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Jaipur Things to Do

  • Amber Fort

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The Amber Fort is a huge complex high upon a rocky crest. The complex is made up of the fort, plus palaces, temples and courtyards. It was originally constructed by Raja Man Singh and was added onto by others through the ages. It was principally a fortification and that obvious by its location, high walls, multiple gates and the surrounding...

  • Hawa Mahal

    The Hawa Mahal is a beautifully designed structure, which is in reality just a facade covering what was the women's wing of the city palace. The Hawa Mahal covers 5 floors and its pyramidal structure signifies both the crown of the Hindu god Krishna and the the tail of a peacock implying royalty and power. It was designed to permit the women to...

  • City Palace

    4 out of 5 stars

    The City Palace is a large palace complex located in the historical center of Jaipur. The palace was built in 1729 - 1732 during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II with additions coming from future Majas. Besides the palace, there are also museums, courtyards and an iconic clock tower. Quite interesting and quite impressive. An item that I...


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Jaipur Restaurants

  • 'AAPNO Rajasthan' village theme...

    you can't miss the meal made by the chef from dajeeling. I can't remember what I ate, because I was too greedy to try to eat every food. Pizza tasted very well, this is the very little thing I could remeber... They are young and get along well with John. Compared with other Hindu, they looked sincere and cheated you nothing. pizza

  • Delicious meal inside the Amber Fort

    Located within the walls of the Amber Fort is a restaurant call Cafe 1135AD. We had a very good meal in beautiful surroundings.Since we were part of a group, the meal was an Indian Buffet with quite a few choices. Everything that we had was delicious and our group was quite satisfied overall.

  • Local food in style

    Thsi is situated in Jhaveri bazaar and serves good local food. There is a fine dining section as well as a casual section. This serves chats, sweets and savouries. You can even pack home short eats and savouries. We had Kair sangri, rajmah and missi roti. All good. You could ask them to make it with less oil or spice if you wish so. The chats are...


Jaipur Nightlife

  • On the street

    Hooray for Bollywood No visit to India would be complete without seeing a Bollywood movie and one of the best places in all Asia is the Raj Mandir cinema in Jaipur. Famous for its grand entrance foyer and theatre like a giant meringue, the Raj Mandir captures the splendour of a bygone age of cinema, long before multiplexes in shopping malls....

  • Hooray for Bollywood

    Hooray for Bollywood No visit to India would be complete without seeing a Bollywood movie and one of the best places in all Asia is the Raj Mandir cinema in Jaipur. Famous for its grand entrance foyer and theatre like a giant meringue, the Raj Mandir captures the splendour of a bygone age of cinema, long before multiplexes in shopping malls. It's...

  • Exciting Pink City

    Though Night life at Jaipur is not to the tune of Delhi & Mumbai but Jaipur does offers fair bit of fun. There are some very good clubs now which offers quality entertainment. Geoffery's at Park Plaza is quite a famous place which plays some great music. Tablu at Clarks Amer is a roof top bar quite close to Airport. You can see a lot of...


Jaipur Transportation

  • How to get around?

    I've just had a great experience in India, visiting the "Golden triangle" among Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Unforgettable views and monuments (not only Taj Mahal!!!), excellent food and friendly people. Especially if you do not have too much time, you definitely need a taxi (do not even try to rent a car unless you are used to the chaotic indian...

  • elephant transfer

    You can get an elephant ride up the hill to the Amber Fort - however, you may want to walk as the queue is often over an hour long. A lot of people worry about the well being of the elephants. I don't know the entire situation, but I was told by several people that the elephants now only do a small amount of trips up and down the hill each day...

  • rick shaw in Jaipur

    Haneef aka Don is an amazing rick shaw man in Jaipur. Experienced driver, he knows all the streets and sights of the city and also many hidden and unknown places. I spent 4 days in Jaipur with him and I had a great time; he is a person of great humanity and inspires great confidence.


Jaipur Shopping

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  • Shops

    This shop sells every type of fabric you can think of by the yard. It also has ready made duvets, bedspreads, wall-hangings, soft furnishings and clothes. The merchandise is spread over 2 floors. You can take any style of outfit to the shop, choose which fabric you would like and have it made up in the shop and get it delivered to your hotel the...

  • You will have to buy

    It is almost impossible to a western citizen, to walk in India without a flock of people around you, offering all kind of crafts. So tiring, that we have not enough patience to enter a shop and face the same pressure of the sellers that come to you like flies. As a first experience, it's a nice sensation, but when you are interested in using your...

  • Tea Time

    In the Muslim world, when they put a tea cup in your hand, in 80% of the cases you will be negotiating rugs in the next minutes (in 15% you will be bargaining other crafts, and, in the remaining 5% you went out of touristy circuit and met a local family, gentle as they use to be). India follows the standards with the same natural or professional...


Jaipur Local Customs

  • Privacy?

    Public toilets are available in Jaipur, but their privacy is... none. We saw everything, even people defecating in the walkways. In those hard conditions who cares about privacy and cleanliness?

  • Road hotels

    Along the roads it's common to see several stalls with sleeping places. Comfort is absent, such as privacy, but in a so populated and hot country, this must be the cheapest "civilized" solution.

  • Rugs experience

    As usual, I had to suffer a gentle but persistent harassment of rugs sellers. I resisted once again, and had time to notice that, differently form many other places, only adults were seen working. Only luck?


Jaipur Warnings and Dangers

  • scary men on motorcycles

    I stayed in Jaipur for a month with a group of students. One girl in our group was riding in the back of a bicycle rickshaw one evening, and a group of four men on two motorcycles pulled the rickshaw over and attempted to abduct her. They pulled on her arms and grabbed her breasts, but she held on to to the rickshaw, and was thankfully not...

  • Touts and hawkers are everywhere

    You will run in to persistent sellers of everything around the tourist sites. It's not a danger as much as an annoyance. If you do not want to buy anything, do not make eye contact and be equally persistent with your "NO".And if you want something, do not pay the asking price. Bargain a bit. Pictures that were being sold for 700 rupees, ended up...

  • Disgusting

    Maybe you'll be attracted by the colors and smells of India. They are really gorgeous. But not in the market, specially in the areas reserved for chicken or milk. There, if you don't skip them, you have to be strong. Nor even in the tanneries of Morocco I found such a awful smell. And the dirt... True India...


Jaipur Tourist Traps

  • Photographers at the fort

    A word of caution. There are cameras everywhere at the fort, but the ones pointing at you by the "freelance photographers" come at a price. As you leave the fort they will be there to sell you your photos for a high price. If you want the pictures, negotiate the price down to at least a third of what they are asking. When they argue, say no and...

  • Service fee trick

    At the cafe next to the entrance of the City Palace be aware of the waiter´s scam. They pretend that the service charge is not included in price shown on the bill.The back thougt is you to persuade you to give extra tip.Of course the service fee is seperately shown on the invoice you get presented, but is already included in the endsum. If you...

  • Shop recommendations

    In Amer fort we were suggested by the guide that there is a govt outlet which is very reliable called Raj kala Mandir and the entrance tickets also has its name. We believed him, but after going there, realised that it's not a govt shop. But the quality was no doubt good, but we resisted their pressure to buy too many things. No harm in taking a...


Jaipur What to Pack

  • Useful advice

    I used a backpack with luggage locks and I also carried a bicycle lock to secure my bag. This especially came in handy on the Indian sleeper trains, where you sleep in a car with 50 of your closest friends. A freind of mine left his bag bext to him on the train and turned to look out the window, and someone took it (passport, money, and all). I...

  • Packing List

    45 liter Backpack. Clothing: see cultural tips. Shoes: good mountain shoes and slippers. Anti-malaria pills, anti-mosquito cream, anti-mosquito net (klambu), suncream extra strong. See: touristtraps.

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Jaipur Off The Beaten Path

  • Haunted Bhangarhfort A Ghost Town of...

    Bhangarh, a deserted town in Rajasthan, was established in 1613 by King Madho Singh, son of great Mughal general, Man Singh of Amber. Bhangarh was abandoned soon after being built and supposedly after it was cursed by a magician. In ignorance Ajab Singh, the grandson of Madho Singh, raised the palace to such a height that the shadow reached the...

  • Block printing on fabric

    Visit a factory/workshop where you can watch fabrics being block printed. You even get to try in on you own. But beware of being forced into buying from their outlet. In my shopping tips I shall provide you with the address of where to buy reasonably priced fabrics One such workshop is Saakshi in Lakshmi colony, Sanganer

  • Blue pottery making in Sanganer

    Visit Sakshi blue pottery factory which is in Sanganer, Lakshmi colony,It is fascinating to see the process of making blue pottery which is famed and so beautiful to look at. There is also an outlet which sells various artifacts and daily use items made of ceramic and hand painted.I found the whole visit very fascinating and interesting.


Jaipur Sports & Outdoors

  • Polo

    Rajputs have been keen equestrian and they take to the horses like a fish to water. Their taking to polo in big way was only natural. Their association with polo dates back to the Mughal period and miniature paintings at the Mehrangarh Fort bear testimony to this early introduction to the game. * helmet* riding boots* white trousers* two gloves*...

  • Trekking

    The hilly areas of Rajasthan provide several days of ideal trekking opportunities. The Mewar belt with the Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh-Chittaur combine, or the area around Mount Abu, or the Sariska-Alwar-Amber belt is best for trekking. * Climbing boots * Crampons * Ice axe * Harness * Karabiners * Ice screws * Snow bars * Deadmen * Tapes/slings * Rock...

  • river rafting

    while in kulu in himachal pradesh you could try river rafting on the river beas......wonderful and not too tough so good experience for first timers... there are many camps being set up along the river beas in the seobagh area of kulu and they provide all the gear.you just have to carry your enthusiasm with you!!!


Jaipur Favorites

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  • Hawa Mahal- Jaipur

    1. Market Shopping.2. Video Gaming3. Cricket Play4. Evening Walk When I was a 10 year child. I have buy my first cricket bat from Indra Market.

  • Jaipur, no pink color!

    The old part of Jaipur is called the "pink city". But it's rather red than pink. The facade of the buildings are made of sandstone, which is original. But forget about the pink color.

  • Cows in the street

    The Hindus consider the cows in India as holy and they are allowed to freely roam the cities whatever traffic around. This looks strange to foreigners, but you will get used to it. It is always like that everywhere you go. The hindus believe the cows are wise and show a motherly calm.GPS coordinates:26° 55' 33.7900" N 75° 49' 31.6300" E


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