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  • Outskirts (courtesy
    Outskirts (courtesy
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  • Mandir of Cachari Kings (courtesy
    Mandir of Cachari Kings (courtesy...
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  • One of the 33 tunnels(courtesy
    One of the 33 tunnels(courtesy...
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Silchar Things to Do

  • A visit to the tea gardens

    There are many tea gardens around Silchar (must be around 100 in number) both small and big. Some of the tea gardens are really very beautiful. To name a few, the Sindoora tea garden is really very picturesque. The Silchar airport at Kumbhirgram is also located at a tea garden called the Koomber tea estate, which is again very beautiful. Here are...

  • Maniharan Tunnel

    *Some 5 kilometers from the Bhuvan hill is Maniharan tunnel. Mythology has it that Lord Krishna used this tunnel. Holy Tribeni River flows down the tunnel. Over this tunnel, there is a temple where Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Garura and Hanuman are worshiped. Festivals are held at this place during the Holy festival (festival of colours), Baruni and...

  • Martyrs' Tomb at Gandhi Bag

    One finds the 11 martyr's tombs at Gandhi Bag on the bank of a lake, who sacrificed their lives during the language movement in 1961. There are 11 monumental pillars there for the 11 martyrs. This is a must visit for all Bengalees. The object of the language movement was to make Bengali the Official language of the Cachar district of Assam (a feat...

  • Train ride from Lumding to Silchar

    For anybody who visits Silchar, the train ride from Lumding to Silchar (at day time) is a 'should not miss' experience. The entire rail track passes through hilly region, very tall trees and vegetation. There are 33 tunnels in between and the longest of them takes 3 minutes to cross by the train. There are many rivers and mountain cut roads on the...

  • Paper Mill at Panchgram

    The Paper mill of Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited at Panchgram, a few kilometers from Silchar, on way to Badarpur, is one of Asia's largest paper mill. It is surrounded by greenery but as is expected, the air is highly polluted.

  • Shiva Mandir at Bhuvan Hill

    About 35 kilometers away from Silchar is the Shiva Mandir located on top of the Bhuvan Hill. There is the Bhubaneswar temple where there are idols of Hara-Parvati, the god and the goddess. From Silchar one can reach Bhuvannagar by bus and the rest of the distance (composed in climbing a hill called the Bhuvan hill), one has to climb it on foot.

  • Picturesque Assam University

    The location of Assam University at Silchar is a pituresque one and I must confess, it is one of the best views I have ever seen in my life. The area is called Dorgakona and is made up of small hillocks covered by greenery and each Department building is built on the top of a small hillock. So when one enters the main gate, which is at the top of a...

  • National Institue of Technology

    If one visits Silchar, one must consider a visit to the National Institute of Technology. It presents a beautiful view. The institute is built on hillocks and vales and on vast stretch of greenery. There are also ponds and lots of trees in the area. To arrive at NIT, one has to take a bus from the city.

  • Palace of Kachari Kings

    The palace of the Kachari kings can be found at their last capital KHASPUR, about 10 kilometers from Silchar. It was a powerful and advanced kingdom in medieval Assam. The rulers belonged to the greater Bodo-Kachari ethnic group. Ruins and archaeological remains of the Kachari kingdom still exists in Khaspur. Khaspur was originally a part of the...


Silchar Transportation

  • From Airport, shared taxis

    From Airport, one can either take a bus (not recommended) or a shared taxi). There would be six passengers, two in front and four at the backseat. Charge for each person for one way travel is Rs. 70. For going to the airport, the taxis can be found outside the Airport office (Geetanjali hotel) and while coming back from airport, they can be found...

  • Autorickshaws

    Another option are the autorickshaws. Apart from some specific places like the Silchar Medical College, Silchar Polytechnique, etc. there are no fixed route autorickshaws. So you have to reserve one (means you have to contract for a lumpsum money and you will be the only passenger). Fare for the minimum distance is Rs. 20 to Rs. 25, and keeps on...

  • The great Indian Rickshaw

    Well if you are in Silchar, you have got to depend on rickshaws. There's nothing more dependable. The roads are full of rickshaws, rickshaws and rickshaws. Just negotiate the price before getting on it. There generally three standard prices, Rs. 5 for a location very near, Rs. 10 for a little far off distance and Rs. 15 if it is too far. But that's...


Silchar Shopping

  • Cane furnitures

    There are many shops on the bank of river Barak in the Sadarghat area. Beautiful cane furnitures like chairs, sofas, tables, trays, mirror frames, shelfs, flower vases, tools and even artefacts. All are very very good and unique. Many people buy those. Just carrying home is a problem. But Indian airlines flights allow those to be transported in...

  • Woolen Nagaland handloom materials

    There are many shops in the Tulapatty area of Silchar. All of them are equally good. Things from Nagaland handlooms like woolen shawls, housecoats, waistcoats, etc. They are very warm. Woolen shawl prices start from only Rs. 170 and are upto Rs. 500, housecoats must be Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 and waistcoats around Rs. 150 to Rs. 200

  • Dress materials, Saree etc. on Manipuri...

    There are many shops in the Tulapatty area of Silchar which mostly sell Manipuri handloom items like Sarees, Salwar Kameez material, dupattas (stoll), bedcovers, pillowcovers, etc. All those shops are good and worth visit. Cotton Manipuri handloom sarees begin from Rs. 550 and are upto Rs. 1300, salwar kameez materials are from Rs. 350 to ?,...


Silchar Local Customs

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    by Rupanworld Written Aug 3, 2007

    Please remember Silchar town sees very less tourists and so people are always very curious and peep at the tourists. They will not cause you any harm, but the reason behind their peeping and their curiosity is that they have not seen much of the outside world and are anxious to know about the happenings the world over.

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Silchar Warnings and Dangers

  • Transportation!!!

    Although Silchar is a very small town and lack of very good transportation does not much affect a tourist, it should be mentioned here that the town has no private Taxi system. Either you take a bus, which is generally not at all comfortable, or hire an autorickshaw or the most common transport system, the peddled riskshaws.

  • clay during rains

    The roads (the broken parts where the mud comes off), becomes full of clay during the rainy season so that while walking on the roads, you will have to look more downwards than towards what is in front of you.

  • Powercuts - OOOOOF

    Although I love my former hometown, one thing I hate about it, is not the floods, not the dust, nor the bumpy roads, but the frequent powercuts. There's normally no power for about 5 - 6 hours a day on average.


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