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  • The Fort on its Crag
    The Fort on its Crag
    by Orchid
  • Ganta Garh rises above the market
    Ganta Garh rises above the market
    by Orchid
  • Sadar Market gate near Clock tower
    Sadar Market gate near Clock tower
    by vinod-bhojak

Jodhpur Highlights

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     Beutifull fort and palace, special marwar food, dance &music 

  • Con
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     too hot in after noon 

  • In a nutshell
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     The Blue City is a Must Stop on a Visit through Rajasthan 

Jodhpur Things to Do

  • Clock tower of Jodpur

    The imposing Clock Tower in Sadar market was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh (1880-1911) from whom the market takes it name. In fact, the tower dominates the entire scenario. The sights and sounds of the market must be experienced, even if you don’t intend to buy anything as it is a stupendous cornucopia of a mix of the human species, a spectacle...

  • Sardar Market, Girdikot

    This is one of oldest markets of Jodhpur. It is noisy, dirty yet colourful and may well have close to 7,000 match-box sized shops. Be prepared to muscle your way through the narrow lanes, with others brushing past you as this market is a shopper’s delight. The exquisite bangles and beautiful scarves, lovely handmade bags and Jooties (slip on shoes...

  • Mehrangarh Fort - Audio Tour

    This tour takes you back in time as you wander through galleries full of rich history.It is in various languages including Hindi, English, French and German and is well worthwhile. The commentary is excellent and informative and there are also tales and reminiscences from the Royal Family.As well as the audio equipment the tour includes a map and...

  • Mehrangarh Fort

    The Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest in India and sits some 400 feet high above the city of Jodhpur.During his rule Rao Jodha (1438-1488) decided to move his capital from Mandore for the sake of security. A new fort was built on a rocky hill about 9 kilometres to the south and the city of Jodhpur grew up around it. This hill was known as...

  • Mehrangarh Fort - Period Rooms

    The Mehrangarh Fort has some of the most luxurious royal apartments in India. Built over many years they include many styles including Rajput and Mughal.The most magnificent of the rooms is the Phool Mahal or Palace of Flowers featuring a ceiling of rich gold filigree. The room was the work of Maharaja Abhaya Singh (1724-1749) and the gold was a...

  • Mehrangarh Fort - Museum

    The museum at the Mehrangarh Fort has one of the most comprehensive collections in India and in most cases photography is permitted.There are displays showcasing nearly every facet of life in historic Jodhpur including -Elephant's howdahs and Palanquins - howdahs were designed to be strapped to the back of the elephant with the king sitting higher...


Jodhpur Hotels

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Jodhpur Restaurants

  • Great service and home-baked breads.

    Beautiful terrace that is overlooked by the imposing Mehrangarh Fort. Polite and attentive service and great fine dining cuisine.



  • @ the Haveli Guest House

    As I was staying here (here being the Haveli Guest House) I decided to eat here on my first night in Jodhpur and wasn't disappointed. The restaurant is strickly vegetarian with Indian and Chinese dishes. I had a veggie curry, rice, chipatis, papads and a bottle of Kingfisher beer for Rs200. The restaurant is located on the rooftop where the views...


Jodhpur Nightlife

  • Enjoy nightlife in Jodhpur

    Jodhpur is not a big city like Mumbai and I never thought that I'll find a Disc here. But I was shocked when I visited On The Rocks (Restaurant & Disc), where, I found peoples were enjoying dinner with drink and were dancing. Would recommended to go on Sat/Sun. Casuals...

  • Rajasthani Musical Serenade

    At our hotel in Rohet Gar we were lucky enough to be the solo audience for an excellent trio of musicians that resemble those shown in the You Tube link below. The band consisted of a harmonium, which is an accordian like instrument, some special slap sticks, and a drum. The musicians sang in wonderful soulful harmony. This ranks as one of my...

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Jodhpur Transportation

  • Jodhpur Auto Driver - esp for single/...

    Mr. Habib Gouri, an auto rickshaw driver from Jodhpur, made our trip to Rajasthan extremely memorable. We ran into him by chance, and he took us on a tour around the city. Since the old city has narrow lanes, auto rickshaws are easier to go around in than taxis. He was humble, prompt, helpful, reliable, and a joy to meet. Highly recommended for...

  • On auto around Jodhpur

    Auto rickshaws provide the best option of maneouvering your way around Jodhpur, especially when it comes to tackling the byzantine alleys of the old part of town. Before embarking on a round of the key points of interest, take the trouble to bargain hard with your friendly neighbourhood auto-wallah.

  • Unforgettable Journeys & Sights

    We arrived at Jodhpur after a 4 hour drive from Bikaner.The roads are busy, but in fairly good condition.Distance was about 240 kms from Bikaner. One can usually arrange car & driver as most hotels have a travel desk or connection. Trains can easily be booked at short notice.'Distances from other cities by car:Jaipur - 345 kmsJaisalmer - 290...


Jodhpur Shopping

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  • Best shopping Paradise - Jodhpur

    One thing which most of the people do on a holiday trip is to shop. It is something like a must do. Shopping in Jodhpur is an exciting and rewarding shopping experience for the visitors. It is the homeplace of many talented and skilled craftsmen. They include textile dyers, metal engravers and die-makers. Jodhpur is regarded as one of the most...

  • Try or Buy- its fun anyway

    The Sardar Market, which is just off the main shopping area called Nai Sadak, is a good place to buy local crafts and just about anything else. Bargaining is expected, but bear in mind that a lot of work goes into the making of these many lovely items and objects, so be reasonable. The tourist season in India is a short one, and shopkeepers depend...

  • Cloth Market

    The cloth market is located just south of the fruit and veg market and really is a network of small passageways lined with small open shops stacked from floor to ceiling with brightly coloured cloth. The colours are really bright reds, pinks and yellows and really stand out.


Jodhpur Local Customs

  • Courtsey Dilect

    Language spoken here is Jodhpuri and it is a local dilect of Hindi.This dilect is consider very sweet ,although it is difficult for even north Indians to percive all content.This language is very respectfull as every sentence is ended by word SA or SHA .SA means Saheb or Sir.Even if a local will mention of stray dog , he will say with due respect...

  • Hindu Gods

    There are supposed to be more than 300.000 gods according to Hindu belief. Wherever you go you will find temples, shrines and god statues or symbols on every corner. There is a god for every need - and my personal favourite is Ganesha - the god of good luck and wealth. This statue of Ghanesha can be seen at the foot of the mighty Meherangarh Fort.

  • Indian Hospitability

    The people of India are one of the friendliest and most hospitable people Ive ever met. And they love to celebrate. When we returned from Meherangarh Fort we passed another celebration and without knowing what was really going on we were asked to come in!It is a pitty I only have this pic, showing me being nicely greeted by those kids.


Jodhpur Warnings and Dangers

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    by Carino Written Apr 22, 2007

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    As in every Indian city, Jodhpur has also its share of aggressive rickshaw drivers. They followed us for minutes, started to look over our shoulders and were a real pain in the a......

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Jodhpur Tourist Traps

  • Your Fate is in Your Hands!

    Mehrangarh Fort has a resident hand-reading expert (is that the appropriate word?!), S.L. Sharma , who can give you a fifteen minute reading, or more if you desire. We're all suckers for a little fortune-telling, so we all anted up our 150 rupees (5 CAD). . . You know things are getting serious when the protractor and calculator come out! Some of...

  • Path to the Fort

    Upendra Srimali, the manager at the Haveli Guesthouse, was kind enough to give me some advice before I headed off on my own on my first day in Jodhpur. His suggestions included a recommended route for sightseeing and wandering, plus a gentle warning that the path to the fort can be a bit troublesome, if you're unprepared. The route up to the fort...

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Jodhpur What to Pack

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    by AKHTARSAYYAD Written Jan 22, 2009

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    Luggage and bags: Bag to accomodate ur goggle, water bottle,scarfs etc.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Cooton shirt and cotton trouser to protect u from hot whether and sun burns.

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Jodhpur Off The Beaten Path

  • Bishnoi Beliefs

    A village dog had killed a chinkara fawn's mother. So the Bishnoi family had adopted him before he became prey to other predators in wild and a mother nursed him as if it was her own child...The Bishnoi people hold all forms of life very sacred, and deers are held in highest esteem.The Chinkara is of the Deer family.The Bishnoi do not cremate their...

  • The Bishnoi -crafts,culture and beliefs

    A fascinating day trip out of Jodhpur is a visit to the Bishnoi villages, in the countryside south of Jodhpur.The villages scattered around have houses built from mud and thatch, all with veg gardens, and wild animals roaming around (particuarly black-buck).The Bishnoi are craftspeople, and their skill at pottery and weaving can be observed first...

  • Mandore Garden

    Mandore is located about 10 Kms north of Jodhpur. It was the former capital of Maharajas of Marwar.The ruined fort and palace of yester years are still intact on the hilltop.Its extensive Mandore garden, with high rock terrace, makes it a popular local attraction. In the Mandore garden, there are the dewals or cenotaphs of Jodhpur's former rulers....


Jodhpur Favorites

  • Get customized itinerary booked

    I would have suggested you to travel via 'palace on wheels'. This is a luxury train operated by Govt. of India which gives an experience of royal life in Rajasthan. Since you are here to visit just cities, this train may not be helpful as it is more for overall tour.You can though get help of trusted travel agents in Rajasthan in customizing your...

  • The Famous Opium Smoker at Meharengarh...

    I just had to add a bit about this colourful character, who is a huge tourist attraction inside the fort, smoking his Opium Pipe. He is almost always in the same spot, and draws curious visitors, who seem as fascinated by his exhibition of opium smoking as by his huge moustache!

  • Mehrangarh Fort - Audio tour guide

    Take the opportunity to listen to the audio tour within the Mehrangarh Fort as it's one of the best I've listened to. You can pick it up after entering through the main entrance gate (Jai Pol) on the left. It's included in the price of admission. The commentary for the tour, authentic history and family lore; descriptive, evocative and highly...


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