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Goa Highlights

  • Pro
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    tere1 says…

     Beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, great food and friendly people 

  • Con
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     worst public service, transport. Shutting down during monsoon.. 

  • In a nutshell
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     A classic paradise area decllining to the mass tourism. 

Goa Things to Do

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  • Massages

    In front of Titanic restaurant on Palolem beach I found a husband and wife team from Menali who were offering massages - the husband would massage male clients and his wife the ladies. She gave me a wonderful head massage, with a short shoulder rub thrown in (and boy was I tempted to go for the full thing!). For 15 minutes I paid 120 INR (which was...

  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls

    Dudhsagar Waterfalls, at 2,000 feet high, are the highest falls in India. Dudhsagar means "sea of milk" and the name comes from the white foam created from the force of the water as it drops. From the parking lot, it's about a 5-10 minute hike down to the falls. It can be a little rough for anyone with mobility problems. You'll pass through lush...

  • Calangute Beach

    when u reach the calangute beach there are already get you some agents of water rides. They will give you 5 rides in 600 rupees . most amazing thrill in banana ride and parachute gliding which are never forget these Goa trip. friend when you reach the calangute beach so be aware and alert from the agents coz too much looting of prices in lodging,...


Goa Hotels

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Goa Restaurants

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    Most nights this place is packed...so get there early! The food here is kinda basic but they serve huge portions! Its kinda like a chip shop menu...brilliant fish, sausages, pies etc. Tashi is a great host and they do various themed nights like bingo etc.


    A wonderful restaurant in a very charming place, open space with a beautiful terrasse. The food is delicious, the service is perfect, and people who are coming into it are very open minded. I have spent a delightful moment at this place. Enjoy the music too, a real original playlist while you are eating delightful dishes. Read more:...


    The ambience of this restaurant was very nice and it is located on first floor. The quality of food was good and staff were very cooperative. No waiting time as they have enough space and staff to serve you better. You can get all Indian Taste like Punjabi, South Indian, Gujarati etc. I liked food but the dessert was amazing as we ordered Fresh...


Goa Nightlife

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    UPDATE YEAR 2007: Voted BEST Night Club in India! After hearing about the Club Cubana on VT, being approached by flyer-clutching youngsters on the beach, and being asked by every second taxi-driver "Party tonight, girls?" we semi-reluctantly decided to reserve our Wednesday evening for the Ladies Night at Club Cubana, the "Night Club in the...


    This is the current bar to be seen in! Its got an external area with two bars, with lots of seating areas, plus an aircon internal area/come nightclub. Lots of fun people, prices are a bit steep, but thats what you pay for the fun! Smart casual


    Things to do in goa, entertainment in goa Avail the best discounts in nightclubs in goa, resturants in Goa, Visit http://www.partygoa.com Nightlife in Goa, Vouchers for free entry for clubbing in goa,hotlsin Goa Resturants in Goa http://www.partygoa.com CASINOS IN GOA Things to do in goa, entertainment in goa Avail the best discounts in nightclubs...


Goa Transportation

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    You'll see everyone whiz past on two-wheelers or scooters. Rent one for a week/duration of your stay but make sure to be safe, ride two to a scooter, and watch out for crazy driving! You'll need to watch the fuel tank and fill up before you return, so make note of the closest gas station since in most areas they are few and far between.


    While on a tour of local villages we took a ferry across one of the several rivers that run into the sea near Panjim. These two ladies were intrigued by the small group of tourists who’d joined them for the crossing and gave me a shy smile when I asked if I could take their photo. The ferry transports both vehicles and foot passengers, and the...


    For travel from Chennai to Goa, it's been ages, but i recall there's a major train junction at Guntakal, then Hospet, which is close to Panaji, Goa. I just Googled, Indian Railways Map, and there's a good one. Maybe you could reserve a 2nd class sleeper overnighter from Chennai to Guntakal(or Hospet). Check the Indian Railways website, you could...


Goa Shopping

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    Anjuna Market takes place every Wednesday from October onwards throughout the high-season, from around 09:00am to 06:00pm. It was the hippies who brought about the trend of the flea market at Anjuna beach during the late 1960s, and it's just been getting bigger and better ever since. Even if you're not interested in buying anything, or don't have...


    well depend which month you are travelling.south is nice and beautiful nrth is bussy..... let me know your interest will suggest best things to do. jewels,linen,bespoke tailoring/only from very special shops....which dont deal with commission. most guys like taxi they get 50 percent commision at shop.also beware of kashmir people and kashmiri...

  • Resort wear in Goa

    In the past 10 years, Goa has been attracting designers from near and far. Stop by Malini Ramani and Wendell Rodricks to get a feel for Indian designer and resort wear. Also newly (2013) opened is Jade Jagger's store at Ashwem Resort, beach and jewellery! on the expensive side


Goa Local Customs


    Raksha bandhan (the bond of protection in Hindi) or Rakhi is a Hindu festival which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie a rakhi (a holy thread) around their brothers' wrists. The brother in return offers a gift to his sister and vows to look after her. This festival is typically an occasion for celebration by the...


    It is well known that cows are sacred to Hindus, but knowing this didn’t really prepare me for some of the (to Western eyes) unusual sights we came across. Not only do cows wander freely on town and city streets as here, but also on the beach (photo 2). And the cows are very definitely in charge. Time and again we witnessed local drivers getting...


    Fascinating watching the local fishermen at Coco Beach. The effort that is put into fishing appears tremendous. Starting with wading out with the long fishing net to create a loop, then with as many hands as possible dragging it back ashore.


Goa Warnings and Dangers


    You will probably be offer to use and buy drugs from local and other people in Goa, but say no. Stay away from it. It is very hard penalities in India if you use drugs, and sometimes the police are corrupted and they work together with the drug dealer to make more income. The police income in India is very low, so they need to make some extra.


    Okay, so this information might be slightly dated, but in the third world, habits and lifestyles progress slowly....... One feature of Goa's beach in Panjim, in early morning, was to watch the locals defecating on the beach, close to the water's edge, in the hope that the tide would remove the human waste. They seemed to have this timed to...


    The beaches in Goa are some of the cleanest in India but still with Shacks serving food to people on the beach - and people eating, drinking, and smoking on the beach, you will find litter. Please don't litter!! It's a good idea to bring a bag with you to keep all your waste to dispose of when you leave the beach.


Goa Tourist Traps


    Despite what people think and say I believe the beach sellers are part of the holiday experience. Some of the stuff they sell is what you find at the market and its up to you whether you get it cheaper or not ? I cannot speak for all the sellers but the ones I came across where friendly and could speak 3 or 4 languages,after all its there...


    I am Mr.Surajit ghosh from Kolkata and a Doctor in profession. I stayed in Colva Residency hotel in colva which was very good. Goa is beautiful and it has charm of beauties and people visit to Goa for peace and relaxation. The places in Goa are very nice. Sir i like to raise a complain regarding the tourist taxi service in colva. they do not have...


    I had rented a Taxi Cab to take us to see some of the sights in South Goa like the St. Francis church, beaches, temples etc. As I stayed at the Park Hyaat in south Goa is was a long way off and quite a few miles drive to get to North Goa. As we were heading to the beach our Tax driver suggested that we visit a traditional Portugese house... even...


Goa What to Pack

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  • Bringing things out for the children in...

    If you need help then perhaps you can get extra luggage for your flight. If you Mention the charity then depending on which airline you are flying with you might get up to 20kg extra allowance!!!! If you have old children's clothes that are clean and in good condition and have a spare bit of room in you case then why not bring it out and take it...

  • Essentials

    Minimum luggage You can buy most of the clothing here if you are good at bargaining.Excellent beachwear and summerwear.Dont forget to get a cap/hat and flip flops. Lots of Sunscreen. Try Captain Lobo's at Baga near Colonia Santa Maria.It shall cost you around 1500 - 1700 rs per night.Neat and clean and has a private access to beach.Thumbs UP.

  • Beach bum

    Don't bring lots of bags, as it can be a bit of a squeeze getting them into a tuk-tuk! For Goa, you really won't need much in the way of clothes! A swimming costume, a light shirt/top and shorts and thin trousers / skirts for evening, and that's about it. You can buy cheap and pretty sarongs in Palolem, so don't bother bringing anything like that...


Goa Off The Beaten Path


    Yes, I think you mean Baga! Never mind but one of the most scenic walks really a long time ago,with a bit of a climb is to be had there. I guess most travelers dont know about it but I happenned to do it quite accidentally. It is really breathtaking. If you can locate Brittos on one end of Baga as a land mark, and if you face the sea with Brittos...


    All over Goa you find tiny fishing harbours.venture out into the villages and you will present yourself with an excellent photo opportunity.You will also enjoy interacting with the friendly fisher-folk.


    I recently went on a pilgrimage to Meherabad and loved it. It is home to the Samadhi or Tomb-Shrine of Avatar Meher Baba, who claimed he was God in human form. Engraved on Baba's gravestone is the beginning of his Universal Message: "I have come not to teach but to awaken." Over 20,000 people visit Meherabad on the anniversary of Baba's death...


Goa Sports & Outdoors

  • Water Park in Goa

    There's a new waterpark opened up in Anjuna called Splashdown. It's got some awesome slides and of good standard. It's is a super place to have fun while in Goa. Everything is new and the staff is polite and helpful. Would recommend it to everyone visiting goa. One more happening place. My friends and I had a wonderful time between sliding and just...

  • Chill by water

    I love the beach and the water. I just like to relax. If you are like me, just carry awesome swimsuits and sunbathe by the water.I get my bikini from http://www.secretcache.comLove love their stuff. Bikini, bathing suits, one pieces etc http://www.secretcache.comFree shipping and returns accepted in India. LOVE THEM!




Goa Favorites

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    The name, ‘Goa’ is from the word, ‘Gomanta’ referred to in the great Hindu epic, the ‘Mahabharat’. According to mythology, Bhargav Parasurama, the incarnation of the god Vishnu and a pupil of the god Shiva, reclaimed land from the sea. He then settled his men on the area called Goa. During the 3rd. century BC, it was part of the Mauryan Empire...


    A large, rusty and abandoned russian ship is anchored at the beach of Candolim. The rope has a foothold right on the beach. I don't know how long time this ship have been anchored here, but it doesn't look nice. GPS coodinates: 15° 30' 44.3500" N 73° 45' 49.5200" E


    With the festive season round the corner, Goa is all set to welcome its visitors who make a beeline to its shores during the October to March season that is the best time to explore this picturesque state. Cheap flights to Goa is already the highest searched keyword on Google and the queries are most likely to go up as X’mas and New Year comes on...


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    I want to go here. I want to learn Indian culture

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    Last December we have been to Goa with the Help Of Purple Leaf Holidays , Pune , we stayed in Resort arranged by them in Baga .. it was a wonderful stay , memorable , nice people , nice beaches

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