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  • traffic jam in Kuta (1)
    traffic jam in Kuta (1)
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    traffic jam in Kuta (2)
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    101 Biology

    by balisunshine Updated Dec 25, 2005

    When rainy season comes
    pouring down,
    it is needed that you
    pay close attention to
    items and furniture,
    especially in open houses
    or rooms with no air-cons.

    Mold and mildew
    will soon invade your home!

    And don't expect your staff
    to be aware of these things.

    It would be good to give them
    a crash course of 101 Biology and fungus.

    If you plan to lease or construct a home
    installing a dehumidifier or an air-con
    can help you fight this problem.

    You need not have it turned on all the time,
    but once or twice a week,
    leave the air-con on for a full 24 hours.

    Or when the sun does come out,
    take the items or furniture in direct sunlight.

    If you d happen to get invaded
    and decide to clean it out,
    make sure that cloths and body
    are thoroughly washed and have it dried properly.

    Use gloves when cleaning.

    Avoid contact when cleaning,
    of other items without washing your hands,
    or you're just spreading the fungus to other places.

    Just are living in the tropics.

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    Saving a cent can cost a lot

    by balisunshine Written Aug 13, 2006
    Here comes the green boogey man!

    It baffles me how,
    some foreigners come to Bali
    to invest a large amounts of money
    setting up a business and
    trying to save money
    by not getting a lawyer.

    The laws are very different from
    what we are accustomed to.

    So, spending a bit more, to secure your acquisitions,
    or company, would be a pretty wise thing to do.

    So…how to go bout this?

    Your best local legal representation in Bali
    depends on what Regency in Bali is your business,
    and thus where your legal needs are located.

    Most foreigners believe that all is a-ok by hiring a lawyer in Jakarta,
    which can be true up to a certain extent, such as:
    you are caught with tons of drugs,
    or you have been accused of murder since,
    in that case, as your criminal case
    would be held in the Provincial court of Bali, in Denpasar

    Business matters are handled on the Regency level,
    so, you need the best in the appropriate Regency,
    an attorney who is well known and respected.

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    • Business Travel

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    The many Faces of Made Part 2

    by balisunshine Written Aug 20, 2005
    Looking at Made

    Upon returning,
    Made showed up with all sorts of apologies,
    but with no firm response to
    why not calling to let me know.

    The Balinese prefer to avoid you,
    than to deliver bad news.

    I later then found out that he was married,
    when my friend the owner
    who owns the luxury villas,
    hired his wife as a
    baby sitter for her guests.

    Mind you…I had NO romance with this guy,
    and on several occasions joked about
    finding him a Balinese girlfriend.
    Why did he hide the fact he was married?
    Who knows.
    Maybe you men can give me the answer.

    After the visa episode,
    deceived as I was,
    I had already decided not to have
    any dealings with him or his family.

    The I scratch your back,
    and you scratch mine policy
    doesn’t seem to apply to them.

    So my friend continue using
    his services as a driver,
    even after I warned her that
    I felt that they were not honest.

    She decide to search for a
    large piece of land in Tabanan.
    And Made was her salaried driver.
    After she finally did lease the land,
    she found out through her contractor
    that gave her the lead,
    that Made had asked for a commission,
    and he had received 5,000,000 RP which,
    is a lot of extra money
    for someone who is not
    only a salaried driver…but also for a Balinese.
    But he then had the nerve to go back to the contractor,
    and ask for 10% more of the cost of land.

    The contractor finding him greedy,
    told my friend about the episode.
    When she questioned him,
    he looked at her directly in the eyes
    and said he had not received
    or requested anything.
    So she grabbed the phone,
    called the contractor on the spot,
    and asked who was lying.

    It was Made.

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    The Banyar Experience

    by balisunshine Updated Apr 6, 2006

    The Banyar is the so-called major
    of your village.

    During my
    'Totally in Love with Bali Period',
    when I thought the grass was
    greener on the other side,
    that I found paradise on this earth,
    reality hit me like a slap on the face.

    I was renting a beautiful
    'Boulet' house at the time,
    and eager to share it by inviting
    a few friends over for dinner.
    Lets say about 20 or so.

    After a days of hard work of,
    preparing, cooking, organizing,
    the guest began to arrive.

    Wih their vehicles parked
    outside the house.
    Let?s call this a sign.

    After a couple glasses of wine
    and finally relaxing with my guests,
    knock-knock...guess who's there?

    Your friendly Banyar!!!

    Since I wasn't familiar with this situation,
    I sent my Indonesian friend to deal with it.

    She came back saying that
    he wanted $$$$!!!!
    500,000 RP to be exact. this time,
    I didn't agree with corruption!

    Now I know it's just a part of living here.

    So I told her to use her sex appeal,
    and just simply say NO.

    She Blah! Blah! Blah! him,
    for an hour or so....
    telling him that this was not a party,
    but a dinner with children,
    which was the truth...
    and to come in and
    take a look himself.

    At the end....
    the Blah! Blah! and
    sex appeal worked.
    For the moment that is.

    Who's there?
    The Banyar again.
    What do you want?
    Would you have a bottle
    of liquor to give?
    Now that took the cake.

    I offered him a juice
    and just told him....go away.

    But seriously,
    just so that you know,
    the Banyar is someone
    you do need to have on your side,
    if not they can simply make your life hell!

    They have a close relation
    with the people of their village,
    hence if you go away on a trip
    and no one is there,
    be aware!

    well they may ask plenty of that.
    depending if they are rich or not.

    Try to hire at least one staff
    who is from the local Banyar
    and active with the local
    ceremonies and activities
    if you own a house.

    It's a way of being on good terms.

    And try to keep a low profile by
    not making too many parties or
    get ready to pay!

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    It's not as easy as you think

    by balisunshine Updated Apr 4, 2011
    An unfinished house

    It never seems to amaze me
    those who come saying that
    it's easy and cheap
    to built something in Bali.

    They should probably do
    some homework and
    inform themselves properly.

    Read some of the esperiences of others.

    From the Forum]

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  • Mar 21, 2014 at 7:41 PM

    atm thieves in bali i went to an atm in the street in legian it looked like a phone booth standing on it's own on the pavement i correctly went through the usual steps to extract the equivalent of A$300
    the machine did all the normal clicking and whirring but no money emerged from the slot
    i eventually had to leave and go to the nearest bank
    it was there i found an explanation for my dilemma
    these isolated atm's are watched by thieves who have inserted a strip of cardboard into the money slot
    and then they wait for some sucker like me to come along
    afterwards they remove the cardboard and the banknotes backed up behind it
    so NEVER use an isolated atm there is no way of proving to your bank that you didn't recieve the cash

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