India What to Pack

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India What to Pack

  • General List

    Delhi What to Pack

    Hair shampoo and conditioner - water in Delhi may be safe but just as you do your final rinse, your hair can get so stiff. So stiff that sliding your palm over may be painful to your scalp. So bring lots and lots of hair shampoo and conditioner....

  • What you need to pack in

    Hyderabad What to Pack

    Well - You would get all the things in hyderabad. But for the sight viewing - I would suggest to carry water bottles & tissues rest in your hotel :) Cotton Clothes, comfort shoe or slippers & a hat....

  • Clothing / Shoes

    Delhi What to Pack

    Good quality of strolleys as roads are not very good. Sunglasses in summers and overcoat in winters Sleeveless tops and shorts, sleepers in summers (from april to october) and sweaters,jackets, warm socks and comfortable shoes in winters(december to february), november and march are very pleasant. In august and september, one should carry umbrella...

  • Photo Equipment

    Delhi What to Pack

    In summer it gets pretty hot thru most of India, so get clothes to see you thru the hot and sometimes humid weather. Floaters/ sandals etc would work well for footwear-in summer. In winter, it gets pretty cold (goes down to about 2 degrees cel) during part of december, january and the first half of Feb. So carry suitable clothing. In the south...

  • Carry your Mosquito Repellent Everywhere...

    Wherever you wish to travel in India please make sure that you carry a mosquito repellant cream with you day or night ! You can probably buy a local product like 'Odomos' which will be far more effective than many other brands . There are the slow burning mosquito coils available in the market which generate a lot of smoke.Then there are several...

  • Delhi Belly prevention

    Lynnehamman is a VTer who's a frequent India visitor and in one of her tips, she recommends the use of Travelan to prevent 'Delhi belly' or traveler's diarrhea. It's not a drug but a supplement made of bovine colostrum. Colostrum contains antibodies that can ward off enterotoxigenic E. coli, the bug that causes diarrhea. Unfortunately, it seems...

  • Geographical Savoir Faire is a must for...

    Take a pack (Rucksack). Nothing more. Oh I take a large bumb bag (worm to the front with straps) that carries my Camera, lenses and books pens etc. (About 5 litres) Sandals (and a pair of sneakers if you visit the Himalaya) I bought everything I needed in India (but then I am a male) save insect repellant. I bought with me, a small canon ixus...


    Everybody brings a camera. Why not take a recorder too??? THINK AUDIO PICTURES!*Markets *Street Peddlers *Mosque calls to prayer *Temple bells *Children singing *Birds *Processions *Traffic *Trains *Radio ads* Weddings and more I recommend a recorder with a counter for easy editing. A separate microphone is not necessary.For best playback...

  • Pack your favourite clothes as samples

    Take your favoruite garments that fit you really well and have them made up cheaply and quickly by the numerous tailors in Mumbai. I even took materials that I had collected over years and turned them all into magnifent garments for a fraction of what I would have paid in SA


    Ladies - have something at the ready to cover heads and shoulders (although easily and cheaoly purchased once in India).Backpacking I went for the "disposable clothes" system - took old clothes and threw tham away as I went. Baby wet wipes. They are so versatile, easy to pack & carry and stand up to whatever job they are needed for! This may...

  • Hot weather and black-outs

    I only ever travel with a smallish rucksack, and one small bag for hand luggage (which at the start of the trip will fit inside the main bag if necessary). Good walking shoes are a good idea if you're going to do any trekking, or lots of walking between sights. Sandals are best for anything else, although flip-flops can be picked up in most places...

  • Don't Leave Home Without.....

    A suitcase on wheels, or a backpack. are easiest............ a money belt....essential...TAKE A TORCH. A small back-pack for day trips. Its very important to secure your bags (especially while travelling in trains & buses) so a lock with a small chain is needed. I also found that a very small back-pack to wear every day while out looking & shopping...

  • Gifts for Indian children

    Gifts for Indian childrenI have been to India twice and on my first trip, I followed the tip that the single most popular gift for village kids are pens. I bought several packages of brightly colored, decorated pens but I was using one of my own with a US company logo and that was the one every single kid wanted. Any pen with an American logo...

  • Mosquito nets-take your own

    Take a mosquito net that has been treated with Deet. Not all hotels have them and as we discovered mosquitos can come through air coolers/air con units. This only happened a couple of times, but it was enough.

  • A mosquito net, perhaps?

    NO! Batteries are NOT hard to find! On the contrary, they are ubiquitous! In fact, you will find almost anything you need in India. Pack a small flashlight. Don't forget your iPod! For charging iPods, if you are not carrying a laptop, purchase the adapter that plugs directly into the electric socket. Make sure that the iPod adapter or any other...

  • some essentials & not required to be...

    bring limited clothes,since --you could buy new ones for cheap prices;you could get them washed for a very reasonable amount of moneyclothes dry soon unless it is winter or monsoon seasonyou would easily get swim wear,raincoats;umbrellas,shoes etc in major cities easily available in major cities;medicines are available in towns also available...

  • Toilet paper and the other

    dress conservateily in loose cotton clothing especially if going into villages and small towns. big cities anything goes but if you're expsoing too much skin you're only asking for trouble. do not show stomach or legs in particular. dont' wear tight or fitting clothing accentuating your figure you'll have a hard enough time fending off guys when...


    For BACKPACKS...Long and narrow is best. Overhead racks on buses rarely give you more than 25 cm of space between the rack and the roof. If your bag is too big, you will have to store it forward near the driver or else carry it on your lap. Unlike many other countries, luggage is rarely placed on the roof of the bus. SHOWER CLOTH: Japanese and...

  • Clothes for the children

    Usually people go to India thinking about the shopping possibilities and tend to travel with a light luggage, what we did is to ask some friends and colleagues if they had children clothes to bring there. We end up travelling with a few things for ourselves, but we packed our luggage with lots of things we brought to an orphanage as soon as we...

  • Bring your own Toilet Paper!

    You can find toilet paper in India, its just always the hard, scratchy, and/or super thin stuff. And its not standard issue in public bathrooms, so I'd recommend carrying some with you at all times, just in case.

  • Plastic Bucket

    When backpacking in India or traveling from hotel to hotel, one of the most use full items you can have is a plastic bucket , We found it the most useful item we bought, did our small washing in , and when you pack soft or item's that my brake in your bags put them inside the bucket, and more uses etc etc think about it, cost twenty Rupees.

  • Pcking for Backpackers

    Take the smallest bag you can find. I took a 25 litre back pack and a small bag which actually managed to fit loads in - it was very deceptive. That was it - and that lasted me for 4 months travelling from India (where it was very hot) through to NewZealand (where it was winter) I only took 4 T-Shirts, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of trousers, 1...

  • Keep your Rucksack Safe !!

    If you are travelling Anywhere and using a Rucksack / Backpack as your luggage then I would Strongly recommend that you use some form of Rucksack / Backpack Pro-tector !!This tip is from my own personal experience, as I have had Big Problems having my Rucksack damaged or even destroyed by airlines, particularly on Airport Carousels,What can happen...

  • Baby towels (wet towels)

    You should bring some baby towels, pretty useful, specially if you enter in a mosque where you need to take your shoes off. In India the dust is everywhere and bringing a pack of towels will definetely help you to clean your hands, face... It could sound a little ridiculous but works!!

  • Ganga the Monkey

    As I said in my introduction, My companions for this trip were from companions2travelSo we thought that we would try and instigate a new tradition, Just a bit of Fun Really, We Bought a stuffed Monkey and named him Ganga after Varanasi, The Idea being that anyone else traveling with other members of C2T can take Ganga with them.So, as we speak,...

  • Basic things

    Mosquito repellentCotton clothesComfortable shoes**********SPANISH:Repelente de mosquitosRopa de algodón cómodaCalzado cómodo I recommend you to bring everything you need.*********SPANISH:Recomiendo llevar todo lo necesario desde el país de origen.

  • Pack light!

    no more then 1 suitcase, you have to be able to care it everywhere. In Janurary you should wear jeans and tshirts more often then not a light cardigan and or long sleeve shirt will help. Have good walking shoes, but not expensive shoes. And it does rain, but we were there during the dry season so we didnt really pack for rain. You should bring...

  • Backpacking Musts

    You should def take a bag that is not overly large if you plan to be on the road for several months as I did as well as most travellers. I highly recommend a 50 L pack as anything bigger than this and you will be struggling to transport it on buses and in hill stations. Avoid army green as it is a sensitive color in the northern military...

  • super glue & probiotics

    try stay to minimum amount of litres if travelling on public transport..makes life easier. I have only a small 30 litre back pack.. perfect! always have more than one pair of footware. both times i've travelled i had footwear stolen outside my accomodation. also breakages happen but usually a bit of super glue can aid. soap a must. but in india...

  • Clothes

    In India, clothes describe the wearer. The way a sari is pleated says everything about the background of an individual. There’s a very real double standard for men and women. Generally, men are allowed to look like slobs, and even the best western styles look like US bowling-league castoffs circa 1962. If men want to wear knee-length cargo shorts...

  • Shoes

    If you’re planning to do any walking, remember these things when choosing your shoes. In southern India the roads are uneven and unevenly paved, are always dirty with stuff you don’t want to think too hard about, and sharp and/or rusty surprises are not uncommon. It’s really hot, and when it rains, it really rains, and the water gathers,...

  • Essentials For Packing

    In India, delicate fabrics do not stand up well to laundering facilities except at deluxe hotels. Plain cottons or cotton/synthetic blends are the most practical and the coolest in summer. It's best to avoid synthetic fabrics that don't 'breathe'.Electronic Gadgets For electric-powered equipment, bring a converter and an adapter. The electrical...

  • Proper attire

    The actresses in those Bollywood movies may dress revealingly but in actual fact, Indians in general are not so scantily clad... To avoid being stared at, females are advised to dress appropriately.. and well, erm.. they do like to stare.. a lot...

  • Hot to trot

    Bring immodium and antibitotics for "the runs". Take all the precautions. If you cant peel it or cook it dont eat it. Avoid dairy products. Be carefull with regard to meat, is it fresh.But no matter how hard you try you are likely to suffer at least one episode while in India so bring those precautions. Bring a polarising filter - its bright and...

  • Calendars Make Perfect Gifts

    Gather up all those free calendars you see in December. You can't bring too many calendars --so only show them if you plan to give them away. However, judiciously handed out, you will make a big hit with whomever you hand a twelve month illustrated calendar from your home country. Before you leave on your trip, start collecting them. You will...

  • Pack Some Photos of Family and Friends

    In India, family is all-important. Make sure you have photos of your parents, brothers, sisters, near relations, and grandparents. Show them to your fellow travellers on trains, while waiting for a bus, and always to the curious who will gather around you especially in small towns- closeups are best. Protect the photos by inserting them into...

  • Water cleaning Xinix

    One great idea is to bring a water-cleanser with you on your trip. Sometimes if you buy bottled water, you can see the seal has been broken, and that probably means that the bottle is re-cycled and re-filled with tap water or the likes. Sometimes, maybe you have to drink the tap water or water from an unclean container. I was recommended this by...

  • Something to read?

    If you want to read some books based in India either before, during or after your trip I'd reccomend the following...factual or fiction...heres a few I've enjoyed:William Sutcliffe - 'Are you experienced?'Clive James - 'The Silver Castle'Dominique Lapiere - 'City of Joy'William Dalrymple - 'The age of Kali'Ashok K. Banker - 'Prince of...

  • Bits & Bobs...

    Bring a sheet sleeping bag in case a guesthouses bed linning looks dodgy! Don't bother packing mossie in India. Bring a decent padlock and chain...the chain can be used to secure your luggage on trains etc. Padlocks are a must in cheaper places as they have a hasp & bolt sytem on room doors...I've always used a BS Combination...

  • Arrive naked!

    I'd suggest bring as little as possible...obviously underwear, a pair of decent shorts, a pair of cargo pants as those extra pockets come in handy! Several t-shirts, agood pair of walking shoes (trainers etc), and a pair of sandals. On my first trip I sent home half my clothes about 3 weeks into the trip as there was so much local stuff I wanted...

  • Health

    Obviously get your jabs before you arrive in India. If you are going to take anti-malaria tablets, buy enough to start your course at home, but buy the rest when you arrive in India as they are a fraction of the cost in say the UK. Other than that I'd buy all other general medical needs once you have'll get 100 Paracetamol tablets...

  • Comfy travel on buses and Trains

    We've been travelling around India for almost 4 months and the one thing that we have found to be really useful is... a couple of pillows. We picked these up in a Thailand supermarket and are small but in some of the guesthouses you would rather rest you head on these than their pillows.Also on the trains especially sleeper they create a little...

  • Gifts for the Children

    When you travel to India (or in fact most places in the third world) you will inevitably find yourself the subject of children street beggars. Before you leave, buy a packet of party baloons - they are cheap and light and easy to pack. When you go out on the streets, carry a few in your pockets. You can give them to children (many of whom, sadly,...

  • Bring Electric adapter . India has 220 V...

    A good rucksack is important . Cotton is preferred, buy clothes in India . Indian clothes are famous specially Silk Sari, Shawls & other Handicraft. All are availabe in India. Something in particualr to your health specification must be brought along.Also brong your own face cream, as Indian cosmetic is made as per Indian skin soecifications (...

  • What every VTer needs...

    - rainproof cover for the backpack- rucksack- luggage ID tags - around-the-neck wallet or a belt for your documents, money aso.- sleeping bag + under mat- cover / blanket (very useful in trains & buses)- hiking boots - soap box- thin towel- wet tissues / toilet paper (although not to be used in most of Indian toilets!)- hygiene products (of...


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