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  • The Grand Rasoighar ;-)
    The Grand Rasoighar ;-)
    by Durfun
  • Check out the 'quirky' seven ;-)
    Check out the 'quirky' seven ;-)
    by Durfun
  • The Mall.. the gem munching zone is at the rear..
    The Mall.. the gem munching zone is at...
    by Durfun
  • aadil's Profile Photo

    Chetana Restaurant: Indian High Tea!!!

    by aadil Updated Jan 26, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Rathika (Radz@VT) & me at the VT mini-meeting!!!

    This is a vegetarian Thali restaurant but we went for the evening High Tea which is from 3pm to 7pm and it serves a fixed price menu for a choice of three snacks from the menu plus the tea or coffee for Rs75 or individual items priced at about Rs20 - Rs25 each and the drinks (Tea, coffee or cold drinks) are extra!!! Nice atmosphere!!! Very good food!!! Also very famous for it's vegetarian 'Thali' buffet lunch and dinner!!! Try it out for a change!!! You will love it!!!

    Picture courtesy: Rathika (Radz@VT)

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  • travelmad478's Profile Photo

    VEGETARIAN & "THALIS": Rajdhani

    by travelmad478 Updated Nov 28, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luckily, someone was able to lead me to this small restaurant in the impossibly crowded Crawford Market so I could get my fill of great Gujarati thali. Not fancy, no silverware, and delicious. Check the website to see what's on the menu today!

    On a busy day, you may want to call ahead for a table since the place is very small--however, it’s also very casual and I doubt you’d have to wait long in any case. No tourists, not a lot of English spoken, but since this is a thali place you don’t need it.

    Favorite Dish: Thali is a particular style of eating that's popular in many parts of India, particularly the south and the west. You don't order anything, just sit down and wait for your big plate (or banana leaf) to get loaded with small quantities of dozens of dishes by the waiters cruising the restaurant. Try not to eat too fast, because those waiters are hovering around waiting for you to finish any item so they can replenish it on your plate! And don't forget that there's dessert at the end! You can really, really overeat in a thali restaurant...take it from one who's done it way too many times.

    Rajdhani served us a huge variety of vegetarian dishes: cabbage with peas, kadi (sweetish yogurt-based sauce), khichdi (split peas and rice), sweet masoor dal, mung dal, potato stew, potato samosas, a spicy orange-colored dal, various chutneys and pickled beets, kedgeree rice, plain rice, papads, and four different kinds of breads (sweet small wheat cakes, spicy flat pancakes with herbs, whole wheat chapattis, and puffy rotis fresh out of the pan). One thing I hadn’t seen before was cubes of what seemed to be idli bread, with sesame seeds. We washed it all down with buttermilk and finished up with rasgulla. Wow. Once again, I had to roll out the door.

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  • OlivierB's Profile Photo

    RAJDHANI "The Thali place": All you can eat Veg Gujju style

    by OlivierB Updated Mar 8, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is the equivalent of the all-u-can eat buffets of the west except that someone serves you at the table until you tell them to stop. The food is very tasty, plentifull and fun to eat.

    Favorite Dish: Everything is good !

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    VEGETARIAN & "THALIS": Gujarati Thali in Old Mumbai.

    by aadil Updated Jan 15, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Me eating from the thali.
    3 more images

    This place serves only Gujarati Thalis so there is no choice in ordering what you want but you can select what you want in the thali once you get all the items in it and take more of what you like most amongst the seven different things they offer on your plate in small bowls that make up your thali. The service is unlimited food that is kept on being served to you regardless of how much you have eaten and unless you tell them to stop they will keep on serving you and keep all the bowls full. The place is airconditioned and nicely done up with a lot of old brass pots and artefacts on the walls. Great food and nice ambience with six to eight people all waiting to serve you all the different items continuously till you can have no more!!! Cooked in a very hygeinic way and served in shining stainless steel thalis you are pampered with a lot of good food till you are ready to drop dead with all the good food in your stomach!!! At Rs130 per thali it is a very good priced offer for someone who lives to eat or loves to eat!!! The timings are from 11am to 3pm for lunch and 7pm to 10pm for dinner (Closed on Sunday evenings). All Thaker Bhojanalay tip pictures courtesy: Navinkurian2002@VT.

    Favorite Dish: There is only one thing you can order here ..... the Thali!!! It is a plate with a lot of different small bowls with all the different types of dishes served one after the other and kept on being served till you protest and say no!!! The serving is unlimited and continuous so you really have to tell them to stop very firmly if you don't want to waste the food in your plate. There is a lot of vegetables and dal varieties along with the chapati, phulkas, jowar and bajra rotis besides the rice and khichdi that you can try from and then take more once you know which you like or have them all till you are full!!! A glass of buttermilk is also served. There is a sweet dish selection as well with atleast four to five different sweet dishes like Shrikhand, Rasmalai, Rasgolla, Gulab Jamun and you can choose what you want. The water is only served from mineral water bottles. The place has a small dining area so not too many tables out there so come early if you don't want to wait in queue to get in.

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  • ludogatto's Profile Photo

    Shiv sagar: Veg food and mango juice

    by ludogatto Updated Jan 13, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dosa and mango juice

    Near our Hotel there where a lot of veg restaurant, but in one of this they have a big manu, from south indian dishes to north and mexican too!
    But dosa is my prefered......there are several filling, u have to try...I love spinach so I take this one but there are spacy or not, with shees or your choose!

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  • Donna_in_India's Profile Photo

    Swadesh, Shiv Sagar, Etc.: Great & Very Cheap Veg Food

    by Donna_in_India Written Nov 21, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The local veg restaurants such as Shiv Sagar and Swadesh are the best places to fill up on good and cheap veg food. The clean (!) restaurants are filled with locals having a meal or a snack.

    Choice of food includes: Dosas, Pakodas, Upma (my favorite breakfast), Puri Bhaji (my favorite lunch), Idlis, Vadas, varous Chaats, Biryani, and the popular Pav Bhaji. Various desserts, faloodas, lassis, and fresh fruit shakes are also available.

    These restaurants are very inexpensive. You can have a meal for under $1 and a big meal for under $2. Good (clean) alternative to street foods. (Idlis start at Rs 16, dosas start at Rs 20, pav bhaji is Rs 40)

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  • nsurati's Profile Photo

    Crystal: Pure vegetarian, home-cooked food

    by nsurati Written Aug 6, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have been a fan of this tiny place since very long now. If you really want to enjoy this experience, my suggestion will be to board a local train and reach Charni Road. A quaint restaurant awaits your taste buds very close to the station. The place is called “Crystal”. Kheer (a sweet preparation of boiled rice with milk) enthusiasts swear by the kheer you get here. According to patrons of kheer, which I am not, you apparently get world’s best kheer here maybe just next to what your mom might make for you.

    I have no idea how old this place is. But it is among the few places which are not jazzed up and you enter a non-descript place with plastic tables and chairs and ceiling fans on the ground floor while the “so-called” mezzanine floor has table fans to do the honours. The mezzanine floor is slightly difficult for people like Xi Shun to fit in, hence the “so-called mezzanine floor” in the statement before. The owner of the place or so I assume is this old gentleman sitting in a white kurta pajama at the entrance. One of the few places which does not play Kenny Gee and plays old hindi movie songs.

    Favorite Dish: My favourites are baingan bharta (eggplant mince) with roti (indian bread) or rajma (lentil) chawal (rice) or gobi paratha (indian bread stuffed with spiced cauliflower).

    Simple, no-fuss, home – like food which is incredibly reasonable. A meal for two which includes 2 veggies, around 7-8 rotis, raita (A dip made of curd with veggies like cucumber, tomato etc.) and dessert will cost you some 100 bucks. The place has many patrons in the elitist as well.

    Its packed for dinner on weekends with people from all ranks of society. Crystal serves only vegetarian food and I am not complaining at all.

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  • alycat's Profile Photo

    Only Parathas: More than 250 varities of parathas to choose from!

    by alycat Updated Aug 6, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The paratha den

    Great ambience and location. After you are done with shopping on Linking road hop on in for a sumptous meal. Its crowded on the weekends, you will have to put down your name at the reception outside and wait for you to be called in when a table gets empty, not a long wait, and its worth it.

    Favorite Dish: They serve parathas, Only parathas, with every concievable and imgainable filling possible, and they are all veg. We went in a group of 5 people and all of us ordered a diff paratha and got a taste of them all. Later we flushed down the meal with a generous glass of lassi...ummm yummy!

    Try alu parathas (as always) green peas and lassi!

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  • wrldtravler's Profile Photo

    Pancham Puriwala: 150 Years of Puri Bhaji

    by wrldtravler Updated Jan 16, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Store Front

    The puris are large, and a little thickish, made by practised hands, which must be making a few hundred (thousand?) puris a day, fried in Godrej ghee.
    They have a pleasant fresh taste about them, and are slightly saltish. They always come straight from the frying pan, and they are always hot. Be careful.
    They give you five puris per order, more than enough for a person like me, though not perhaps for a large bhaiya chowkidar from U.P. With it is the bhaji, in a katori, it is liquid, not the Gujarati sukki bhaji. It is almost watery, but with adequate taste and strength, always made with potato and bhopla (pumpkin). The puris and the bhaji come in a small round tray. You break the puri, dip in the bhaji gravy, and eat it. And you pay Rs.10 at the counter. Lunch over.
    Hundreds upon hundreds of people have their lunch and dinner at Pancham Puriwala every day, and also their in-between meals, always puri bhaji. There is an achar that goes with it, a chilli and lime pickle placed in a large bowl in the centre of the table. You help yourself to it.

    Favorite Dish: Pancham Puriwala is located at the entrance to Bazargate, the VT end of it, opposite the Bhatia Baug. The lane is also known as Parsi Bazar Street. It is an interesting lane, a part of old-old Bombay. The next time you eat at Pancham Puriwala, walk down the street to Pherozeshah Mehta Road.

    This is a local haunt. Hence only for the DARING. If you believe your palette is up to it, this is where you should be eating. Trust me you will relish the food.

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  • wrldtravler's Profile Photo

    Shiv Sagar: Bombay Diner

    by wrldtravler Updated Jan 16, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    A perennial Favorite. This is Bombay's best Udipi Fast Food Diner chain. The service is decent, the food is consistently good and the pices though slightly on the higher end are not completely unreasonable.

    Favorite Dish: Must try their Fresh Fruit Juices and Seasonal Fruit Deserts.

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  • Durfun's Profile Photo

    Rajdhani's Rasovara: Gujarati and Rajasthani

    by Durfun Written Mar 16, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ze Mall ;-)
    4 more images

    Located in the modern Phoenix Mall, beside Palladium Hotel.

    Looks absolutely beautiful from outside. The staff are dressed in lovely outfits, superb mannerisms, very courteous, extremely attractive utensils to eat it.

    The spread that they bring you is just unbelievable. First of all, the dish (brass) has so many little containers to receive the various items. Yet, there are even more items that they keep bringing to your table and serving you.

    It's a mix of Rajasthani items and Gujarati. I was with a local friend, and even he did not know most of the items.

    Of course, they were some staples that we recognised. Both so us went for several shrikhands, as I had not had one in a long, long time ;-) As for my buddy, clearly he has a sweet tooth ;-)

    Favorite Dish: Would not do this place justice if I singled out any item.

    All items were great. If you already have a known favourite, of course you'll sing it's praises ;-)

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  • newsfreak's Profile Photo

    Samrat: Samrat

    by newsfreak Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    reasonable charges and no fuss

    Favorite Dish: The gujrati thali. this is an indian meal, comprising of starters (samosas, dhokla and the like), soup, chapatis or rotis (indian bread), rice, dal (lentil curry), 4-5 vegetable curries, yoghurt and buttermilk. all the items are unlimited and extremely tasty. one of the best meals you can enjoy in the city. warning!! one feels extremely contented with life after a meal here. the place is packed for lunch on weekdays as the office goers in the city throng there for lunch

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  • SirRichard's Profile Photo

    Chetana Restaurant

    by SirRichard Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A Thali

    A vegetarian restaurant at the back side of the Prince of Wales Museum (Colaba), famous for its THALIS, served in a round tray, including rice, chapati, a variety of vegetable dishes and dessert. They keep serving you more food as you finish it, until you say "stop, please". Lots of public officials go there to have lunch.

    They have a book store and art gallery as well.

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  • navinkurian2002's Profile Photo

    VEGETARIAN & "THALIS": Rajasthani Thali

    by navinkurian2002 Written Apr 7, 2006

    A lovely resturant on the 2nd level of the Inorbit Mall in Malad (west). It has an authentic indian decore . The walls got an authentic earthy look designed to look like a wall in a hut in a village. There are clay pots decorating the walls.The veg thali is for about 150/- Consits of poha , idli and sambar, chutney, methi tikkis, dal,a couple of assorted vegetables kadi,papad, khichidi,chappatis,puris rice all unlimited.So remember to starve before you go there to do justice to the food.You get a choice of a sweet dish either aamraas,gulab jamun, mango halva etc.The mean ends with sweet pan yumm

    Favorite Dish: The best dish was the Aam raaas (mango pulp) and the methi tikkis (small cutlets )

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  • ismailb's Profile Photo

    Adarsh: Best Thali ever

    by ismailb Updated Oct 28, 2004

    The restaurant actually has no decor , the area around is not very appeasing but the Food is most amazing and the price .. no one can beat !! for just a Dollar , yes 1$ for an unlimited buffet of Indian food . Which has 2 starters , 4 main dishes , 2 dals , buttermilk , sweet dish , all included . U can also choose from his special sweet dishes - try the shri khand , puran poli (only on wed , sat) . Also ask for his dal bhakri which must be crumbled and had with dal ( the spicier one ) . Also ask for bajri roti which is a special roti made out of Bajra flour ( a kind of grain grown in north india)

    Sunday has a special menu - worth trying.

    Favorite Dish: jalebi - only on Sun ( when the price increases by 40c )

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