Bangalore Warnings and Dangers

  • Very Private Bangalore Temples
    Very Private Bangalore Temples
    by acommon1
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    0nly monkeys like western drinks
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    a garden in the evening,a
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Most Recent Warnings and Dangers in Bangalore

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    Acommon1 Principles of Common Sense

    by acommon1 Written Jul 9, 2012

    Common sense Acommon Travel rules as to where ever you go.

    #1. Don't go where you shouldn't go.
    #2. Follow the rule of law in the country that you reside.
    #3. Adhere to the rule of law from your home country.
    #4. Respect and "pre-" read up on the culture(s).
    #5. Gain some familiarity with the country's national language prior to your trip.
    #6. Practice the local language with the locals.
    #7. If concerned with lodging then don't do what isn't familiar to you.
    #8. Eat what has been cooked.
    #9. Drink bottled water that has a seal. Open it yourself.
    #10. Know your coordinates (esp. North & South). Memorize the major cross-roads prior to taking your trip.
    #11. Have a copy or two of your Passport in a safe place (either on you personally or in an emergency place).
    #12. Go electronic (with back up paperwork) when you can.
    #13. Be reluctant to share your full plans with strangers.
    #14. Be flexible.
    #15. How you handle "it" determines whether it'll be a good event or day or not. Understand that something weird, funny, or bad might occur.
    #16. Watch your travel companions as they might just as well cause trouble by accident / unknowingly or on purpose.
    #17. International travel is not a time for pranks. (Stay away from pranksters that want to travel with you)
    #18. Just try to remember that "nothing" is for "free". (This goes for women too! Crazy partying guys should know this.)
    #19. Silently meditate as to rehearse (or re-play) plans.
    #20. Always be prepared for a back-up exit plan (... where ever you are (and check for exits)).
    #21. Travel with flex travel time on the front end but esp. back end of your visit. This'll reduce your frustrations if there happen to be delays.
    #22. Pack light while being wise.
    #23. Be nimble. (physically)
    #24. If you have good judgment with befriending people (anywhere) then be social with out giving away too much information.
    #25. Know your money. Where it is. How much is on you. Denominations in order. Minimize coins if possible (don't need to be heard walking around jiggling).
    #26. When driving a rental car ... pay the extra for full coverage. (Take it from a guy that has had 2 separate flat tires and locked up engine all in the same trip. Can you guess where?)
    #27. Walk like you know where you are going even when you get lost. The best way to not get lost again is to remember where you were when you were lost.
    #28. You are not a "stick" in the mud if you choose to stay away from the "loud" crowd.
    #29. Avoid traveling during the host country's elections.
    #30. Be aware of political and labor union protest. Don't accidently get caught up.
    #31. Never walk away from your open beverages and/or food. Once you've stepped away then pass on further consumption as to be cautious.
    #32. Ladies and guys, know that you will meet lots of wonderful people plus some not so. Don't be fooled by "beauty" or a "handsome" face. Danger lurks. If you have a bad judgment of character domestically then it is not going to get any better outside of the country.
    #33. If you're not considered "HOT" back home then don't be fooled when you are abroad. Money matters. It isn't really your looks.
    #34. The money train gets you access but it can also generate trouble.
    #35. Make certain Taxis / Limos drivers happen to be locked into the price and directions prior to departure.
    #36. Know the weather conditions prior and during your trip.
    #37. Read the local newspapers / journals prior to arrival. (seek to understand cultural, social, economic, etc topics of the day)

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    by edwin_r Written Feb 20, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I almost got scammed at a shop on M.G. Road - the place tried to sell me a ceramic box for Rs4500. I knew something was wrong from the way the fella tried to hardsell to me.

    I left and walked further up the street to 144 M.G Road Central Cottage Industries Emporia
    Phone : +91-80-25584083, 25584084 and found the exact same thing for Rs500! - a Rs4000 difference!

    The Central Cottage Industries Emporia is government owned run with the Ministry of Textiles and you can be assured that the prices are the cheapest.

    Apparently, taxi drivers will try to send you to shops other than the government owned one because they get 10-20% commission. Don't get fooled - Make sure you see the sign CENTRAL COTTAGE INDUSTRIES 144 M.G. ROAD - then you know you're in safe hands!

    Don't get scammed! EVER!

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  • Autorickshaw travel in Bangalore

    by krishsubbu Written Jul 16, 2009

    If you are arriving in Bangalore via train then ensure that you do not get tempted by the various offers for an autorickshaw as soon as you get off the train or once come out of the train station. Most people who solicit could take you to the cleaners.

    Go down to the pre-paid autorickshaw stand, get a ticket for the location / hotel that you are going and pay the pre defined fare at the counter. This will ensure that you are not taken to your location via a route where you will have to shell out an outrageous fare.

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    Safety tips in Bangalore

    by DSouza Written Jul 14, 2008

    Well Safety is a issue all over the world isnt it? As far as Bangalore is concerned, its quite a safe city and if possible try to go around with a know local if no choice then just cross your fingers and use some professional services like hotel taxi, etc to rule out any remote chances of dangers.

    The city offers a range of places to visit based on what you would like to see... it has huge parks but isnt impressive for a lonely visitors, it has got museums, libraries, pubs, restaurants, malls etc etc

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    Getting into the Domestic Terminal

    by traceyspacey Written Feb 3, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We had a large gap between our connecting flights. We arrived from Bangkok to Bangalore and were waiting for our connecting flight to Goa. You are not allowed in the domestic terminal until hours before your flight, despite how cold you might be. Fortunately members of Kingfisher airline who we were not flying with took pity on us and got us through security 4 hours before our flight. We warned another traveler of this, who did not listen and she had the same problem.

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    Airport Food

    by cochinjew Written Dec 19, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While the western airlines have stopped serving food on their flights, their Asian counterparts continue to pamper their passengers with food on their flights.
    In India,the food varies from INEDIBLE (air India Express, why do they serve that garbage at all?) to delicious ( Paramount Airways ). The service is usually very good, and plenty of food to eat and also lots of water and tea

    Paramount Airlines Vegetarian Food Inedible food on Air India Express Kingfisher BLR to BOM

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  • Dealing with customs

    by dkothari Updated Jul 26, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I noticed someone had written a warning about customs. Having travelled to India since I was 8, I've noticed the key to dealing with customs is to be unwilling to give them any money. Once they know that you are unwilling to bribe them, they ease up. If they give you a hard time on anything, just tell them to write the items on your passport and they can check that you have them when you go back.

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    Pushy autorickshaw drivers

    by castorp75 Updated May 4, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bangalore is full of underemployed autorickshaw drivers.
    It is strange but there are two types of them.
    The first type will use the meter and you don't even have to struggle too hard for it.
    The second type, however, will give you a ridiculously good price provided you accept that he will take you to some emporiums. Don't fall for this. Even if they tell you that you don't have to buy anything. First of all, he will get a commission even if you spend 15 minutes in the emporium without buying anything but he will take you from emporium to emporium until you buy something expensive. And secondly, it is very tiring and disappointing to go from emporium to emporium just to turn down the shop owners' offers all of the time. You can spend your precious time better than that.
    If you run into an autorickshaw driver belonging to the second type, get out of his vehicle ASAP and catch a first type rickshaw. You will feel much better and even in the worst case, you don't have to wait more than 10 minutes for an honest driver.

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    be ready for chaos at the airport

    by cochinjew Written Apr 12, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I left Yangon I had arrived in Bangalore in south India and I never felt I was in India, the commotion and the misery all seemed outside of me, for my heart was firmly back in Myanmar. It felt that I was passing through a scenery in which I was not a part. Bangalore is crowded, dusty and the people especially the younger ones who frequent the central district, noticeably unfriendly. The visual landscape of humanity is somewhat interesting because of the beautiful dark skinned maidens with long flowing black hairs and especially by the abundance of the indo Tibetan speaking peoples of the North East who walk around as if they don’t fit into the place at all. But it is a not a place for a tourist, there are not enough attractions nearby.
    The arrival hall of the airport is chaotic, several officials demanding various types of papers, I blissfully ignore them and walk past them to be thrown into the throng of people waiting for the arriving passengers from all parts of the globe, who can be identified by the bulging suitcases ( middle east, goodies for the family ) and the pseudo sophisticates ( the professional who had emigrated to the west, enough money but no style ) and humble parents glad to be back after visiting their off springs in far away lands.
    The taxi drivers like everywhere else are out to get you and that they do. Just pay me the meter fare, a cunning bald head said, and when we got into his car we realize, it was not a taxi and had no meter in it and the price was fixed on the spot at an exorbitant rate. By then the luggage was in, the car had left the airport premises and the pain of looking for a proper taxi was not worth it. The baldheaded Tamil speakier can add another foreigner to his Sucker’s List.. Be foreigner and get hit for double….

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  • An awful international airport, the departure hall

    by pangtidor Updated Apr 6, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The last time I visited Bangalore was June-July 2006 and the airport was under construction.I am not sure if the new airport has been opened yet or not and wonder how the things are working on there for the services.The thing I still remember for the Bangalore Airport is such an awful one.The boarding gate for the departure hall is only one and the prority will be British Airways only!!It was a disaster for us on that time whereas other 2flights actually scheduled 2-3hours ahead from British Airways and we have to wait for its boarding.The waiting room at the departure area is really dirty.I wonder why it was qualified for an international airport.While we were boarding in, an airport crew was running and screaming along the line to ask if there was a doctor among passengers because a crew was fainted.OH MY GOD!it means there is no medical service inside the airport!!!

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    Third World Airport

    by cochinjew Updated Mar 31, 2007

    After a flawless flight of nine hours from Paris, we arrived on time in Bangalore airport, only to be told by the captain that there are two other aircrafts in the tarmac and that we have to wait ONE hour before being allowed to get off the plane.
    So be prepared for a wait. No wonder Jetstar asia cancelled their flights and North West shelved their flights, if the airport authorities are not capable of even such a simple thing as docking more than one plane at a time!

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  • People Push Others On the Line

    by pangtidor Written Dec 20, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Be careful when you have to stand on the line or passing by a crowded area.The lines on the airport and some public areas seem to be fine.You may fine people will be queueng with some lines on a section, avoid it, they tend to push each other back with the hands or elbows.Queue to a calm single line.:-)).
    When you pass by or be in a crowded area, you will experience the same thing.People will push each other back and rushy.

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  • Bangalore International Airport, Arrival Hall

    by pangtidor Updated Dec 20, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bangalore International Airport is still under construction and will be done within 2008 so prepare yourself for an awful arrival area.You have to fill the embarcation card and be on the line at the immigration section.Such a dirty stands to write on!!After that just follow the direction to collect your baggage.From there your baggage will be scanned by the customs officers.Watch out with them!!!It seems to me they are intimidating the women travellers and foreigners.They are really rude and can not speak English mostly.I dont know if it is really the way for them to speak in a loud voice and unsmiling face.I believe they could take some of your baggages if they want to.Be rude too and yell at them when they do that.It works.:-))I observed their attitude to other passengers, it is all the same.It is really crowded there.It will be small space around custom area, crowded with the seats and people so just be careful with your belongings.You can see money exchange service just beside the custom scanning area will be opened 24hours.For your own safety, riding with the prepaid taxi will be better though it is more expensive from the airport.It will be on your left side after the customs area.You can see the sign there.

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    Avoid Hair Cuts at Wannabee salons

    by cochinjew Written Oct 5, 2006

    My hair was so unruly that I made the mistake with the false hope of some result. At a salon called Mystic Macho I surrendered my hair which has been cut by very few people in the last ten years ( mario luis in baracoa, idalma in buenos aires, twice in Rangoon). First of all their broken English and my interpreters broken Canarese made communications difficult but later on it came to pass that the interpreter and the hair cutter were both from Kerala!
    When I arrived in Paris a day later, every one remarked at the horrible hair cut and they made me promise that apart from Mario Luis and Idalma, I will get my hair cut only in Paris, by a stylist from Israel they are all satisfied with...

    avoid this place in Nilgiri Plaza avoid this hair dresser shorn like a sheep on the sides

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    City of Nerds and Wogs

    by cochinjew Updated Sep 28, 2006

    WOG western on the outside, Oriental on the inside Guys and Gals

    Very pretentious, speaking in a tongue which has no resemblance to english, this nerd crowd ,many of them in the IT field, altogether a boring lot. but boy are they interested in meeting foreigners!!! especially if they are attractive women!!

    I found the young people of the city I met to be rather boring and shallow, very interested in the material world ( which the spirituality seeking western visitor to India is trying to eschew ).. reminded me of a line from a poem from an american poet.. can a xerox copy of something undesirable be good?

    Avoid these pretentious types hanging around MG Road and at the Cafes with their artificial smiles and loud voices speaking a language vaguely resembling English

    0nly  monkeys like western drinks

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