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    AJ enjoys the food
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    Outside the restaurant
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Most Viewed Restaurants in Bangalore

  • Bistro Claytopia: The best restaurant in town

    by Foodmonkey Updated Sep 5, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place rocks. Unbelievable food, great coffee, chilled space. The prices are ridiculously low. Cheaper than CCD, and the food is freshly made. The concept is really cool, my girlfriend loves it more than I do. We eat here pravtically every day. The bigger gang goes on weekends and go bezerk on the breakfast.
    This is the best place in Bangalore to chill.

    Favorite Dish: Bistro lamb burger, chicken pasta, bistro omlette, cappucino, spicy chicken burger, and the kissing frog. I painted one and gifted it to my girlfriend. She got me.

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  • Mast Kalandar: Tasty, Hygenic and Healthy Desi Vegeterian Food

    by RebeccaGodwin Written Aug 7, 2011

    It's very difficult to find a north India vegetarian restaurant in South India. I found this place called Mast Kalandar, its a 100% North Indian Vegetarian restaurant and has branches all over.

    The ambiance looks bright and cheerful because of the colours. The place looks very clean and nice. The service is excellent, I have very good experience with home delivery too. The food always reaches in time, all hot and fresh :)

    Favorite Dish: They serve desi tasty and healthy food. I love their paneer dishes. The paneer is so fresh and tender that you will guarantee remember your mother's food. The veg dishes are all made with fresh vegetables and one more thing that's good about them is no matter which ever branch you visit you will get exactly the same taste everywhere.

    They also have chat items and mouth watering gulab jamun in their menu. The Gol Gappas are amazing, they serve with four types of flavoured lip smaking water and chutney.

    They have branches all over Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. You can check their website for their restaurant near your home.

    All Vegetarians try this place atleast once and you will fall in love, like me ;)

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  • The Square: Rise and Shine at The Square

    by swaha Written Jul 8, 2011

    “A good morning makes the beginning of a great day! Start yours with sunshine, a smile and our special breakfast menu “. The promise of these lines offered by The Square caught my fancy.
    Breakfast has always been my weakness and when I heard that the Coffee Day Square was offering a “Rise and Shine” breakfast offer; I was intrigued .I had thought that the Coffee Days were only for youngsters to sit and chat over a coffee! I decided to give it a try since it was in the heart of the city - Vittal Mallya road, and getting into work was just a ten minute drive.
    The next morning found me at The Square at 8.30 ,giving enough time for a leisurely breakfast .I was greeted with a cheery “Good Morning” from the smartly dressed hostess, as I took in the spacious surroundings done up in a sophisticated mixture of black and tan leather couches and modern transparent chairs. The sun filtering in through walls made entirely of glass, bathed the Café in a warm golden glow.
    The bright yellow breakfast card listed the breakfast spread and the a la carte options. After some contemplation, I settled on the “From Europe with love” which promised warm Belgian waffles with a choice of sauce (I chose Blueberry), a fruit bowl and a cup of hot coffee. The other options were the hearty “Good Morning America” which consisted of eggs, potatoes, chicken sausage and coffee and for the more health conscious there was “Wealth in Health” which has egg white, a fruit bowl, choice of yoghurt and coffee.
    There were also an a la carte option consisting of a choice of eggs, waffles or muesli, with side orders of hash brown, potato wedges, sausages etc., which let one create their own combination.
    I was advised to try the Single Origin coffee which is considered the “single malt” of coffee. The specialty is that this coffee can be traced back to the specific hill or plantation that the bean was picked from. I opted for the strong Colombian Supremo from the farms high up in the Colombian Andes.
    The cafe was filling up with people dressed in smart work clothes. Interesting, animated discussions were flowing smoothly, with business deals and politics being the flavor of the day. Some were getting into work mode already, attending to business calls. There was even a conference room where I could see a group of people having a discussion. There were also a couple of families with children, who seemed to be enjoying themselves.
    The smattering of foreigners and the different languages being spoken, all gave an impression of a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere, the likes of which is found in places like London’s National Café at Trafalgar Square.
    I had to stop ‘people watching’ when my coffee was brought to the table. As the rich aroma of the Colombian Coffee enveloped me, the heady concoction slid down my throat, energizing and awakening me. As I slowly sipped on this remarkable drink, my breakfast was laid out in front of me. The waffles were warm and golden and drizzled with blue berry sauce. The fruit bowl with fresh strawberries, bananas and grapes, was the perfect accompaniment to set off the sweet taste of the heavenly waffle in front of me.
    A good breakfast always makes me ready to face the day with enthusiasm and I walked out of The Square with a jaunty step to do just that. I would recommend that you give it a try too!

    Favorite Dish: "From Europe with Love" transports you instantly into another world with its delicious warm waffles topped with mouthwatering blueberry sauce (choice of sauces)

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  • abi_maha's Profile Photo

    Rajdhani: Super Service and superb food!

    by abi_maha Updated May 5, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After coming back from the US we were craving some good Indian food and Rajdhani hit the spot beautifully! Opened in the swanky new Central Mall in Jayanagar, the fixed menu 'thali' they offer is superlatively delicious! the service is superb too, they clearly are keen to feed their clients and ensure they leave with a full stomach. additionally they are quick and efficient too! True inidan service and food, worth every penny you pay. They truly live up the famous Indian saying 'Atthti devo bhava' - Guests are equivalent to God.

    At Rs250 pp we didn't even think this was too steep a price to pay! We'd have happily paid twice the amount!! The cuisine is a mix of Gujarathi and Rajasthani Indian food. Caveat- Only vegetarian.

    Must see restaurant for anyone visiting Bangalore for sure! I should definitely take some pics the next time I am there so I can share it with you all!

    Favorite Dish: The'Experience Thali'- sp. mention Khadi (yoghurt based dish) and dhoklas (rice cakes)

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  • Sri venkateshwara sweetmeat stall balepet: try the world famous sweet mysorepak on balepet

    by reachraghu Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Hey guys i want everyone who visits bangalore to go buy this famous sweet available in
    sri venkateshwara sweetmeat stall on balepet main rd and pls visit otherwise ur visit to bangalore is incomplete for authentic details call their store 9886100044

    Favorite Dish: MYSOREPAK mysorepak mysorepak mysorepak
    DUMROT also try badam halwa and dumrot every sweet they make is out of world its jus that u need to have sweet tooth

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  • Doggins's Profile Photo

    Richmond Hotel: Great western/indian brekky

    by Doggins Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I decided to try the buffet breakfast at the Richmond Hotel. Located on Richmond Road, it was walking distance from my accommodation (Sterling Suites) and it is an easy walk from MG Rd / Brigade Road (about 10 mins)

    The food was great, they had your typical western food like sausages (although they were chicken not beef), eggs, fried tomatos, as well as traditional Indian food (try the bombay toast!)

    The ambience was as you'd expect from one of the most luxurious hotels in Bangalore. The staff were great too.

    Favorite Dish: Buffet was only 197 rupees, or about 5 australian bucks.
    Great value, a place like this would be at least $20 back home!!

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  • bradbeaman's Profile Photo

    Samarkand: Think Genghis Kahn

    by bradbeaman Updated Apr 4, 2011

    I like the atomsphere and the food. The cuisine and the ambience are designed to reflect Afganistan, Uzbekastan and Samarkand.

    I had to ask what Samarkand is. Samarkand is the second largest city of Uzbekistan and the history of Samarkand city is about 2,500 years old.

    Favorite Dish: Kabab Platter

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  • bradbeaman's Profile Photo

    Hotel Empire International: Good non-veg food

    by bradbeaman Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is in Kerala style and there are branches of Hotel Empire in the Russell Market area and Kammanahalli, Empire opened its new venture called Hotel Empire International on Church Street off MG Road, and they have a fast food outlet at the food court of Guruda mall.

    Favorite Dish: Non-veg Thalli meal.

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  • bradbeaman's Profile Photo

    Citrus: 5 Star Buffet (7 Star?)

    by bradbeaman Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Leela Palace Citrus

    Breakfast buffet including tax Rs 430
    Lunch buffet Rs 650
    Midnight buffet Friday and Saturday Rs 550
    Sunday Champagne brunch Rs 1,500
    Wednesday seafood buffet Rs 1,500
    Thursday and Friday night American barbecue salad buffet with entree.

    Favorite Dish: Breakfast Buffet is my favorite at Leela.

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  • XKuger's Profile Photo

    Splendours of China: Fantastic Chineese

    by XKuger Written Dec 13, 2010

    I don't quite remember exactly where it is as I was taken there by my friend when I lasyt visited. I would say this is as authentic Chineese as I have eaten in Honk Kong. It is good to see that Bangalore is now sprouting these new breed of authetic Chineese restaurents.

    Favorite Dish: Two doshes stand out..

    1. The Lemon Corriander soup had flavours simply jump out.
    2. The second was the sauteed baby pepper corn.

    I have always been sceptic about pepper corn as most places I have had it its just not right, so when the waiter suggest it I thought... here we go, they guys must have a large stock that is going bad and wan't to quickly make a sale....

    I threatened that I will return the dish if I was not happy..... was I in for a suprise, in fact I order another serving as it was that good...

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  • geetamallya's Profile Photo

    Bombay Post: Bombay Post- Good Indian food

    by geetamallya Written Feb 2, 2010

    If you prefer indian cuisine, this is a good place for that. Items on the menu are on the expensive side, but if you want to impress clients, or friends. This is a good place, as the ambience is good, serves both Veg and non-veg dishes, drinks, and they play old hindi songs.

    Favorite Dish: Palak chat: A chat lavoured crispy fried Spinach served with curd
    veg platter: Assorted fried starters -veg
    non veg platter: Assorted fried non veg items and kababs
    Veg and Non veg Biryanis are both good as well

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  • Asean: Affordable Thai Food!

    by samthai Written Oct 31, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Asean is a cosy quiet restaurant located just off Brigade road on Castle street. It has warm wooden interiors which instantly make you feel warm and relaxed. Their specilaity is Chinese and Thai food. They serve authentic Thai food at really really affordable prices. Service and ambience is very good. The special Thai desserts are a must try. They also have yummy pastries and homemade chocolates. Shud give it a try......

    Favorite Dish: Pad Thai is excellent. Its exactly like the original THai padthai.

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  • Willettsworld's Profile Photo

    Grand Taj: Hap-hazard service

    by Willettsworld Written Sep 20, 2009

    This place was very close to where I was staying at the Citizen Lodge, on the other side of the parade ground from MG Road. It's rather grey inside which is mirrored by its service which was hap-hazard to say the least. I waited only 2 minutes for my tandoori chicken but when it arrived it was dry and over-cooked which is probably due to it being pre-cooked and kept heated up before I ordered it. The rest of the meal was fine except that I had to wait ages for the rice which then appeared after everything else had arrived.

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  • Andan Restaurant: great seafood restaurant

    by indianchief Written Aug 3, 2009

    We visited this Restaurant called " ANDAN", its not well known towards the main side of Bangalore. However, we ended up dining there. I must confess my mates were bowled over by the excellent food and service. They got an interesting open air sort of ambience and the sea food was divine. My friends wives were also happy as the children were busy with the interesting local zoo created within the confines of the restaurant. The drinks and cocktails were great.The staff was extremely courteous. Will definitely come back next time I am in Bangalore. Infact, its a great place to dine if you are travelling to Mysore too.

    Favorite Dish: Try the sea food platter.... delicious

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  • MTR: Authentic Karnataka Style Thali

    by krishsubbu Written Jul 9, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The long lines says the popularity of this restaurant. This place is just outside the Lalbaugh gate (not the main entrance), closer to JC Road.
    It operates in 3 shifts - morning for breakfast / afternoon (12 noon - 3 pm) for lunch and evening (5 pm onwards) for what is referred to as tiffin (old English legacy being carried) - but essentially snacks.
    The busiest time is during lunch time. One normally has to queue up to get a seat, but patience, it's worth the wait especially if you are very very hungry.
    The ambiance is very basic but dont be fooled.
    This is a sit down lunch, where you will be served at your table and the items keep flooding your plate (large circular one with cups to hold the various delicacies).
    The price is extremely cheap for what you are served but no compromise on the quality of food on your plate. The challenge is finishing what's served.
    Number of courses - difficult to count as its continuous.
    What's Special - Authentic South Indian meals (special to this part of the country).
    This place has been open for the last 90 years - same place - with minor modifications to the ambiance.
    Clean and neat. Ask for bottled water.

    Favorite Dish: The Lunch time fare
    Breakfast - Dosa (crepe made out of rice and lentils) with loads of butter.

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