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Bangalore Things to Do

  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden

    4 out of 5 stars

    Great place to spend a couple of hours. Beautiful garden with many nice spots to rest. Don't miss the monkeys. If you have done a morning tour, you can have lunch in the MTR restaurant just across the road from the main entrance.

  • Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Visit this quiet wooden palace, get a glimpse of the old days. Don't forget to visit the next door temple. Funny - apparently tipu had a soft spot for Vishnu and that's why he built his palace right next door. Don't expect much - so suggest to budnle this with some other activities in the area (market, temple, fort).

  • Cubbon Park

    Cubbon Park is a large park that is located right in the middle of the city's main administrative centre. Originally created in 1884, when Major General Richard Sankey was the then British Chief Engineer of Mysore state, it covered an area of 100 acres (0.40 km2) and subsequent expansion has taken place meaning that it now covers an area of about...


Bangalore Hotels

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Bangalore Restaurants

  • Koshy's

    4 out of 5 stars

    This sit-down restaurant is constantly alive. it is believed that five generations of families have patronised this restaurant. fish and chips, chicken on liver toast, fish biriyani, appam and stew and the wonderful coffee.

  • Barbeque Nation

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    Being Brazilian, I was surprised to see many vegetable options to the barbecue - back home we mostly have beef, some chicken and sausages for barbecue. I particularly loved the mushrooms and I must say the peppers (as mostly everything) were great and spicy too - not for the inexperienced, I'd say. This is not a complaint, I loved it. The desserts...

  • Corner House

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    It has 17 outlets in and around Bangalore and I have had the experience of enjoying its delicacies in 3 of them. The taste surely doesn't vary. They have Sundaes, Thick Shakes, Desserts and an extensive list of similar stuff. Although most of the stuff tastes great and there's nothing in the menu to which you won't like but nothing beats it's...


Bangalore Nightlife

  • A Flavor for everyone!!

    To select an appropriate theme for this place is quite tough as it has almost everything at a single place. The biggest commercial property project in Bangalore has four towers namely UB Tower (19 Floors), Comet (11 Floors), Canberra (17 Floors) and Concorde (19 Floors).Located on the 16th floor Skyye Lounge is one of the most famous ones in the...

  • Just an Average Pub in Koramangala

    The feel inside was not bad. When we ordered for the Tower Beer they bought in stale beer. My friend and I were quick to point out the problem and the staff immediately understood the problem and connected a new KEG and changed our beers. Fancy menu cards like passport. The food in general was average but a bit pricey, could be improve the quality...

  • A unique experience....

    This is a great place where you will find a nice blend of Sports and quality food. I got to know about this place at newscollective site. A very professional and skillful video that gives a inside out view of the place and whats in store for you....


Bangalore Transportation

  • Cab and Taxi Rental

    There are no on-road taxi concept in Bangalore and one has to pre-book by calling city taxis. It makes more sense to go for 4 hours or 8hours packages instead of point to point cabs, if you like fexibility in your travel. There are tons of places just outside Bangalore and hiring a cab (chauffeur driven) is one of the easier ways to travel to these...

  • Trains

    I didn't actually get a chance to try the trains in India, but from what I've read and heard, they are the best option for long journeys (eg to go outside of Bangalore)Another thing I've heard is to get a sleeper carriage if possibleYou can use this website to book your journey online! - - Indian Railway Catering and...

  • Bengaluru International Airport

    This Airport is quite modern in India.There are some cafes and restaurant inside the airport.The airport is about 30km from Bangalore and it took me about 45 minutes to an hour during non peak hour.Note:Please note that the guard will not let you in to the airport more than 2 hours before your flight.There are some restaurants outside the airport...


Bangalore Shopping

  • Samsung Plaza in Forum mall sucks, Lazy...

    NEVER VISIT THIS SHOP, if you are looking for a better service/skilled sales team.I was in full good mood to buy samsung phone on samsung showroom and had enquired in almost all shops like universal/sangeetha etc before entering in to samsung showroom.I was looking for someone, who can guide me to buy this phone.But to my surprise, most of them...

  • Ethnic and craft shopping

    This is a huge shop in Domlur filled with many categories of things, they have food furniture , furnishings and fashion. There are so many things to buy all made using traditional craft techniques, I found out that they are a social business and have in house designers to work along side artisans. Many crafts of India are available, kalamkari,...

  • Ethnic and craft shopping

    This is a huge shop in Domlur filled with many categories of things, they have food furniture , furnishings and fashion. There are so many things to buy all made using traditional craft techniques, I found out that they are a social business and have in house designers to work along side artisans. Many crafts of India are available, kalakari,...


Bangalore Local Customs

  • Electronic City

    Electronic city from the 8km long elevated Road flyover that the software companies privately built. Infosys, Satyam Computer Services, Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro.

  • Eating with our hands

    Do not be surprised if you walk into a restaurant and order food and they serve it without any cutlery, we in India are very used to eating with our hands. However most hotels will give you the same if you request for it. But Indian food is meant to be eaten without knives, forks and spoons. Eating rasam rice can never be as much fun if the same is...

  • Temple etiquette

    If you are visiting any of the temples, please leave your footwear well outside the temple(most temples have designated places for the same), wash your feet and only then enter the temple.We pay our obeisance by bowing to the deity, and we believe it is disrespectful to show one's back to the deity.We walk around the deity thrice as we pray for...


Bangalore Warnings and Dangers

  • Acommon1 Principles of Common Sense

    Common sense Acommon Travel rules as to where ever you go.#1. Don't go where you shouldn't go.#2. Follow the rule of law in the country that you reside.#3. Adhere to the rule of law from your home country.#4. Respect and "pre-" read up on the culture(s).#5. Gain some familiarity with the country's national language prior to your trip.#6. Practice...


    I almost got scammed at a shop on M.G. Road - the place tried to sell me a ceramic box for Rs4500. I knew something was wrong from the way the fella tried to hardsell to me.I left and walked further up the street to 144 M.G Road Central Cottage Industries EmporiaPhone : +91-80-25584083, 25584084 and found the exact same thing for Rs500! - a Rs4000...

  • Autorickshaw travel in Bangalore

    If you are arriving in Bangalore via train then ensure that you do not get tempted by the various offers for an autorickshaw as soon as you get off the train or once come out of the train station. Most people who solicit could take you to the cleaners.Go down to the pre-paid autorickshaw stand, get a ticket for the location / hotel that you are...


Bangalore Tourist Traps

  • AutoRickshaw- Go by the meter

    Autorickshaws are supposed to follow the charges as per their meter. So do not go by the price they quote. In most cases for non-residents they quote twice or more the actual rates.After 9:30 PM or before 6:00 AM, the autorickshaw charges are 1.5 times the meter charges. This is as per the rule. If you are in a situation where you are not getting...

  • Transport from Airport

    There will be plenty of taxi and auto drivers at the new airport who will try and entice you into taking their service just say no thanks and carry on to the BMTC volvo bus stand- there's one to every corner of the city, board the one that takes you to your destination, the maps are all displayed there for your ready reference

  • Auto drivers asking a rate for the ride

    Do not encourage auto drivers to specify a fixedr ate for a ride from anywhere to anywhere! They are supposed to charge as per meter reading only. What shows on the meter is what you give them, no addition, subtraction or multiplication factored in. A minimum of Rs 14 for 2 kms and Rs 7 for every km afterward. If not go to prepaid counters i the...


Bangalore What to Pack

  • You can travel relatively light

    A standard suitcase for the ordinary traveler Comfortable walking shoes are a MUST!!!You will be walking a lot around Bangalore, and thanks to the broken pavement if you don't have good shoes your feet will pay for it. As far as other clothing goes, men wear long trousers and shirts and women wear dresses or long pants... Its advisable for women...

  • A few things for Bangalore

    - Leave space to buy some silk, pashminas, etc. Many of the places, alternatively, will deliver to the US, especially if you buy something large (like a rug) - Supportive, rubber-soled shoes: the sidewalks are either broken or non-existent, depending on the block. No heels, no leather soles, no things with poor ankle support- Jeans: Standard issue...

  • Bangalore Packing lst for Gringas

    Don't pack more than a weeks worth of clothes. Laundry is readily available and cheap. Lightweight rain jacket or umbrella. Shoes with good traction. I wore heels to the office but they are completely impractical for walking on many or the sidewalks. Also shoes that slip on and off easily for the TSA security stops as well as removal before...


Bangalore Off The Beaten Path

  • Eco tourism at Jungle Lodges Resorts

    Head off to the Bheemeshwari (Cauvery Fishing Camp) Jungle Lodges for a memorable week end spent at eco tourism. Thats what we did for our second wedding anniversary, and we loved every minute of the time we spent there! :)We left bangalore a bit late (arnd 10 AM) but will advise you to leave earlier to beat the heat (depending on the season of...

  • Chamrajsagar Reservoir

    Chamrajsagar Reservoir: 35Kms from Bangalore, built on river Arkavati. It is called a picnic spot, but I could not get back to the resevior and only took this picture from off Magadi Road.I would say just look at the reseviour and the submerged temple in the distance from Makadi Road, drive on to Savandurga and then go back via Mysore Road and see...

  • Hesaraghatta Lake

    Take the Tumkur Road NH4 and then right on Heseraghatta Main Road. The Tumkur Road is crazy busy and the Heseraghatta Road is busy for five kilometers . Then suddenly you are in a reomote area with not much traffic on the road besides villagers on bicycles. The lake has a remote feeling away from the Bangalore traffic. After you have visited then...


Bangalore Sports & Outdoors

  • The Delights of a Perfect Golf Drive

    Ooty is now an urban sprawl that you have to pass through on your way to Coonoor and Wellington. Except for the home-made chocolates that are a major attraction in the town-centre there is nothing much to recommend about Ooty and you are better off just looking for the road to Coonoor and pressing on. Having started at 6.15 am from home at...

  • Fishing at Bhemeshwari

    Head to the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp which is around 80 kms from Bangalore for an unforgettable fishing trip. You can even stay for a week at the Galibore Jungle Lodges Resort for an unforgettable trip. The Bheemeshwari camp also has log huts which make for a comfortable stay as you enjoy some fishing. You will also catch a lot of birds fishing...

  • Climb Nandi Hills by bicycle

    Nandi is the highest mountain in the Bangalore area. Cycling or Trekking will be a great adventure. We cycled up from the base 7 kilometers in a little less than an hour.


Bangalore Favorites

  • Tourism information

    Tourist information on Karnataka is now available across the country over a toll-free telephone number. The toll free number is 1-600-44-1414 and the service is provided nine hours a day, from 09:00 hrs (IST) 18:00 hrs (IST) round the year. The office is closed on Tuesdays.

  • Just a call away

    For any information you need while in bngalore just call JustDial services on 080-23333333 and it will be given to you instantly. You cn use this service to get taxi numbers, hospital numbers, contacts of restaurants or hotels, etc. Anything that you may need. This is a phone directory service and is the most convenient way of getting info while...

  • In and around Bangalore

    Hi , Welcome to Bangalore!!!!! Silicon City of India. It is happening place you will like it. Bangalore is safe and sound just like as another cosmopolitan city. Good thing it's weather , it very cool. But trefic is not that great. Further to explore there are lots of things within the City and near around City. I am born traveler :) I love to...


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