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Gangtok Highlights

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     Very Clean, Very Green, Vibrating- No Pollution! 

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     I wish, I could visit more often! 

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     Unique cultural and travel experience! 

Gangtok Things to Do

  • What about Ride on a Yak!

    Yak ride is very popular with the tourists , who goes to Tsomgo lake. It serves two purposes, first you help the locals to earn their livelihood and second you enjoy a ride which is not available in any city! The Yaks live only at an altitude of more than 10000 feet on the Himalayas! It's really worth giving a try. Though they smell awful and can...

  • heaven on earth

    There are lots of things to do in and around gangtok. You should look at north sikkim as that is the best part of sikkim. CHeck out pics and decide for yourself

  • Awesome nightlife

    When in Gangtok, Sikkim.. there's plenty to do during the day. But if you are anything like me, you'll be twiddling your thumbs come evening. I went downtown to a sweet little spot called Little Italy. Food was tasty and cheap, beers were flowing, met lots of people and enjoyed the live music.

  • Viewing of Mt.Kanchendzonga in early...

    On a clear morning Mt.Kachendzonga is visible from all parts of Gangtok. But I was not lucky enough, during my several past visits I missed this marvellous view. This time God did not deprive me and on the day of our return we could gaze her for about 1 hour from 5.30am to about 7.00a. But at 7.00 am it was quite hazy. It was also not possible to...

  • Kyongnosla Water Falls at 10400 Feet!!!

    This beautiful waterfall is set at 10400 feet at Kyongnosla on the Nathula Pass - Gangtok highway. We were there for about half a hour and what we experienced can not be described in words! The clouds were below us travelling, making moves , sometimes engulfing us ..... hey we smelled clouds... believe me, really!!! It was really different than the...

  • TSOMGO Lake or " The Source of Lake"

    It literally means the " Source of the Lake" in Bhutia language. It is located 38ks from Gangtok. The serene lake is situated at an altitude of 12318 feet. It is about one km long, in oval shape, 15 mts deep and is considered Sacred by Local people. This placid lake remains frozen duing winter months ( November to February). Between May and August...

  • Do- Drul Chorten

    The Do- Drul Chorten Stupa was built by the Venerable Trullshi Rimpoche, head of Nyingma order of Tibetan Buddhism in 1945. Inside the Stupa, there are compere mandala set of DORJEE PHURBA ( VAJRA kILAYA), a set of Kang Gyur relic( Holy Book), complete Zung ( Mantras) and other religious objetcs. Around the Chorten, there are 108 Mani Lhkar (...

  • Gangtok Ropeway.

    It's new attraction for Gangtok city. It takes passengers to the highest point of the Gangtok city in seven minutes. It accomodates 20-24 passengers. The fare is Rs.60 per head or about USD$1.5. You can truely enjoy the panaromiic view of this beautiful hill station. It takes you over city traffic in about 7 minutes, very enjoyable ( see video). It...

  • Enchey Monastry.

    An important seat of the Nyingmapa order, the Enchey Monastry is built on the site blessed by Lama Druptok Karpo, a Tantrik Master known for his power of flying. This 200 years old monastry has in its premises images of God, Goddesses and other religious objects. Every year around January, " Chaam" or religious masked dance is performed with great...

  • Banjhakri Falls Energy Park.

    THis place is at East Rank 4 kms from Gangtok city. Set amidst lush green valley spread over 2 acres. It is surrounded by trees and a mountain streem. It is one of the 7 or 10 seightseeing points of Gangtok. It is one of the most favourite place among the locals. Entrance fee is Rs.30/- for two persons. Nice place to relax.We wanted to visit the...

  • Beauty of Gangtok City-III

    Life in every hill town surrounds arround their main throughfare or the Mall. In Gangtok, this too is true, their life evolves in M.G.Road. It houses lots of hotels, shopping malls, restaurants but now it has been made a no car zone and entire road has been paved, sitting arrangements made, fountains erected to make it more beautiful. It is also...

  • Beauty of Gangtok City-II

    In all the hill town of of North East India I have found women calling the shots or there is women empowerment. I was pleasantly surprised to find petite women as cops, bagpiper band, and in the seat of power. I also feel they make better cops as ecause they are less corrupt and mostly honest. Sikkim govt has taken steps to empower women in almost...


Gangtok Hotels

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Gangtok Restaurants

  • Buffet Lunch at Mayfair Resort

    This is surely the best place in the State of Sikkim. Mayfair group is known for hospitality and excellence, but the kind of lunch we had at 4.30 PM was certainly not up to the mark and service was also poor. This may be they were tired and we reached very late at 4.30 pm to eat our lunch. Most of the non vegetarian dishes were finished , though we...

  • Best Breakfast with great view of the...

    We had wonderful breakfast at this place on the morning we left Gangtok. in fact we stayed in two hotels on two different nights as we could not get consecutive days booking at The Mayfair. This place Royal Palace is the second best hotel in terms of Gangtok hotels facilities offered and slightly at a higher altitude( around 4800 feet) than...

  • Try Their Black Coffee & Mocca

    This is an excellent place to have coffee, snacks and of course meet friends. This place is perhaps the best place and frequented by young upper class crowd. The place is very clean and serves varieties of dishes. We had Pasta and Grilled sandwich.You also get breathtaking views of Gangtok from here.

  • Too good an experience

    We reached Gangtok by afternoon and got very late for Lunch. We decided to head to M G Market as soon as we checked in. Were pleasently surprised when we reached there from all the gullies and taxi stands. The place looked like you are not in India, cleanliness, relaxed atmosphere and happy people around. While we were looking for some place to...

  • Greatest place to hang out

    Arthur’s” Multi-Cuisine Restaurant is a family restaurant located at Tibet Road the heart of tourist hub in Gangtok, Sikkim, India. Very cozy atmosphere with good music, multi lingual staff, Chicken momo, and Pork dry fry, excellentt test

  • Try their Chapati & Mutton Fry !!

    Please dont' judge by the look of the hotel, go inside and give it a try! These are the words told to me by the vendor next to Sikkim tourism office on 15th March'09 afternoon. We were hungry, looking for a restaurant on M.G.Road. I asked the shopkeeper, where could I get wholesome food quickly. He suggested me try this place on the M.G.Road itself...


Gangtok Nightlife

  • Nightlife in Gangtok

    Was a very poor experience for me out with friends on a brilliant September night last year 2009,the floor was dirty and the service was equally poor!my overall comment on this establishment is DRAB! anything goes here!

  • There is Night Life in Gangtok

    Now there is a full fledged Casino operating at Hotel Royal plaza for the tourist and boarders. It has slot machines, Backcarat, Roulet, Black Jack and so on games on the offer. There are several counters where you can relax and play. The counter girls will teach you the games apart from smiling and inviting you to play. We visited thgis place on...

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Gangtok Transportation

  • Travelling by Rail to Gangtok from...

    As mentioned in earlier tips there are many options to go to Gangtok/ Darjeeling from any part of India. But travelling by train is the best and cheapest way. There are many trains going from Kolkata, Howrah Jn and Sealdah Jn. The best train to New Jalpaiguri ( the major junction station at the foot hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim) is Darjeeling...

  • The Daily Helicopter Service to Gangtok.

    Our VT friends will be delighted to know that now Sikkim Tourism has started daily Helicopter flight to and fro from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok and back. It is connected with almost every major flight landing at Bagdogra during daytime. The fare is not expensive, Rs2000/- ( USD$ 50) for one side from Bagdogra to Gangtok and vice versa, with free...

  • Going to and travelling around in...

    The state of Sikkim and the city of Gangtok is very well connected by Air, Rail and Road. The nearest Rail head is New Jalpaiguri or NJP is about 126 KMs and nearest airport is Bagdogra ( Near Siliguri/ NJP) 125kms. NJP is major or perhaps the largest rail junction in North Bengal or North East. It is very well cnnected with entire North East,...


Gangtok Shopping

  • Woolens & Jackets at Bargain Counter.

    n case you are inadequately dressed or need that woolens for sudden temperature change, you may try this shop " Indo Tibetan ". Located on M.G.Road the main mall is a bargain counter throughout the year. They keep woolens from local to branded ones and Jackets made in China to North Face of Korea.In my view, at any point of the year their prices...

  • Small Souvenier Shop around Lal Bazar!

    The city of Gangtok has numerous curio or souvenier shops. They are spread all over Gangtok. We explored as we had to buy many souvenier and gifts for our friends. We found M.G.Shops are very very expensive and dont' encourage bargain at all. On the other hand, we found the road near Lal Bazar has many shops, where prices are cheaper by 30-40% than...

  • Curio Shop in Gangtok.

    This shop is very famous for Tibetan curios and Sikkimese curios. But I found the prices are very expensive. The shopkeeper is also not ready for bargain. Since, he has probably largest collection and located on main M.G.Road, he has good business. You may try for yourself and also do some bargaining, he may concede to the request.We bought some...


Gangtok Off The Beaten Path

  • The Car of Chogyal Thondup Palden...

    This Mercedece Benz C Class 1970 was the official car of the ruler of Sikkim born 22 nd May 1923 at Gangtok died 30th January 1982 at New york( USA). He was the twlefth consecrated ruler of Sikkim. The Demazong Chogyal was the second son of illustrious Chogyal Sir Tashi Namgyal, who is revered in Sikkim as father figure and the architect of Modern...

  • The Palace of Chogyal Thondup Palden...

    This is one of the places I would strongly recommend to visit, while in Gangtok. Though, the palace is now is private property,entry is restricted for the common people, but it is visible from Ganesh Tok ( 6100 Feet), the highest point of Gangtok. This place is not visible from the gate but I decided to take photo at any cost. Our driver suggested...

  • Travelling over the clouds!

    Its' an wonderful experience to travel over and under the cloud. It ca not be described but experienced only! No it's not mist or fog but cloud travelling at 10400 feet or above! I have tried to capture some videos, please have a look at the video.


Gangtok Sports & Outdoors

  • River Rafting on Teesta - Interested?

    In case, you want to add some fizz to your life ..... Sikkim also offers River Rafting on the river Teesta. With it's clear blue water, it is inviting us to explore the rough and normal flow. Rafting is now on and is very cheap. Please read the poster, posted below photograph, in case you are inteested. I wanted to explore but there was not much...

  • Riding on Yak at Tsomogo Lake!

    This is one great sports activity for the children but adults can also participate in this for Rs.150-200/- ( USD$3-5) at Tsomogo Lake. Yak is mountain cow available in high altitude mountain of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet as it survives at high altitude only ( 8-9000 Feet plus). A very docile animal which serves as domestic animal, source of...

  • Teesta Rangeet White Water Rafting!

    While returning from Gangtok, we had decided to do River Rafting as we have been missing this adventure for long long time, since I did it in Pokhara, Nepal long back. We got down at Chitrey Wayside Inn, for lunch at Melli Bazar, who also organise White Water River Rafting under Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council Tourism Department. They require a...


Gangtok Favorites

  • Tolarence towards Foreigners in SIKKIM.

    Till some time back it was presumed Sikkim is a restricted area, true but no longer. Now it is open to foreigners as well. As ineverywhere all foreigners have to register them with the Foreigner's Registration office, which is very simple. They mayalso visit all the restricted areas open to Indian ( Indians too have to obtain permit).The people of...

  • Very Clean Public Toilets in Gangtok.

    In entire Gangtok, you shall find very clean and very well maintained public toilets run by local municipality. They are much better maintained than that of cities like Calcutta, Delhi or Bombay. I have even found very clean toilets ( paid) on way to North Sikkim, erected just below the tea shop or restaurants on the road. The tourist and the local...

  • ATM Counters in SIKKIM

    Now the city of Gangtok and major Sikkim towns has modern banks with their ATM counters in almost all vantage points. They also change currency in case you require. All the Indian bank like State Bank of India, HDFC, AXIS BANK, etc have their branches and their ATM Counters, which will honour all National and International cards marked with VISA,...


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