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    Toran Dining Hall: Gujarati Thali

    by dkphabiyani Written Jan 4, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ambience of this restaurant is an average but quality of food is hygiene. You can test the local Gujarati food in this restaurant which is served in Thali (a big steel plate).

    Favorite Dish: You can't order anything as only Thali is being served in this restaurant at fixed price but food is unlimited (except sweet and butter milk). You can eat as you wish and I am sure that you won't forget the taste of food. They serve two Gujarati starters along with salad and pickles then food start with five different vegetable food out of which three will be traditional Gujarati and two will be normal one. The Gujarati vegetables will be sweet in taste but they don't mix sugar and using Jaggery. Other two vegetables are spicy which they make on North Indian Style (Punjabi food). Then they'll serve chapati/puri which is unlimited. In last, rice will be served with sweet dal/kadi and chaas (butter milk). One sweet will be served as complimentary.

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    Khanpur Gate

    by bradbeaman Updated Oct 8, 2012

    Just start at Khanpur gate and walk toward Tin Darwaza at about 9:00 PM. Then start asking Khana? Make a hand motion like you are eating something. You should get directed to this cart for great Kebabs. You can eat for 107 rupees for two people including bottled water.

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    The Green House: Fine dining in Ahmadabad

    by lynnehamman Updated Jul 24, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We ate all our meals on our last visit at The Green House , which is situated in House of MG Hotel, (see accommodation tip) where we stayed.
    Located under a covered pavilion on the ground floor of the building, there are freshly cooked Indian snacks, fresh fruit juices and home-made ice-creams. The menu is quite eclectic-with an emphasis on Indian food.
    The kitchen is situated in an open plan area- and one can watch meals being prepared. The staff all wear clean white uniforms and caps, and are very professional. Obviously, they have been trained very well. Waiting time was short- but the ambiance is so pleasant that we enjoyed just sitting under the canvas canopy, which has vines growing around it, and relaxing.
    We particuarly liked the relaxed atmosphere here- we could come here after we had had a swim in the indoor pool- and felt quite comfortable in our casual clothes & sandals.
    Another huge plus was that the waiters spoke excellent English. Unfortunately- often in India there are unintentional misunderstandings regarding the food ordered, because of language difficulties.
    Restuarant open from mid morning till 11pm

    NB Gujerat is a dry state- so no alcohol is served here

    Favorite Dish: The Vegetarian thali was excellent-vegs not overcooked and seasoned to perfection.
    Various Indian breads
    The Pistchio Kulfi ( a rich, sweet home-made ice-cream) was my favourite. I had a good few.
    Fruit juices were excellent and fresh.

    The Green House
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  • supune's Profile Photo

    Seva Cafe: An Experiment in Giving

    by supune Updated Apr 3, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Visiting this place was a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. Everything here is free. You can donate so that the next person after you will have their meal paid for (kind of like "Pay it Forward")! This is a great place to meet young people from different walks of life. Alot of the volunteer groups we met in Ahmedabad hang out here. You will hear some amazing stories. There is a very sweet collection of artwork. You can buy clothes and other garments made by projects looking to empower some of the slum kids in "Tekra".

    I'm a computer programmer that has definitely been blessed to live in the era of "The Open Source Revolution". So this idea of "Open Food" really struck me as great and made sense. Something for people to think about is how the idea of something being "open" is subtly different from something being "free". Instead of really saying the food here is free, I would say you are open to give whatever you want for a dining experience here. Remember you are helping someone in the future to come and enjoy as you did by helping the restaurant be open. I just realized that even the word "free" can be used subtly differently as in "Free Food" vs "freedom" or "Free dominion to give as you wish". You will be suprised to know that this revolution has been continued on my long beach, CA, USA pages

    CG Road is THE most upper class part of the city. All of the shops in the area cater to well to do people. They decided to have this experiment in giving in a comercial district where the well do to shop, so that people that are lucky to have a good life can remember how great it feels to do service, Seva!

    Favorite Dish: The Seva Chai. The best tea I ever had in my life.

    Food for Thought
    No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

    You can learn one of the true meanings of Namaste here:
    I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides, I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you where if you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.

    Here is the exact purpose of this experiment in giving is living:
    Run by volunteers, our meals are cooked and served with love, and offered to the guest as a genuine gift. To complete the full circle of giving and to sustain this experiment, we leave it to the guest to pay it forward, expressing their goodness in whatever way they wish. One immediate option is to contribute toward the cost of serving a future guest. In keeping this chain going, the generosity of both guests and volunteers helps to create a future that moves from transaction to trust, from self-oriented isolation to shared commitment, and from fear of scarcity to celebration of abundance.

    Our friend Anjali. She volunteered here every day My friends Bharti and Marcella making good food many of the beautiful things
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  • halfbeat's Profile Photo

    Le meridien hotel.: Afternoon snack in Ahmedabad.

    by halfbeat Written Mar 3, 2006

    During my stay in Ahmedabad, several of my friends and i decided to have a late lunch at the "Le meridien" .
    The hotel itself is very impressive from the outside, extremely tidy and well kept. Located in the heart of the city, by the end of the Nehru bridge, it is easily accesible from the main shopping area by a short rickshaw ride.
    Inside, the building was equally as smart, the lobby and its glass elevator was very grand looking. Restaurant was very nice. Food choice on the menu was excellent..... contained local dishes and then a good selection of international dishes too!! Service was fast and efficient.
    When the food came, it was well presented and tasted delicious.... i think i had chicken shashlik. Food and drink was all well priced, certainly no more than the hotel i was staying in, despite this hotel being more expensive to stay in.
    I would certainly recommend this hotel as a place to eat if you are in Ahmedabad at any time.

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  • dhaval972's Profile Photo

    raj-wadu village resturant.: late night eating out in ahmedabad.

    by dhaval972 Written Jun 16, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ahmedabad caters to every taste from home cooked Gujarati thalis to exquisite gourmet meals. The predominantly vegetarian Gujarati cuisine with its dal, bath, roti, dhokla, kadhi, and theplas is irresistable. Add to this the delights of Srikhand and Doodhpak and the rich flavours of Undhyoo. For an authentic Gujarati experience order a Thali in any Gujarati restaurant in Ahmedabad. Choose between Spicy North Indian flavours or delicious South Indian food. while eating out in rajwadu you can watch indian classical dances, magic shows and enjoy the traditional hospitality of this most wonderful resturant.

    Favorite Dish: gujrati thali is one of my favourites. it has so many varities that one cannot miss out to have this during the visit to this marvelous city.

    gujarati thali
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  • Ekahau's Profile Photo

    Vasna: Good local food

    by Ekahau Written Aug 6, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Gujarati cuisine is delightfully delicious, almost strictly vegetarian, served traditionally on large silver or stainless steel platters, to the accompaniment of rice and a variety of wheat breads. So varied and palate-pleaning is the choice, one turns vegetarian out of preference. A wide range of seasonal vegetables, a judicious use of spices and herbs, and a light touch make authentic Gujarati cuisine a gourmet's delight. Gujarati snacks or 'farsans' are delicious. Theses crisp, spicy fried snacks can be bought in shops and wayside stalls everywhere. Gujarti vegetarian restaurants (lodges) serve traditional meals in most towns and western style food is available in larger cities.

    Some common dishes includes Khaman Dhokla, a salty steamed cake, made from chickpea flour, Doodhpak, a sweet thickened milk confection with nuts, Amras(mango juice), a seasonal delicacy available in the summer, Sev-Ganthia, a variety of farsan or crunchy fried snacks made from chickpea flour, Paunk, a winter spiciality of Surat that blends the sweet and the spicy, made of tender roasted cereal,jowar, mixed with sev (crunches), savoury twists, garlic chutney and sugar balls. Others include Kadhi, a savoury curry made of yoghurt and fried puffs flavoured with bay leaves, ginger, chillies and finely chopped vegetables, eaten hot with fragrant rice.

    Undhyoo, a winter delicacy in which dish includes, roasting potatoes, sweet potatoes, broad beans, and aborigines in an earthenware pot buried in the ground with a fire lit above, the flavour enhanced with oil and green chilly chutney. Srikhand, a dessert made of yoghurt, flavoureed with saffron, cardamom, nuts, candied fruit, eaten with round hot fluffy poories.

    Gharis, a rich, round sweet made of condensed milk, clarified butter and dry fruits, a speciality of Surat; and Sutar Pheni, extremely fine vermicelli cooked in sweet rounds.

    Favorite Dish: Kadhi, a savoury curry made of yoghurt

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  • handsom23us's Profile Photo

    Here is Vishaala- the...

    by handsom23us Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Here is Vishaala- the traditional Gujarati and Saurashtri food. (pure vegie) I bet you can not eat everything..try it. It is a traditional village kind atmospher and the owner has a farm behind the restaurant. normally vegetables are grown in the farm thus, restaurant does not import anything from the market. They have their own cattles to get milk. Must visit.

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  • handsom23us's Profile Photo


    by handsom23us Updated Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    THIS IS THE PICTURE OF PATANG RESTAURANT (with round like building. it is a rolling restaurant) near Ashram road.

    Voila! Ahmedabad has many restaurants..the people are spending like anything on food and etertainment over weekend. not only weekend..every alternate days.

    There are known restaurants of three star/four star hotels in old ahmedabad and new ahmedabad.

    I can not name all of them..but i have been to :

    Ranch- a mexican restaurant,
    Silver leaf- 24 hour restaurant in Hotel Cama (old city), The restau. of Holiday Inn also 24 hr. in old city, 24 carets- 24 hour restau. in hotel Inder Residency (new city), Restau of Hotel Fortune Landmark on Ashram Road in new city,
    Ten- restau. on CG road (new city)
    Tomatoes- specially for pizza on CG road
    U.S. pizza- franchize. off CG road
    Pizza Hut- franchize. off CG road
    Patang- rolling restaurants FANTASTIC..yu can view whole ahmedabad..sittin about 12th/15th floor up restaurant. (this name means KITE)
    Sankalp- speciality for south indian food on CG road.
    Woodland- south indian food on CG road
    Sofitel Umed- very expensive hotel nearest to airport has three to four restaurants.
    Vishaala,Rajwadu,Sanjha chulha, Gokul- these all are special restaurants for village style GUJARATI food. MUST VISIT vishaala, gokul..

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  • Vishala: Vishala

    by kpandya Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    'Vishala' is not only a restorent but also a little, traditional Gujarati Village. Its beautiful. Employees over there are in very treditional garbs. Inseatd of chairs and table, They set us on this Bench calld 'Khatlo'. Instead of using expensive china, we are served in plates & bowels made out of leaves. Its just great to be there in the environment of Village. It also has a little musuem where they have crated collection of different house hold tools, and a little picture of life style in ancient age.

    Favorite Dish: All the treditional Gujarati food. I can't stop at one thing.

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  • Swadeshika's Profile Photo

    My favorite is the Mirch...

    by Swadeshika Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My favorite is the Mirch Masala on the CG Road.
    You can spend a cool evening at Vijay Restaurant.
    Another restaurant that we enjoyed during our stay there was Topaz, which serves only vegetarian food.
    The Mirch Masala restaurant serves high quality food, and the ambience is great.

    Favorite Dish: The chicken specialities at Mirch Masala is worth mentioning.
    Gujarati Thali should be given a try at Toran. Careful.. a lot of oily stuff.. and the service is conveyor style.. cant relax and have food..

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  • fabrice's Profile Photo

    fabrice's Restaurant Tip

    by fabrice Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite Dish: many cheap restaurants in ahmadabad,you have 3 choices:vegeterian food,normal food,chinese food

    we won't recommend you enough to be very careful with food and drinks,especially with those delicious lassies,everyone drinks almost in the same glasses,and there are rarely washed as they should be!
    I have been sick only twice during my travels;and twice because of india

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