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Jaisalmer Highlights

  • Pro
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    herzog63 says…

     Great Camel trekking .....Beautiful Views... 

  • Con
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     I didn't have any 

  • In a nutshell
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     It should be THE must of your India trip! 

Jaisalmer Things to Do

  • Bada Bagah:Royal Families Cenotaphs

    The Bada Bagh is a nice place set among a garden slightly north of Jaisalmer. I got the feeling of historic culture as soon as I entered the premises! Excellent interiors and architecture. The pillar of Entrance like Royal. Unexpected wonderful set of cenotaphs (Only for Royal Families), in the desert. Very few people around, very special carved...

  • Fish Feeding at Gadisar Lake

    What I really loved about Gaidar Lake were many catfish that were lining the lake shores as the locals and tourists fed them bread for good luck. I did this a couple times as well. You could buy the bread just outside the Tilon-ki-Pol gate from ladies selling it for 15 Rupee.Hundreds of Catfish live in a lake. People feed them breads and it is...

  • Beautiful Jain temples of Jaisalmer

    Jain Temples situated in the Jaisalmer Fort are a must visit site in Jaisalmer, You will find these temples to be very old and high pilgrimage as well as archeological value attached to them. These are a group of Jain temples dating back 12th and 15th centuries and are dedicated to various Jain Tirthankars (Hermits). On the walls of the temples,...

  • Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum

    Situated inside the majestic Jaisalmer Fort, It was an erstwhile royal residence, which was later converted into a heritage centre and museum. The museum houses a great collection of artifacts depicting the rich culture and heritage of Jaisalmer. The silver coronation throne, bed, dish, local stamps, banknotes, and sculptures of the royal family...

  • Jaisalmer Fort

    Jaisalmer Fort is one of the largest forts in the world. It was built in 1156 AD by the Bhati Rajput ruler Rao Jaisal, from where it derives it name. The fort stands proudly amidst the golden stretches of the great Thar Desert, on Trikuta Hill, and has been the scene of many battles. Its massive yellow sandstone walls are a tawny lion color during...

  • Gadisar Lake

    This is a rain water conservation lake built by Maharawal Gadsi Singh in 14th century. It was once the main source of drinking water for the entire town of Jaisalmer. Now a tourist spot, there are many small temples and shrines around it. A wide variety of water birds can be seen here especially in winter. This is the most popular point to take...


Jaisalmer Hotels

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Jaisalmer Restaurants

  • Best Food With Gre8 City & Sunset View

    Need a break from Indian spices?La purezza Ristorante Italiano is waiting for you.Start your day with a real espresso and nutella pancake.For lunch, pasta al dente will give you all the energy: gnocchi, spaghetti, penne or fusilli, irresistibly covered with pure Italian flavours: Pomodori, boscaiola, puttanesca, alla arrabiatta, quattro...

  • Excellent food. Excellent service

    After the horrible experience at The Trio, Jaisalmer (which I have advised travellers never to visit), i went with reluctance to the Jaisal Treat last night. However my experience was very different. We were greeted with a smile and were given best table near a window giving a glimpse of the market. Though we had a choice to sit on the terrace, my...

  • Horrible experience at The Trio. Waste...

    I went to this horrible restaurant named The Trio, Mandir Palace. (TIN no.08372500136) with my wife and my 4 year old son today, i.e. November 17, 2012. This is a real dis-gusting place to ever be in your life.I decided on this place after reading the reviews on various sites. This place is just horrible and is only meant for foreigners. If you are...


Jaisalmer Nightlife

  • At the Desert

    I had spent the night in the Sam desert, in a mud hut and then in a Swiss Tent. I must say it is one of the best experiences of my life. The mud huts and the Swiss Tents both have all the necessary washroom/ toilet facilities and electricity as well. But the best part is it retains the simplicity of the traditional Rajasthani lifestyle in thatched...

  • folk dances

    In Jaisalmer, on the roof top of the hotels u can have a dance party performance by local folk parties .......folk songs listening feast....the hotel woners arrenge folk dances on the roof of the hotel top and we can see the dance by paying in advanceand can have food with that . The girls sings and at the same time dance with good gyrations of...

  • Fort at night

    Check out on of the roof top restaurants (e.g. Little Italy) or hotels (e.g. Killa Bhawan) to get a great view on the fort at night. Long Sleaves to avoid mosquito bites


Jaisalmer Transportation

  • The only way to travel

    If after your overnight stay in the dunes you suddenly notice a sense of invincibility come over you, why not return back to town seated on the thin back door beam of an open, crowded, zipping, taxi pickup truck. It will be unforgettable, if nothing else. Be sure to have your hands firmly clasped for the 35 minutes of course. Though I believe the...

  • Ways to get to Jaisalmer

    Jaisalmer can be reached quite easily from Jodhpur by bus, train or hire carWe had a car & driver, and the trip took about 4.5 hours. We left Jodhpur at 7.30 am and reached Jaisalmer in time for lunch. The road is not too bad- although it usually has a strange assortment of traffic (camels, elephants, buses, HUGE trucks, motorcycles (many)The...

  • Jaisalmer - Delhi Train

    There’s a daily 19-hrs train that runs between Delhi and Jaisalmer. Though it’s a better idea to stop and overnight halfway in Jodhpur. I strongly insist you book a sleeper in an AC cabin, the weather outside is too dry and dusty, it could jeopardize your respiratory system!! And drink lots and lots of water, or you’ll get dehydrated!!


Jaisalmer Shopping

  • Colorful puppets for sale on streets of...

    Colorful Rajasthani puppets for sale on the streets of the Jaisalmer Fort and in old city of Jaisalmer. the all puppets are handmade. the local artists make in street and sale in local market.most of artists make figures of men, women, elephants and came etc.these puppets are not so expensive and you also can learn how to play a show.

  • Leather Shoping in Jaisalmer

    There are many shops of leather goods in Jaisalmer I don't want to put only one shop name mostly you find in fort and old city. shopkeepers sale bags, shoes, hats, sandals and just about any other leather item you can imagine.Also well known are the leather diaries that are now being exported all over the world. Also one can look for accessories...

  • Pashmina & Silk stuff

    This is tucked in a small shopfront you go downstairs to what could be likened to an Alladin's cave of shawls and scarves. In no particular order:- There is a great assortment of shawls; scarves and stoles available to look at- The prices are very reasonable- What you are shown is the real deal (I've been stung in Jaipur from someone who sold me...


Jaisalmer Local Customs

  • Marriage customs-Ganesh painting out...

    When people in Jaisalmer get married, they paint a Ganesh outside their doors and wall with a wedding date and name of bride and groom on it. I found these lovely paintings all over Jaisalmer as I walked around.the picture is of Ganesha, the God Ganapati, the remover of all obstacles, with the wordings around it invoking blessings. On the right,...

  • Jain Religion

    Jainism is one of the oldest religions in the world and originates from ancient India. The Jains follow the teachings of the 24 Jinas (conquerors) who are also known as Tirthankars. The 24th Tirthankar, Lord Mahavira lived in ca. 6th century BC. One of the main characteristics of Jain belief is the emphasis on the immediate consequences of one's...

  • Chhatrel village people

    After visiting the Parshvanath Temple at Lodurva, our driver took us to this little desert village called Chhatrel where he lived and where he was picking up his sister from and dropping her off at some wedding ceremony elsewhere. No sooner had we arrived, we were surrounded by children wanting sweets, pens or money. One lady took me to a shop...


Jaisalmer Warnings and Dangers

  • Fake Silver Jewellery

    Lower section of the Jaisalmer fort you will find many local women selling silver jewellery (it's all fake) They will say you that some that 70% silver but not any percent silver in it but it looks real and some of them look antique.

  • Watch your step

    Might not seem like much of a warning but just to keep in mind. Although all towns that have the original old markets (the original ''inner town'' I suppose) have narrow lanes that all vehicles, people, and animals negotiate through, Jaisalmer's is different. It's old market section's lanes are not so narrow and not as crowded as other cities are,...

  • Overloaded infrastructure of the Fort

    This mighty fort is in trouble. The infastucture is struggling to cope. Being home to not only a quarter of the population of Jaisalmer, it also is first choice for tourists looking for accomodation. The drainage system cannot handle the demand, and part of the walls have already collapsed. There are many hotels outside the walls of the fort, and...


Jaisalmer Tourist Traps

  • A Ravenhatta Seller and his music

    Some Bhopas(Who play Ravenhatta) make their living performing for tourists. There were many Ravanhatta players on the cobbled walkway up to the Jaisalmer Fort. tourist listened and give then some money. one of them recorded his music in CD and selling outside of fort and he also sell Ravenhatta instrument in nominal price. you can't but this...

  • Sam Sand Dunes - DON'T expect much

    The Sam sand dunes are made out to be these amazing sand dunes which will make you feel like you are in the middle of the sahara desert. But it's far from it. Also, don't waste any money on taking a camel ride to the place. From all the tent accomodations there, or from the parking, it's 2 min walk. And the camel owners take too much money for...

  • Sam Duped

    The moment your vehicle approaches Sam be ready to face lot of persons running (banging) towards your car. This is dangerous because they seemed not to be bothered about their life. Just manage to avoid this rush and keep going straight. The rates are very high at this place for Camel safari.


Jaisalmer What to Pack

  • Saving oneslf from the uv!

    Its necessary to carry a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen lotion. Additionally, I managed well with a Rajasthani 'Bandhni' dupatta or scarf. It gave me the traditional look as well saved me from the sun. Even in Jan-Feb, the days can be real hot. But then the nights are chilly. So woolens is a must in winter, as well as some summer clothes for...

  • What to take to Jaisalmer

    A SMALL BACK-PACK FOR DAY TRIP INTO THE DESERT A SPORTS BRA!!!!! If you go into the desert and ride a camel- believe me, its an essential item to wear.A JACKET- THE DESERT IS COLD AT NIGHT SUNSCREENEXTRA WATER

  • Packing list for camel trek

    Take as little as possible on your camel trek. I went on a 2-day trek and took my small day pack with the following things:1. Camera (essential)2. Water bottle - water is provided3. Torch - there's no light at your overnight stop. Also helps your guide out as well.4. Toiletries5. Another change of clothes (especially if going on a 3-day trek)6....


Jaisalmer Off The Beaten Path

  • Kuldhara Village

    Drive 18 km west of Jaisalmer and you will come upon the village of Kuldhara.Looks like the royalty of Rajasthan had made an art of killing the geese that laid golden eggs for them.The ruins of Kuldhara exhibit the architectural, excellence of those times, which was buried under dunes till recently.This is one of the most bizarre stories of human...

  • Steal a bargain on books

    Somewhere in the middle of the main market of Jaisalmer, below the fort, you will find Bhatia News Agency. If you are approaching the fort gate from Hanuman Chowk, you will find this shop on your right.Don't be put off by the glitzy magazines and cheap vernacular `how to' books that line the store outside. Walk in, and start your search from among...

  • Khaba Fort

    One more village which is not very famous is Khaba Fort. This is also one of the 84 abandoned village which was vacated overnight by the people after the dispute with the king and is much better then Kuldhara. The Khaba Fort is also giving you good sight of the village. The stones used in this village are of different color then Kuldhara village....


Jaisalmer Favorites

  • Camel safari in Jaisalmer

    Camel safaris are big business in Jaisalmer, different travel agency take you to different routes.there are various safari you can choose from from an evening sunset and dinner to overnight,from one day or more then days we had short safari in Jaisalmer we were taken by a jeep to Sam sand dunes 50km far from Jaisalmer There the camels were waiting...

  • Buses from Jaisalmer

    Hello friend, This is the best time to visit Rajasthan especially Jaisalmer. There are number of options available from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur and from Jaipur or Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. It is always advisable to travel by Rajasthan Roadways buses which offer excellent services and run number of Deluxe and Volvo buses in this route. Rajasthan roadways...

  • all time wonderful opportunity

    One can not imagine if he can get opportunity to stay in national monuent/museum the golden fort of jaisalmer , this fort is having palaces many famous temples and ninenty nine bastions covering the area more than 2km squre , it is claimed to be more than 500 years old , if one gets opportunity to stay in old beautiful building on the rampart with...


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