Bali Nightlife

  • Nightlife
    by machomikemd
  • Nightlife
    by machomikemd
  • Nightlife
    by machomikemd

Bali Nightlife


    I dont know if I have enough space to write about all that SKYGARDEN has to offer! The single address on 61 Legian has multiple food, pub,club optins to choose from. Steak and eggs 9am at ESC? Delicious food and great atmosphere in the IRISH PUB with live music, and mulitple floors and music for everyones choice above! It appears to be continualy...

  • DJ Mix in Seminyak

    The place "to be" will change nightly depending on what bar/lounge/club has a big DJ playing. I would definately ask some of the locals, or xpats that live there to find out what place has what going on. It changed all the time. Locals don't really go out and get going until about 11pm. You can expect a big club mix of DJ type music. the dance...

  • Dance the night away in Sanur at Double...

    This is not a new bar & restaurant as such it is in a new location and has been extensivly renovated recently, it has probably the biggest bar in Sanur, which makes for a relaxing and not overcrowded feel even when it is really busy. We enjoy sitting at the bar, watching the band playing, talking to visitors all in a really friendly atmoshpere,...

  • VT meet at Apache

    Apaches has a great live music, you could even request songs too. It is a surfer bar & restaurant. Price is reasonable, the live music start about 9pm onwards. No dress code required, so just enjoy and have fun!

  • Sana Restaurant & Bar

    I'm putting this under "Nightlife" because, even though they serve breakfast, lunch & dinner, I only drank here. Actually, their menu seems to have it all -- Greek, Thai, Indonesian, Australian, Italian, etc. There's even barbecue! In the drink area, you might want to try one of their arak cocktails! I personally was sticking to Bintang! Their...

  • Cool Bar Scene

    Hu'u is impossibly hip (to use an old and somewhat outdated term). It is set within its own compound and has a large restaurant and bar area under a thatched roof that is open air on three sides. It overlooks a large swimming pool with dinner tables all around.The bar slowly starts to get going around dinner time and then heats up later into the...

  • Free Beer and Pressure Hour

    Bugils is very popular with the local (and sometimes not so local) expat community, although they serve food as well as the usual alchoholic beverages to be found in most pubs, it is better known as a drinking place.It is also quite popular with tourists who stay close by, but it is a little way out from the main area of Tuban and Kuta, which is...

  • For all the lonely boyz!

    If you men are wondering if you can meet a girl.....well, it doesn't matter if you are fat,you're ugly,you've got spew hanging out of your mouthor whatever else,there's some local lady here who will be interested in you!

  • Skip It!

    Umm, I was persuaded to go here by my significant other as someone that he'd met at a reggae bar wanted to go here. I am not at all someone who is even remotely interested in any of the clubs in Kuta, so I had a bad feeling, but... Yes, it was sad. Imagine being surrounded by a bunch of kids that barely look 21 busting their coolest moves to the...

  • Dancing!

    The Engine Room is a small open aired nightclub with stages, tables and lounges at the back.We sat at the front tables and watched the street and table top dancers. Staff would come up and take our orders. The drinks were large and cheap. Happy hour was at 11pm and included 2 for 1 deals!The music was great, it was music you could get down and...

  • The Main Nightlife Area

    In Kuta there is a street of clubs and bars. You do not have to pay to get into the clubs and nor is there a line at the front. There are people everywhere all having fun and plenty of security in the area.

  • Classy but overpriced

    Kudeta in Seminyak has a few bars and dining areas on the beach. It opens for Breakfast and continues until the late DJ's. It is a visual nightspot with lights and colours everywhere.We tried to booked dinner and it was fully booked however when we arrived for drinks at around 11pm the place was dead (perhaps the diners had left and the place gets...


    Klapa Club is a world class Resort Club and Leisure Center exclusively designed for those who wish to enjoy first-class entertainment. Featuring VIP entry and exclusive membership, Klapa Club will set a new standard in resort luxury, and overlooking the panorama of the Indian Ocean, Klapa Club is the focal point of New Kuta Beach. Very soon, Klapa...

  • KU DE TA

    It is a most unusual space, and one that is very appealing to the eye! Wooden tables and matching floors, is arranged within a wide glassed-in U shape. On the left of the entrance, up the steps from the massive fountain in the forecourt, is a most attractive bar with an accompanying very large and comfortable lounge area. The legs of the U straddle...


    You’ve got the outfit, the tan, the energy and need to know where to go? If you like wathing the sunset, make your way down to one of the bars on Kuta beach for that exotic cocktail or ice cold beer. For serious night-lifers try some of the venues on jalan Dhyana PuraHARD ROCK CAFÉ 0361- 755661 KAMASUTRA 0361- 761999 MUSRO BALI 0361- 764582 LIQUID...

  • Rock & Roll the Night Away;

    This is still the No 1 spot in Bali, for serving genuine alchoholic drinks (many places are still selling the cheap fake stuff, since the ban on imports took effect last year) great food, probably the best steak in Bali (except for Mah Joly, but then that is twice the price) The staff are great, and love to celebrate someones birthday with a...

  • Seminyak Streets

    I was kind of "babysitting" one night on a family trip in Bali so I took my boyfriend's female cousins and his sister out. They were bored sitting around in the villa waiting for their parents to finish up their massages. We stopped by this place because it was the prettiest on the street our villa, The Amasya, was on. They had a great Morocan...

  • Police Raids = looking for drugs and...

    For those who have fond memoriesof a Bali when one was carefree,and here to have fun, well, things have changed at a certain level.Those fun villa parties,have been reduced by fearcaused by the clamp downby the police force and their raids.But these raids don’t stop here!They are conducted in public venues too!No matter how chic they are!The police...

  • Ho-Hum

    Hu'u is as much a nightclub, as it is a bar/restaurant. The decor is beautiful & plush with a great sound system. There truly wasn't much happening on a Thursday night around 11:00 p.m. The male bartenders weren't particularly friendly; the overpriced cocktails weren't particularly good. A Bellini cost 95,000 rp, plus the 5% service charge & the...

  • Hard Rock Cafe, Bali

    If you are not too sure on which night spots you should be hitting, why not start with Hard Rock Cafe? They play live music and the joint is just rocking!!!

  • Party till you drop...

    There are loads of clubs/pubs and discotheque along Jl Pantai Kuta, Jl Legian and Jl Bakongsari and their party till wee hours in the morning. I was here in Paddy's at Jl Legian and loved it as they have a rock band and also plays hip hop music. Entrance fee is Rp50,000. Happy hour is from 7pm tilll 11pm. Next to it is Bounty Club.

  • Sukawati Market At Night

    The car park will change to food center at night & this is one of the places that you can try the local food. A good place to buy some snack like Banana Fritter (Pisang Goreng) or Fried Sweet Potatoes. For none Muslim there’ll be more variety of food to choose from! If you happen to stay nearby maybe you could drop by to join in & mingle with the...

  • Magic Mushrooms

    In a country where,narcotics carry a hefty penalty,Magic Mushrooms are legal.Hmmm….???I guess they can’t stop the cows from pooing and the rain from falling,and well, Mother Nature doing her stuff, like creating Magic Mushrooms.In Bali, there is a location where you will find its knowledgeable owner,selling these psychedelic shroomspacked in small...

  • Up in the Sky Garden

    Kuta, after a few years of silence,is getting it’s swing back,to not only it’s past reputation of Kuta Cowboys,teenage party animals, cheap accommodations, etc.but it’s also breeding newer places such asSky Bar which is also known as ESC.This bar has a bird’s eyes view of all the action happening below on the main road,and also offers some of the...

  • Hopping to M Bargo

    A popular dancing bar in Kuta is,M Bargo which is filled with surfersand visitors of the Kuta area.It’s mostly a younger crowd here,looking to have a drinking, good time.Plenty of the local girls here,looking for that dream, foreign guy to make a change in their lives.It’s mostly hip hop music here,with the occasional fashion show and special night...

  • Wine and Dine at Sentosa

    A brand new location that has opened in the Kerobokan area isBlossom Restaurant & Lounge Bar at Sentosa.This complex has villas and a very slick bar and restaurant.When you walk in,there is a Bali and non-Bali feel to it.With plush sofas,a swimming pool,gym, an amazing upstairs deckand plenty of food to eat.This is becoming a popular venue for...

  • So many choices

    This photo was taken of me and a friend in the old Paddies bar that was blown up by a bomber in October 2002.However they have rebuilt it just down the road next to another popular club called the Bounty.Both places usually get busy but not until midnight usually,mostly they are filled with Aussies and are quite loud.For more of an laid back and...

  • Balinese dancing

    One of the staff from our Legian hotel (the Sri Ratu) has a family of three girls that are very good at the Balinese dancing.In fact the oldest one has won awards in Ubud and the other younger two are very good also.So one night after reading about them in a brochure we decided to hire them to come and entertain us in our hotel while we had...

  • Thirsty for a Beer? Bali Has Its Own!

    Yes! A micro brewery in Bali! We have our own, and the beers are awesome, as are most micro brewed beers. It is called Storm Beer, and anyone who is serious about their beer will truly love this fantastic brew. Currently there are four regularly available beers, but on occasion, and of limited availability, special brews are concocted for the beer...

  • Refuel At Fuel!!!

    FUEL FOR LIFE! Long overdue in the heart of the Kuta, Fuel will sustain you until the early hours of tomorrow. It's an oasis. Refuel at Fuel. Order cocktails from the downstairs or upstairs bar, chill in our comfy sofas and on the patio, or groove to the DJ sounds on the dance floor. Every night of the week, you'll feel your body beginning to sway...


    The Beat Magazine give you every thing you need to know about Restaurants, nightlife, meseums, arts, cd reviews, surfing etc. The Beat Magazine tells you where and when to be somewhere if somethings happening you would like to attend. The Beat Magazine also give out discounts and specially priced vouchures. The Beat Magazine also gives you...

  • Nightlife begin after dark

    Some quite popular places in Sanur are the BORNEO PUB on Jalan Danau Tamblingan and the TROPHY PUB in front of the Sanur Beach Hotel. Both, however, close around 1:00 a.m.The JAZZ GRILLE, located at the Komplek Pertokoan Sanur Raya No. 15/16 at the By-Pass opposite the Radisson hotel attracts tourists and locals alike with live bands (from 9:30 to...

  • Nightlife never stops.

    As you all know Paddy's Bar was shattered to pieces when the bali bombings happened but know it is still all good and running a new Paddy's bar called Paddy's Bar RELOADED. Still owned by the same owner and staff paddy's Bar still is packed and exciting as if the bombings never happened.Paddy's is right in the heart of legian in the main busy...

  • Live band in a club

    This is one of the top nightlife spot in Kuta, Bali. Just right beside this nightclub is a "Circle K" convenience store. I saw lots of people hung out there before they came in to the club. I later found out that they hungout and drank there before they went into the club to safe some money inside the club. Come by around 11 PM - midnite, that's...

  • Live Music Lounge

    When you just want to relax, listen to good music, have good conversations with old friends and new friends, even if you want to showcase your musical talent.... this is the place...This bar has schedules of live music performances. When we came there, they were playing accoustics. We could request songs, and sang along with them. There was one of...

  • Full day party

    I asked around where is the hottest spot for nightlife in Bali. Almost everyone I met said “Legian, Kuta and Seminyak”. Some said Nusa Dua is also one of the hot spots, but more into top end. Kuta-Legian is very life at night. It’s happening place. Some places apply cover charge for entrance. On Saturday night, along the street you will find dress...



  • Getting the Arak Attack

    Like in most places in the world,Bali has its own specialty drink.Called the Arak Attack,this drink is made of 40% local palm spirit and sprite.(This is serious stuff!)The liquor is,distilled from the fermented drink.With that traditional brew,it may get mixed with a fruit or lime juice.But be warned,not a wise therapy for those with an...

  • The Junction in August

    August comes around,and the population of Seminyak swells,with Italian, French, English speakers and others.From hot cuties, to superb beauties,of all ages and styles,they are all here to have a good time.Bringing plenty of action to what at other times can be a very serene island.A particular party that has been held since 2004bringing great house...

  • Boozing at a balinese pub

    This local pub plays live music all night long. Crowd starts stomping in around 11pm and a handful of locals hangout at this place.


    Balinese love this place! Indonesian tourists, too. Here it is, international, regional and national acts grace the Hard Rock Cafe stage every night of the week. It's one of the biggest, and hottest live music venues in town. Friday and Saturday until 3 am, Sunday until 2 am. and there is a Hard Rock Hotel, too (opened at October 3, 1993). Hard...

  • Planet Hollywood Bali

    Wanna explore an international after dark eve? Try the Balinese Kuta Planet Hollywood, Bali's newest entertainment center! It's fun in the DFS (Duty Free Shops) Bali Galleria complex, not yet completed, though worth a night (opened August 17, 2001). Live Top 40 bands and special guest performers from around the Indonesian islands will not...

  • A list of Clubs and Bars

    If you wanna dance the night away,you can always check out the following web-siteand find the nearest club or bar to where you are.Dance the night away!Party Zone

  • Kuta / Legian Nightspots

    At night, Kuta street comes alive with many shoppers and tourists. Kuta with its markets, street vendors, night clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars and plenty of entertainment is full of non stop action. If finding a bargain to bring home or you just want to relax on the beach or perhaps even party till you drop then you'll find Kuta is everything and...

  • Peanuts Disco

    Popular with young crowds, features wide-screen videos, flashing lights and pounding music. Both live bands and deejay music.


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