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  • by kocherp Updated Oct 1, 2014

    Heritage Village Tour and Local Temple Visit

    Showcasing the best of the Rajasthan village, this tour is a total cultural experience. Walk through the sleepy lanes of the Khejarla village and experience the warm hospitability and daily activities of the villagers. Interact with them and learn more about the customs, traditions and way of living of the locals.

    This isn’t a tourist village which makes it even more real. All houses were made of brick and cement but there is no electricity, water or mobile phones. However is it wonderful that all kids go to the local school and are able to understand basic English. The people here mainly depend on agriculture and the rest work at the local limestone factory.

    Visit the local pottery, blacksmith, jhooti (local embrodied shoes) makers, weavers, craftsmen among others. Visit local houses from inside and experience the hospitability. This unique tour is made possible solely because of the host family's relationship with the local people of the various communities, which allow a visit to homes where guests are welcomed as their very own.

    Walk through the village, about a kilometre from the fort to the 600 year old Temple of Goddess Durga (Goddess of War) where some of the idols kept are from the 14th – 15th century. History states that Aurangzeb, a Mughal from Delhi tried to destroy it then.

    Relax and enjoy the peace and serenity that this temple has to offer. The best time to visit this temple is during sunset when one could climb up to the top and get a very good view of the vast stretches of open land with the sun setting in the backdrop. Observe the different colours of the sky, the sun going down and becoming red and finally disappearing.

    Things to watch out for:
    1. The shapes and expressions of the idols are very different from what we see today in temples.
    2. There is a huge stone precariously balanced on uneven ground and hardly touches the land. Legend says that while the temple was being built, the unbalanced stone was going to fall on workers working below the temple. The Goddess herself stopped the stone from falling and till date the stone is at the same angle and height from the ground. It seems very unnatural for the stone to be footing at such a position and not falling over during a storm.
    3. Enjoy sitting in the many terraces and experience the few moments of tranquillity, clarity and peace that is hard to get in the city.
    4. Wriggle through the D shaped hole rock. It is said that if you can pass through the hole, all your sins and transgressions would be wiped away.
    5. Make sure you make a home at the temple! Watch out for the small hand made structures of 2 -3 small stones piled into some conical shapes around the temple. It is said that those wishing to build a home of their own, pray at the temple and build a small structure with stones symbolizing their own future home.

    Other details:
    1. Tea/Coffee with cookies/muffins are served.
    2. Preferred Time 16.00 to 18.30 hrs (depending on sunset time).
    3. Charges Rs. 350/- Per Person

    Camel Rides

    Camel safaris can be arranged around the village depending on the requirement of our guests. Each camel would be associated with an escort for the tour.

    Other details:

    1. Tour could be 30 minutes or 60 minutes.
    2. Charges Rs. 150 – 300/- Per Person

    Visit to Bala Sati Ji Temple

    Drive to see the Bala Sati Mata Ashram of “Bavji”, a lady saint who renounced food and water in 1943 till her mortal departure in 1986, She still showers her blessing to those who seek. Worshippers travel from far to seek her blessings even now.

    Rup Kanwar (previous name) was born in 1903 in a village near Pipar to a Rajput Shekawat family. She wanted to commit Sati (funeral practice among Hindu communities in which a widowed woman would either voluntarily or by use of force immolate herself on her husband’s funeral pyre) after her husband’s death. However her family and the local villagers did not allow her to do so.

    From that day onwards Feb 15, 1943 she maintained a total fast that lasted till Nov 15, 1986. It is said that she survived without taking any food for 23 years. She was truly a “living sati” who was worshipped by many all over Rajasthan.

    Other details:

    1. Timing: Morning 09.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs; Eve: 14.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs
    2. Charges Rs 1000/- Per Jeep (upto 6 persons)

    Visit to Steep-well and Horse Breeding Farm

    Visit the Ransi Village to see the Bhooton Ki Baori which literally means “the ghost’s steep-well”. The well has been dug into the ground with steps leading down to the water.

    Deep, square wells can be found all over India, especially in the dry west. However this particular one is unique. According to the local legend, the well was built in two nights by ghosts and contains these many steps that if a coin in thrown into the well, it would not be easily retrieved.

    Further visit the Horse Breeding Farm which belongs to the Thakur of Ransi Village – Bhanwar Sawai Singh Champawat. He breeds Marwari horses which are quiet popular in India as well as abroad. His horses participate in the Pushkar Fair every year and wins prizes in various categories. Also a lot of his horses have been sent to breeders in England.

    Other details:

    1. Timing: Morning 09.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs; Eve: 14.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs
    2. Charges Rs 350/- Per Person (minimum 3 persons)

    Rajasthan is very popular for its vibrant and colourful customs, traditions, culture and heritage. It is also famous for its exotic desert and village landscapes. Safari is the best way to explore such a beautiful and versatile land. There are lots of safaris like camel, jeep, horse and elephant safaris to help us explore the natural, cultural and historical charm of this beautiful Rajasthan.

    Jeep safari is the fastest way to explore the wonders of Khejarla and close by villages. A complete unique cultural experience to bring you closer to the life of the villagers. Various customs and ceremonies are performed and can be experiences by the warm and hospitable people of Marwar.

    Enroute to villages once can see the desert wild life in abundance like Deers, Black Bucks, Blue Bulls, Chinkaras, Desert Foxes, Hares, Partridges, etc. The tour also includes a visit to a steep open well, a horse breeding farm, the textile block printing mill and the old markets of Pipar town. On the way to safari visitors can see the craftsman on work, shepherds and farmers.

    Other details
    1. Timing: Morning 09.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs; Eve: 14.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs
    2. Charges Rs 500/- Per Person (sharing basis for 2 persons)

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Khejarla Restaurants

  • by kocherp Written Apr 7, 2009

    In the splendid kitchens of Marwar, cooking and serving meals was more of an art than a chore. Hundreds of cooks were employed in the pompous palaces and forts with emphasis on keeping their recipes close guarded secrets - with some being passed on to their children and some being lost forever. The Khejarla restaurant offers mouth watering delicacies and brew with a fine dining experience.

    The multi-cuisine gourmet includes lip smacking Mughlai, South Indian, Rajasthani, Chinese and Continental cuisine which are served with the emphasis on fresh ingredients. Guests can relish traditional Rajasthani delicacies which are specially prepared by cooks who have served the royal family through the generations.

    You can savour your breakfast and dinner on the Fort ramparts that overlook the pool or opt for a meal at the spacious dining hall with grand interiors making it all the more appetizing. Those who are in game for some experimentation can go for bonfire dinners at the roof top and those on a romantic holiday could do a candle-lit dinner either indoors or at the terrace restaurant.

    Other options include a combined experience of barbeque with a swim in the clear shimmering waters at the pool veranda. For the famous brew, there is an elegant, beautifully redesigned lounge bar which could be the perfect venue for sipping your favourite cocktails and to revive the memories of the Rajput era.

    Favorite Dish: Crispy Mushroom and Corn
    South Indian Dishes
    Rajasthani cuisines

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Khejarla Shopping

  • by kocherp Written Apr 7, 2009

    Nitisha is a retail outlet which does clothes for both men and women, bed covers, bed sheets, cushions, silver and semi precious stones jewellery, decorative items, handicrafts items, candles, indian/arabic/thai fragrances and gift packing material at low prices.

    What to buy: Jewellery - some of the best we saw in Delhi and Rajasthan at real reasonable prices. I spent over 20,000 INR and got some of the best pieces. They do exclusive bead, gem stones and silver jewellery.
    Bedcovers - both etnic and modern
    Show Pieces and Souveniers - for gifts and self
    Antiuqes heaven if you're a collector
    Clothes - specially the ones for women

    What to pay: Do not expect any bargaining.
    The prices you find would be much lower than anywhere else in Jodhpur or Delhi. This is guaranteed.

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