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Chennai (Madras) Highlights

  • Pro
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    dmirebella says…

     Good food, interesting varied surroundings 

  • Con
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    rundoyle4 says…

     Loud traffic, pollution, and very hot. 

  • In a nutshell
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    ChadSteve1975 says…

     It's a gateway to other parts of India worth spending time in 

Chennai (Madras) Things to Do

  • Marina Beach

    The most popular destination in Chennai is of course, the Marina Beach! It runs some 15 kms in length and the sands are almost a km in from the road!! The biggest negative is how littered it is!! PLease always keep an eye on where you are placing your could step on almost anything if not careful!! Saddest thing this to see such an awesome...

  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple

    The Kapaleeshwar Temple is possibly the oldest temple in the city and is located in the Mylapore district of Chennai. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Kapaleeshwar Temple is characteristic of the Dravidian architectural style with its elaborate and intricately carved Gopuram, mandapams and a tank. You can find fragments of inscriptions dating back to...

  • Mahabalipuram

    Ride down to this place on the awesome ECR (East Coast Road) on a nice sunny weekend for a truly unforgettable experience!! Mahabalipuram lies on the Coromandel Coast which faces the Bay of Bengal. This is an elegant place to watch which a well established sea port was during the 7th and 10th centuries of the Pallava dynasty. This was the second...


Chennai (Madras) Hotels

Chennai (Madras) Restaurants

  • Don't miss Bhangra Pepsi

    its USP: the location with it's closeness to the beach makes it a preferable restaurant for those looking for a diverse menu with decent non vegetarian options.We has tried Chicken Chettinad which was pretty decent although nothing was too special about it. The manchurian starters were fine too but again nothing too special. Ambience was just fine...

  • Huge Variety

    A big chain of small eating outlets where one can find a huge variety of local cuisine.Do try the following and even much more if you wish to:Idiyappam KurumaParotta KurumaMasala DosaiAdai AvialSweet AppamCoconut Poli/Dhal PoliKara KozhukattaiFilter CoffeeIts USP: The variety and authentic taste of the local cuisine at a very decent pricing. Adai...

  • Superb Italian food

    This is a wonderful choice for Italian food lovers. The ambiance is great and the food is superlative!! Service is good. If you are looking for Italian fine dining, look no further. Brocolli soup, Panini, Lasagne, Rice dishes, Pizzas... everything was great.


Chennai (Madras) Nightlife

  • Why not a South Indian Movie?

    The average South Indian is very fond of movies, all the Chief minister of Tamilnadu were great famous movie actors. It is said a South Indian family would surely watch a movie in a day! I have seen the quality of South Indian movie is very good, there are several very good actors from South India and the songs are pretty good. Many of the...

  • explore the nightlife of Chennai

    Chennai has a fast emerging Night Life. Come explore the nightlife of Chennai by visiting some of the popular Bars & Pubs in Chennai. Sip some of your favorite drinks from an assortment of exotic beverages served at the Bars & Pubs in Chennai. Rest assure of having a gala time with your beloved in the cool environ of the happening bars and pubs in...

  • Hell Freezes Over

    Though Chennai doesnt hve much niteclubs,one famous of them are HFO(Hell Freezes Over) where chennai high class ppl gather and hve fun..The night opens till 11:30pm.Offers good music by excellent DJ's and also drinks are cheaper.Entry fee around 600 to 1000 for couple Wear anything u like..


Chennai (Madras) Transportation

  • Train from the Airport

    Chennai has a suburban railway (4 lines) which has a station very close to the airport. This line goes very frequent to Egmont train station, and on to Park station and final station Chennai Beach where you can change to other lines. 5 Rupies until Park Beach station, 10 if you change to a other line.In case you stay in the Triplicane area...

  • Scooting around in Chennai

    If one is daring enough, the best way to get around the city is to perhaps rent a scooter or a motorcycle. If going to be in the city for a long period of time, one can even consider buying a second hand scooter. Best to rent an automatic (without gear and clutch) kind of scooter. Be equipped with a road map and helmet.(Additional info added on 07...

  • Great Service of Car Rental Chennai

    We rent Honda City during our vacation in India. We chose Car Rental Chennai for our holiday car hire (we knew them from internet research, The car was delivered to us at our hotel. It’s really a good car, and the car itself was exactly as described on the website. We moved to many different parts of the city with...


Chennai (Madras) Shopping

  • Online Shop in Chennai for...

    In Chennai, try this online shop to make your daily routine easy and comfortable. If you wish to escape the tedious chore of buying grocery, vegetables and fruits, shop at "Stores on Doors" (, the only online portal in Chennai to offer the complete package of grocery, vegetables and fruits. Their slogan...

  • Express Avenue- World Class Mall

    A mall with world class shopping,entertainment facility. It is located in the heart of Chennai city, housing some of the biggest brands from around the globe along with a five star hotel and grade-A office building. It houses 2 department stores- Westside and Lifestyle. Also houses a host of other international brands including Swarovski, The Body...

  • First Mall in S India

    I still remember the days when going from Bangalore to Chennai meant a visit to this fabulously large shopping center- Spencer Plaza on Mount Road in Chennai. Well those days are certainly over now, this is but a rundown mall with a very local mix of stores. But don't be fooled by appearances, this may be run down but certainly ain't down and out...


Chennai (Madras) Local Customs

  • Orange Blossom

    Many of the women in Chennai wear orange blossom garlands in their hair, and the scent, wafting behind them in the warm air, is a sensual delight!You can see women stringing the flowers onto thread to create the garlands everywhere - I found the best place to buy them was outside Egmore Station. They make garlands out of other flowers too, which...

  • Chennai Sangamam

    Chennai Sangamam is an arts festival showcasing various arts of Tamil Nadu held evrey January. Chennai Sangamam is all about Chennai and the best of it. That is why it attracts thousands of tourists from arround the world.

  • Noise

    Be prepared for noise - constant, piercing noise. Most vehicles have horns and backup alarms that sound like bad cell phone ringers ("Silent Night," for example, but ending at "all is bright," and with two notes flat - infuriating). Elevators yell at you when you don't shut them properly. People yell to each other for everything.


Chennai (Madras) Warnings and Dangers

  • Keep your shoes safe!

    If you're visiting Kapaleeshwarar Temple, you'll see most of the Indian visitors just leaving their shoes and sandals by the entrance gate. I would advise that you do NOT follow their example, as our shoes were stolen from there. A little way down from the gate there actually is a booth where you can leave your shoes to be guarded, for a very small...

  • Sea Bathing at Marina Beach.

    Bathing at Marina Beach is not at all advisable as it is very rough not safe enough for taking a swim. Many people die every year for venturing out in the sea even if some are expert swimmer. There is not life saving society/ agency is operating at Marina Beach. It may look attractive but please stay away from swimming.

  • Chennai Drinking Water.

    Please never ever drink water from tap in Chennai. Even the locals buy water in pet jars or in pouches, they come cheap. The ground water of Chennai is salty. The Chennai corporation has not been able to provide potent drinking water to their citizen.The local brands are also process water with reverse osmosis technology, they are safe enough for...


Chennai (Madras) Tourist Traps

  • Fake Travel Agents in Chennai:

    The city of Chennai is full of Fake Travel agents advertising with display boards for various conducted tours with in the city and outside. They promise great things but actually nothing of that sort is available. They will sell you tickets for Two By Two seat in a luxury bus but you shall find that that it is an ordinary van having village people....

  • Auto Rickshaws of Chennai.

    We faced helluva problem in Chennai city with Auto - Rickshaw drivers even for going to hospitals. They think any fair coloured Indian non -Tamil speaking is North Indian and their rates just skyhigh. I even got down from one auto rickshaw after he started mis behaving in Tamil asking for more money. Then I gave him a Rs100/- note and asked him to...




Chennai (Madras) What to Pack

  • Fight the Sun and Bugs

    both sandles and sneakers pleanty of toilet paper for your day-tripsyour anti-malaria medsa pepto-bismol or two sun screen is no where to be found in the city and the locals didn't seem to know what it is, however no one in my group got any tanner or burnt in the city. i did when we went to the beach.budg spray could be useful for around your...

  • Toiletries and Medications

    Many brands available in the west are available here under other names. One thing NOT available is Pepto Bismol. (Gelusil is similar, but not as good.) For the most part, you will be able to find what you need, although not always where you expect to find it. If you find something you recognize, buy it - you might not find it again.Some...

  • Hot Hotttt Chennai

    1. Backpack 1. Sandals.2. Sunglasses3. Cap4. Shorts5. Light cotton T-shirts 1. Shaving Kit 1. Camera2. Camcorder3. Additional discs, tapes, films 1. Bottled water2. Mosquito repellant3. Sunscreen lotion 1. Avoid full-sleeve shirts during summer. 2. Shoes would feel rough on the feet during summer heat.


Chennai (Madras) Off The Beaten Path

  • In & around Chennai- Sparsha

    Like many people we also thought the only nearby getaway from Chennai is Mahabs/Pondy. But increasingly this year we have come to discover some new places around Chennai that make for equally good weekend getaways. So here goes, early this year we discovered through word of mouth a resort named 'Sparsa' in Thiruvannamalai- a holy town famous for...

  • A peaceful religious sojourn

    You could visit the Nitya Kalyana Swamy Temple on the East Coast Road.This is an ancient temple with a legend attached to it. Its a very peaceful place across the sea coast and worth a visit.Temple Timing : 6am –12noon and 3pm-8pmContact : +(91)-(44)-27472235 or 9443107809Address : 1/55, U-1 Mada Street Thiruvidanthai PO, Kovalam Via, Kanchipuram...

  • Unwind Center

    Chennai has always had a great local rock music scene thanks to institutes such as IIT that not only attract the intellectuals but also encourage excellence in music and sports. We recently attended the popular JRO (June Rock Out) concert at UNWIND CENTER in Adyar and it was an unforgettable experience. 4 bands performed in a span of 3 hours and...


Chennai (Madras) Sports & Outdoors

  • Muttukadu Boat House

    Muttukadu Boat House: Located at 23 Kms from Adayar, this backwater area is maintained by the Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation, and offers rowing and speedboat riding. This place has great potential but the bad marketing of TTDC ( Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation, they are just like our WBTDC) it is not getting clientale. First...

  • Cricket, the most popular sport in...

    The M.A. Chidambaram Stadium (MAC) in Chepauk is one of the oldest cricket stadiums in India. The Chemplast Cricket Ground on the IIT Madras campus is another important venue hosting first class matches. Prominent cricketers from the city include former Test-captains S. Venkataraghavan and Kris Srikkanth. A cricket fast bowling academy, the MRF...

  • Cricket

    Cricket is a bat-and-ball sport contested by two teams, usually of eleven players each, It is the most popular sport in Chennai.The bowler, a player from the fielding team, bowls a hard, fist-sized cricket ball from the vicinity of one wicket towards the other. The ball usually bounces once before reaching the batsman, a player from the opposing...


Chennai (Madras) Favorites

  • Medical Tourism

    What is Medical Tourism?What's called medical tourism - patients going to a different country for either urgent or elective medical procedures - is fast becoming a worldwide, multibillion-dollar industry Why Tamilnadu? Good medical services are available in the state along with good tourist attractions. This has recently spurred a new wave of...

  • Clean beaches

    The worst Auto rickshaw service i the country. the drivers cheats & cheats only by 200% plus every time. BE CAREFUL ! Good development in outer part of the city. Mount Road - one of the main street in the city is very gloomy in the night (bad street lights) and huge traffic.

  • autorickshaws

    even though places in chennai are well connected by buses, for short distances autorickshaws are the basic mode of transport .The minimum fare charged is Rs 30/-that is for locals .If they smell that you are a tourist the charge is usually plus enquire.But unlike in other places they take you straight to your destination and can be good...


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