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Nasik Things to Do

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    If ya get the Rats at the Ghats! Try...

    by budapest8 Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Pleasures for Pill-Grims..Ramkund
    Ramkund is a sacred tank, built in 1696.
    Chitrarao Khatarkar got it constructed 27mts.
    by 12 mts. The aborigines state that Lord Rama
    and his consort Sita used this tank for bathing during
    the years of exile. Hence, it is also very holy. There is a
    common belief that if the ashes are immersed in the
    holy waters of this kund, salvation or moksha is easily
    achieved. The Muktidham Temple
    The Muktidham Temple is located near the station,
    around 7 kms from the city. The temple has been
    built with pure white makrana marble tiles
    making it a unique piece of architecture.
    The distinctive feature found here is that,
    eighteen chapters of the Bhagwad Geeta
    are written on the walls of the temple
    The Kalaram Temple
    The Kalaram Temple, built in 1794 by Gopikabai Peshwa,
    is another architectural grandeur, with the motif,
    pretty much analogous to that of the Trimbakeshwar
    Temple. This 70 feet high structure has been built with
    black stone extracted from the mine of Ramsej Hill.
    The copper peak of the temple is gold-plated and looks
    ravishing by day and night as well. The idols of Lord Rama,
    Sita and Lakshmana are sandy black decked with ornaments.
    Gyrating this temple, are various small temples dedicated to
    Lord Vithala, Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman.
    Shirdi lies at a distance of 122 kms approximately from this place and is dedicated to Sai Baba. The place witnesses devotees lining up right from the wee hours in the morning to attain the blessings of Sai Baba. The darshan is available throughout the week, but Thursday is especially considered as holy for the Baba. Nearby is the Dwarkamani mosque, where the Baba is believed to have meditated and slept on alternate nights. Just next to the mosque is a long corridor. Here, the eternal flame burns day and night.

    Nasik Caves The Taxi Drivers Guru..Sai Baba

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    Shopping for Clothes in Devlali near...

    by noprejudiceguy Updated May 26, 2010

    Devlali or Deolali Camp is a small beautiful & green town,it is the best place for shopping readymade clothes,electronic gizmos,perfumes,footwear etc.

    In Devlali you get amazing bargains for which you have to be smart enough to get that extra discount from the sellers there.

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    Phalke Smarak

    by mili_143 Written Sep 18, 2009

    A must visit place in nasik is Phalke smarak. Its having lush green surroundings, thousands of trees. Near by this smarak there is a water park too. Entry fee is Rs 10.00. In night they organize wonderful fountain show. Its really worth to see.

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Nasik Hotels

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Nasik Restaurants


    by pravdr Updated Sep 14, 2008

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    the place is best accessed early opens early as the junction at which it is situated is home to many industries which open te day progresses it become sincreasingly crowded as there is limited seating capacity.
    the service is typically no get inside ask the waiter whats ready and it will be in front of you in a jiffy.
    especially if you are arriving in nasik or going beyond nasik this is the best place as there is ample space for parking and you dont have to leave the highway to enter nasik city and waste precious time for ur onward journey.
    toilet facilities are ok

    Favorite Dish: all south indian dishes are well made.dosa idli smabar wada sambar uthapa and other dishes like pavbhaji and the regular punjabi stuff.

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Nasik Shopping

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    All over the coast of Godavari River at RAMKUND gh: You Can buy antique feeling Brass metal...

    by AKHTARSAYYAD Written Aug 4, 2009

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    If you will visit the 'RAM KUND' Godavari River Ghat You can purchase the brass metal utensila generally used for Hindu religious Rituals at the time of POOJA etc.
    u can purchase gift items anfd the brass copper metal gift items such as small miniature type God's statues all smalll playing articles for children and variety of Jewelery which is not true but give the feel of trueness.

    What to buy: Anything u can buy as per ur choice to give gift to ur beloved ones.

    What to pay: From 1 Dollar to maximum 10 Dollars only

    A lot of antique feel giving articles Ourchase anything on road Ram Kund Ghat.

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Nasik Warnings and Dangers

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    Who am I? Cults, sects and Spirituality

    by budapest8 Written Sep 21, 2005

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    Ten days with a GURU..........

    The Guru Alex and I followed around for ten days was
    called Sant Thakar Singh.. after a few bed bug nights
    in a hostel in the Janpath we moved to a suburb of
    New Delhi at Shakti Nagar in the Ashram of the late
    Master Sawan Singh who spread the Surat Sabda Yoga
    There was the Guru Possee. One chap, a real live fakir would
    do an upsitdown lotus flower position on his hands for
    about an hour.
    MMM I think so...We promised each other if either of us
    started to get a distant look in their eyes then the other
    would give a good slap and say 'Time to leave' .
    There were another 20+ foreigners, mostly German
    and Americans, and they were meditating 5 times a
    day and smiling like some overenthusiastic Born again
    Christian brother/sister.
    I swear they were so detatched you could have blown
    away their next of kin in front of them and they probably
    wouldn't even flinch or bat an eye lid.
    You can see the same look in junkies or fundemental
    religious zealots. SPOOKY....Meditation For Masters!
    They probably were so screwed up and hurting that
    this newly created pain killer (life killer) was good for them.
    Who's to judge, better than medication, drugs or alcoholism.
    Reminded me of that horror flic 'The year of the living dead'
    The link below is from a hard core Christian site but they do
    have good info. One cult fights the competition.Hmmm
    VT is religion free but India is such a country that some poor
    gullible sods get sucked into the net of dogma.
    I remember when the Bagwan took off and his secretary
    with all that money then he told his followers to follow
    their own path. There were quite a few of lost souls all dressed
    in orange with the necklace of him around their necks.
    They had to send deprogrammers from Germany and Switzerland
    to clean up t6he mess.

    No it's not Christmas and this guys not SANTA Blinfolded children at the ashram

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Nasik Favorites

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    Must Visit Ram Kund at Panchavati...

    by AKHTARSAYYAD Updated Aug 4, 2009

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    Favorite thing: See the beauty of Indian, Graet and age old culture.. Hindu religion 's all important rituals including.. after death rituals are carried out here.. .The bones of Hindu males and females after their death ad their cremation, are taken here from all parts of Country and got diposoted or just floated here in river water with all ritual's Mantras and pooja path by special Brahmins (a learned Hindu Males) .

    Spiritually it is the most sacred Pilgrimmage point in Hindu religion specially this river Godavari.
    It is the place Where God Shri Ram Stayed during his 14 years hidden period of Life .It was called in those days as Dandakaranya.

    It is believed that if The person who gets bath here in Ram Kund Ghat then his all sins are vanished.
    Just see the beautiful place.

    Fondest memory: It is my City .
    "I just LOVE it "

    Just meet India here..! Enjoy the city 's ancient RAM KUND area!
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    Red Flowers...and Jesus Christ in wooden...

    by AKHTARSAYYAD Written Feb 4, 2009

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    Favorite thing: In March end and April we can see Red Flowers....! all over the city of Nasik...!

    Fondest memory: In this season I always see the flowers...!And with these flowers I sing the songs of eternity of Love...!
    In the Midst of the city there is a Church in which there are Several wooden statues of the Jesus Christ and Mary ...I The God of Love...!

    Red Flowers of LOVE LOVE tree.! Really U have to Visit my city at least once! He died for our betterment and existance! In the loving arms of Mary,the Mother.

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