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  • Rani Roomati Pavilion
    Rani Roomati Pavilion
    by goutammitra
  • Jahaj Mahal or Ship Palace
    Jahaj Mahal or Ship Palace
    by goutammitra
  • Jahaz Mahal
    Jahaz Mahal
    by goutammitra

Mandu Things to Do

  • Sunset point

    Enjoy the beautiful sunset on and around this point. All along this cliff there are nice views. But there is a platform with fence made for the tourists/lovers to be safe, approx. 200 meters from where this photo was taken...

  • Old Tombs and Palaces

    The old Tombs and palaces are spread around an area of approx. 15 km². Some are placed in the centre of town, some along Sagar Talao in beautiful surroundings. The mythical Roomatis pavillion is on the edge of the fort, from where you'll have beautiful views of the plains below.You can walk, rent a bicycle, drive your car or get a car with driver...

  • Royal Bath for Harem.

    This is the Royal Bath for the Harem of Sultan, believed to be built by Giasuddin Khilji, who is believed to be having thousands of wives and concubines.Ghiyas-ud-din was a pleasure seeker and devoted himself to women and song. He had a large harem and built the Jahaz Mahal for housing the women, numbering thousands, of his harem. Ghiyas-ud-din was...

  • Champa Bawdi

    Bawdi means a large water reservoir. Most probably it was used as rain water reservoir for harvesting and taking bath as well. Adjacent to Jahaz Mahal, this large water reservoir is worth visiting. It was built during the time of Raja Bhoj, the king of Malwa.

  • Jami Masjid

    Jami Masjid Inspired by the great mosque of Damascus, this humongous structure is striking in both its simplicity and architectural style-with large courtyards and grand entrances.

  • Hoshang Shah's Tomb

    India's first marble structure, it is one of the most refined examples of Afghan architecture. Its unique features include the beautifully proportioned dome, intricate marble lattice work and portico ed courts and towers. It served as a template for the construction of Taj Mahal.

  • Hindola Mahal

    Hindola Mahal - meaning Swing palace is so named due to its sloping side walls. The Hindola Mahal might have been constructed during the reign of Hushang Shah about 1425 C.E. but may date to the end of the 15th century during the reign of Ghiyas al-Din. It is one of a set buildings making up the royal palace complex at Mandu, which consists of the...

  • Rani Roopmati's Pavilion.

    A large sandstone structure originally built as an army observation post it is known today as Roopmati's Pavilion. Rani Roopmati - the love interest of Baaz Bahadur lived here and is said to have gazed at the Baz Bahadur's Palace - situated below and also at Narmada river, flowing through the Nimar plains far below, a river which the queen revered....

  • The Palace of Baz Bahadur, the King of...

    Miyan Bayezid Baz Bahadur was the last sultan of Malwa, who reigned from 1555 to 1562. He succeeded his father, Shuja'at Khan. He is known for his romantic liaison with Roopmati, a singer of Rajput birth.Baz Bahadur as sultan did not bother to look after his kingdom nor did he maintain a strong army, being devoted to the arts and to his paramour....

  • Jahaz Mahal or Ship Palace

    We visited the place on 9th October'1993. That time Munu was not born. I was posted at Raipur, Madhya Pradesh ( Now Chattisgarh). We made a 7/8 days trip to Bhopal, Indore and Mandu. We stayed at Indore and Mandu for two nights. It was a memorable trip. The tips are being written after 18 years of our travel to Mandu, with the help of scanned...


    literally means a "swinging palace". this name is because of peculiarly shaped sloping side walls whch gives it a swaying appearance.the other reason being the ladies of the palace used to have swings attached to the overhanging beams and used to play swings when the month of monsoons arrived (sawan ke zhule=monsoon time swings which was an old...


    it is situated near the rewa kund. once a waterlift used to take up water from rewa kund and supply to the baaz bahadurs palace and its water network.there is an inscription in persian over the main entrance which assigns its construction to sultan nasir shah in 1508-09.the main gateway is approached by 40 broad steps with landings at...


    one of the most majestic buildings at mandu is the jami was designed after the great mosque of dimashq(damascus).it has a long period of was commenced during the reign of hoshang shahand completed by mahmud khalji in 1454.the plan elevation and design of the bilding was conceived on a grand scale.the whole construction...


    jahaz mahal or ship palace is so called because it is built on a narrow strip of land between the munj and kapur lakes (talao) when the tanks are full especially during the rains esp jul-sep the palace appears to float on the waters also when standing on upper decks one gets a feeling of a cruise ship.jahaz mahal is best viewed from taveli mahals...


    champa is a flower and champa baodi is the name of the well which is so named after the champak flower beacuse the taste of the water in well was similar to the aroma of the champak flower. this may have been possible as the champa baodi is located at the lower underground cisterns of therroayal enclave and may have acted as a fragrant...


    the midwifes palace is what dai ka mahal means.however it is a mausoleum so it really is a gumbad.actually it appears to be in series of communication towers which are seen at regular distance all the way to dhar which was once the capital of malwa.this prticular structure is however more large than te usual communication towers and seems to have...


    was meant to house travellers. was built at the same time as malik mughiths mosque was constructed so they lie close to each has a central open courtyard.there are halls on each side with vaulted ceilings.rooms for storage are located at bothe ends.halls provided living accomodation like a is very clear to imagine this place...


    rewa=narmada the river that flows thro the nimar plains whom rani rupmati worshipped daily.rewakund lies just next to the monument known as baz bahadurs palace.rani rupmati enlarged the rewa kund and rebuilt it and made modificatiosn along its edgge.the kund is as lined with masonry from which one can enter it with help of steps.above its north are...


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Mandu Transportation

  • Rent a bicycle (or a motorbike)

    Bicycle is easy for rent here, you can cycle around to all the sights. A bit lazy perhaps, we managed to rent a motorbike in Mandu. It was not so common in 2009. We asked around and a nice guy living in Mandu rented us his motorbike! Thank you Nuru! Maybe he is still there, with more motorbikes?We loved the freedom of driving around ourselves, in...

  • Daily Bus to Mandu from Indore.

    It is very easy now to travel to Mandu from Indore or from Pithampur. There are daily State Transport Buses to Mandu from Indore. If you want to come back by the same day then catch the early morning bus which leaves around 6.00 AM then for return you catch the bust at Mandu at 4.00PM. It takes about 3 hours from one side. But it is always better...


    for mumbai travellers best way to reach mandu is reach maheshwar by evening it is 510kms.halt for 2 days in maheshwar one day could be spent visiting omkareshwar.on day3 morning one can proceed to mandu 66kms from maheshwar and can be reached in apprx 1 hour but there is ghat section on the way so for smaller vehicles with less hp make it 2 hours....


Mandu Shopping

  • by pravdr Written Dec 15, 2008

    nothing special but it has a good collection of books by ASI archaelogical survey of india.

    What to buy: publications published by the archaelogical survey of india (ASI)

    a must buy is a book on mandu by D R Patil cost is INR 20 and it holds a wealth of information especially for students of architecture indian history and archaelogy.

    there are other titles too on world heritage sites in india and other monuments of importance all over the country. so you can pick up some books on ur future travels read them in advance and be prepared for the experience!!!

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    • Castles and Palaces
    • Archeology
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Mandu Local Customs


    situated in the royal complex close to the champa baodi are a set of royal bathrooms or hamams.they have domes with stars cut into them to allow light to filter in so that the roayal beauties could bathe in an ethereal is amazing to see to what level a human being goes to derive comfort from bathing. there are cisterns with furnaces...


    the ancient water conservation and harvesting systems are an architects delight.mandu has waterbodies and ponds present everywhere. water had a lot of importance in mandu as is seenw ith the water harvesting sysytems seen with almost every building in mandu.water conservation was important for a plateau fort like mandu.numerous lakes like sagar...

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Mandu Tourist Traps

  • Beware of fake guides

    It is a common tip when you go to offbeat places. But in Mandu there is a very good alternative. MP Tourism has authorized 3 guides in Mandu and they are trained to know the history and other inside info about the place. One such guide is Mr. Parihar and can be contacted at the local provisions store "Parihar Provisions" or at MP Tourism resort...


    to know the city and history of mandu hire a charges must be verified before and and also check whether your guide is a govt authorised guide by the identity card they carry. read about mandu before you land there.ther is a very good book published by te archaeological survey of india (asi) written by D R patil cost is INR20 only.thsi...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Mandu Off The Beaten Path


    located in the royal complex this is one of the buildings in mandu with incredible an age where there were no loudspeakers for the sound and songs/theatre to be audible the acoustics had to be great.the building has some incredible acoustics even a whicper can be heard for quite some distance the resonance quality of sound at normal...


    "SUBAAH HO TO BENARES KI SHAABE MALWA" goes the old age means mornings belong to benares a religious hindu centre and evenings belong to malwa the area in which mandu falls.however i beg to differ on this account. the mornings at mandu are beautiful. sublime colors greenery and play of trees and the sky. monuments reflected in lotus ponds...


    located in the eastermost part of the royal enclave of monuments.was a recent addition to the royal enclave best seen from dilawar khans mosque upper storey.also known as the tiger balcony due to the tiger effigy supporting the window.such jharokhas are also seen at delhi and agra forts where it was a practice amongst mughal emperors to show...


Mandu Favorites

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    mandu has waterbodies and ponds present everywhere. water had a lot of importance in mandu as is seenw ith the water harvesting sysytems seen with almost every building in mandu.water conservation was important for a plateau fort like mandu.numerous lakes like sagar talao and rewa kund dot mandus landscape.there are waterbodies scattered all over...


    these trees which seem to be hanging upside down add their own aura to the mystery that is mandu.supposed to be brought in by arab traders these trees have survived centuries perhaps they are the only witness to the history of mandu.they produce a peculiar fruit which is often sold in mandu village known as "mandu ki imli"the tree is broad at the...

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