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    Sarong Rental

    by imstress Written Jul 5, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There were so many persist ladies and stall owner that will tell you to buy or rent their sarongs else you cant enter the temple or it will be much more expensive.

    Dont be fooled. So long you wear a pants or long skirts (ladies), you are allowed in.

    Some temples like Uluwatu will provide you with sarongs for all visitors.

    Fun Alternatives: you can arm yourself with one sarong and whereever you visit, bring it along.
    there wont be touts chasing after you to buy their sarongs ;p

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    Tour Guide Fees at Besikih

    by imstress Written Jul 5, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    "You cant enter the temple without our guide. There is religious ceremonies going on. You need to be guided."

    We were asked to pay USD20 for an hour of tour guide fee to enter the temple ground. This is on top of the entrance fees and parking fees that were paid earlier. They would ask for your ticket to be checked at their counter.

    You will need to hire them as guide as there are religious ceremonies going on where it is out of bound to visitors unless escorted by a guide. Finally I manged to bring the price down to 8 USD for 2 pax.

    However, I regretted not asking for a receipt of 80,000 RP. They assigned a kid to us. Should have demanded for a licensed tour guide as the kid speak little English and dont know how to explain things.

    We later found out that religious ceremonies are carried out daily in the temple complex. This was their trick to resort you to hiring them at a very high price and sort of protection money else they wont allow you in.

    Fun Alternatives: Ask for receipt when you pay for the tour guide fees.
    Make sure the guide is licesed with a pass and the photo tallies.


    Join a tour that brings you to Besikih Temple.

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    Kumbasari market in Denpasar

    by TravellingGugu Updated Jan 31, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When visiting Denpasar, it is hard to go pass visiting this special market, as we've been told that's where the local shop, could this mean cheaper price? Yes and NO. It is true that all the locals shop here, but they have some ladies which will come forward to talk to you, take you to shop here and there, make you think they are the owner of the shop, but they aren't! Tnher are there to take profit from the owner should they hit a sale. They usually want you to buy t-shirts, sarongs, etc. We find this extremely annoying and felt very uncomfortable. They like to follow you wherever you go as well. The result was that we ended up buying nothing.

    Unique Suggestions: Because this is where the real local shop, it is still worth a look. This place is not very clean and can be a bit smelly in some places, but it offers wonderful opportunity to take exotic photos.

    Fun Alternatives: We suggest you due directly to the shop owner whe you can, and just ignore these ladies who follow you, it is impossible to miss them. Always remember, because of the bad economy now, this will work in your advantage to haggle on the price, figure around 30 to 50% off, and always stick to your budget, bargain with a smile, so that it's fun and not appear rude.

    Kumbasari markey, Denpasar Sellers ourtside the market compound

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    Beware Money Changers in Kuta

    by carpathia Written Aug 6, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Be careful when changing your money anywhere besides a bank or one of those bureau at the airports which give you a receipt. I went to the location pictured here, on the east side of Jalan
    Legian in Kuta, close to Jalan Pantai Kuta. They operate out of Nomand Sandals Shop and they have a small counter in the back where they change money/rip you off.

    I changed $200 and I was suppose to get back Rp 189,000 but I only received RP 140 000. Yes I did count the money but I only did it once and here is how the thief did it.

    1) The bait - higher than average exchange rate. Most money changers were offering 9100 to the dollar that day, this guys were offering 9450 to the dollar.

    2) He gives you the money in small denomination to help confuse you.

    3) Next he placed the initial RP 189,000 in stacks across his counter. I counted it all but when I placed the money back in their stacks, he collected all the stacks and skimmed off the top of the stack before giving it back to me. Here is where I should have counted the money again but I didn't.

    When we got back to out hotel we counted the money again and realized that there was RP 50,000 missing.
    We went back to the shop with a policeman. The thief got really nervous and gave me back my money. So it all worked out for me in the end but you don't have to go through what I went through.

    Unique Suggestions: Do not go to Norman Sandals Shop and if you change your money anywhere else besides a place that gives you a receipt, then count your money again and again.

    Norman Sandals Shop
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  • Be careful of Guides if going to Kedisan

    by Bartravller Written Jul 14, 2008


    Just stayed at Segara Hotel in Kedisan, Kintamani and it is owned by a lovely couple who were all dressed up for Temple the night I was there, they explained the service they were off to and their staff were all very friendly. However, I was hassled at dinner by a 'guide' trying to get me to climb the mountain (Mt Batur). I asked the staff who he was as he had followed my car down from Penleokan (at the top near Kintamani) all the way to the hotel. I was shocked when they told me that he was now 'my guide' and they could do nothing about him. I questioned what they meant and they said that as I came with him he was my guide. I quickly explained that he just followed me and never spoke to me, and they said they were very sorry but they had already paid heim 15% of my room rate and he was 'my guide'. I found this very frustrating and again asked why this guy was getting money. They said that he brought me to this hotel. I quickly explained that I got the hotel from the Lonley Planet and was coming here anyway. They seemed scared of the 'guide', and said they had to pay him or he would threaten them, I was amazed. Later I asked them about their price for to climb the mountain and they told me that I had to use 'my guide'. I gave up trying to explain that he was not my guide as they kept insisting until I realised they were actually scared of this guy.

    Unique Suggestions: Make sure you tell these "Guides" that you have a booking already! This is very important as they are threatening local hotel owners into paying them commission and then they hassle you constantly to use only them. They will even hang around you until you agree AND try and sell you a painting at the same time (which is a fake)

    Fun Alternatives: It is a lovely area, just make sure you tell anyone that stops you at the top that you already have a booking, this is very important. I spoke to the owners of the hotel and they are literally scared of these people (these "rip off guides" are not from this village, they come every day to take commission from these small family run hotels). You must go and stay in this area as the Lake is beautiful and these families need the business, but make sure you tell the guides you have a booking or reservation1q

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    All prices are subjected to...

    by THLIN Written Feb 21, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Everything in Bali are priced before all government tax and, if in a restaurant, service charges. You must be aware of the price you pay for. Because everything may appear to be CHEAP on the menu, but once you approach the cashier, it should not have been so cheap any more. Generally speaking, things are very cheap in Bali, after the plus plus, things are cheap in Bali only. Ha ha.
    Normally in a restaurant, we pay up to 22% of the bill for tax and service charge. I pay no lower than 14% of total bill.

    Unique Suggestions: Just prepare more money when you go shopping or dining.

    Fun Alternatives: You can also pay with credit cards, therefore all trouble with the payment can be settled immerdiately.

    Reading the price...

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    Bureau de Change

    by natwest Written Jun 18, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ngurah Rai Airport's numerous money changers (after Customs) offer a single, disappointing exchange rate. My suggestion is that if you don't have any Rupiah, then only change enough to cover taxi fare and hotel check-in.

    There are zillions of bureaux de change in every major tourist centres. Even non major tourist spots would surely have a couple of them. But the best exchange rates are to be found in major areas, like Kuta, Ubud and Sanur.

    Banks' exchange rates are generally lower than the roadside bureaux de change and it is more complicated to change money with a bank, as it requires ID, form to be filled in and often a long queue too.

    The practice of short changing is very widespread. My advice is look for those professional moneychangers and NOT businesses (souvenir shops and travel agent) which also change money

    Unique Suggestions: A professional bureau de change only changes money (or maybe selling some postcards and drinks). Most money changers are simply businesses which happened to change foreign currencies too. It is certainly worth to shop around for rates before you change, as rates vary greatly from one place to another, even though they are on the same street.

    Fun Alternatives: Be suspicious to exchange rate sounds too good to be true----It often is a gimmick to lure you in and refuted the "outdated rate" later.

    Use your own instinct to judge between a genuine money changer or just a short changer.

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    The shops at Tempak Siring Temple

    by amyLbrown2002 Written Jan 2, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When exiting the temple, you must go through a thring of shops - there are so many, you are literally clawing your way through and fighting off people trying to sell you all manner of things. Really unnerving as well.

    Unique Suggestions: Just put your head down and get out!

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    Pump up the $$$$

    by balisunshine Written Oct 9, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Prices of petrol are a lot cheaper
    than other parts of the world.

    But it is still costly to the Indonesian
    living off of the local wages.

    At the gas pump,
    it is a good spot to be cheated
    a few thousand Rupiahs if you are a foreigner.

    If you don’t fix your eyes on the hose and pump,
    it’s very possible that they will over charge you.

    $$$$ Pump

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    Shopping & Bargaining

    by nancy80 Written Sep 21, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Bali, u will need to do a lot of bargaining for everything u buy. Many times, we were embarassed or intimidated into buying things we did not want, due to the pushiness of the ppl. Eventually we learned to stand our ground and say no firmly but politely. We also learnt to say "sing la pis" which means "i don't have money" in Balinese :) That always drew laughs from them and usually made them leave us alone.

    Unique Suggestions: First of all, if in an area of shops, make sure to look around for the best prices before buying anything, no matter what they tell u. U will find most of the merchandise available in many places, so there is no need to rush or buy from a specific shop. Prices r not fixed or written usually and u will b glad u did ur homework first. We even got ripped off in a supermarket once. Ended up paying for 1 pc of fruit more than the real price for a whole kilo of the fruit from the market.

    Fun Alternatives: It is useful to have an honest & trusthworthy Balinese guide to inform u of the fair range of prices in advance. Luckily, we had a wonderful driver called "Wayun" who served as that guide. A haggling tip we learned quickly is to make a dramatic counter-offer which is abt 75% less than the price they started with. They will initally give u a shocked "Nooooooooooooooo!!" like ur insane, but eventually will bargain with u untill u get 2 the best price. Be insisting and walk away if they r uncooperative, they will usually give in if ur price request is actually fair and reasonable.

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    Money Changers

    by cokes Written Aug 14, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Be warned as there is money changers all over the show and they are slick. Almost any shop changes money in Bali but anyway just watch out as a other guy I know was robbed twice in Bali when I was there in the space of 2 days. They would exchange 100US$ and give him a whole lot of IDR 20 000 bills. They put all the money together in one bundle and secretly drop money behind the counter so they give you less.

    I descide to change money at the same money changer and I asked to count the money myself as they too wanted to give me IDR 20 000 bills all of the sudden they refuse to exchange the money for me.

    I went to another photo shop for a less of a rate the guy gave me IDR 100 000 bills which was all good. Just be warned as well as they don`t want to changed bills thats torn , creased and old or they might just want to give you even a less rate if they agree to exchange the money.

    Unique Suggestions: Count the money yourself if you they plan on giving you a whole bunch of small bills.

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  • Trouts!

    by watakeet Updated Feb 1, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are many people around Kuta trying to lure you to do a tourist survey and in return giving you a couple of hotel nights. They will invite you to their hotels for sales talk (of time-sharing their hotels). With free transport pickup and such...

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