Bali Off The Beaten Path

  • Off The Beaten Path
    by machomikemd
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by machomikemd
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by machomikemd

Bali Off The Beaten Path

  • The A. A. Nyoman Pandji Tisna Memorial...

    Few tourists enjoying a Lovina vacation pay the homage due to the man whose vision put Lovina on the tourist map. His name is Anak Agung Pandji Tisna, he was buried on a hill overlooking his favourite coast. It was he who coined the name Lovina, short for 'Love Indonesia'.When I, Theo, together with a couple of students in 1970 first spent some...

  • Kerupuk (Indonesian Seafood Crackers)

    Indonesians love crackers especially sea food crackers like the Squid Flavored Crackers. Although the assorted Sea Food Style crackers are a generic across North and South East Asia, Indonesia is known for it's Keropok (cracker) industry and they export the assorted sea food flavored crackers all around the world. The squid flavored crackers is one...

  • Balinese Personal Hindu Temples

    besides having elaborate and open air hindu temples, the balinese people don't go to the temples everyday but only on religious occasions, instead they make daily offerings and prayers to their gods at the personal temples in front of their houses, these personal temples can be just simple or large and very elaborate structures. you will notice...

  • Bali CANANG Or Flower Offering to God!

    Like the previous tip on Bali marriage , this tip was also contributed by my Balinese friend Devi Aristiani Luh of Denpasar, Bali. This is all about Hindu Bali offering to God. The tradition is also similar to that of Indian Hindu custom. It has high similarity with South India. This tip is dedicated to my friend Devi Aristiani Luh. I have only...

  • Bali Hindu Marriage by Devie Aristiani...

    I have always been wanting to write about Bali Hindu marriage but I had no input to write about Bali Hindu Marriage. At last my friend Devie Aristiani Luh, who is a qualified engineer and a Business Entrepreneur, came to my rescue after my request. She obliged me by sending a full write up with the pictures of her marriage! I am really very much...

  • Margarana cemetery

    Tourists flying to Bali touch down on Ngurah Rai International Airport. Who was Ngurah Rai? You have seen his portrait, it is on the Rp 50,000 banknotes.Before the Japanese invasion Ngurah Rai had been trained in the Dutch East Indies Army. But after the declaration of independence om August 17, 1945, he sided with the revolution. When early in...

  • Have your vehicle blessed at Teluk...

    No Balinese passes by without stopping to offer a few flower petals or a bit of food for a safe journey: Teluk Terima (Terima Bay) at the entrance of a footpath to Jayaprana's grave. It was so in 1969 when a you could count a day's traffic on the fingers of one hand. Nowadays a priest is on duty to bless all passing cars, buses and motorcyles with...

  • Gedong Kertya or Lontar Museum

    Not many tourists “doing Bali” pay a visit to Gedung Kertya, but for those really interested in Balinese culture, this modest museum - or rather library - is a must. It is here that the written record of Bali's cultural heritage is preserved.The library was established in 1928 by the colonial government official supervising the Buleleng area, and...

  • Museum Situs Purbakala Gilimanuk

    Gilimanuk is the ferry harbour on Bali's side for traffic between Java and Bali. Most travellers just hurry past, and indeed Gilimanuk has little to offer of the things that have made Bali famous. The western tip of Bali was almost uninhabited until increasing inter-island traffic caused people both from Bali and from Java to settle in...

  • Sate lilit Bali or Balinese satay wrap

    A satay variant from Bali and typical Balinese satay wrap. with a distinctive taste and so inviting a sense. This satay is made from minced beef, chicken, fish, pork, or even turtle meat, which is then mixed with grated coconut, thick coconut milk, lemon juice, shallots, and pepper. Wound around bamboo, sugar cane or lemon grass sticks, it is then...

  • paradise island

    hi amy :-)) we were in bali a few years ago and onee of the most exciting trips we did from there was a ferry ride to lobmbok the a two hour ride to a fishing village where we were taken by a very small boat to and island called GILLITRAWAGAN it is just paradise a very small tropical island with no cars amazing diving just a dream palce to spend a...

  • Hike up the Agung Volcano

    Enjoy the fantastic view from the top of Mount Agung, the holy mountain of Bali. It's a tough hike, but absolutely worth the sweat.For some good pictures or a video take Michael ( with you, this will be a nice memory.

  • Meditation

    Time in Bali is flying. Suddenly, it was my last day. It was Saturday night, where Kuta and Legian areas are really live. We passed by the area, and Nick asked me whether I prefer to have nightlife scene or still stick with my plan to join meditation. I decided to stick with meditation.I learned from Nick that things that I usually call meditation...

  • North Bali

    Most people stay in Kuta and don't explore the North of Bali, but make sure you make the effort to take a look. The journey over the mountains will feed you with breathtaking views of rice fields, volcano's and lakes.I stayed in a small resort called Antaran, which is close to Lovina. The people here are really friendly and Rasta Bar is a great...

  • Pat a Python-Zoo Part II

    When at the Bali Zoo Park, you may want to try to pat a friendly python. All of us shirked away, but my little 8 year old daughter was keen to have a try. Later, seeing that it was less icky than we had thought, we also gave the python a little stroke. The skin was amazingly soft and silky, or a cross between silky and satiny! Fortunately for us,...

  • Water Palace

    Tirtagangga, meaning “holy water of the Ganges” in Balinese, is one of the world's most romantic and timeless gardens. Gushing springs flowing from beneath an ancient Banyan tree and holy temple fill the myriad reflecting and swimming pools that grace the Water Palace. The prominent 11-tiered lotus fountain has become the symbol for Tirtagangga...

  • Green Ceramics

    Pejaten is another small village famed for its manufacturing of green ceramics. There's nothing else to see in town, so you must really love ceramics, particularly green ones!

  • Kites & Eggs All In One Place

    Negari is a small town south of Ubud that's famous for both egg painting and kite making. The painted eggs are from ducks, geese, swans and ostriches, though you can also find wooden ones. Prices seem to range from about 70,000 rp to 2,100,000 rp. Kites here definitely offer more variety than what you'll find in Ubud.

  • Tip the singing children at Maduwe...

    You may get tired of visiting so many temples, which all are unique in their own way. Pura Maduwe Karang or the Temple of the Owner of the Land at Kubutambahan is out of the way for most tourists. But if you spend time in northern Bali I think you should not miss it, together with the pura dalem in Jagaraga. Here you can see carved in stone the...

  • Bali Orphanage - TukaFranciscan...

    The orphanage is run by the Franciscan Sisters and like others subsists totally on the support of kind people.About 100 young girls and boys are cared for at one time, no religious criteria apply for entrance. While we were there, we met up with the sisters who mentioned that the children are allowed freedom to choose their faith may it be Hindu,...


    On 20 January, 1933, a tragedy struck, in the form of a fire that raged through the Tower-wing of the Bali Beach Hotel. The fire that started in KLM airline office at 13.15 at that day, lasted for more than 9 hours and destroyed 315 rooms in the Tower-wing with their contents. It was most certainly the largest fire ever witnessed in Bali. No...

  • Trekking through the Rainforest

    This is definately off the beaten track, and really only for the adventurous, however it is a great way to see and discover parts of Bali, still untouched by tourism.It is something we must do with care so as not to spoil the ecology and the natural beauty of this unspoilt area of Bali, therefore there are only a couple of companies that do this...

  • Visit the crocodiles "in the wild"

    It is not that easy to find a place in Bali that is still off the beaten track, and if there is one, we might keep it as a secret.Not this one, I have been there twice this year and every time I was the only one, and still, it is that interesting, I want to share it with you.In 1997 they have opened an amusement park on Padang Galak beach, a few...

  • Tour Guide

    Made "Leo" Mardika is a guide who used to work for a German Travel Agency and lost his job after the downsize due to the bombings on Bali. He is now an independent tour guide and provides Tours in English and German. He will drive you around in his own car, so you don't need to worry about transportation. We paid about 40 EUR for a day trip. He is...

  • See modern transport at Jagaraga temple

    The temples of northern Bali are famous for their elaborate reliefs carved in the sandstone of which they are built. Most tours bring you to Pura Beji at Sangsit, but fail to go the short distance inland to the pura dalam at Jagaraga.Here on the outer wall is depicted modern transport of the 1930's: cars, a bicycle, airplanes seemingly in a...

  • Three museums that must be seen

    I know your not too excited about museums. But, you definitely have to see these in Ubud.There are three fantastic museums in Ubud that you need to to stop in. The prices to go in are about $3 to $5. all worth it.I am not going to write a long narrative about them, look them up in your tour guide book and definitely go.Neka Museum - there are two...

  • A Visit to Tenganan Village & Meet The...

    If you have more time do visit Tenganan Village. Situated in the eastern part of Bali, About 17 km from Amlapura, of Karangasem Regency, and approximately 65 kilometers drive from Denpasar. You can see for yourself how hand weaved cloth was made & learn more about the Bali Aga people. You’ll be asked to sign in the guest book & your donation will...

  • Salt Making At Kusamba

    There is a salt making place at Kusamba, after Goa lawah. Here you can witness the everyday life of Balinese locals harvesting salt. Harvesting salt is a long and tiring procedure! The quantity of the salt actually depends on the weather. If the weather is good, they can produce more kilos and vice-versa. You can also ask the locals to explain the...

  • A house with a difference

    While staying in Pacung, David very kindly gave us a guided tour of the nearby area. This is definitely a house with a difference! Can't say I've seen any other houses with a birds head attached quite like this one.

  • Geger Beach

    I just heard the Pantai Geger, or Geger Beach, is hot and trendy today.The Geger Beach you can find on the East of Bali, close to Nusa Dua. The beach is clean and comfortable, has yellow-white sand and nice, clean water. Western people with kids love to come here, because there is no undercurrent like on the West coast of Bali (Kuta, Legian,...

  • Fragrant Rice

    I just finished off reading a wonderful book (part biography part cookbook) written by an Australian woman called Janet De Neefe who married a Balianese man and who runs her own Cooking school in Ubud. Although I have never been to the school, it makes me want to return to Bali and visit the places that I only passed through and stop and soak in...

  • Early morning walk among the rice fields

    We got up at 6 am to take an early morning guided walk through the rice fields of Ubud. One of the bungalow's staff served as our guide, and he showed us his backyard, literally. The rice fields were just a five minute walk from the hotel. Every plant, every tree, every flower, every animal, was pointed out and explained. It was a very unique and...

  • Dreamland of Bali

    Dreamland located at the south of Bali. A secluded beach with basic accommodation and warungs (eating places). Sandy beach and clear blue waters. Place to surf and swim or just lazing at the beach. Hire a driver to bring you there. Economical if go in a group as need to pay entry fees.

  • Religious Ceremony

    If you are lucky, you might encounter religious ceremony which feature some Balinese ritual practices.

  • Pura Sakenan

    This is one of the major temple in Bali, however not much tourist aware of it. Maybe the place getting busy during festive ceremony only.

  • Family Pura

    If possible, I mean really possible, pay a visit to the private temple belong to resident. However, get permission FIRST, and wear SUITABLE clothing too.


    Off the beaten track, as it means in Bali, is literally anywhere else than Kuta, Legian, Seminyak or Sanur. Each of these areas is highly commercialized and over developed. They do not represent what I have called for years, “the real Bali.” For the “off the beaten track” adventure and exploration of Bali, one has to get out of the southern area...

  • The Pura Puseh Batubulan (Batubulan...

    Driving northeast from Denpaser you will come to a stone carving village of Batubulan.It is easily visited when driving between the Kuta,Denpaser region and going towards Ubud as it is about halfway.This place is also famous for it's Barong dance and has a rather impressive temple called the Pura Puseh Batubulan.If you want to see it you will need...

  • Alas Kedaton (Tabanan) Monkey forest

    This is a large temple area that is literally crawling with cheeky monkeys.Most of them are quite tame although if you try to pat them they will bite.They will eat out of your hands no problem but you need to be careful not to hold too many peanuts in your hand at one time.Also you need to watch your loose items like your camera and sunglasses...

  • Rice Terraces

    There is not much more relaxing than riding your moped motorbike though the rice paddies anywhere in Asia but in Bali it is one of the things I like doing the most.In fact each time I go,I always either go up into the mountains for a ride or out to Tanah lot just before sunset.These rice terraces are on the way to Bedugal and two of them are in...

  • Visit a Balinese village

    It is worth getting out of the tourist areas to see a more traditional Balinese village. This village is near Gianyar.In many of the villages they will allow you to look through there houses for a small fee,but you must go there with a local guide or driver.I would recommend Dewa Putu Suarjata transport service.He is a very friendly young guy that...

  • Lake Bratan and Bedugal water temple

    Most people when looking to do a day trip in Bali usually seem to firstly consider the volcano tour or water sports as their first options.However for me one of the best days out that I had in Bali ,was the day trip to Bedugal and to Lake Bratan (pictured)There is a very old and interesting Hindu temple situated there (the water temple) as well as...

  • Az's temporary tatoo

    I met this guy by coincidence while having my lunch in Kuta Beach. He came to me with his tattoo design book. At first, I wasn't interested. But then when I looked at some designed...well, why not? Az, or Boy, or Ahmad Kursani (his original name) was come from Java few years ago and doing the temporary tattoo in Kuta Beach. Three years ago, most of...

  • Lovina Public Swimming Pool

    Call me crazy, but I'm always looking to visit places off the beaten track. Therefore, on the trip up to Lovina, we stopped at a public swimming pool, to mix it with the locals! :) Of course we were the only tourists there, and we had a nice chat with some of the locals. Check out this pool, as it's directly connected to the sea for a fresh water...

  • Most perfect waves on earth!

    When in Bali take the time to go o a trip to G-Land surf camps. Go to Tubes bar in Kuta and sign up for the surf trip you will never stop talking about. We spent a week living in pristine, untouched jungle on the south tip of Java Island and surfed our brians out 3 times a day. decent meals provided and being so close to nature was incredible. the...


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