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    by vpas
  • Front view of the Hari Singh Palace
    Front view of the Hari Singh Palace
    by vpas
  • Things to Do
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Jammu Things to Do

  • Khol Kandoli

    This is a temple that is located between Jammu and Katra. According to legend, Matha Vaishno Devi, stayed in this location for 12 years. She is said to have played in a swing and also played shells with the locals girls. This also finds mention in the Mahabharatha and the Pandavas worshiped Goddess here during their exile period. This is a pleasant...

  • Hari Singh Palace

    This is a lovely big bungalow though it is called a palace! It is worth visiting this if you are interested in history or want to spend some nice, quite time in Jammu. The palace houses some family photographs and details of the erstwhile royal family of Jammu. Starting from Raja Ghulab singh you will find pictures of amongst others, Raja Hari...

  • Visit the Raghunathji Temple

    This is a beautiful temple considered to be one of the largest in North India. It was built almost 170 years ago. The temple construction work was started by Maharaja Ghulam Singhji and was completed by his son Maharaja Ranbir Singhji. The main shrine is dedicated to Lord Rama, however this also houses other Gods such as Shiva, Vaishnodevi, The...

  • Need a mall?

    If for some reason you need, or miss, the convenience of air conditioning and relative-order you can go to the City Square mall. It is not very big but gives you on your break in India... a break.

  • Bagh e Bahu and Bahu Fort - only if you...

    Bagh e Bahu and Bahu Fort are the highlights of Jammu Tavi. If you have time, these are among the few best things you can do here. However, if you are just a transient, are strapped for time, and can't fit these then don't feel too bad. There is not much of the 'fort' itself to see anyway: the prime attraction inside the fort is the very popular...

  • Ragunath Temple - a bit of quiet in a...

    If nothing else, you can visit the Ragunath Temple for a bit of quiet from the very busy market around it. There is just enough green and open space inside to give you a breather, unless of course it is one of the prayer times of the day when it will be packed again. Best time to visit would be early morning around 6. One thing I noticed was that...

  • Walking to Bahu Fort

    You cannot reach Bahu Fort by car or other vehicle, and have to walk through a sort of small “village”, a long turning street, with tens of shops on each side, these shops are mainly for the pilgrims who visit Bahu Fort, where is the Hindu holy place of Kali Mata.The pilgrimage to Bahu is very important for Hindu, and that explains the lots of...

  • A well guarded university

    When I was student in Bordeaux (long time ago. . . :), there was no police on the campus, the students and university administration took care of that (well, except some special events and demonstrations. . . . against police!!), and I found it quite strange and curious to see so many police and army on the campus; but Jammu is a special place, and...

  • Reception at the chief minister’s...

    On the last afternoon of the conference, the “honourable and esteemed guests” were invited to a dinner at the chief minister’s residence. His Excellence Ghulam Nabi Azad welcomed the conference participants personally. . . . . I must admit, I do not remember where exactly his residence is, as we were picked at the hotel, “stacked” in 4WD cars...

  • Ragunath Mander and other temples

    I did not visit inside Temple of Ragunath Mandir and felt a bit frustrated, so I had to be content with the cupolas outside; the façade is in some way integrated to the street, as there are shops on the outer wall of the temple; above the entrance guarded by militaries is a strange representation of the sun. If you walk in the street near the...

  • Not touristy, but nice to look at!

    Jammu is not “touristy”, but, what does this mean? I believe there is something to see and discover in every place, and this is also valid for Jammu; I love to walk in the streets, with the local crowds, look around, being amazed , discovering every second. .. . . The markets and shops look rather ordinary, but if you look above the shops, you...

  • Just wander around in the streets.

    I love to look at people in the streets of “exotic” cities. . . . . The way they are busy is so different from the streets I walk in everyday’s life. . . . This time, I did not need a haircut, otherwise, one of these hairdressers would have had me as customer (I almost hate the European hairdressers who are just very expensive chatterboxes. . ....

  • Cultural show at the University

    Of course, when you attend a scientific conference, you come to make a presentation, to meet other people working in the same field as you, to make some contacts with scientists and people, listen to interesting (or not?) presentations, learn about last developments in some research . . . etc. . . In some places, like here in Jammu University, the...

  • Visit the market at night!

    Jammu, despite the general military and police related atmosphere is a very lively city at night; people have to live, to go shopping, have a tea with friends. . . etc. . . . The streets are very busy at evening and night, and, if the atmosphere was a bit weird, I liked a lot my tour in the crowded streets (much better than watching some Bollywood...

  • More temples

    Next to the main bridge (NH1A road) over the Tawi River, on the north shore, west side (32°43’20.00” N; 74°51’ 25.84” E) is a strange (to me!) temple, not spectacular outside, but inside, fully covered with glass, glass pieces, and many representations of divinities made with glass pieces, like stained glass windows. If I understood well the...

  • Temples everywhere. . .

    Jammu is dubbed “city of temples”, and it deserves this name. There are a few “authentic” temples, old ones, and a great number of modern temples, not really artistic, in my opinion (but what is my opinion worth?), many looking like decorated pastries, a bit “chemical” with their bright primary colours, but this gives a bit a charm to Jammu, which...

  • Bagh-e-Bahu Botanical garden(3)

    Observe the locals who like a lot to walk in the garden, . . . . . At the end of the long alley following the entrance, before walking up the stairs to the high parts of the garden your sight will be caught by this strange sculptures composition; I do not know what that means, but I found it quite funny, all these little sculptures grouped on a...

  • Bagh-e-Bahu Botanical garden (2)

    Observe the locals who like a lot to walk in the garden, have picnic, or just sit on the lawn, watch their children playing. . . . . have a chat with the gardeners. . . . As I had some close look at the works of the gardeners who were cleaning a small watering canal, their foreman came to me and tried to ask me what I was doing, what was I looking...


Jammu Hotels

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  • Fortune Inn Riviera

    9 Gulab Singh Marg, Jammu, IN

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Asia Jammu Tawi

    Nehru Market, Jammu Tawi, Jammu and Kashmir, 180004, India

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Hari Niwas Palace

    Hari Niwas Palace Hotel is located on the high area of Jammu, on the north side of the city, near...


Jammu Restaurants

  • street food

    You will find along the roads, men with a big brass vessel selling what they call Kulcha channa. It is a very delicious local item. It is made of a slightly flat white bun which is stuffed with boiled channa and spices, onions and chillies. It is then toasted with some butter and heated. The result is lip smacking!! This just costs Rs. 10

  • What a view of Jammu!

    One of the major attractions of Jammu is Falak the rotating Restaurant on top of KC Residency at Raghunath Bazar.What a view of Jammu! You can see: Raghunath Temple, Ragunath Market, Bahu Fort, Tawi River, Jamu Masjid, Vishno Devi Hills (when it is very clear) and see the sun set over Pakistan. My top pick India wide is the Raan-E-Sikandari (leg...

  • Gotta' eat.

    In all my jaunts in India this was the only rare city that provided me with hair in my order in two of its dhabas... within 12 hours. And this was one of the places. What's more memorable (or worse) was the death-defying acrobatic stunts a brave rat was performing on the ceiling beam... above a running ceiling fan... as I quietly stared transfixed...


Jammu Transportation

  • A reliable Taxi/cab driver

    This driver brought us from Katra to Jammu and also took us sight seeing around Jammu. I found him very reasonable. He is a safe driver and provides the much needed local information. His name is Waryam Singh and his number is -- 09419117097

  • Motor rickshaw is the best!

    When you visit a rather big city without a map, and do not speak the local language, you have to rely on local resources. Where are the things to see? How to get there? I waved to a motor rickshaw and tried to explain the driver I wanted to see a few things in Jammu. I probably was lucky, the guy at least understood I wanted to see a few temples,...

  • Jammu Hotels

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Jammu Shopping

  • vpas's Profile Photo

    by vpas Written Mar 14, 2013

    Jammu has plenty of shops selling dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds and dried apples. It would be better to buy in the market area and not in the touristic areas such as outside the Raghunathji Temple.

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Jammu Local Customs

  • Did I say proselytism?

    Elephant, pilgrims and. . . . .pigs. . . . I was sitting in a motor-rickshaw when the traffic suddenly was stopped by a procession in the upper part of the city; we had to wait the procession passes by before we could proceed, and police, traffic lights, could not do anything for the people waiting in their cars. . . for the tourist it was of...

  • Strange luggage. . .

    Well, it is not fun, and I remember I had a thought for the family waiting for this strange luggage; yes, on the picture you see a coffin which arrived as checked-in luggage (Do not know if it was my flight). Not fun, but I found it very strange (well, it was the first time I have seen a coffin in that situation), and after a moment, I thought,...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Jammu Favorites

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  • Visiting Amarnath?

    I know this is not the best spot for posting this tip, I'm sorry. But Jammu Tavi would be the first stop for most people who decide to visit the venerated Amarnath cave. I just wanted to say that before you go you should have an idea of how tight the situation can get. It is a 16 hour ride by road to Pahalgam, at best, and 20 hours to Baltal. But...

  • A bit a lot of police and army

    Police or army are quite a normal sight in airports, but there are usually not a lot in local (non-international) airports, but Jammu is in a special military region, and, if checks are not that drastic, you feel the military presence and the atmosphere is a bit “heavy”. Lots of militaries at the airport, but also a lot in town, with road blocks,...

  • The Himalaya mountains

    If you fly from Delhi to Jammu, make sure you get a seat on the right side of the plane; the last hour, if the weather allows, is just a wonderful travel over the Himalaya; I had no map on hand, I could not identify the high peaks and valleys, except when we were close to landing. . . . But the mountains are just so beautiful, with the glimmering...


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