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  • Pushkar Lake
    Pushkar Lake
    by vinod-bhojak
  • A Ghat of Pushkar
    A Ghat of Pushkar
    by vinod-bhojak
  • The pushkar Fair
    The pushkar Fair
    by vinod-bhojak

Pushkar Things to Do

  • Market road, Pushkar.

    The main street leading down to the lake is Market road. Most of the shopping you'll need to do can be done here either in shops or on the stalls or ground along the way. Try your bargaining skills with the shopholders, but don't exagerate or you'll get nowhere, they're very hard-nosed here. Plenty of colours on the street too.

  • Around the lake Pushkar.

    About the only thing we found to do in Pushkar was the walk around the lake along the ghats whilst waiting for the sunset. Temples abound on practically all sides and there is also a surprising amount of birds. A bit surprised with the smell of marijuana at the eastern end just in front of the Pushkar Palace. Young and old hippies doing their...

  • Brahma Temple:Ten most religious places...

    Pushkar is said to have over 500 temples (80 are large and the rest are small); of these many are old that were destroyed or desecrated by Muslim depredations during Mughal emperor Aurangzeb's rule (1658–1707) but were re-built subsequently; of these the most important is the Brahma temple. Though the current structure dates to the 14th century,...

  • Mustache Competition at the Pushkar...

    The mustache has been on the decline in India, traditionally one of its boom markets, in recent years as women have begun to prefer their men with clean-shaven upper lips and Bollywood hunks have sported stubble rather than handlebar mustaches.But the mustache competition at the Pushkar Camel Fair is one of the most popular events at the annual...

  • Puskar Lake

    About Pushkar LakeLotus is the birth place of Brahma, the creator of universe. According to Hindu mythology, at the time of beginning of Universe a lotus flower sprang from the navel of lord Vishnu, One of trinity Gods and Brahma took birth from the said lotus. Brahma then threw a lotus flower to select suitable spot for the sacrifice (yajna)....

  • Ghats of Pushkar

    The holy lake of Pushkar is surrounded by Ghats where the various religious ceremonies are conducted and taking bath by the Pilgrims visiting Puskar. The 52 Ghats : The most important thing to do in Pushkar is to spend substantial amount of time at the Ghats. An early morning session and an evening sessions are about perfect. There are about 52...


Pushkar Hotels

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Pushkar Restaurants

  • Good café-restaurant

    This place does not need any introduction because everyone seems to know about it. Very popular. Comfortable environment. Food is prepared fresh and with care.What I liked best was their bakery; the cheese cake needed more sugar but the banana nut bread was wonderful. I did not get a chance to try their delicious Bowl of Joy, which really wasn't...

  • O Baba

    Recommended by LP, they are known for their pizzas and have plenty of signs on the street so you don't forget it. The bets part is its cool, uninterrupted view of the lake, mountains and city square below because it is higher up than other restaurants. That also means you have enough stairs awaiting you.As far as the pizza is concerned, it was too...

  • Momma's house

    It's a matriarchal run place with big portion sizes. The Lady Chief might look tough but is very accommodating and will try her best to help you or your order out. Will not say no. Sshhhh, don't tell anyone, but she can arrange eggs for you too.If you like dogs, then you can say hello to the very fluffy, smokey colored Labrador lounging there.


Pushkar Nightlife

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    by Willettsworld Written Nov 4, 2007

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    Nightlife doesn't really exist in Pushkar. Instead, sit out facing over the lake and watch the sun set behind the Ratnagiri Hill. It's also nice to sit and the steps of ghat overlooking the lake at night as it's very peaceful.

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Pushkar Transportation

  • Car to/from Ajmer - Pushkar

    If you don't want to take the bus to get to Pushkar from Ajmer -- which, trust me, you should not -- call Hari Bhai at 9829371000. The usual rate for a hatchback is Rs300 but he will agree for Rs250. On time and clean ride. Takes 30 minutes.

  • nearest airport and railway station

    the nearest airport is jaipur, from there there are regular buses to Ajmer, It takes about three hours to reach ajmer. The roads are very good and journey comfortable.The nearest railway station is in Ajmer. There are daily trains to delhi, twice weekly to bangalore and mumbai. The railways are planning more trains to mumbai and chennai.

  • Camel cart

    Pushkar is brilliant to walk around, but why not treat yourself to a camel cart ride to save your legs.It is not the lap of luxury, but you get to see a different view of the town and the fair.It is really cheap, maybe 100 rupees from the furthest campsites into town.


Pushkar Shopping

  • Paisley and summery

    The design of the women's kurtas and sundresses here are different from the rest of the stores we saw. So are the cuts. Nice variety. Energetic young fellow but you will do well to bargain :) Rs200 to Rs400

  • Interesting Incense

    Its hand-rolled masala incense sticks come in the most unique scents. Lotus, Moon, Opium...Other stores give you more for the same price, Rs50, but their's does not smell as good. Light, compact, and unique -- good for gifting too.

  • Pushkar Pedas!

    Sheer coincidence that I bumped into it. It's almost purposely kept so no one finds it, through a closet door of sorts. But the desserts lane of Pushkar is so small that once you're there you will find it.The guy sells a very unique kind of mithai (dessert) that I have not found anywhere else. The very friendly elderly fellow who runs it calls it...


Pushkar Local Customs

  • avoid

    Taking pictures of bathers and the bathing ghat is an absolute no no. should be like that. Usually there are police officials patroling that area.

  • Bathing

    Pushkar lake has some 52 ghats, sets of steps that lead down to the waters edge so that bathers can bathe. Devout Hindus make at least one pilgrimage to Pushkar and bathe at the holy ghats to wash away their sins, thereby earning themselves a place in heaven.

  • Cultural Values

    Pushkar is considered and recognised as a holy place. The residents follow the age old saying "Athithi Devo Bahva" (visitors are God). Understanding another culture helps to understand the diversity of the world. Here are some cultural values of Pushkar that I found on a website which will be of great interest before visiting: Kindly note that...


Pushkar Warnings and Dangers

  • Pushkar Prayer for ancestors scam!

    As usual our sly guide excused himself midway to Pushkar saying that another guide will take over for this tour to Pushkar. The new guide was a local and had connections with syndicates that offer prayers for your ancestors at the Lake, and demand exorbitant sums with threats that giving poorly will effect your future prospects. When we approached...

  • The guys trying to get you to the Lake!

    So when you walk through the streets in Pushkar you have to be aware that there will be a lot of young men trying to convince you to go with them to the lake so you can be blessed. Be aware though that the holy person will try and get you to repeat several phrases in Hindi which will basically mean you owe them some money- the amount of rupees...

  • Drugs

    Please be careful, particularly women travellers. As you may know, lassi is a favourite drink in India which is yoghurt based. It is delicious. However, in Pushkar, a local variation on this drink is called Bang Lassi. Basically a lassi with loads of dope etc in it. It is "weapons grade" and people we have spoken to who have had it, all tell us...


Pushkar Tourist Traps

  • The Holy Ghats

    DO NOT ever take the flowers from holymen even offered for FREE. Take off your shoes when entering the ghat, and from there you are likely to face with ‘fake’ holymen who try to take you in the Hinduism ritual something. Start with a handful of petals, saying “No money, no money it’s a gift,” followed by a pray, Holy Bhrama Holy Vishnu Holy Ganesh...

  • Holy men

    If you are by the lake you may be approached by a holy man. He will take you down to the lakes edge and want to bless you. Nothing wrong with this. However, they seem to want loads of money for giving you this blessing! Often they will ask 2000 rupees, but according to a guide we met, giving 100 rupees is fine. If you are staying in one of the...

  • a colourful trap

    these gaily dressed girls were seen sitting together .They posed for a picture. Then they started pestering us for money .More and more colourlfuly clad girls joined we had to give money to each of them. Then we noticed that this was a routine way of earning daily bread . Next time we saw painted girls asking for a photo we politely told them a...


Pushkar What to Pack

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    by 6aruna Updated Nov 28, 2007

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    Luggage and bags: If you are travelling during the mela, expect day time to be hot and night time cold. so light summer ware ,cap and water for day time and a light sweater or shawl for night time.
    expect camels in huge numbers. This time there were an estimated 2 lakh camels and other assorted animals so expect camel dung and dust in direct proportion. The dung dries up in no time and the constant traffic powders it and disperses it in the air. proper walking shoes and a mask would be a good idea.

    Photo Equipment: Pushkar is a photographers delight bring enough supplies digital card/batteries/film rolls

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Pushkar Off The Beaten Path

  • Old Pushkar, Rajasthan.

    Leaving by the north-east on the by-pass about 7 kms from Pushkar is old Pushkar. Nothing really much to see except a Hindu temple next to the lake and ghats. The lake is almost completely dry, leaving just the bathing pools in front of the ghats. In season though, the area is well known for the rose-farming.

  • buildings and motiffs

    someof the buildings in the area have walls painted with themes from the epics.I saw a few modern themes too

  • Shall we?

    Savitri & Gayatri - the two hills just outside the city - seem so close, so we decided we'll try & climb one for the great view from the Holy temple. But walking through the small streets, entering the desert & climbing the rocky hills isn't really as easy as one would think... And there was this kid who gave us the wrong direction - on purpose!...


Pushkar Favorites

  • Holi in Pushkar

    A very memorable thing.Since temples here do no play holi right inside the premises (unlike temples of some other cities such as Jodhpur), the entire town gathers to play around Varaah ghat, the town square. The celebrations start from the lighting of the bonfire/pyre again at Varaah ghat and continue non-stop all day until around 3pm. That is a...

  • Why is Brahma …so under worshiped?

    Puskhar hosting one of the few temples dedicated to Brahma, it’s useful to say a few words about him.First of all, do not mix Brahma (the God of Creation) with the Brahman (Supreme Cosmic Spirit).For me, it was impossible to have a superficial understanding of the Hindu pantheon of Gods. The fact that there are so many Gods, presumably everyone...

  • And the reality is....

    Apparently this is not the only Brahma temples in the world, as per the founding myth at Pushkar…Although Brahmâ is prayed to in almost all Hindu religious rites, there are very few temples dedicated to him in India, with the Pushkar one being the most proeminent.There are also other temples dedicated to Brahma in Goa, (in the small, remote village...


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