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  • Sabang port
    Sabang port
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  • clear water
    clear water
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  • A speed boat toward the Weh island
    A speed boat toward the Weh island
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Sabang Highlights

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    wendyfairbairn says…

     Grotty cafe at Gapang with too many men that never leave you alone 

  • Con
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     for acces to the kutaraja not easy yet 

  • In a nutshell
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     Beautiful Island at MostNorthWestern Part of Indonesia 

Sabang Things to Do

  • Snorkeling at Rubiah Island

    It is good snorkeling at Pulau Rubiah. From the Peune Edenn resort on the east side just walk into the sea and start swimming. Or cross over to the west side of the island where one can jump from the jetty.Domestic tourists - on weekends - tend to stick to the Peune Edenn side, wearing life jackets. We preferred the side near the jetty: deep, clear...

  • Zero Kilometre Monument

    One cannot come home from Sabang without being able to say: 'I have been at the north-western limit of the Indonesian archipelago'. But actually the Zero Kilometre Monument marking 'the starting point of Indonesia' is an ugly construction, not even providing a good sea view because of the trees surrounding it.From Gapang or Iboih it is only a ten...

  • Jaboi Geothermal Area

    Sometimes referred to as Sabang's 'mini volcano', this geothermal area is not even a mini volcano. Yet, judging by the charred tree trunks, the trees must have had the opportunity to grow in historic times and then have been destroyed by increased volcanic activity.We went to the spot by rented motorbike. The road leading inland from Jaboi was...

  • Pria Laot Waterfall

    Do not expect a big waterfall on an island as small as Weh. Yet as the fall in Pria Laot river is the only one the island can boast of, this small but multi-tiered fall located in protected forest was being made more accessible. Work was in progress surfacing the first couple of hundred metres of the access road. Next came a concrete footpath with...

  • Anoi Itam Japanese bunkers

    A booklet of the Sabang Tourist Authority states: 'A huge number of Japanese bunkers are scattered across the entire island. This is why Weh Island is known as the “Island of a Thousand Fortresses” The bunkers were all built between 1943 and 1945. They used to be connected by tunnels that are now closed due to security reasons. There is also a big...

  • Scuba Dive Fierce Current and Glide

    For scuba diving, there are two main dive center, European well-run Lumba-lumba and first local establishment Rubiah Tirta Diver. Both have plus and minus. I praise lumba-lumba correct standard procedure and they are vigilant over safety. You must show your scuba dive certification and ensemble your own gear for first time, to make sure you are...

  • A Sea Port at BALOHAN BAY

    Balohan Bay is a seaport located at Southeast Weh island, a deeply nature seaport with the beauty of its mountain range, a fisiherman village where we could find the beach with furnished by many wooden made canoe for a fishing and a harbor for Ferry and speedboat

  • A Lush Green WEH ISLANDS

    Weh island as a bigger one is surrounded by other smaller islands including Klah island, Rubiah island, Seulako island, and Rondo island. As a whole, all these islands cover an area of 154 square kilometers with the population concentrated on the main island of Weh. Those islands are a rainforest island which covered by a lush green vegetation,...

  • Ulee Lheue View in the morning Sky

    Before your trip to Weh island, please do enjoy a wide screen of Blue sky and blue ocean with a bluish mountain range at the background. Ulee Lheue is one of a nice place for vacation in Banda Aceh

  • One day Boat trip to Sabang

    A speed boat depart twice a day, from Weh island's Balohan Bay sea port it is at 08.30 am and 03.00 pm while from Ulee lheue Banda Aceh it is at 10.00 am and 04.00 pm, from Balohan seaport you could take a taxi or a minibus sharing taxi head on 10 km away to the north to Sabang downtown and getting around to Jl Perdagangan, to a fisherman village...

  • Visit Sabang by BOATING

    Sailing from Ulee Lheue to Sabang vise versa is a nice experience, it was an approximately 45 minutes enjoyable boat travel. The boat depart from a temporary sea port at Ulee Lheue 10.00 in the morning and reach Sabang Sea Port at Balohan Bay before noon. The scenery between the two port is a stunning beauty, we could see a bluish mountain range...

  • snorkeling

    at iboih beach... for exactly locatian, in front of that beach aprox 250 meters have a small island. that,s can protect the besch from wafe south china sea. the beach have a wonderfull colorful fish from many species coral fish. with the rent snorkle we can see direct the fish activity. 4 years ago price for arent snorkle for 1 hour 15.000 rupiahs/...


Sabang Hotels

Sabang Restaurants

  • theo1006's Profile Photo
    Our fish being grilled 4 more images

    by theo1006 Updated Feb 26, 2011

    Locals gather here to enjoy the evening sea breeze. Also to us this nameless fish restaurant on the northern beach of Sabang town looked more attractive than the restaurants in town.
    We saw our fish grilled in the open air and savoured it while watching container ships pass by.

    Favorite Dish: Grilled fish.

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Sabang Transportation

  • Boat

    About getting here; It is easy to take a taxi from the airport in Banda Aceh to the ferry harbour Ulee Lhue. It's a 35 minutes drive and costs currently about Rp 100.000. Or you can call/smsl Edi at his cellphone +6281377210393 for a taxi beforehand, he works on the airport, is very helpful and drives good. His car is old sedan, so it can fit four...

  • Get a SpeedBoat ULEE LHEUE-SABANGvv

    From Temporary SeaPort at Ulee Lheue one could take a speed boat which could be reached Sabang SeaPort at Pulau WEH'S Balohan Bay in approximately 45 minutes vise versa. The trip by the Sea is very impressive with the Scenery of small islands, a crystal clear Blue Water, a Bluish mountain range and some attraction of sea dolphins if you are lucky.A...

  • Sabang Hotels

    1 Hotels in Sabang

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Sabang What to Pack

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    by go_AIR Written Sep 5, 2008

    Luggage and bags: Bagpack should be fine for weekend-ers

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bring walking shoes (if you want to do some trekking) and most importantly flip flop for any beach trips

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: It's wise to bring your own medical/toiletries supplies.

    Photo Equipment: Underwater camera would be perfect. If you need to buy digital cam for this trip, try to find the one with anti-reflective mode, so you could take pics underwater clearly.,.

    Miscellaneous: Mosquito repellents and flashlights will also come in handy

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Sabang Off The Beaten Path

  • Cooking asphalt

    The Sabang government is working hard to make it easier for tourists to reach the attractions of Weh island. One example we saw was the scraping of the road to the Jaboi Geothermail Spot. And when we visited the Pria Laot waterfall, people were busy surfacing the access road. When we first passed by we wondered “What are they cooking there?” It...

  • Rubiah Island's former water supply

    Nowadays the Peune Edenn Resort on Rubiah Island gets its water from a well. The bathroom reservoir in your bungalow is filled by a pump.But in colonial times, when Pulau Rubiah was used as a quarantine location for pilgrims returning from Mecca, the island had another water supply. We found the remains in the forest. Rain water running down a...

  • Hidden paths of Rubiah Island

    In colonial times, when Pulau Rubiah was used as a quarantine location for pilgrims returning from Mecca, the island must have been more developed than it is now. One remnant of those times are the overgrown paths that led in a long loop between the northern and southern ends of Pulau Rubiah. At least four east-west connections joined the sides of...


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