Bali Favorites

  • Dreamland beach
    Dreamland beach
    by Strikinsmile
  • Pandawa beach Bali
    Pandawa beach Bali
    by kecakbali
  • Musical instruments at the cremation
    Musical instruments at the cremation
    by Daihappydai

Bali Favorites

  • Respect the Culture

    Tenganan Village : A visit to this village gives a reflection on the simple ways of life. Even though there are various attraction in Bali, but from my personal experience I would like to rate this tour as my favorite activity in Bali.This Village has already been touched by modern facilities like power, scooters etc, however once inside the...

  • Pandawa beach Bali

    Kutuh Beach or known as Pandawa Beach is located in South Bali about 3 km from Nusa Dua. Pandawa beach has a white sand stretching from end to end , the water is clear and clean and the pounding of the waves playing off in the distance

  • Halal Restaurants

    as we all know, Halal restaurants means that there are no pork and pork products and other meats and seafoods not allowed in Islam, but here in Bali, Halal Restaurants have a different twist as since bali is a hindu majority area, Halal Restaurants also include beef as among the not allowed so if you are on a day tour outside of the Tourist areas...

  • Beef Rendang

    Beef Rendang is a National Indonesian Dish that originated in the West Sumatran Area and is now popular around Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, parts of southern Thailand, southern philippines and brunei. it is made from beef or any other meat and cooked in coconut meat with a paste of mixed ground spices, which includes ginger, galangal, turmeric...

  • Ais Kacang

    Another favorite of mine. the southeast asian and east asian region are crazy about iced shaved desserts and here in Bali is no exception, one of the most popular iced shaved drink cum dessert is the Ais Kacang is the Malaysian and Indonesian version of the korean patbingsu and the japanese kakigori and the Thai Nam Kang Sai and the Philippine Halo...

  • Nasi (Indonesian Rice)

    Nasi is the indonesian word for rice and the basic cooked fluffly white rice is called nasi putih in Bahasa Indonesia and there are various Indonesian Fried Rice, but the national dish and the most popular will be the Nasi Goreng and this basic dish consists leftover rice from the night before. Besides ingredients like shallot, tomato, pepper and...

  • Sambal

    the spicy chili sauce of Indonesia. Indonesian are know as lovers of Spicy Food and their favorite dipping sauce is the sambal. It is typically made from a variety of chili peppers and is sometimes a substitute for fresh chilis. It can be extremely spicy so that youn must have a taste test before pouring it in in the Indonesian Meals that you order...

  • Money Exchange Shops in Kuta

    I will have separate tips on the money exchange shops at the airport in my tourist traps as the exchange rates their are lower and also at the other money exchange shops in Kuta which have higher exhange rates but charge you a commision of 5% !there are many money exchange shops in Kuta, Seminyak and Sanur Areas in in many Places in Denpasar and in...

  • ATM's in Bali

    Being the most tourist area of Indonesia, Bali has a large proportion of Automated Teller Machines and all accept the international ATM consortiums of the world like Cirrus, Maestro, Plus, Discover and a lot more and they are available in many areas around bali at the major tourist Areas like Kuta, Seminyak, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Ubud,...

  • Balinese Hindu Temples

    Balinese Hinduism is distinct from Indian Hinduism in belief and practices and one of these distinctions is on the kind of temples, unlike the common towering indoor Indian Hindu temple, The Balinese Templse (or Puras) are designed as an open air place of worship within enclosed walls and are connected with a series of intricately decorated gates...

  • Balinese Daily Offerings to the Gods

    while walking along the beaches in the morning or along the streets and side alleys of bali in general and at the touristy areas like kuta and seminyak in particular, you would see boxes made from palm leaves with assorted organic offerings like flowers, betel nuts and more the boxes (which are called canang) inside lying along the beaches or at...

  • Beers in Indonesia

    Indonesia maybe the largest Muslim Majority Country in the world but beer drinking is still a popular activity here as the state is Officially secular. Indonesia has a number of local beer companies that produce excellent beers among them, Bintang Beer is the number one beer in Indonesia and Bali and is followed by Bali Hai Beer and Anker Beer....

  • Indonesian Cigarettes

    Indonesia is the largerst producer of tobacco leaves in the world, supplying 37% of the world's supply and is the fifth largest country in terms of smokers in the world hence it is a given that Indonesia has many local and international cigarette brands that cater to the local and tourist market but the locals mostly prefer the kretek (cigarettes...

  • Balinese Cuisine

    Balinese Cuisine is Distinct from the General Indonesian Cuisine and it is a regional specialty. the food is less spicy than the Indonesian Cuisine and the sambal sauce are less spicy. beef is not used as the balinese are hindu and cows are sacred. the meat is more of pork, chicken and ducks and assorted seafoods and the spices and dipping sauce...

  • Babi Guling

    Babi Guling is the Indonesian and Balinese Version of the Roast Pig and Roast Suckling pig and was proclaimed by Anthony Bourdain as the third world's tastiest pig roast after the cuban roast pork and the Philippine Lechon. It is only found in Chinese Areas, Christian Areas and the Island of Bali in Indonesia as the country is a muslim majority...

  • Civet Cat Coffee Comparison

    this tip will be on the pictures of the civet cat coffee produced in indonesia (kopi luwak), vietnam (weasel Coffee) and Philippines (coffee alamid).Kopi Luwak is the indonesian term for civet cat coffee (vietnamese call theirs weasel coffee and filipinos call theirs alamid coffee) and all of these coffee beans are from the partially eaten coffee...

  • Kopi Luwak (Civet Cat Coffee)

    Kopi Luwak is the indonesian term for civet cat coffee (vietnamese call theirs weasel coffee and filipinos call theirs alamid coffee) and all of these coffee beans are from the partially eaten coffee beans eaten by the asian palm civet cat (the animal only digests the coffee cheries and the beans are not digested and are excreted along with the...

  • Indonesian Coffee

    this will be my tips on Indonesian Coffee, I will have a separate tip on the world famous civet cat coffee (called coffee luwak in indonesia)Indonesia is the Fourth Largest Coffee Producer in the World hence coffee and coffee related products are many in this archipelago and you can buy assorted coffee brands as gifts for people back home to drink....

  • Bottled Water

    if you happen to taste the water while showering in the hotel, the taste of the water is brackish and tap water is too, better to buy bottled water when touring around bali and bottled water, whether mineral or spring water or distilled is available everywhere and also you can get complimentary bottled water in your hotel room everyday. price of a...

  • Indonesian Softdrinks

    Asians call the soda soft drinks while Americans call them Soda. Indonesia has a variety of them besides the multi national companies of coca cola or pepsi and local Indonesian Brands too. The local Indonesian Soft drinks have many flavors both the local and international brand of softdrinksare available everywhere (convenience stores, restaurants,...

  • Satay Babi (Pork Satay)

    this will be my tips on the rare pork satay (barbecue) which you could only find in chinese areas of malaysia and indonesia and on the island of bali as pork is not allowed for majority muslims of Malaysia and Indonesia. Satay Babi has the same marinade and spice and uses the same spicy peanut as dipping sauce as the other satay skewers, the...

  • Satay

    Satay is A Indonesian and Malay Invention of grilling or barbecuing meals. the Satay is the Malaysian and the Indonesian Version of Barbecue and since both are Muslim Majority Countries, you would hardly see pork satay in these countries except for the chinese living in these countries. and also here in Bali as they have a hindu majority island in...

  • Indonesian Rupiah (INR)

    the main currency of Bali Island and the whole of the Indonesian Archipelago. Although many touristy areas of Bali Island accept US Dollars, Euros and Australian Dollars, You Still Need Indonesian Rupiah, the local Currency to buy stuff at most local areas. The Indonesian Rupiah is the legal tender in all of Indonesia and the currency consists of...

  • Early morning - a great time to be out...

    Bali is a delightful place to be up and about at 6am! It doesn't sound like the sort of time one would expect to be getting out of bed while on holiday, but Bali is an absolute delight at this time of day. As the sun comes up, the early morning light is soft and the sun only suggests the heat it is going to pump out later in the day. Views in the...

  • Falling in Love With a Balinese?

    Bali herself is the ultimate seductress, so it is no surprise how often a tourist to Bali can be smitten by the charms, grace, elegance, character, and beauty of the Balinese people. I totally “lost my head” here over fifteen years ago, and I will always be grateful for having been so utterly smitten.Back then I had no capability for logical or...

  • Relaxing place in Bali

    yuhhuuu,...ubud and sanur would be good place for 40 years old couple... the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing time... Well if you like beach , quiet beach you can go to the east of Bali where there are not so many people living there, or on the west part of Bali,, called Madewi beach... Kuta beach in lombok is also really nice beach to stay......

  • Beautiful, Clean & Pollution free ...

    The beautiful city of Bali has several mural points like this to make the city very attractive. They are made by master sculptor in almost all part of the city to make it world class!

  • Beautiful, Clean & Pollution free ...

    Bali is so clean and pollution free that you will fall in love with the place like I am! Comparing the city with our Indian city especially Kolkata is meaning less. Kolkata is full of filth and squalor!


    Well it happens only rarely that you find a friend and a Guide at the same time in a place! Though, Bali is full of very very friendly people, but I was more lucky to find a friend and a Guide in Bali called - Wayan Ardiana ( ARDI). I shall never forget him in my life, during our 5 days stay at Bali, he was with us almost 8.00AM to 10.30PM...

  • Money Changer at Various Places in Bali

    There are hundreds of money changers at Bali, spread around the city. Please try to avoid to change money at the Denpasar Airport or at the hotel you stay, as they always give you the worst rate which is far below the market rate for every 100 Dollar note you loose about 5 dollars. But, don't worry, there are many govt. authorised money changers in...

  • Tourist Friendly Laundry Service!

    Bali is really a very very tourist friendly place, they have everything a tourist may need for short and long stay. An average tourist to Bali normally stays about four to five days, and surely he/ she is going to require use of laundry. In large hotels it is very expensive, one wash may even cost more than the price of the cloth. In Bali , I...

  • Dinner With Balinese & Other Dance...

    One of the recommended dinner is to take it at QUEEN’S TANDOOR, SEMINYAK - BALI: "Dinner With Balinese & Other Dance"The live show is full of energy as the three or four dancer with present various dances of several countries. This show is also assisted by a very nice Disc Jockey Edwin Lee, who is a Chinese and his wife. The dancers also invite you...

  • Dinner With Balinese & other Dance...

    One of the recommended dinner is to take it at QUEEN’S TANDOOR, SEMINYAK - BALI: "Dinner With Balinese & Other Dance"The live show is full of energy as the three or four dancer with present various dances of several countries. This show is also assisted by a very nice Disc Jockey Edwin Lee, who is a Chinese and his wife. The dancers also invite you...


    Bali is a touristy destination that's why they have made VISA procedure for tourist very easy, you can get VISA on arrival by paying USD$25. Please read this carefully.International arrivals proceduresAll passports must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of entry into Indonesia and have at least 2 blank pages available for...

  • Ngurah Rai International Airport ( Bali)

    Contrary to the belief as mentioned in Wikipedia ( that the Ngurah Rai airport is inefficient and passengers are harassed while departing ( May be this is also happening sometimes), we found it is very very efficient in passenger handling issuing visa, departure tax, immigration etc. It was hundred times better than...

  • Bali Massage & Spa.( AENI SPA)

    Bali massage is one of the best massage available in the world. It's not that naughty Thai massage. After a hard day or beginning of the day massage is really good for our body. There are hundreds of massage parlour at almost every street corner or near any hotel. Massage is done by mostly girls and hair cut by boys. The full body massage for one...

  • Baliness Dance

    Every time my visit in Bali, I never forget to see the traditional dance, which tari kecak, barong dance or other Baliness dance. For me that Baliness dance is so beautiful and complected move.

  • Changing Money

    Been to Bali a lot and will be there in just over a week, some money changers will not accept a note if it looks too old and of course small bills, though having said my daughter when she was young had a $5 Aus note and they changed it for her. To be exact you will not have trouble exchanging any major currency. The Kodak store in Sanur is...


    from: On Nyepi day itself, every street is quiet - there are nobody doing their normal daily activities. There is usually Pecalangs (traditional Balinese security man) who controls and checks for street security. Pecalang wear a black uniform and a Udeng or Destar (a Balinese traditional "hat" that is usually...

  • Nyepi Day

    We have been to Bali 4 times and always included Nyepi Day in our schedule. Days before Nyepi, the OOGAOOGAs and being built all over the town. I know you will only have one day before Nyepi but make sure you bring your camera and you may get an opportunity to see some of them being made. The parade is usually unbelievable. We were in Sanur for 2...

  • Purchasing a visa on entry

    I didn't realize I needed to buy a Visa upon entry; $25US. And I needed cash so the guy directed me vaguely off in the distance to an ATM machine. Oddly, the ATM was on the other side of passport control. I walked right through and out to use the machine. I could have left completely! I don't know how hard it would have been to depart when I am...

  • Internet access at Pemuteran

    Outside the resorts there are several internet shops (warnet) in Pemuteran, but some often closed or broken.We found the most reliable: BADINI.They are about half way between Taman Sari Cottages and Aneka Bagus Resort, on the land side of the road.Rate: Rp 15,000 for up to 15 minutes, Rp 25,000 for up to an hour.

  • Bali Police Announce Crime Hot Lines

    List of Police Numbers for Sending SMS Crime Leads to Local Police Precincts. (11/29/2008) As part of a nation wide crackdown on premanisme which is comprised of gang activity, thuggery and extortion activities ¨C the Bali Police Department have invited the public to lend their support by sending SMS leads and information relating to premanisme to...

  • Hello Bali Magazine

    A magazine in Bali that contains listing of venues,activities and articles is Hello Bali.You can pick it up in stores and in some venues.You can also find it on line.Hello Bali

  • Nusa Dua

    Nusa Dua is a gated community of luxury hotels that line the beach. The streets within Nusa Dua are well maintained and peaceful to walk at night. In Nusa Dua there is a small shopping centre called Bali Collection (a little pricey compared to Kuta however still reasonable). An ATM can also be found at Bali Collection.


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