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  • Courtyard- Jag Mandir Palace(venue for Shakespeare
    Courtyard- Jag Mandir Palace(venue for...
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  • Udaipur
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  • The hospitality and the beauty
    The hospitality and the beauty
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Udaipur Highlights

  • Pro
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     Laid back feel, inexpensive, great views 

  • Con
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     The Lake isn't so clean, so don't look too close 

  • In a nutshell
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     Great spot to take a loved one! 

Udaipur Things to Do

  • Ekling Ji temple

    The famous pilgrimage of Ekling Ji temple is situated 22 kilometers far from Udaipur. It is said that the forefathers of Bappa Rawal ruled the Mewar dynasty. They had enmity with the Mauryas. The Mauryas wanted to kill their family. His mother escaped and came to a place known as Kailashpuri. Bappa started grazing herd of cows. One day he noticed...

  • Elephants in the Palace

    There are a few places for elephants in the Palace complex.Just inside the Tripolia Pol is an area that was used to tether elephants. It was also used for the elephant fights that were organised by the Maharanas. It is said that the elephants were fed hashish before the fights.On the wall next to the public entrance is a mural of an elephant in...

  • City Palace

    The group of palaces that make up the City Palace complex was started in 1559. It is thought to be the largest of the Rajasthani palaces and sits on top of a hill looking over Lake Pichola, the Lake Palace (Jag Niwas), Jag Mandir and the city. It comprises 11 separate palaces with architectural design varying from Rajasthani to European - even...

  • Jagdish Temple

    This is a large Hindu temple of Indo-aryan design and is found in the centre of Udaipur in the city palace complex. It was built in 1651 by Maharana Jagat Singh I. It was constructed on a raised platform and its main tower can be seen from quite a distance.After passing the traditional flower sellers and climbing the 32 marble stairs you are...

  • Jain temple at Ranakpur

    The Jain temple at Ranakpur is probably the most spectacular of the Jain temples. It is made of marble and is supported by over 1444 pillars, each intricately carved and unique in design. There are about 20 domes in the main hall and the ceiling beneath each one is exquisitely carved into various patterns. The marble changes colour with the...

  • Sajjan Garh:Monsoon Palace

    Outside Udaipur, this 18th century palace was built by Maharaja Sajjan Singh at a height of 2268 ft on the top of Bansdara Mountain. It was originally intended to be a five storey astronomical center but the plan was shelved due to premature death of the Maharaja. It was later used as a monsoon palace and hunting lodge. The palace majestically...


Udaipur Hotels

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Udaipur Restaurants

  • Curry with a view

    The restaurant is right on the rooftop of Jaiwani Hotel and it offers one of the finest view of the Lake Hotel and Jag Mandir islands. It has an attentive and helpful staff. The restaurant offers vegetarian and non-veg eclectic flare. Of course, their expertise in Rajasthan style cooking. I tried their vegetarian curry with mungo beans. It was not...


    We always stay at Jaiwana Hotel- so I have eaten many,many meals at the Rooftop Restuarant. Not only is the food of the very highest standerd- the view is spectacular.Breakfast, lunch or dinner is served indoors, in a glass enclosed diningroom, or outdoors on the rooftop terrace.The service is prompt, friendly and efficient. Yash, the owner/manager...


    forget about the food.this venue is all about ambience and romance. the sheer location will make the experience of dining enjoyable.this place comes alive after sunset.ideal time to go is just before sunset to watch the vivid colors of the desert sun as it takes its final bow.the lake palace in the foreground shimmering in the lake makes for a...


Udaipur Nightlife


    the streets of udaipur coem to life with the advent of dusk. as the sun sets on the distant aravalli hill ranges creating a play of lights and shadows the streets come to life with common people of udaipur who venture out to shopping. mingling with them are the foreigner tourists who take to the bazaars to shop and get that elusive...


    The grounds of the trident hilton udaipur organised a theme rajasthan night. the concept wa to create the ambience of a rajasthani fair ground during evening.apart from the illumination and fireworks the "mela" or fair was complete with camels beautiful dressed up rajasthani ladies snake charmers astrologers bangle sellers puppet shows and...

  • Everywhere, every night!

    Every evening at either 6pm or 7pm, you'll find most hotels will show the James Bond movie Octopussy. Why? Well a large part of the film was filmed here and helped put Udaipur on the tourist map. The obvious and most well known location that was used in the film was the Lake Palace Hotel which was Octopussy's island home but other scenes were...


Udaipur Transportation

  • To Udaipur

    Rajasthan is the largest State (Area wise) of India. Its Capital City is Jaipur, which has the International Airport. Udaipur is situated in Western Part of Rajasthan. The International Airport is in Jaipur City, & from there Udaipur is conveniently accessible via. Airways, Railways or Roadways. There are several Direct Flights from Delhi, Mumbai,...


    the new upgraded terminal of maharana pratap airport at dabok situated 22 kms south of udaipur is located bang in middle of nowhere. the recently inaugurated terminal is excellent in design and quality and built keeping in mind the need of future tourist growth in the area.the connecting road is absolutely superb with rugged scenerey welcoming you...

  • Darjeeling Limited was filmed at Udaipur...

    If you happen to come through here, make sure you buy a tea at the stall in the far corner of the waiting area. You can claim that you've bought tea at the same place where Darjeeling Limited (Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman) was filmed. A wonderful movie by the way.


Udaipur Shopping

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  • Best heritage mall

    Celebration Mall is certainly the best place today to hang out with the family in Udaipur. You get everything you want, all under one roof. Be it food courts, Entertainment, shopping for cloths, shoes,toys,local handicraft,gifts, books,many daily usage items. you'll just find everything there.I love the place. The beautiful building, its external...

  • Best Silver Jewellry in Udaipur

    This shop is small, but the service is excellent.Prices are negotiable. The owner is helpful and friendly. You will be offered a cup of chai while you look at the vast array of high quality silver on offer. I never miss a chance to buy good silver here. The rings and earrings are beautiful. Silver, handcrafts, leather sandals, books, silk scarves,...

  • Exquisite marble artefacts and more...

    This shop has an amazing collection of artefacts, idols and more made of marble and other natural stones including onyx. You must visit this place to add an aesthetic appeal to your home. Take a look who knows what you might find to beautify your house. Speak to Chiraag Vajawat who has a thorough knowledge on the products and is passionate about...


Udaipur Local Customs

  • Observing & Respecting Cultural...

    There are certain cultural differences that have to be observed. The observance of these is appreciated- but not enforced.Important things to rememberDo not wander around half naked- modesty is observed by Indian women, and showing miles of naked skin will naturally draw unwanted attention.It shows disrespect.Mini-shorts and midriff are NOT ON!Do...


    the fateh prakash palace is a marvel in itself. but the traditional ethos is well maintained with well attired guards at gates.even the people serving you at the hotel and conference venue are attired in traditional royal attire.it consists of a turban with decorations signifying the importance you have in royal service.a traditional full length...

  • Shilpgram - traditional...

    Along with the huts and houses, Shilpgram also has a lot of local art and craft on display to buy as well as traditional dancing, music and a puppet show. All of this is going on whilst you're walking around so keep an eye out or an ear open!


Udaipur Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware of guides

    You may find any person offering for guide at tourist place and be careful before going with them. Check with Rajasthan Tourism if you require any guide or help assistance and don't trust on strangers as now a days Udaipur has been changed a lot

  • Beware of Hungry Elephant!!!

    One afternoon, after exploring the lanes around Lal Ghat, we found a little teashop that was virtaually on the pavement-(it had a large open window, facing the lane) . While enjoying our chai and apple crumble, this elephant, with his mahout on his back, comes trundling slowly past us.Elephant stops RIGHT IN FRONT OF US - casts a beady eye on my...

  • Powercut 9-11am

    You might experience some shortish powercuts whilst staying in India. However, be warned that Udaipur, and a lot of other places in Rajasthan, have daily powercuts that last a couple of hours. Udaipur's last 2 hours between 9am and 11am. I never quite understood the reason behind them so if anyone can shed some light on it then let me know!


Udaipur Tourist Traps

  • pricey paintings!

    As part of our tour of Udaipur on our tour of Rajasthan conducted by Hi Tours and booked through Indus Travels of Canada we stopped at a shop for demonstrations of miniatures painting. This was followed by offers of beer, tea or soft drinks, then the hard sell of their miniatures. We saw one that we liked but couldn't negotiate down from the...

  • Commission on tickets

    Once you would need the service of an agency, for example to book a train ticket or whatever, before to agree for somehting, ask them which is the % or value of their services. So, before to confirm something, bergain also about the provvision!!!!

  • Rickshaw commisions

    Another very common thing that will definitely happend to you during your stay in India is this: You will take somewhen a rickshaw or whatever to reach a site, and they will definitely bring you in some shop (a shop of a friend or a brother or whatever). Keep in mind that the owner of the shop will pay the driver a commision cuz he brought there...


Udaipur Off The Beaten Path

  • Jaisamand Lake

    Jaisamand Lake is renowned for being the second largest artificial lake in Asia. Located at a distance of 50 kms from the city of Udaipur, Jaisamand Lake is also known as Dhebar Lake. In 1685, Maharana Jai Singh built this lake while making a dam on the Gomti River. This lake covers an area of 36sq km, stretches to the length of 14 km and width of...

  • Kumbhalgarh Fort

    Kumbhalgarh FortRange upon range of the Aravalli hills protect this impregnable fortress, the second most important citadel of Mewar. Surrounded by thirteen mountain peaks, guarded by seven great gates and seven ramparts, strengthened by rounded bastions and immense watchtowers, this mountain fortress has witnessed many battles. The winding road...

  • Sajjan Garh/Monsoon Palace

    On top of Bansdara Mountain Sajjan Garh was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh in 1884. The palace looks its best during the rainy season, it was later abandoned and used as a monsoon palace and hunting lodge. It offers a panoramic overview of the city's lakes, palaces and surrounding country side and best place for sunset.


Udaipur Sports & Outdoors

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    by anouk1712 Written Sep 8, 2009

    Horseback Riding around Udaipur is the perfect way of escaping the hustle-bustle of the Indian city for a while. I booked a ride with Princess Trails and they collected me in the morning from my hotel and brought me to their farm about 10 min drive from the old city.
    Already there it was very peaceful and green. The owner questioned me about my riding abilities and finally I set out on a beautiful Marwari mare called Kumari into the Indian countryside for a half-day ride. The whole business was amazing as we crossed little villages and went through the hills which I would have otherwise never seen. There was not traffic here, no noise and no pollution. We had a number of trots and a canter but I felt safe all the time. Finally we came to a most stunning lake situated in the middle of lovely green hills.
    When we came back to the farm I was almost disappointed to pat my horse goodbye and go back to Udaipur.
    This was definitely one of the best experiences in India so far!

    Equipment: I did not bring anything in particular but did wear a pair of jeans and closed shoes. At the Princess Trails Farm I was provided with a helmet and chaps free of costs.

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Udaipur Favorites

  • Surpises around every Corner

    Take a stroll along the winding lanes of Udaipur, and you will encounter a surprise around every corner. Because the lanes are very narrow, cars cannot drive though most of them There are, however, auto-rickshaws,motor -cycles & bycycles everywhere. A profusion of animals join this melee. Goats ,donkeys carrying building-rubble in sacks on their...

  • lacks & mountain

    Hi, Udaipur to Mount Abu is five hour drive. ( Now dayes four lane work going on ) No train Udaipur to Mount Abu. If you like to hire car & driver try them www.heritagejourney.com have a good trip Beautiful lacks in city

  • Jag Mandir Island - Seats

    On the roof of the pavillion that faces the lake on Jag Mandir island are several nice relaxing seats to sit in and take in the views of the lake, Lake Palace Hotel and the City Palace. Nice spot. Also, there are some floor seats in the pavillion below.


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