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Ahmadabad Things to Do

  • Kankaria Lake

    Kankaria is the main lake in Ahmedabad which is surrounded by many attractions like Zoo, Toy Train, kids adventure city, balloon ride, water rides, dessert rides, balvatika (children's garden) etc. On every 25th Dec to 31st Dec, "Kankaria Carnival" is being arranged, where, many cultural, art and social activities are organized. Entry during this...

  • Sat Chit Anand Water Show in Akshardham

    If you are in Ahmedabad then don't miss to go Akshardham (Gandhinagar) to watch a 45 minutes show namely "Sat Chit Anand" which is being played in an open complex with capacity of 2500 peoples at one time. This show is based on ancient story of child Nachiketa. Apart from story, you'll enjoy the drama played by child and his father, Music, Lights,...

  • Tin Darwaza

    The Tin Darwaza or Triple Gateway at Ahmadabad, in Gujarat is located on MG Road near Jamu Masjid. It was constructed during the period of Sultan Ahmad Shah (r.1411-42) as the principle gateway to the Royal Square of the Palace complex. The three arches are 24 feet in height and 13 feet in width. The piers supporting this structure are 38 feet in...

  • Jamu Masjid

    Jamu Masjid just off MG Road was built in 1424 with yellow sandstone during the reign of Ahmed Shah.

  • Sidi Saiyyad

    This Mosque was built by Sidi Saiyyad in 1572. It is well known for the carved widows design of intertwined trees and foliage. This intricately carved stone window is cut and carved from a single piece of stone.

  • Adalaj

    The step well in Ahmedabad (north near Gandhinagar) was built by Ruda, wife of the Vaghela chief, Virsinh is an amazing stone architectural wonder built with interlocking stone and no cement. The “Vavas” or step wells have seven stories. Step wells were the air conditioned malls of their day. It was the place gather, lodge and hang out and escape...


Ahmadabad Hotels

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Ahmadabad Restaurants

  • Gujarati Thali

    Ambience of this restaurant is an average but quality of food is hygiene. You can test the local Gujarati food in this restaurant which is served in Thali (a big steel plate). You can't order anything as only Thali is being served in this restaurant at fixed price but food is unlimited (except sweet and butter milk). You can eat as you wish and I...

  • Khanpur Gate

    Just start at Khanpur gate and walk toward Tin Darwaza at about 9:00 PM. Then start asking Khana? Make a hand motion like you are eating something. You should get directed to this cart for great Kebabs. You can eat for 107 rupees for two people including bottled water.

  • Fine dining in Ahmadabad

    We ate all our meals on our last visit at The Green House , which is situated in House of MG Hotel, (see accommodation tip) where we stayed. Located under a covered pavilion on the ground floor of the building, there are freshly cooked Indian snacks, fresh fruit juices and home-made ice-creams. The menu is quite eclectic-with an emphasis on Indian...


Ahmadabad Nightlife

  • 24 hours food

    Manek Chowk is known as "Khau Gali" and the main attraction for food lovers. This bustling open square near the center of city functions as a vegetable market in morning, jewellery market in afternoon and food market in night. This is the most happening place of Ahmedabad, where peoples are coming to eat food in open area which is being sold by...

  • life begins when sun sets in ahmedabad.

    It's a great place for you to have fun together with your family n' friends, in so many ways - cinema, shopping, music, food, books, bowling alley, games! A whole new country within the city to have fun and entertainment! A world-class 2.20 lakh sq. ft., Family Entertainment Center, at Satellite Road on the Gandhinagar Sarkhej Highway 6 floors of...

  • Kankaria Lake

    It is a very small lake in the middle of the city. In the evening, the whole Ahmedabad seems coming down to the Lake. The whole Lake is sarounded by different vendors and lots of food stalls. People walk around the laek. Sometimes, you can see snake charmer there too. There is a place where you can feed fishes in the water of lake. There is also a...


Ahmadabad Transportation

  • Overnight Train to Ahmadabad

    We had no trouble at all booking our train journey to Ahmadabad from Mumbai. We did the booking at the reservation centre (Central Railways) near where the taxi's stand.They have a foreign tourist counter, which has a quota for visitors.The Gujerat Mail was our train, and we found that the 2nd AC sleeper that we were allocated was completely...

  • Way to Go

    Ahmadabad traffic is insane. We did find that using Autorickshaws was most convienent way to get around, but choose your driver carefully. Make sure that he speaks a bit of English, or understands at least. We were taken to places we had not specified, and always just a smile from driver when we asked where he was taking us. Fix a fare also, before...

  • amts & rickshaws

    For the trainee who is left without a vehicle, there is one alternative. Make friends with the army of Rickshaw drivers. Here are the 3 steps on how to become a frequent traveller… 1. When entering the “Auto” request the driver politely to zero the meter. 2. Tell the driver where to go or give directions by pointing or saying “left”, “straight”...


Ahmadabad Shopping

  • The best place to buy Gujarati...

    There are around 10-15 shops surrounded by Law Garden which are open for 365 days. These shops are well known to buy Gujarati Traditional Wear (Chaniya Choli) which normally wear by Gujarati Women during Garba. Chaniya Choli, Ladies Top, Dress Materials Don't pay what is being demanded. Try to do better negotiation as price can be reduced upto...

  • Hand-made treasures

    The Night Markets sell a wide array of the famous mirrorwork clothing and textiles that Gujerat is famous for. Most of the wares are made in Rahn of Kutch area.The Bead & mirror-work is all done by hand, and is quite exquisite. Long,traditional skirts are a swirl of colour. The markets line the road, and were very busy while we were there....

  • india a shoppers paradise

    generally there are not any specific places to shop around .you could move on cg road or go to the old part of the city after crossing the bridge near 3 gates, bhadra area. you will find many surprising bargains. We have many shopping centres and grocery stores. Some pointers about grocery stores: - The size of the store doesnýt matter, prices are...


Ahmadabad Local Customs

  • namastey.

    Gujarat is a Dry state. This means that Alcohol/ liquor is illegal and if any body is caught with any alcohol without the required permit, it is treated as a criminal offense and the person is put in jail. ETIQUETTE POINTS These are just a few tips to keep in mind- We shake hands upon formal greeting (not accompanied by a kiss as in some...

  • Janmashtami

    This is how devotees think of the city where Lord Krishna settled over 5000 years ago after leaving Mathura for ever, and where he reigned for 100 years. For pilgrims Dwarka's, presiding deity remains Shri Krishna, and they flock there in their thousands from all parts of India and abroad. The temple, towering over the surrounding buildings was...

  • Kite Festival

    The International Kite Festival is always held at Ahmedabad on January 14, to coincide with the festival of Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti. It is a joyous day, with a bright sun, clear skies and breezes strong enough to lift innumerable kites aloft. It is in fact a celebration to mark the end of winter, when the heat of summer is still to come.Kites...


Ahmadabad Warnings and Dangers

  • don't become too friendly with the...

    Exchange your money only through authorized banks or Moneychangers and always insist on a receipt. -- Do not encourage touts for shopping or changing currency. - “IST” or Indian standard time is better known as Indian “Stretchable” time! Yeah, that’s right, Indians are not known for their punctuality. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about it,...

  • Be careful while hiring...

    Be careful while hiring autorickshaws (3 wheelers). Do enquire from any local citizen. Roughly for a kilometer, it should cost you Rs.6. USD 0.15 (15 cents).Be careful about the drinking water being served in hotels and available at other public places.

  • ahmadabad is a safe city...

    ahmadabad is a safe city except the railway station where someone will surely steal something from you;the trains are also full of thieves;but the real danger comes from the traffic on the roads;drivers are crazy,and you will see one thousand 3-wheels-cabs in the middle of 100 bicycles surronded by dozens of trucks and cars;it is dangerous to cross...


Ahmadabad Tourist Traps

  • When you go shopping, please...

    When you go shopping, please take someone local with you. You will need to bargain a lot. If you don't do it, you will be paying three to four times more then the price. Also, while using trasportation, ask somebody how much it costs befoer you use any public Transportation. If you can find, keep a chart for the Rickshaw (a taxi with three wheels).

  • Kankaria Lake. THis is an...

    Kankaria Lake. THis is an overrated place and if U are running short of time, avoid this place. Same can be said of the zoo.If U can spare an evening, U can better spend the time at Nal Sarovar, a bird watcher's paradise, 70 kms away from Ahmedabad.

  • like everywhere,most of the...

    like everywhere,most of the traps come from the taxis,or the 3-wheels-cabs;if you ask to go to such a place,if the driver does not get a commission,he will tell you that it has closed,and he will bring you to a disgusting half of a quarter of one-star-hotel,you won't even dare to get inside.


Ahmadabad What to Pack

  • adjust yourself with city to city.

    light weight bags. backpacks. in summer light cotton clothes, shorts, t-shirts, sports shoes or thongs will do. in winter take wollen clothes to keep you warm enough. jeans and jumpers for winter. summers are very hot and winters very cold. esstimated temperatures in summer goes up to around 44.c maximum and in winter up to 5 or 6.c. deoderants,...

  • Packing List

    camera, tripod, lights, microphones, cables. in the pic - harshavardan singh - the 'prince' of dungarpur, and carolin - the producer from munich who i was shooting with.

  • Ahmadabad Hotels

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Ahmadabad Off The Beaten Path

  • dhaval972's Profile Photo

    by dhaval972 Written Jun 16, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    gujari [ sunday market, held only on sundays.] sprawled over 8,753 yards of the river bed, 'Khas Bazaar', as it was referred to in 1411, when it was first set up during the reign of Ahmed Shah, the king of ahmedabad.since then it is in the regularly gathering in the same spot near ellisbridge, in the river bed. it takes some 30 minutes from your hotel taj ummed to reach at this place. while moving in this market make sure you take care of your things.beware of pickpocketers. you will find the worldest greatest bargains here. from a tiny pin to huge elephant all is available here. no webaddress or phone nos. for this place. anyone can guide you to gujari on sunday.

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Ahmadabad Favorites

  • Arial view of Tekra

    There are about 200,000 residents packed into the slum area of Tekra (green polygon). Even in the slums you can see a sort of stratification of society. The further you go into the city the smaller the makeshift houses become. The poorest residents make a living collecting trash and taking them to a consolidator who will sell the rumaged goods to...

  • explore ahmedabad.

    visit c.g road and also the old part of the city. u will see many wonders. dear friends, please do share your experiences and views. i am the resident of ahmedabad. and i have taken care for giving this information to you, so that you can enjoy my city most. happy journey. no responsibility taken for the accuracy of the information. travellers are...

  • Well..compare this to French...

    Well..compare this to French footpath restaurants..:))its yumm food..'bhaji pav' and 'bhel'any forigner can eat this if its literally hot. just make sure to tell them to prepare it less spicy and use special mineral water (which u will provide) to prepare this dish....they will do it..they will understand..they are nice..:) go and taste it once..u...


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