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  • very large rooms with lcd tvs
    very large rooms with lcd tvs
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    Royal Bath room
  • Things to Do

Bharatpur Things to Do

  • Get to the park early

    Get to the park early or the bicycles that you can rent will run out. Very affordable. Much of the interior path is not paved, which is good for some realism, but you will certainly not feel like you are riding on a cloud by the end of the day. Still beats walking I think. Besides, how often do we get to travel by bicycle anyway!

  • Perfect time to see the best of the park

    The Keoladeo Ghana national park is open from 6:30am to 5:30pm but the most lively time to see the park is if you break the rules a bit. Around sunset, when you should be outside the park, is when the birds and animals come out to play in full force. You might get to see more in the last one hour than you did all day. Especially deers. It is like...

  • Other things with wings at Keoladeo

    Birds and birding are the main nature draw at Keoladeo National Park. But, as I mentioned in an earlier tip concerning mammals and reptiles, there are other living beauties to enjoy on your park visit.My daughter is a huge butterfly fan. She has a zillion butterfly t-shirts, she has a butterfly garden at home here in Florida, and her motto is...

  • Don't forget the wilderness

    When one is discussing Keoladeo National Park, it's easy to focus on the birds, the mammals, the reptiles... it is, after all, one of the world's great nature preserves. But, don't forget to just take in the gorgeous scenery, the intensity and peace of the wilderness itself. And, if you're into photography (as I am), this is a great place for...

  • The Stork Club at Keoladeo

    With its extensive marshlands and abundant supply of small fish, it stands to reason that this part of India would be home to large colonies of storks. In the accompanying photo, you see a group of "painted storks" hanging around a nest. So, that means that young storks are part of the group as well, which would lead the silly guy in me to muse...

  • I could always spot a Kingfisher

    It could have something to do with a popular Indian beer being called "Kingfisher", but.... I was really, really good at finding and spotting Kingfishers. A colorful bird with a large beak, these guys enjoy living around water and.... well, fishing. And come to think of it, maybe that's the connection on the name. Growing up in the American south,...

  • Two husband words wrapped into one bird

    Ok, having a little fun with this bird's name. Keoladeo is home to many of the raptor species, and we got a real good look at several. One of my favorites was the "honey buzzard". Get it? Two husband names."Honey, take out the garbage...." "You should be ashamed of yourself, you old buzzard..."Note, double-click the photo for a better look. I...

  • Big water birds galore at this park...

    As much of Keoladeo is marshy, it's not surprising to know that there is a huge and very healthy population of larger water birds. Herons, storks, etc. These birds feed on the plentiful small fish, amphibians and reptiles resident in the park's marshlands.For we photographers, these marshy areas really do present some beautiful landscapes,...

  • Just like a pet shop - except no walls. ...

    Keoladeo has a fine population of exotic birds, the sort of winged wonders you'd find in pet stores. And seeing these beautiful birds in the wild gave me the same feeling that I had several years earlier when we visited Tambopata in Peru... namely that I'd never quite feel the same seeing these gorgeous creatures in a cage.Enjoy their color and...


Bharatpur Hotels

Bharatpur Restaurants

  • The only place we ate in Bharatpur

    I know that it's not considered a real "sexy" choice among you seasoned travelers, but... Bharatpur really isn't a place with a lot of restaurant choices. So, we took our meals in the dining room at our hotel, the Laxmi Vilas. My understanding from chatting around is that dining at different hotel restaurants is "kind of" the best choices to make...

  • Local Food

    Try the local food! at almost very corner you'll find street vendors and nice small restaurants. I have never had any problems with eating from the street vendors. It is a real adventure and you'll taste the most intersting and strange spices.

  • Bharatpur Hotels

    8 Hotels in Bharatpur

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Bharatpur Transportation

  • Bust stop closest to the park

    If you are coming by bus to visit the park, then tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Saaras bus stop instead of the Bharatpur bus depot. It will save you a 1km ride back to the park and Saaras is the closest bus stop to the park.

  • Railway porters and your bags

    When you are waiting at Bharatpur junction, uniformed porters will try to insist you let them carry your bags onto the train for you. They only charge a few rupees so you think it is worth while.In my opinion they cause more chaos than you can imagine. They collected up all the rucksacks of the people in our group and said they would take care of...

  • Waiting for your train

    If you are lucky enough to have a reserved seat there isn't quite the rush, but if you haven't as soon as the trains start to pull into the station, there is a mad rush to get near a door. This means half the people waiting get onto the track to get onto the train from the other side so don't be worried about people on the tracks.


Bharatpur Shopping

  • 850prc's Profile Photo

    Various options: Historic-styled parchment paintings

    by 850prc Written Nov 30, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This tip is more about an item than a shop. :)

    One of the nicest little knick-knacks that we found on our visit to the Bharatpur area were little historic-styled paintings, depicting many of the birds one can see at Keoladeo National Park. The paintings themselves are copies of true antique miniatures, some of which are 150-200 years old. To add to the feel, the painting copies are done on old parchment, taken from older (30-50 years old) parchment textbooks, which are hand copied in Arabic. You can even see the old Arabic text on the front and back of the parchments. All in all, a very nifty little something to bring home. And, price-wise, they're a great choice to bring home to friends. Most of the ones I bought were about 400-500 Rs each, basically about US$ 10.

    I bought four and I plan to make a little miniature parchment bird gallery in the corner of my office. I'm sure I'll have a smile each time I see them and remember the enjoyable morning and afternoons we'd spent birding in Bharatpur.

    I am going to put a scan of one parchment down below. Please see the separate little "Parchment Avian Art" travelogue that I'm placing on my Bharatpur page for a few more scans/examples of these wonderful little keepsakes.

    Parchment painting of the very rare golden oriole

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Bharatpur Local Customs

  • nepalgoods's Profile Photo

    Colourful live

    by nepalgoods Updated Jun 5, 2006

    Everywhere in India you can easily come across any kind of procession.

    Bharatpur lies close to Braj Bhoomi - the birthplace of Lord Krishna and where he spent his childhood. The Ras Leela, depicting the life of Krishna, is performed by professionals selected by the Rai community for this occasion. This Festival is in the beginning of February.

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Bharatpur Warnings and Dangers

  • Crowds and pickpockets

    At the railway station. We travelled in a small group and at one stage probably had a group of about 50 to 60 boys around us. They mostly wanted to have photos taken and to be honest, check out a few pretty girls who were with us! Although it felt slightly uncomfortable, it never really felt threatening like it would if the same situation happened...

  • Macaque Monkeys

    As I may have mentioned in a tip in other Indian cities, I'm pretty suspicious of macaques. They exhibit some very aggressive behaviour and I think it's best to exercise caution around them. On the other hand, langurs (with the soft frame of fur around their faces) never displayed anything but timid behaviour.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Bharatpur Tourist Traps

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    wheelin' it down in bharatpur

    by little_calvin Written Feb 23, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    when in bharatpur stay a little vary of the 'rickshaw pullers'. they start out saying they charge just Rs. 50 but they forget to mention it's per hour.
    moreover they just take you on the shortest possible trip in the longest possible time.

    Unique Suggestions: hire yourself an ordinary cycle costs Rs. 25 a day. or then better still just walk it, it's so much better. trust me.

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Bharatpur What to Pack

  • RAJASTHANBYCAR's Profile Photo

    Suitable Things for the Park Visit

    by RAJASTHANBYCAR Updated Sep 1, 2005

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    Luggage and bags: Entrance ticket, Park Map, Sunglass, Heat, Lens, Water bottle for drinking etc.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Good sports shoes, Cloths depend on weather.

    Photo Equipment: Still Camera or Video Camera.

    Peocock Danceing Bird Redshank Yellow-bellied Prinia White-breasted Kingfisher
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Bharatpur Off The Beaten Path

  • Deeg Palace (32 km)

    Deeg with its exquisite complex of pleasure palaces lies 32 Kms north of Bharatpur. Created in the mid-eighteenth century by Raja Badan Singh with additions by Raja Surajmal, this was an idyllic refuge from the battles which the erstwhile rulers constantly waged. Once the summer resort of the rulers of Bharatpur, it served as the second capital of...

  • Deeg

    Although interesting, the complex didn't really merit the lengthy bus ride (35 kilometres seems much longer on some roads than others). We also dealt with some of the most obnoxious behaviour I encountered in my entire trip ~ we were followed and harassed by a group of young men. grew to a dozen or so at one point. The men working in the...

  • Deeg

    Deeg is located about 35 kilometres from Bharatpur ~ the manager at our hotel recommended it as a side trip.It has some well-preserved palace buildings and gardens, including some fantastic sections that seem to merge with the surrounding water.It costs about $5 to enter the complex, which seemed steep.


Bharatpur Favorites

  • Shooting at Bharatpur Then and Now II

    As I mentioned in the previous tip (Shooting at Bharatpur Then and Now I), the area didn't used to be an animal refuge. In the not-so-distant past, guns were a-blazin' in Bharatpur, with a variety of targets. In the previous tips, I talked of the massive "royal hunts" in which literally thousands of birds were bagged in a single day.In this tip, I...

  • Shooting at Bharatpur Then and Now I

    There is no better place to put your digital camera and telephoto lens through its paces than today's Keoladeo National Park. If you've ever fancied yourself "National Geographic" material, you can earn your stripes shooting everything that flies in Keoladeo. That's shooting at Keoladeo in today's world.Sadly, yesterday included shooting of a...

  • Keoladeo bound? Get your Princeton...

    Well, assuming you're going to visit Keoladeo National Park and the world-renowned Ghana Birding Sanctuary, I HIGHLY recommend that you get yourself a top-notch birding manual before your visit. There are a variety of choices, as you certainly know.My wife and daughter - who are bigtime birders - very much suggest that you go for the Princeton...


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