking the Arabian Sea The Lounge, The Stage and The Bar The NightClub
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  • nupz's Profile Photo

    CLUBS & DANCING: Night life at its best

    by nupz Written Jan 20, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are number of night clubs in GOA,It depends where you want to go .People find clubs like club enaya,club cubana,club in sky,Mambos and many more interesting.We went to club in the sky and it's definetely worth the money.Coctails are cheap but good in quality and they play good music as well but,if you are there in the month of nov/ dec/ january you would have to worry about it as you would have plenty of beach parties where you can drink and dance under open sky and on the beach around bonfire.

    Dress Code: I think this is the place where you can go without a dress code.You just have to be neat and look cool and you are in for the partying.You can wear any thing you want just,it has to be looking cool and not weird.

    gala time partyyying!!!
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  • BluBluBlu's Profile Photo

    Hilltop: Great gigs...

    by BluBluBlu Written Jan 30, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    They have some great parties and gigs at Hilltop. Recently saw Prem Joshua in concert here. Place was packed out...coupla thousand people grooving to the asian fusion vibes. Top place!

    Dress Code: Anything goes...

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  • BluBluBlu's Profile Photo

    Club Cubana: Great little club

    by BluBluBlu Updated Jul 28, 2005

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Great little club built into the Baga hillside, on the way to Anjuna. Its about 500 Rupees to get in but that covers drinks for the night! Good music and a great place to 'people-watch'.

    Dress Code: Anything goes...

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