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  • The stone chain
    The stone chain
    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Women preparing flowers
    Women preparing flowers
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  • Things to Do
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Kanchipuram Things to Do

  • Feed the cows with bananas

    The monk of the picture gave bananas to the cows and explained to the faithful people to follow his example.

  • Mango tree 3500 years old

    The temple of Ekambaranathar dates from the IX century, it is devoted to Shiva, and inside its patio there was a mango tree 3.500 years old.

  • Silk sarees factories

    If you take a rickshaw in Kanchipuram to show you the temples, molst probably he will offer you to visit silk factories along the way, some of them are very interesting, and you will see the families who work there. You do not need to buy anything, but anyway the driver will get some commission.

  • Inside the Hindu temples

    The temples were a marvel. Inside of them I saw many statues and religious practises beyond imagination.

  • Devarajaswami Temple

    Devarajaswami Temple, also known as Varadaraja Perumal Temple, was originally built in the 11th century. The 100 foot gopuram (monumental tower at the entrance of a temple) was rebuilt by the Vijayanagar kings around the 16th century. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu God, Lord Vishnu and is a favorite pilgrimage destination.The highlight of the...

  • Shri Kanchi Kamakshi Ambal Devastanam

    Shri Kanchi Kamakshi Ambal Devastanam (Kamakshi Temple) was rebuilt in the 14th century during the Vijayanagar period. It is one of the rare places in India where Shakti (sacred force or empowerment) is worshipped. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi a divine form of the Goddess Parvati. It is also associated with one of the greatest Hindu...

  • Sri Ekambaranathar Temple

    One of the largest temples in Kanchipuram, the Sri Ekambaranathar Temple was constructed before the mid-9th century by the Pallavas. The Cholas then put their touch on the temple before (several centuries later) the Vijayanagar king Krishna Deva Raya added the almost 200 foot gopuram (monumental tower), one of the temple's most significant...

  • Elephant Blessings....

    In the Hindu religion, elephants represent Lord Ganesh, one of Hinduism's most important Gods. At many temples (especially large ones) an elephant will be present to bestow blessings on visitors/pilgrims. Just hold out your hand with a coin - palm up. Using his trunk, the elephant will take the coin and give it to his handler. The elephant then...

  • experience spirituality and cultural...

    Visit the many temples in the temple town of Kanchipuram.The town hailed by the famous ancient Indian poet Kalidasa as Nagareshu kanchi or Kanchi the ideal city,this town is home to so many ancient temples and is also famous for its pure silk weaving.The most famous temples here are --Kamakshi temple(dedicated to kamakshi,consort of...

  • buy kancheepuram sarees

    there are numerous shops which sell silksarees on either side of the lane to the temple .These are hand woven and made from mulberry silk worms. kancheepuram is also famous for hand woven cotton sarees.The owners belong to weavers co-operative society.once you go to the interior you can buy from weavers direct. most of the designs are from the...

  • kamakshi amman temple

    within walking distance from the kancheepuram temple is the kamakshi temple dedicated to parvathy.This is smaller in comparison but equally elaborate and has a gold covered dome.

  • ekambaranath temple

    kancheepuram siva temple is one of the five famous abodes of siva . Here sivalinga is worshipped in the form of sand. Legend has it that parvathy worshiped the sand linga here under a very old mango tree. The outer wall is interrupted by gopurams which looks similar but differs architecturally according to the era in which it was constructed....

  • Varadaraja Temple: Column

    This is one of the scores of granite columns inside the Varadaraja gate temple, all of them intricately carved. Most scenes reflect some religious (or mythical) message; others depict joys pictured in the Kama Sutra; and still others are political -- showing mughals or Hindu lords or both together.I was guided into the temple and all around the...

  • Varadaraja Temple Complex

    This 16th century 'gate temple' is one of several temples dedicated to Varadaraja, an incarnation of Vishnu.The temple's many columns, its altar, its shrine, and the interesting 'chain' (right) are all carved of granite. Reliefs on the columns range from scenes from the Kama Sutra to those showing mughal and Hindu figures coexisting.(Such symbols...

  • Step Well

    This step well is adjacent to the Varadaraja gate temple. The small shrines in the well are all dedicated -- as is the entire complex -- to Vishnu.

  • Urchins

    These boys followed me around the Kailasanatha temple complex for more than an hour. Only in the last 15 minutes did they ask me for money, then for pens, then to take their picture.I took their picture and showed it to them on my digital camera's viewfinder -- eliciting gasps of glee -- but I refused to give them a handout. Then, half an hour...

  • Bull Shrine

    This small, modern shrine is adjacent to the main Kailasanatha temple. Having been gored by a bull several days earlier (in Jaipur), I did not worship here.

  • Kailasanatha Temple Complex

    Begun in the 7th century, this complex includes a large temple and nearly 60 smaller temples dedicated to Shiva, his consort Parathi, and their sons Ganesh and Murugan.Kanchipuram, one of Hinduism's seven holy cities (and the only one in South India) is divided into two main religious areas, one devoted to Shiva, the other to Vishnu.

  • Step Well Shrine

    This is a close-up of the small shrine to Varadaraja -- an incarnation of Vishnu -- that sits in the step well adjacent to the gate temple.

  • Atthigiri-Varathraja perumal temple...

    The pic you can see Varathraja perumal temple pond,its called "Atthigiri",it means Elephant Mountain.This tank itself houses y shrine of Atthigiri Varadar,the deity was made by "Atthi" wood.The interesting thing about this tank is,the deity is not kept for public view.Can you see the center of the tank,one samll hall,there it was kept,i mean under...

  • Ekambaranather temple(1509AD)

    This temple was build by Vijayanagara emperor Krishnadeva Raya in 1509 ADThe pic you see main entrance "The Raja Gopuram".The main significance of this temple it has one of heritage Mango tree is there.ItS almost 3500 years old.It gives four different tastes of Mango four season.

  • Varadaraja Perumal temple

    I must say this is bigggg temple really,the pic you can see 3 towers,all one one temple.inside 3 inner courtyard ,with many mandapams,temple tank,golden tower of inner temple.The main thing must see is 100 pillared hall,when you enter temple ,left you can see this hall.The word "impressive"very much suites his hall.Its full of impressive...

  • Kamachi amman temple(14 Century)

    This city , Kanchi Kamachi is famous deity here.At any time of day,you can crowded ppl to have look of her&get her blessings.The pic is 60 metres height,and full of beautiful intricate sculptures .The temple build by Chola Empire in 14th century AD.Its main place for all religious activities in Kanchipuram,its maintianed by Shankara Mutt.

  • awwsome architecture.

    This is " Kailasanather"Temple,its other name for "Lord Shiva".It was build by Pallava ruler Rajasimha Pallava(685 A.D. to 705 A.D.).The unique of the temple architecture,temple it was constructed by mosely limestone.I think this is most beautiful temple in Kancheepuram.Inside you can see,58 small shrines ,and beautifull great sculptures all over...


Kanchipuram Hotels

  • INDeco Mahabalipuram

    Shore Temple Road, Mahabalipuram, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, 603 104, India

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

  • MM Hotels

    65-66 Nellukara St, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, 631 502, India

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo


    275 East Coast Road, KANCHIPURAM, 600104, IN

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Couples

Kanchipuram Restaurants

  • FruitLover's Profile Photo

    Hotel Saravana Bhavan: Popular southern restaurant - BREAKFAST

    by FruitLover Updated Dec 21, 2005

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The people in the restaurant were all locals. No one more tourist.

    We ate and drank:
    Hot Idly,
    Medhu Vadai,
    Poori Masala,
    Ghee Paper Roast,
    Pomegranate Juice,
    special Coffee,

    Full double breakfast cost us Rs200 [= less than 5 US$]

    Favorite Dish: To my Veg taste it was all tasty, NOT TOO MUCH SPICY.
    Right outside the restaurant we had Paan, a sweet mixture, common to finish the meal by as a digestive. Paan is a betel leaf wrapped around a combination of spices which commonly includes aniseed and cardamon and then folded into a triangular shaped Bida.
    . It was tasty and refreshing. [be seen in a pic].

    That's foreigner's [mine] plate Locals use solo right hand to eat Poori Masala [made of rice] Paan making, sweet mix dessert
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    • Religious Travel

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Kanchipuram Transportation

  • Arrive by plane...

    Kanchipuram does not have an airport. The nearest airport is Chennai, which is about 50-60 kms from Kanchipuram. Daily flights are offered from about 20 Indian cities.Airlines serving Chennai include:Air India www.airindia.in Go Air (*) www.goair.inIndigo(*) ww.goindigo.inJet Airways/Jet Lite(*) www.jetairways.comKingfisher/Kingfisher Red(*)...

  • Rickshaws

    The main temples are spread out and it's best to take a rickshaw when going from temple to temple. The driver will wait for you and take you to the temples or you can hire a rickshaw at each temple. Make sure that your trip is metered or negotiate a price before you get in the rickshaw.

  • Circle from Chennai

    At the travel desk of the Taj Connemara in Chennai -- a magnificent hotel -- I arranged for a car and driver to take me to both Kanchipuram and Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram). On the way to Kanchi we stopped at the impressive monument to Rajiv Gandhi, erected on the grounds of his assassination.Cost for the full day (in an air conditioned car, before...


Kanchipuram Shopping

  • silk saree in kanchipuram

    you have many private and co-operative stores that sell good silk.it is better to do you homework otherwise the rickshaws drivers and others who work for a commission would mislead you. silk sarees,fabrics,ties,scarves etc. average price of silk

  • silk sarees

    since i landed at the temple a little later than it closed i had to while away my time and landed at this silk saree store.This is a weaver's co operative .We chatted a lot over a cup of good south indian coffee saw a lot of sarees and ultimately bought a few which they offered to pack and post to my home address. i payed the full amount and was...

  • Kanchipuram Hotels

    7 Hotels in Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram Off The Beaten Path

  • vpas's Profile Photo

    Drive around the country side

    by vpas Written Oct 27, 2011

    You could hire a cab or even an auto and go around for a drive around the country side. But be sure to fix a rate with the driver and speak to some locals/people at the hotel where you stay regarding which areas to cover.
    You can see the semi rural/rural lifestyle around, see the green fields and maybe have some hot sweet milk tea in one of the small wayside joints.

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